Terrorists Strike Uganda on 7/11 2010: Breaking News

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In simultaneous bombings bearing the hallmarks of international terrorists, two explosions ripped through crowds watching the World Cup final in two places in Uganda’s capital late Sunday, killing 64 people, police said. One American was killed and several were wounded.

The deadliest attack occurred at a rugby club as people watched the game between Spain and the Netherlands on a large-screen TV outdoors. The second blast took place at an Ethiopian restaurant, where at least three Americans were wounded.

One American was killed in the blasts, said Joann Lockard, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy in Kampala.

Kampala’s police chief said he believed Somalia’s most feared militant group, al-Shabab, could be responsible for the attack. Al-Shabab is known to have links with al-Qaida, and it counts militant veterans from the Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan conflicts among its ranks….

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20 thoughts on “Terrorists Strike Uganda on 7/11 2010: Breaking News”

  1. meekahaefele masooa,
    1. I do not condone terror attacks.However
    I do not believe that there exists a truly independent
    African Union. I believe that African troops in Somalia
    are really a guise for European exploitation and interference
    and the African soldiers are merely acting in accordance
    with European orders and objectives. With this understanding
    I do not believe it is in the best interest of peace to send African
    troops into Somalia.
    2. In terms of religion I believe that Islam is an integral part of
    the African religious experience and identity. It is just as indigenous
    to the African as it is to the Arab. I do not believe that there is a
    general African religion. There were thousands of tribal religions
    in Africa and no African could ever claim to understand all of the vast
    and intricate identities,rituals and theologies. Many of these African
    religions were protected and preserved by Secret Socieities:
    The Egbo Society,the Leopard Society etc.

    I believe the imperialist disguises that you mention includes
    the African Union and U.N.

    3. Although I believe SOME African tribes and cultures practiced
    varying forms of Democracy. I also believe that many others did
    not. To falsely create a generalized historic kinship between Africa
    and Democracy while ignoring other historical forms of African
    culture and government is just a poor excuse and a guise to “comfortably”
    keep Africans under the bondage of European colonization in the name
    of Democracy. I believe that European Christian propagandists are
    attempting to promote Islam phobia in Africa and instability in Islamic
    dominated areas of Africa but I do not believe that the indigenous Islamic
    tribes such as the Muslim Black Moorish Mandingoe and the Nubian Islamic
    Sudanese by nature pose any danger to African stability.

    I support Multi-Culturalism and a TRULY independent Africa.
    The problem is that Africa has been reduced by European
    dependency to the helpless status of an ” Infant ” and has
    lost sight of the meaning of true independence. Fortunately
    African Muslims have resisted European Christian colonization and
    have therefore maintained a more potent sense of independence.
    Blyden covers this in: Christianity,Islam and the Negro Race

    I would like to see a time when independent African owned
    airlines produce African pilots. I would like to see a time when
    Africans are no longer afraid to support independent thinking
    African visionaries who in turn are not afraid to oppose European
    domination and exploitation of Africa. In this regard I can most
    recently call to mind Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe who
    refuses to continue to play the sharade of independence by
    demanding that the inheritors of stolen African land return it
    to the People of Zimbabwe in order that they may simply eat!
    Unfortunately not enough African leaders stood up for Mugabe
    during his courageous resistance against British propagandists
    who labeled him a “Racist” because of his demand to truly end
    European racisim and exploitation. When Idi Amin began to get
    thoughts and visions for independent nation building he was
    quickly labeled a ” MAD AFRICAN CANNIBAL” who kept spare
    body parts in his refrigerator for occasional midnight snacks(LOL).

    When independent African owned construction companies begin
    to pave roads and build houses throughout Africa then we will
    begin to see a glimmering hope for independence. When Nigerians
    are truly trained to takeover and run every aspect of the British Oil companies
    and the oil companies themselves are finally transferred over to a
    Nigerian owned company then there may be hope for independence.
    European led puppets like Kofi Anan will never lead Africa to independence.
    Kofi Anan supposedly had enough vision to lead the world but what is he
    now doing to promote African independence? Africa must now learn to
    walk before it can run.

  2. It is unfortunate that Ishaq choses to descern africa only as Christian Europe and Islamic playing ground. This is a misconstruction born out of foreign creed and imperialist nostalgia that fails to see true facts on the african world, that africa matches forward. You have just stated that you do not believe there is a unique African religion and that is where you lost reality and you cannot see anything except through islamic coloured glasses.I would like Ishaq to study pre-Islamic history and compare it with africa religion and impires; and one observes dark age throughout muslim worlds and africa has always born a light to arabian lack of religion back then. I see things through genuine African perspective that is why I would not condone islamic Aqims terrorising africans iether in the south or north of sahara.

    Africa has an origianal faith that fathered wordly religions but in recent history all fasionable religions including islam learned and tried to distort the truth of an african thought. Whilst Africa is getting rid of all vistas of annexations, colonialism and imperialism islam must solve its enslavement in iraq, afganistan, pakistan, yemen and all arabian peninsula upheavals. Africa cannot allow islamic violence to be transferred from arabia to its soil as much as africa cannot allow any foreign cultural instrument to spread murder and fear on our lands.

    Africa stands tall and proud as it discards the last vistages of colonialism and looks forward to building african unity from cape to cairo. As for imperialist mongers like Ishaq see the realilty of democracy and anti-colonialism across africa and if you have not felt the winds of african will and independence you are leaving in your own world devoid of splendour africa is experiencing. So the outlandish believe heild by some foreigners about africa and its values is not surprising and one hopes through time some will learn greatly about africa and discard steriotypical understanding of our land. And once the reality of african determination dawns to some sceptics the position to chase Algaeda groups out of Africa will be respected for there is no choice and that is the right thing to do to save values, limb and life.

  3. meekahaefele masooa,

    unlike the propaganda that you are spreading
    about a homogenous African ancestral religion
    I see and acknowledge the pluralistic mosaic of African
    religions. Are you versed in the rituals of the
    Egbo society? Do you know how to conduct
    a traditional BaGandan spiritual ceremony
    in the name of Katonde? Can you properly perform
    the funeral rites of Okwukwu? If this ceremony is not
    performed properly according to Igbo tribal religion
    the deceased becomes unhapppy with living family
    members,because he cannot become an ancestor.
    The deceased who does not receive Okwukwu
    cannot reincarnate. This ceremony which is deeply
    important to the Igbo is irrelevant to many other
    African tribal religions. It is you who wants to minimize
    and annihilate African religions in the name of your
    European socialist utopian empire. Why don’t you respect
    and help preserve the African tribal religions that still exist?.
    Why are you afraid to celebrate the diversity of African tribal

    If you are really interested in African peace and unity go to
    Rwanda and bring Hutu and Tutsi families together. True African
    relations and religious sensitivities obviously are not important to
    you. Your “Vision of Peace and Democracy” is really that of
    dictatorship and military rule in which peace and unity are reinforced
    by the barrel of a gun which annihilates diversity in the name of unity.
    Your vision of peace requires the cultural and religious death of all
    that is truly African.

  4. We can only thank the indefatigable spirit of soldiers restoring democracy in Somali and wish all africans threatened with force and insults strength and victory in the face of foreign religions and war caused by them. As democracy spread spread throughout africa the spirit of the people rejoices.

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