Shell oil spill ‘could hit Nigerian fisheries’

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The head of Friends of the Earth, Nigeria, has warned that a recent oil spill off the country’s coast could have a severe environmental impact.

“We are concerned this will have a major impact on the ocean, on the coastline, as well as on fisheries,” Nnimmo Bassey told the BBC.

An estimated 40,000 barrels of crude oil have spilled into the Atlantic Ocean from the Shell oil field.

Shell maintains that the leak remains offshore, is thinning and breaking up.

Shell’s chairman in Nigeria, Mutiu Sunmonu, told the BBC the leak was “regrettable” but the oil firm was attempting to “mitigate the consequences”.

Mr Sunmonu said he was confident that the five ships using dispersing agents and the evaporation of the oil meant the spill would not reach the shore…

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2 thoughts on “Shell oil spill ‘could hit Nigerian fisheries’”

  1. Let’s face it. Many times when we read on something; a catastrophe for example it does not really register. This is the age of imagery and gadgetry and it can deaden a soul.

    What am I on about?

    Recently, I watched this documentary by one of the main stars of “Eastenders” (those in ingland will know this soap) on Piracy.

    I forget the name of the guy but the reel focused on Piracy on the Gulf of Eden (i.e Somalians) , the South Asia Coast (Indonesians) and Bight of Benin (that is Nigerians)

    What struck me is the utter, utter mess and human misery that the oil companies have caused to our Brothers and Sisters in the affected areas (and of course the whole of Nigeria and by extension Afrika due to this country’s importance)

    Filth! Poison! Chemical! Disease! Joblessness (dead fish) Murder! Corruption! Death!

    I could not believe my eyes. That people must live next to such poison because they have been impoverished and dis-empowered by the oil companies and their associates in the Nigerian labyrinthian bureaucracy.

    Corruption is a two way street and these oil behemoths are as blood-soaked even as they are oil-drenched in Afrikan wealth.

    Indeed as one of the affected cried in the documentary: Better to close these pipes and live!

  2. The dutch royals own Shell. They are a bounce of lie’n assholes. Africa is for africans all outsiders dhould leave our land!! Poor nigerian farmers are the vitcims of this european devils!! Their land is filled with oil, their water is filled with oil all fish dead!! Fuck beatrix and all euro royal illuminati ppls!!!

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