Senator Ron Paul Caught in Old Racist Controversy

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4 thoughts on “Senator Ron Paul Caught in Old Racist Controversy”

  1. Reason magizine is a warmongering neocon rag. Hilarious that you would choose them as though they are on the same side as Paul because they call themselves libertarian. Why not bring in James Kirchick next?

  2. What is it that happened that suddenly this old story is back? It is on about 10 different ethnic sites that I’ve seen, and it was completely debunked years ago, so I wonder who is behind it?

    Look into it. I could say ‘he didn’t write them, has never in 20+ years in the public eye said a racist thing and doesn’t even see people collectively as races, but as individuals’, but I know from my own experience that if you research it yourself and find there is NOTHING behind this but volunteers writing for a newsletter run by a paid editorial staff, while he was back practicing medicine, you will also find the many positions he has taken that no racist would ever take. That will convince you more than I ever could.

  3. Jahdey,

    I’ve been visiting the site and I totally dig the info presented. As a black man who holds a Libertarian view of the world (and as a supporter of Congressman Ron Paul), I have to say that the youtube vid is dated and irrelevant.

    He’s already gone on record denouncing any and all forms of collectivism and racism. And, even if he did write these comments back in the day, his philosophy of liberty, sovereignty, and free markets is too important for black peoples to dismiss.

    You and the administrators of this site know that african people have been engaged in trade, commerce, and federalism (i.e. the central government of Kemet and its Nomes) for thousands of years. Frederick Douglas, in his essay, What the Black Man Wants, encourages us to be self reliant and build better lives for ourselves.

    Unlike most black leaders today, it is my opinion that Africans worldwide must reclaim our heritage of gold and commodity money (a key Ron Paul and Misean position), free trade across the world, and FREEDOM for each nation to conduct its own affairs.

    In closing,

    Africa and Africans should support the Ron Paul Revolution. If we do, we will at last have the opportunity to create peace and prosperity beyond anything the world knows of today.

    Peace be unto you and yours,


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