Racist Italian Youths Attack African Migrants in Calabria

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Italian authorities have evacuated hundreds of migrants from a southern town and brought in extra police after violent protests broke out.

Some 320 African migrants, many of whom work as fruit-pickers in Calabria, were taken by bus to an emergency centre.

Extra police were deployed after two days of riots, during which 37 people were injured and cars were set alight.

The violence broke out after two migrants were shot at with pellet guns by a group of local youths…

More @ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8450083.stm

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One thought on “Racist Italian Youths Attack African Migrants in Calabria”

  1. Its ok for whites to travel,colonise,work,indoctrinate with religions where ever they go but to have anger
    because blacks and others are playing football or picking produce in a “white land’
    is incredibly ignorant behavior.

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