Nigerian Satellite launched by China

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Nigerian Satellite launched by China

Afro-Chinese Cooperation

The official Xinhua news agency says it is the first time that a foreign buyer has purchased both a Chinese satellite and its launching service.

The Nigerian Communication Satellite NIGCOMSAT-1 is expected to offer broadcasting, telecommunications and broadband internet services for Africa.

China beat 21 other bidders for the $311m contract to launch the satellite in 2004, Xinhua says.

The satellite, launched by a Long March 3-B rocket, is expected to reach its final position later this year and to remain in operation for 15 years.

The launch is being portrayed as part of a drive to enhance rural access to technology and the internet and boost Nigeria’s and Africa’s knowledge economy.

“It gives you bandwidth to enable you to communicate from point A to point B, from rural Africa to urban cities,” Dr Bashir Gwandu, a member of the Satellite Launch Committee and a director at the Nigeria Communications Commission told the BBC’s Focus on Africa.

Nigeria has been experiencing a communications revolution in recent years, says the BBC’s Alex Last, and is one of the fastest growing mobile phone markets in Africa and the world.

Having a space programme is also symbolic of how Nigeria wants to be seen as a growing player on the world stage



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  2. What China and Nigeria do not want the world to know is that the satellite was reported to be lost in space, shortly after China announced lauching it. They have kept us in the dark, but we know the way China works with Africa leaders. Suck your people if you want, we will help you to suck them dry, if the price is right. May. I use this moment to call on china that the people of Nigeria are still waiting for the satellite.Or, return our money.

  3. The NICOMSAT is a welcomed developement for Nigeria but there are other shaded arears in the country’s economy that needs urgent attention

  4. where is the 20billion satelitte that chinese people launched? is it still up there? if not, where did it go. probably asleep or back to china thru some means.

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