Biologist Christl Meyer – HIV Does Not Exist

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Conclusion of my 2 scientific publications:

An exogenous virus (HIV) has never been proofed by scientific standards. The called HIV genes are – as we know since the completion of the Human Genome Project –
endogenous elements of the human genome and are mostly found on chromosome No. 6, where they comprise the HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) – system of the immune system.

They might have descended from ancient retroviruses. They show a high mutability and variability. Thus they are an adaption to different stimuli (i. e. a changing environment) a flexible answer of the cell or the living system.

(Oxidative) stress, i.e. infections, drugs but even glucose deprivation (hunger) might lead to
gene expression.

Many additional factors like methyl-, acetyl groups, and basic histones (for DNA protection), transcription factors and RNA molecules like RNA-interference are involved. During pregnancy the immune system of the mother has to adapt, as 50% of the embryo derive from the father and are strange for the mother. This results in antibody production to diminish attacks on the alien cells (T1/T2- switch).

The newborn profits from breast-feeding by the protection of the mothers ´s antibodies as well as from the primal sense of trust by body contact.

The HIV-tests are not standardized and depending on the situation. The same person might test positive or negative with the same test and probe in different regions and by applying different standards for interpretation of the test result.

This does not refer to a scientific standard and is thus unethical, as many people react with heavy fear – this is called the “Nocebo-effect“– which might render them to suicide or disease – a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The contrary is he better known „Placebo-effect“.
The test reacts to more than 50 different „substances“ which include pregnancy, malaria, Tuberculosis or vaccination. In addition all persons test HIV-positive, if the blood serum is not highly diluted for testing, which emphasizes that the molecules are a normal compound of all human beings and vary only in their concentrations (specific conditions).

The so called „virus proof“ in blood is only a proof for molecules like RNA or proteins but not for a whole virus. These molecules are normal components of the cell. A HIV- positive test result is also possible, if the person reacts allergic to the differing proteins, which can
occur after blood transfusions, blood components (factor VIII for haemophiliacs) and also with the partners sperms (specifically by anal injury with non protected homosexual intercourse).

Last but not least a positive HIV- test could indicate an autoimmune reaction. The test is not validated and specific this is why even total healthy persons might test positive. As a conclusion these tests have to be abolished!

An intact cell and a healthy body have to maintain a certain balance in the reduction-/oxidation status of the cell. Thus the living conditions like nutrition and clean drinking water, hygiene, psychological and social factors are essential fort he health of the individual.

Various molecules and substance like i.e. selenium as well as antioxidants could improve the balance of the cell. The interaction of the genes and the environment becomes more distinctive through the new findings of epigenetic. We have to realize that traits can become
heritable by acquiring information from the environment.

You can find my scientific work here: Chiara Matteuzzi.pdf

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