Oguejiofo Annu: The Chama Vase

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Here we see what is known in the academic circles as the Chama vase. It is a Mayan artifact which must have been used for traditional ritual ceremonies.

The picture on the vase appears to show a meeting of two cultures. The picture vase records a meeting of the Mayan and a representative of the Native Blacks who were represented in Mayan art by the god Ekchuah.

The man on the left is wearing a Black leopard suit.

This was the continent of Americas, before Colombus the pirate was ever born.

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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/storyofafrica/4chapter3.shtml
    “So Abubakar equipped 200 ships filled with men and the same number equipped with gold, water, and provisions, enough to last them for years…they departed and a long time passed before anyone came back. Then one ship returned and we asked the captain what news they brought.

    He said, ‘Yes, Oh Sultan, we travelled for a long time until there appeared in the open sea a river with a powerful current…the other ships went on ahead, but when they reached that place, they did not return and no more was seen of them…As for me, I went about at once and did not enter the river.’

    The Sultan got ready 2,000 ships, 1,000 for himself and the men whom he took with him, and 1,000 for water and provisions. He left me to deputise for him and embarked on the Atlantic Ocean with his men. That was the last we saw of him and all those who were with him.

    And so, I became king in my own right.”
    Mansa Musa, talking to Syrian scholar Al-Umari.

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