Gaddafi’s strange origins and stranger philosophy

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Gaddafi is half-Corsican/half Turkish:

Gaddafi was born in a Bedouin family near Sirt. Although this claim is not proven, there is speculation that his biological father was Albert Preziosi, a Free French Forces air officer of Corsican origins.

As an early follower of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and his Arab socialist and nationalism ideal, he took a part as a teenager in anti-Israeli demonstrations during Suez Crisis.

An early conspirator, he began his first plan to overthrow the monarchy while in military college. He received further military training in the United Kingdom.

Gaddafi’s “racist” philosophy

In what appears to be a racially incendiary move, Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, recently offered to stem the steady influx of Africans into various European nations in an effort to keep Europe white and civilized. Gaddafi told Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on a recent trip to Rome that the European Union (EU) should pay him at least 5bn euros ($6.3 billion) a year to stop illegal African immigration and avoid a “Black Europe.”

Massaging old racial wounds and growing concerns, Gaddafi hoped to capitalize on fears that millions of Africans, who once lived under the subjugation of European colonial rule and who were made citizens of those nations, would continue to migrate to their “Mother Country” impoverished, and without clear means of employment.

“Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European, and even Black, as there are millions who want to come in,” Gaddafi reportedly told a European news agency. “We don’t know what will happen, what will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans.

We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions,” Gaddafi said.

Historian Abdulmolsen Ali said that the precarious nature of relations between Gaddafi and leaders of African countries, particularly those with large Muslim populations, remains. In fact, Ali suggests that while Gaddafi may speak to racial fears in order to press these nations for funds, the monies would largely benefit the Africans themselves.

“Col. Gaddafi has repeatedly said he wants to use the monies supplied by countries within the European Union to strengthen the infrastructure and economies of the African countries where the illegal immigrants are coming from. Is it that Gaddafi is racist against Africans? Maybe. No one knows what is in another man’s heart, but if the billions he is seeking annually from each of these countries is provided, the entire African continent may be able to support itself without European influence,” Ali said.

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7 thoughts on “Gaddafi’s strange origins and stranger philosophy”

  1. This is yet another disgusting abuse of Black Africans by white (sons of persian/turks) arab mohamedans.

    Historian Abdulmolsen Ali is here trying to justify Gadafi’s obvious contempt for Black Africans.

    Ali’s insinuates that Gadafi’s odious abuses of Blacks as ignorant hordes increasingly overrunning lily-white europe is an effective means of frightenning colonial whites.

    That such a white fright will then unleash development funds from europe for Black Africans is sheer nonsense.

    The moral duty that the white anglo-saxon-judeo-christian and their white arabo-islamic system regarding Africa is a clear-cut issue.

    We do not need to be belittled first in order to get our dues.

    We know that that the white-led rapacious corporate media and intelligentsia types do not even bring the CAUSES OF ILLEGAL MIGRATION TO THE WEST up for discussion.

    Therein lies the hypocrisy. Nothing new in Babylon.

  2. If this is help I sure wouldn’t want harm like when Libya invaded Chad in the 80’s.
    Judaism,Islam, & Christianity have a way to go in improving relations with BLACKAFRICANS WORLDWIDE.

    1. Pure ?!. Authentic arabs are cushite / shemitic black. They aren’t mongrel turks. That’s most likley who your speaking about. Please learn about the eurasian invasions of north africa , mesopotamia etc. Real arabs are black.

  3. how could Gaddafi be half-Corsican/half Turkish and from a( Bedouin family)???
    bedouins are pure arabs , he is either a half-Corsican/half Turkish or from a bedouin family .

  4. Some facts to consider: When the whole of Africa was using european sattelite who was the one leader who came woth the idea to by africa’s own satellite, who put the bulk of the money for Africa to by its own satellite? The price of the satellite was 500€ ,Gadaffi put 300,the rest,of the African Nations, 52 nations, put the remaing 200€.Is that not a shame that someone else (you call him Bedouin and other names) must open our african eyes for us to be totally independent from our former oppressor?Who is again and again calling for a United States of Africa? Who was pledging for the African countries to be paid in gold for their raw materials?None of the other leaders stood up and do more for the continent then Gaddafi. Who supported the liberation movements ithrough out Africa the most(besides Cuba)? What we are doing is a bunch of talk how we must be conscious and other nice poems,but when it comes to action we are nowhere to be found.Wasn’t Gaddafi the one who was pleeding for an African Notional Bank so that Africa don’t have to hnd their hand out begging Europeans for money all the time.Where are your socalled true African Leaders?Except H.I.M. Robert Magabe of course,all of of them just cowards.

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