A Muur from Aswan Egypt

A moor from Aswan Egypt

“A Moor from Aswan, Egypt, 1910. Few today talk about the remnants of original people of Egypt, who lived there for thousands of years. Yes, they are still there, although the invading Arabs and their descendants who currently populate the country have tried to take that identity for themself, the seeds of the Pharaohs are still alive. Interestingly, an Arab lady (writer) was threatened and harassed for trying to shed light on the original people of Egypt. ” ~ Dr.kwamezulushabazz.tumblr.com read more

The Okija Shrines of Africa


Prominent indigenes of Okija community in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, have risen in defence of the dreaded shrines in the area popularly known as Alusi Okija in Igbo parlance, saying that the shrines do not kill innocent persons, as being portrayed. read more