The star of Wisconsin and the smoke of Icelandic Hell: Revelations Chapter 9 Revealing? – By Oguejiofo Annu

As if by some co-ordination of fate, a star (metorite) entered the city of Wisconsin in United States on the night of April 14 2010, almost around the same period that the volcano in Iceland began to erupt machine-killing smokes filled with sulphur and brimestone over the skies of western Europe (about April 14, 2010). read more

Smokes of Hell over Europe ground Aviation

The clouds of hell verily emerged over the skies of Europe grounding flights all across the continent. More than 5,000 schedule flights have been cancelled due to fears of that the smokes of hell would damage the aircraft engines. Hundreds of thousands of passengers are stranded across European airports with no clear idea on when normal flights will resume. read more