White Slavery: The Scottish Slaves of England and Americas

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There were hundreds of thousands of Scots sold into slavery during Colonial America. White slavery to the American Colonies occurred as early as 1630 in Scotland.

According to the Egerton manuscript, British Museum, the enactment of 1652: it may be lawful for two or more justices of peace within any county, citty or towne, corporate belonging to the commonwealth to from tyme to tyme by warrant cause to be apprehended, seized on and detained all and every person or persons that shall be found begging and vagrant.. in any towne, parish or place to be conveyed into the Port of London, or unto any other port from where such person or persons may be shipped into a forraign collonie or plantation.

The judges of Edinburgh Scotland during the years 1662-1665 ordered the enslavement and shipment to the colonies a large number of rogues and others who made life unpleasant for the British upper class. (Register for the Privy Council of Scotland, third series, vol. 1, p 181, vol. 2, p 101).

The above accounting sounds horrific but slavery was what the Scots have survived for a thousand years. The early ancestors of the Scots, Alba and Pics were enslaved as early as the first century BC. Varro, a Roman philosopher stated in his agricultural manuscripts that white slaves were only things with a voice or instrumenti vocali. Julius Caesar enslaves as many as one million whites from Gaul. (William D Phillips, Jr. SLAVERY FROM ROMAN TIMES TO EARLY TRANSATLANTIC TRADE, p. 18).

Pope Gregory in the sixth century first witnessed blonde hair, blue eyed boys awaiting sale in a Roman slave market. The Romans enslaved thousands of white inhabitants of Great Britain, who were also known as Angles. Pope Gregory was very interested in the looks of these boys therefore asking their origin. He was told they were Angles from Briton. Gregory stated, “Non Angli, sed Angeli.” (Not Angles but Angels).

The eighth to the eleventh centuries proved to be very profitable for Rouen France. Rouen was the transfer point of Irish and Flemish slaves to the Arabian nations. The early centuries AD the Scottish were known as Irish. William Phillips on page 63 states that the major component of slave trade in the eleventh century were the Vikings. They spirited many ‘Irish’ to Spain, Scandinavia and Russia. Legends have it; some ‘Irish’ may have been taken as far as Constantinople.

Ruth Mazo Karras wrote in her book, “SLAVERY AND SOCIETY IN MEDEIVEL SCANDINAVIA” pg. 49; Norwegian Vikings made slave raids not only against the Irish and Scots (who were often called Irish in Norse sources) but also against Norse settlers in Ireland or Scottish Isles or even in Norway itself…slave trading was a major commercial activity of the Viking Age. The children of the White slaves in Iceland were routinely murdered en masse. (Karras pg 52)

According to these resources as well as many more, the Scots-Irish have been enslaved longer than any other race in the world’s history. Most governments do not teach White Slavery in their World History classes. Children of modern times are only taught about the African slave trade.


Read more @: http://www.fsos.com/Hist%20PDFS/whiteslave.pdf

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94 thoughts on “White Slavery: The Scottish Slaves of England and Americas”

  1. Now I understand why my “English” anscestors were upset when some married “Irish.” I always thought it was just the religious differences. I had heard of Irish slavery from my mother, who’s descendents were Irish, but never saw anything in writing before. I really appreciate this. I am all for knowledge, and have compassion for the African slaves, but wish this info was made widely available, so all people could see that skin colour and station in life are not related. So often I am embarrassed to BE white; I want to say “I would never treat anyone better or worse based on skin colour” but it’s a slow process.

    1. I have compassion for slaves of any race as well but I have a problem with the constant repetition of African slavery/suffering in the media, with little or no mention of the many Irish/Scottish/White slaves who suffered even higher mortality rates.
      Don’t blame blacks for it though, it’s not like they dominate the media or anything.

    2. What’s problematic with you white guys is this need to be a victim. There were never any white “slaves”. That’s the lie you want told. The truth is you were indentured servants. Contract signed and honored.

      End of story.

      What you’re doing is positioning yourselves in case Black Americans manage to negotiate reparations.

      Greed. That is your game.

      1. Deny what you will Rhondayes, but; facts are facts. My family are Scottish and I now live in America. I seek nothing from no man that I, myself, have not earned by the sweat of my brow and the determination of my mind. I will never relinquish, to any woman or man, that which I have earned. I never owned a slave of any color. My ancestors have never owned slaves but have, themselves, been slaves and I seek nothing from anyone because, this was not the fault of anyone who lives and walks this world today. You blame Whites for greed and you ignore history. You hold out your hand for Reparations in hopes that you can profit from the dogged labor and maltreatment of your ancestors and you have the audacity to call anyone greedy??? Look into your mirror. See there the one who seeks blood money. You have earned nothing. Indentured servants? Do you honestly believe that the British elite would have a street vagrant, a beggar serving their guests? Responding with a thick Scottish or Irish brogue? You are a racist. I am certain you call yourself a Christian, but; not on this day nor til that day when you find forgiveness in your heart. After-all, that is the only way to true salvation. I have forgiven all who mistreated my ancestors because I how am I to carry this burden of ignorance to their identity? There is evil and good in all. Deliver that which you hope to receive. Blessed day upon thee.

        1. please remember that black slaves were owned throughout generations. there was no hope or posibility of freedom. White indentured slaves were workers working off a debt then reintroduced back into society. Lets not look at the past but the present. Do you remember the crack epidemic during the regan years. Crack was shipped into los angeles and everyone was rounded up as the worst criminals alive. Dare! Automatice mandatory max sentences. Fast forward to the present time and this meth and opioid epidemic is hitting middle america, trailer parks, and rich gated communities. Where is the same sentencing for opioids as crack? Why do we now have to help these drug addicts with tax dollars and rehab centers instead of loking them up for max sentences?

          1. That is incorrect. Blacks slaves could buy their own freedom. Most black slaves were allowed to grow produce after chores or make craft’s and sell them roadside. Indentured servitude enslaved generations. Freedom could not be bought.

          1. White slavery what a joke, you people love to lie. The point is you can run but you can’t hide from your wicked past.
            The word of TMH sets the record straight on who he scattered across the four corners of the earth as slaves, for breaking his laws!

            We are the children of the book we call the bible, the holy scriptures of TMH.

      2. As ancestor of Irish who have not only been enslaved, but intentionally starved, brutalized and beaten out of existance…nearly. And you have the audacity to refer to these facts as a need to feel victimhood?

        Thus, don’t expect empathy from me for your perceived injustices.

      3. You really don’t know history, but if it moves you to investigate what went on in europe for 1,000 years that would be a good thing.

      4. Lets start with the word slave – comes from Slav peoples of Eastern Europe who were sold as SLAVES by Vikings, along with Scots and Irish descendents among many others. Celtic mines in Scandinavia over 3,000 years old also have the bones of ‘white’ slaves in them. Slavery didn’t start with Americas it didn’t even start with the Vikings it has been with us as long as humanity has and all people have been slaves.

      5. Explain to me why my Scottish ancestors were evicted from THEIR OWN LAND and forced to immigrate to America.
        Britain stole land from my people, enslaved us, destroyed our culture, forced us to give up our language for English, routinely starved us, etc. We were even sold as slaves in North Africa and Arabia HUNDREDS of years before England colonized America.
        What the British did in the British isles was inhuman. Stop acting as if you’re the only group of people to have suffered at the hands of another country.

      6. indentured servitude was created because slavery was then illegal, but before then during the grey times (a scots gaelic term) they bound them in chains then packed into hulls and on the trip to the americas top up with irish, the muslims were the ones who spread the culture,, As the iberians after 900yrs of constant slave raids changed from coastal living to more fortified mountainous dwelling in response this forced Muslims to raid more eastern European countries Bulgaria Romania Ukraine etc etc the massive influx of latest white slaves meant an eventual linguistic name change hence Slavic became equal to slave which is the root of the word’s origin, History is important to understand the present, more than skin color as 25% of freed black slaves later owned slaves i’d be wary of talk about reparations , which is a Marxist mantra loved by the millennial americans today, an old european ploy used in the 70’s by the bourgeoisie. or as most working people referred to the student class. spawn , the slave block exists today in Africa deal with that injustice instead of a selected historical period to justify hatred and prejudice on the basis of skin color

        1. The first thing everybody needs to understand is who the major players in the slave trade were. These people have been trying to create their “Israel” for many years, with slaves and all. Read a book by Professor Thomas Sowel called “black rednecks and white liberals”, and there is also Dr Tony Martin who has had personal experiences with these people when he tried to teach the real history of the slave trade to his students. You must keep in mind that no Jew considers themselves white, until it serves their agenda, you see it on Twitter and other social media platforms all the time and in the jewish newspaper articles where they admit thatthey are NOT white, but pretend to be, only when it suites their purposes in cases where they are being horribly racist, apologists and “self hating” white, etc. These people created communism, liberalism, socialism the feminist movement, BLM, KKK, ANC,LGBT, etc, the list is endless. This hatred for any who are not Jewish goes back millennia. They created the word “racist”, the entire racial tensions and myth that whi are racist and hate all POC was created by the Jews to serve their agenda.
          They especially hate white christians becuae theyput a stop to their plans r an Israel in america All this years ago.

      7. indentured… hmmm…

        I guess raping our mothers and daughters, taking our land, taking our produce, our clothes, tartan, our money, our history and even our name was “indentured”. The continual Perpetuation of Debt to the monarchy is “the lease of Freedom” I guess the starvation, rape and death were just part of clauses in the agreement?

      8. Actually I have the ships manifest and the bill of sale where my anester was sold into slavery and lived for 3 generations on elm st City of New York. Ppshhhasshh there is no exclusivity if bondage.

        1. Can I get a copy of the ship’s manifest. Damn interesting! Thanks.

          Here’s a Scottish name for you
          Douglas Stewart White.
          I believe the many colored names for scots came from the quick names slaves were given for sale.

      9. Indentured servants only live apporox 7 years once sentenced to work off their debt to society.
        Take the time to educate yourself , especially the history of Saint Augustine Florida when the Spanish founded it.
        Every creed or color was part of endentured servitude with a life span of only 7 years.


        Among the persons transported to the American colonies in 1716 were 637 Scottish rebels captured at Preston, Lancashire, on 14 Nov 1715.The rebels were supporters of the exiled James II of England and his heirs.There were many such adherents among the Roman Catholics of Scotland, and some in Ireland, and among the Nonjurors, a dissident group within the Church of England.

        During the rebellion of 1715 the rebel forces entered Preston on 9 Nov and, after proclaiming as their king the chevalier of St. George, remained there for several days, during which the government forces advanced upon them.The town was assaulted, and on 14 Nov the rebel general Thomas FORSTER surrendered his army to the King’s forces.Persons shown below, was compiled from ten ship manifests, were taken prisoner and sent to the American Colonies the following spring as indentured servants for a seven-year period.Those who refused to be voluntarily indentured were forced into that condition upon arrival in the colonies.
        According to a receipt given to the commissary general of the rebel prisoners, 639 prisoners were transported, but, for reasons unknown to this writer, only 636 were named in the manifest. An additional prisoner (John DALZYEL) has been identified from other documents.
        In the interest of space conservation, ship names and destinations have been coded.It should be noted that not all prisoners reached the destinations originally designated.


      11. TOO funny, little one. There was NEVER negro slave. That’s a lie perpetrated by negroes with NO historic evidence to back it.

    3. As a descendent of Irish and Scottish Clansmen, There were direct mistreatment of my family including the striping of land, name, tartan and possessions. This was long prior african slave trade and is a continually an ignored injustice of the Celtic Pagan people.
      The Lord our family served was in fact a POC and there was only really CLASS and Religious basis for discrimination in England and British Isles at that time.
      Romans imported a lot of their residencies of european territories which also included their Asian, Middle Eastern, African and Europe boarder residents so Different Colour Skin was not a new concept. People were just people unless they were any way heretics aka “Pagan” (Celts, Nordics, etc.) who were heavily discriminated against and mostly killed if they would not convert.

      The Irish are still discriminated against via EU rulings and their ignored voter base to this DAY!
      People want to cry about over 1000 years of slavery in Eastern and Middle European and Asian practice (which only took a part of 2/300 years in western history) in which these slaves were used as a bargaining chip or token of peace for the WESTERN WORLD and at the time it was seen as an act of war not to take up these tokens – no matter the injustice on our perspective. You must be proud and never forget that the WESTERN WORLD was the only part of the world which instigated slavery to cease.

      My Family has clear mistreatment by the monarchy and, Up until the point we were taken as slaves, have had our history and work erased in favour of a LORD who inherited our families daughters, possessions and land. Our Debt to the monarchy still perpetuates and this is widely ignored because of the colour of our skin as we are not POC.

      I am often debated about this point, but the mass amount of POC brought over during the slave trade where given up by their owners in their native country. The people who accepted offer felt that life will only get better for these individuals in America/Britian/France etc. as they were suffering malnutrition and illnesses from dirty water and terrible living conditions. The Slave conditions were replicated from africa but with minor improvments to help these people feel comfort but not feel to different from their known way of life and homes.

      Racism is an individualistic prejudice and judgement. If the system is racially systemic then the lowest hold would be that of a Pagan Celt – with continuous ignorance on their heritage and history, dispossession of family, possessions and land as well as general and continual discrimination of their religion and culture.

      Keep ignoring history and the truth, and it will surely repeat.

    4. Embarrassed to be white? Really?
      Another ultra left wing progressive who vomits politically correct verbiage. Wake up!

    5. Slavery exists today and is still pursued with many youngsters being sold in North Africa who have been removed from the family environment.
      The repeal of slavery act was only made law in 1995 by the English Government!

    6. American Government will never acknowledge Scottish/Irish slavery
      It is not taught in schools, it has been erased from our history
      Because it takes away from “black history”
      somehow, negro enslaved is worse than white enslaved.

      I am a descendant of a Jacobite Rebel , my ancestor was sent on a slave ship in 1715 to arrive in America colonies, sold as a slave.
      He died by age 30.

  2. This is definitely an eye opener. We are all aware of the atrocities of the the Black Slave Trade and the effects are still seen today. But very few are are aware of the European slave trade. As an African-American, I think it’s high time we as all people start learning the full truth. We have been lied to and deceived on a monumental level. We are all connected and share a common thread (which explains why my paternal grandmother (PBUH) had a Scottish and Ancestry). I am always seeking the truth and I hope this important piece of history is spread and to told to the masses. The The Elite have been using the ‘Divide and Conquer’ scheme for far too long. The more we learn, the more we should use this as a tool to stop the madness, separation, violence and ill will towards each other. Knowledge is truly key and crucial if we are to break the bonds of ignorance, stupidity and bigotry.

    1. i have for years been looking to find how my scottish and irish family ended up in jamaica, is a list of people passengers available for that time thank you

      1. We find that we too have connections in Jamaica. One distant relative was evidently involved in the abduction of ‘slaves’ from Scotland. another Alexander Forbes has a Jamaican address – died pre 1821 – no known birthdate. His address is given as Salt Pond Hut Jamaica.
        Any thing you have would be welcome.

        1. My family is Jamaican the most I know is that I had a Scottish slavemaster and possible crossbreeding took place. Genetic or DNA testing may help find my roots

        2. I believe that Salt Pond Hut was in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica.

          This reference may be to your Alexander Forbes: Trustees for Alexander Forbes held Aberdeen estate in St Elizabeth 1772-1782. Alexander Forbes ‘of Scotland’ had reportedly previously leased Aberdeen from Alexander McFarlane’s Island estate, ‘and [the estate] still belonged to an Alexander Forbes as a slave-and-sugar estate in 1772’. Neither man (if different) has yet been identified further, but either or both might be Alexander Forbes of Kingston (q.v.).

          SOURCE: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/lbs/person/view/2146648447

          If you have not yet done so, you may be interested in doing a DNA test to find further connections.

    2. Stop being a dupe. Trying to fit in will always leave you behind.


      “What’s problematic with you white guys is this need to be a victim. There were never any white “slaves”. That’s the lie you want told. The truth is you were indentured servants. Contract signed and honored.

      End of story.

      What you’re doing is positioning yourselves in case Black Americans manage to negotiate reparations.

      Greed. That is your game.”

    3. Oquendo Jones you are so right finally someone who knows the truth and doesn’t look to make up excuses. We all have family that have suffered over history. My Family were Scottish and some Irish as well. And I know for a fact through my family tree some fought in the revolutionary war. And color was not an issue when we fought the British.

    4. Oquendo Jones, all I can say is thank you. There are not many voices of reason any longer. Everyones minds have been brainwashed for way to long. Lies are kept going to keep us all fighting and seperated yet for hundreds of years people continue to fall for them. When will people learn that keeping racism alive and well is very profitable in the pockets of some? They use it as a form of control and people swallow it, they are chocking to death and fail to see it.

  3. This would explain a lot about my mother’s side (Scot-Irish). Noone has ever found out how they got here. They just seem to always have been. Reading this makes me wonder.

    1. Indentured servants with a contract. Or, the ones dumped from Britain’s most notorious jails and Insane Asylums. Britain dumped all of the criminals and prostitutes from their wharves and sent them all to America and New Zealand. This is how we’ve ended up with so many undercover thieves, rapists, serial killers, and home murderers. America received Britain’s worst. America’s link to Britain’s royal past makes sure to keep themselves away from the sharecropper’s descendants.

      1. No one was sent to New Zealand. I think you are mixing this up with Australia. There were NO penal colonies in New Zealand.

      2. those that were brought from England were not from the insane asylums as you have implied. Many of the Jacobite’s were forced to sign indentured papers or face quartering and hanging. you also need to read “White Cargo” by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh”; this talks about White Slavery especially of the Scottish, Irish and English. Read it. You can find it on the internet.

  4. My ancestor was brought to this country and sold into slavery along with his three brothers. They came over in chains along with others Scots aboard the John and Sarah and sold at auction. They were part of the 10,000 Scots who surrendered at the Battle of Worcestor England in 1651. Cromwell sold all 10,000 into slavery in the Americas and the Barbados. Many of these Scots were bought by highlanders here and freed. Others ran away to the American frontier, and some even made it back to Scotland.The unlucky ones endured the same treatment as other American slaves. I have two degrees in history as well as other degrees in education. I always tell my students that if they take anything away with them from my class it should be that history lies. All history is politicaly based. To find the truth takes work and time. Oh so much time. The truth is different to different peoples. Being good or bad is not contained in one country, race, religion, or ethnic group. Good is everywhere as is being bad. America tries to be good and we are. America can and has been bad. We are not perfect nor should we expect perfection. Our worth however will be judged in how vigourous we seek perfection even though it s attainment is beyond our grasp.

    1. Except, Henry Magoon, Magoune, Magoone, was brought here after the battle of Dunbar – Sept. 1650, on a separate ship from Alexander Gordon, Goden. He was already at the Iron Works when the shipment of Scots, arrived on the John and Sarah, after the Battle of Worchester – Sept. 1651.

      1. My ancestor, Col Ninian Beall was captured by Cromwell at the Battle of Dunbar, Scotland in 1650 at age 24. all those captured were marched to London, many of the survivors were made indentured slaves and sent to Barbados. My ancestor was sent to Maryland in 1652 as an indentured slave to a planter. When his servitude completed, he was able to obtain land grants of which he had many with time, some in DC where the WH sits today, he also became a prominent figure in the history of MD. He was able to bring many scotsmen over from Scotland.

    2. Stop lying to yourself by elevating your hardscrabble ancestors to slavery. There was never any white slaves in America. Lie to yourself. You just embarrassing.

      1. you seem to have a vendetta and seem to think only Africans were the ONLY slaves. You need to pull the blinders off of your eyes. You only think the color of slaves was black not white skinned. I am a Historian, I am also of Scottish descent and YES, the Jacobite’s were sold as SLAVES, it does not matter that they were indentured they were slaves non the less. You need to go back and take an upper division history class in European History and understand what we at telling you is 100% true. White people were sold as slaves and those slaves children were slaves. Stop making a vendetta for ONLY black were slaves for they were not the only ones. You do not like that the truth is being spoken about. I have 20 books or more on the Scottish people sold as slaves. It is people like you who thinks that they have a vendetta and want to keep bitterness in their hearts. Bitterness breeds bitterness and then hatred. We have enough hatred in the world; too much if you ask me. It is time that we learn to start understanding that slavery happened to EVERYONE.

      2. You wear your shame well. You are us spelled you’re. There ate plenty of pictures of white slaves. Naked and in chains as they had been in scotland and ireland. You are just ignorant. I hope you get over yourself some day

    3. Amen- I have always wondered what Japanese and German History books say pertaining to the last 120 years. It’s all perspective and the ability to learn from the past instead of miring your self identity down with the past. We are all individuals with no responsibility towards making reparations for what our great-great-great-great-great grandparents may or may not have done. Who is to say that the ancestor of the next person wasn’t an integral player in helping slaves escape? Or maybe they were the “owners” who purchased those spaces to give them a better life than the next owner would have. It’s often overlooked that most slave holders treated theirs as family members and made sure they were well cared for, roof over their head and food- and many times kept families together. Yes there were bad owners and horrid stories but that’s true for any culture in any history.

  5. I was only made aware of the many atrocities commited against both the Irish and Scottish peoples when I started my own geneological research (I’m mostly Scottish/Irish). I live in Canada, where the English empire perpetrated many attrocities and a physical and cultural genocide on the Native American people already here. I have seen how these actions have had consequences to this very day. Many Native people see all Europeans as “white” people who orchestrated all of their misery. What they do not realize, there is segments of the white population that experienced virtually the same types of oppression that they and African Amercian people have in the past. The English perfected their methods on the Scottish and Irish populations.

    This may be a bad person to use as an example, but Idi Amin said that “The Scottish people are the least racist people he’s ever met.” He was a soldier in the English Imperial Army in Ughanda. His higher officers were English and his seargents were primarily Scots. He said, “An Englishman treats and African like a dog and a Scotsman will invite him to dinner.” These quotes are not exact, but that is the gist of what he said.

    1. Read “Empire of the Summer Moon” the Indians on this continent were exceedingly wealthy for centuries but like any other nation of people they became corrupted so much so by the time white men arrived Indians were slaughtering each other. You will not find it hard to gain the evidence. Look up the massacre of Ft Mims….http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cmamcrk4/pkt37.html James Pickett was the great great grandfather of a good friend of mine, and he goes extensively into the history of the indians of this continent, this is history they do not want published. He lived back in the early to mid 1800’s

  6. As a Canadian of Scottish descent I have long been aware there were many white slaves in America. My father’s father never spoke of how his ancestors got to North America but I do know they originated from the infamous slave port of Inverness. Also, my mother (who was English) told me many times that her grandfather was “black”. I saw a photo of him once but it was indistinct. Friends of African descent laugh at me since I am sooo white, lol.

    Thanks for this site. It’s very encouraging to see this topic discussed instead of covered up as if it is a disgrace. Personally, I am proud to tell people that my ancestors were very likely slaves, some white and perhaps black as well.

  7. Rasta — ya cyant tell meh nuttin’!! Yes, the Irishman — and the original African — were brought to what would become the U.S. as indentured servants. However, I DO NOT RECALL WHITENESS AS BEING USED AS THE STANDARD FOR PURPETUAL ENSLAVEMENT.. I also, do not recall, white folks ever being sold by “rival ethnicities” into enslavement. I am an “African American” (for lack of a more appropriate term), of Native and Irish descent, who is familiar with Rasta culture and “Rasta-speak”. I am also a Southerner, raised in the region shortly after the “civil rights movement”. The Irish — employed as overseers/mid management by the Scottish land holders/slave owners in the South, might have been treated poorly, but were in a position where the bootstrap theory was still a possibility. That being the case, that population was very willing to take advantage of race based opportunities.. That being the case, they had no problem with accepting the notion that the enslavement of African people in the west was just the “natural order of things”. They never questioned the set up because it was to their advantage, much in the same way that Pan-African people from areas outside of the U.S. have no problem using/disrespecting the very people who were “sacrificed” (mind you, I didn’t say made the sacrifice, I said they were sacrificed) for the “rights” that third world pan-Afrikan peoples “enjoy” when they come to the U.S.

    1. This article doesnt talk about the trade of European slaves in Africa that goes much further back into history. Arabian pirates would go up and raid the northern European coast and bring slaves back down to sell in Africa. Just an example of an outside ethnicity… Also, in victorian era art, Irish were depicted as monkeys. So propaganda today may just call them all “white people,” but to the people doing the enslaving back then, they were very much an outside ethnicity.
      We get trapped in corners though, when we talk about race, or ethnicity, because they are artificial concepts; they aren’t real, and they don’t correspond to the nature or intentions of an individual. Those variables are mediated by culture, and are independant of race/ethnicity. Generalizing is foolish in general, because, of course, there were African slave owners in the New World as well.
      It’s about cultural genocide. The European people suffered the genocide of their ancestral culture at the hands of the Beast just like the Africans and Australians and Asians and Native Americans suffered the genocide of their ancestral cultures at the hands of that same Beast. The Beast is not itself racist. The Beast uses racism as a tool to homogenize and divide. It will use racism so long as it is useful as a tool, and then discard it.
      Our ancestral cultures were centered around the appreciation and respect of nature. They passed down intricately woven cosmic metaphors that taught self-realization through an intimate relationship with the archetypal forces of the universe. Sound familiar? Sounds like every ancestral culture on the planet.
      The Beast destroyed these cultures and replaced them with religions that promote homogeny, fear, guilt, paranoia, and disconnection. They appropriated the symbols of the cultures they were subjugating, but changed all the meanings.
      In ancient times when somebody would travel far away and meet someone who looks different than them, they would not think of them as different, because their culture is so similar: they love nature, they fish, hunt, dance, make tools and boats and art, they have psychedelic plants, just like my own people. Instead of fighting they would mate, and share ideas. The ancient peoples were much more mobile than propaganda history wants us to know.

      And that’s why Jamaicans have such nice dreads, cuz they’re part European 😉

    2. Us Native Americans was slaves too so Blacks are not the only slaves I read my history my people was taken from the Americas if us Native Americans was slaves and Blacks was slaves then the Whites was slaves too think before saying Blacks was the only slaves because there was both white and black slaves in The Romen Empire.

  8. Did the Romans really enslave the Angles. I thought the Angles were a post Roman people who conquered eastern and Southern Britain creating England (Angleland)
    Looking at th east of England now (and East of Scotland) for that matter it does seem to be more Germanic, from Anglo-saxon and later Viking settlements than the rest of the Country

    1. The Roman’s wouldn’t have been enslavj g Angles in Britain. They would have been enslavjng Celtic Bretons or Cumbrians. Anglos and Saxons were invited to Britain by Celtic Bretons to help them defend against the Roman’s. After the Roman’s left the Anglo Saxons essentially turned on the Celtic Bretons. Theirs many theories on what after after that, but most the Bretons were pushed West into Wales and north into the lowlands of Scotland were they formed Strathyclde.

  9. I do enjoy visiting Anglophobic websites though. If the Scots do vote for Independence from the bloodthirsty Nazi terrorist Devil English in 2014 please emaill me and I’ll send Howard brass a bottle of Scotch, I promise.

  10. John

    Get the history and learn whats been hidden from you and your kids.

    Then find out why its been hidden – not taught in skool.

    Other wise ” anglophobic means” nothing here becoz nothing here is “sexed up” ….what ever blair meant!

    1. I am African American, but in search of truth, wanting to know who I am, and want to know whats been hidden from me and my kids. Want to know my true history, and I have a strong feeling I already know exactly bibilcally who I am. Believe that Yashua is sending the truth in this time so we will know the real truth, that has never been told. This is the appointed time. Hebrew Israelite a great nation, people:

      1. The fine linens,( King Tuts body was preserved in linen cloth.)that’s why we call it a linen closet. Linen outlasts cotton in clothing and for our bed sheets. The Aloe for the skin and hair ” natural” and less expensive that grows in the dessert. The spices at the markets used for many household treasures. The essential oils, not synthetics cosmetics; used from head to toe and in the house. The Almonds to eat and make mylk. More calcium than a cow, because you can digest it better. Yes biblically royalty is what you see in the mirror. Being melanin enriched from THE RICHEST continent in the world. So dam rich, the Caucasians were literally stealing the people; the gold, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, and then the British monarchs were stealing the African history. Staph, Cape, Head crowns, and the Afican Hebrew history made into Old English a white man named James who said he was a king. King of what ? No rubies in England. They must have been stolen! Ok borrowed.

  11. Muwanga, I don’t know what you mean

    Anyway Scotland was an Independent country with its own parliament up until 1707 so it was the Scots who exported their people to America as slaves. However white slavery im America did not last as we all know it became a racist thing, Blacks were easily identifiable, if you were a black, you were a slave.

  12. no only in the north mostly for marranoes/jews , in the south curly haired albions were slaves,,study the tragic mulatto an the post at rasta livewire with albion slaves after their release in 1865 from southern slavery ,the people who falsely call them self white because of red rudy skin were the bleac people in middle english you replace an erase what was in its proper place with the fake white aryan race an dont regret that u forget they day to us u were no threat an we raised mankind as men not pets ,mankind steals land an gives us their debts


    All the comments on the truth about slavery are wonderful and long overdue. The one important thing that we’re missing is the fact that slavery was perpetrated by the wealthy and powerful few against the many, regardless of race or country. These same people had the power to shape and control the rules, guidelines and laws by which the slave traded was conducted. And everybody involved in the slave trade got rich. The wealthiest even had enough money and power to influence the politics and religion of the time—both of which helped keep everybody else in bondage. And you were either wealthy or poor. There was no so-called middle class.

    In modern-day America, a few super rich and powerful (multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires) now call themselves donors and they represent and finance the group known as the super PAC (Political Action Committee). The Supreme Court recently ruled that the super PACs can raise as much money from anywhere or anybody they choose–legal, illegal or foreign and, they don’t have to tell anybody where or whom they got all this money from. We see the same dynamic as in past times. In modern-day America you are either rich or broke and there is, in reality, no middle class. That’s a class separation and a divisive method used by the rich and powerful few to control the many and pit one group against another.

    Karl Rove who was working as a super PAC leader for the Republican Party to raise unlimited money for the election of Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election raised almost 400 million dollars from these multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires and even from the Canadian government. Talk about slavery!! All this money was pooled together by a few super rich and powerful people to shape the way the American voter felt about the candidates and to influence and control the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election. Their money controlled everything from the Presidential Debates, the media such as Fox News, right down to Beyonce’s lip-synched performance.

    But the real unseen motive by these super PACs is not who the President is, because the super PACs, as the highly financed powerful group they represent, wins either way. Slavery has a new face and its name is the Super PAC. They have raised their sights to the office of the President of the United States and we the working class Americans will once again be the prize and the slaves no matter what our race!! So I ask all of you seekers of truth and justice and enlightenment: Pay close attention. Who is running the country—the President or the super PACs???

    1. You are absolutely correct, I find it funny how people always blame the President for everything, and unfortunately the American people are clueless to the fact that Congress runs the country,and Congress is controlled by the super PAC, this is why I have been trying to get people to insist on term limits for Congress,they do whatever the PAC Tell’s them, it’s not a cure but it’s a start?

  14. Its good to see this being discussed for a change. I’m Scottish and it annoys me that this is so unheard of and ignored. Even in our Scottish academys and schools its not discussed or mentioned at all in classes or our studies. Infact if I ever mention It to people they often don’t believe me or they had no knowledge of it.

    1. We should really learn about the role former white slaves played in the degradation of blacks as a whole. The end of the Civil War, Fort Pickering – Memphis massacre of 1866, was a planned Irish Police and Fire Department affair. The media was controlled by the Klan. This was the beginning of Black Codes in the south. It was documented by Congress but there was no legal or punitive follow through.

      1. The clan did not exist back then, the clan actually didn’t exist until after WW1, I know this because my grandfather told me that he joined it,after the war,it was the beginning of the American legion, then some how it changed into a hate group towards Black’s? That’s when he decided to quit, because he wanted no part of it !

  15. Thanks for posting this valuable and relatively unknown information about Colonial slavery. On a another topic. I did some research for a human trafficking committee I was involved in last year. I was very surprised that there was a fairly split between races in the united states. Those who enslave don’t care what color you are, they only care if you are vulnerable and abused and then sadistically use these children who more than often end up in prison instead of getting the care and counseling they need.

  16. “Anyway Scotland was an Independent country with its own parliament up until 1707”

    John, you sadly lack knowledge of Scottish history.

    During the English Civil War, Cromwell’s forces defeated Bonnie Price Charlie’s forces. The Scots had sided with Charlie. He was the rightful heir to the English throne.
    Cromwell sold the Scots into slavery.

    Scotland was under the English thumb for many years before 1707.

    1. Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army (Jacobites) were mainly made up of the Highlanders. The British Army were made up of the Lowland Scots and English.
      When the British Army won they rounded up anyone who they considered to be jacobites or a supporter of the Jacobite army were imprisoned and sent to colonies to work as slaves.
      So the English and lowland Scots sold the Highlanders as slaves.

      “ Indentured servants with a contract”

      There’s a word for you where I’m from Rhondayes;

  17. You’re all so pathetic. Trying to make your ancestors noble, when all they were was poor, criminal, or insane. There’s plenty of data. However, you don’t want to accept what was true by romanticizing the dirty truth.

    1. you are the one that seems to glorify the ONLY blacks were slaves. GROW UP! The whites enslaved whites. Let’s look to the monarchy for example. When King Edward IV died his sons were put into the tower as slaves, not to rule as the rightful Kings of England. Richard III took the crown for himself so he could rule.

      The Jacobite’s who were against having a Hanoverian King ruling them were shipped by the thousands to American colonies as slaves. They were shipped to Barbados as well to work on the sugar plantations. they were sent to the Bahamas also to work on the sugar plantations. They were worked to death in inhumane conditions.
      Pull the blinders off of your eyes. I am so tired of seeing that they were indentured slaves. A slave is a slave no matter what was signed or not. Many of those who signed the indentured papers did not survive being a slave; they died as a slave. What do you have to say about that. You need to expand your mind and stop being ignorant. Ignorant people only believe what they want to believe trying to argue with everyone. This is an argument that you cannot nor will you win.

    2. Nothing romantic about it. Muslim North Africa and the Middle East captured or bought 2.5 million Slavic white slaves (mostly women and children). The English pushed Irish and Scots into servitude. The first black American slaves we’re owned by blacks. Like modern low cost outsourcing it was an impact on the southern economy that could not be resisted. Today women and children throughout the world or sold into sex slave bondage. Low cost laborers live slaves in poor conditions throughout the world to make modern textiles and other products.
      There is nothing noble about it. So stop insulting people and be constructive instead of destructive.

      1. “Some of the smartest dummies.. cant read the language of egyptian mummies”.. (Jr Gong). How dare you insult your own intelegence .. by calling the slavic people white.. what is so romantic about this word.. why do people long to be it .. what is it.. do you know what it means.. sir .. im asking you.. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.. and if its casual speach.. why then do you expect to be taken seriously.. seariously ..do you know what it means.. think about that romantisizer.. do you know what it means.. do you know when the slavs were taken as slaves they did not refer to themselves as white.. yet you do .. how insulting.. the word slaves incidentaly comes from the word slavs.. identifying with a race makes you a racist.. identifying with a culture makes you a culturalist.. dum da dum dum.. dont worry.. i was dum once.. not anymore.. you should to.. if you only knew what this stuff do.. but i could be wrong.. so edify me.. prove me wrong .. so tell me what does the word white mean.. tell me you dont call yourself or others something that you have no idea the meaning of .. this is sycosis btw.. dont worry.. the nazis thought they knew what they were doing too.. so does the kkk.. they identifyed themselves as white and identifyed themselves as a race.. at least they are honest.. in useing these terms corectly.. how bout you.. do you identify yourself as white.. just like the nazis.. just like the kkk.. do you.(nazi – not see) a problem here.. id love to know how you square this circle.. so i ask .. do you know what the word white means .. white can be a color.. or name.. white also means.. blank.. empty.. sterile.. viod of life.. its the color of cancer .. most infections.. and fungus.. voiding life.. when sugar salt and flour are over procesed or modified.. its now void of life.. its now white.. we all now know to stay away from white salt white sugar and white flour.. generaly anything white is void of life and or a destruction to life.. how romantic.. how nieve.. and this is not a joke.. if you canot tell me what this word means.. your worse than a joke.. your the problem.. and dont worry i wont hold my breath for your reply.. cause you cant.. cause you either dont know what the word white means when refering to people.. or too embarased to say because you so foolishly think of yourself as white.. can i ask.. were do white come from.. o no .. another question that makes me have to face facts and reality.. not romance or fantacy.. or casual speach.. sir the bubble you and your kind lives in is made soley of ignorance.. so no .. my slavic ancesters were not white (the race).. nor were they all white (the color or description) they were not all LEPERS some could tan not all of them suffered from mellenin retardation also not all of them were missing a spacific protein on there gene sequence that witch keeps a person calm and humane as oposed to the whites who do not have the full human genome witch leads to carnal inhumane behaviour as seen in there history of terrorism and conquest .. killing in the name of god.. if that doesnt say it all .. then your not paying attention.. or your a racist protecting race interests.. wittingly or unwittingly.. the racist dont care just as long as you further there cause of human farming.. bottom line ..what you said was right and on point.. bit your improper use of the word white just serves to out yourself as race based.. and throws all the potential intelegence of you comment down the drain .. look your not too far off your almost there.. shed your racialness.. and pick up rightiousness.. dont be race based.. be rightious based .. put race and all those who identify with it where it belongs.. in the toilet.. and please dont forget to flush.. cause race can realy stink up the place.. besides racism is week.. last week…….. let rightiousness cover the earth.. knowing the diference between right and wrong shall save us all.. acting on race instead of right and wrong would mean the end of humanity.. dont be afraid to shed race because of what other people were fooled into thinking.. have you ever heard that the truth stands alone.. or have you heard the term threw the nashing of teeth.. have you ever heard that i am here to set man at varient against man.. this is because the truth ultimatley almost always have to stand alone.. why.. well lets call it by its full name .. the inconvienient truth.. maybe this can clearify what Jesus and others like him were talking about.. this is the.. at varient part.. anyway.. i hope this helps.. good luck to you brother.. i hope you find your way back home.. this would mean first you would have to find out were that is .. and i garante you .. its not white.. because no one is from white .. and no one is born white.. white is an ideology to put it nicely.. its a race.. a choice.. a business plan ment for use for domination.. live and let live does not live there.. so people.. “compasion is the only way”.. (lisa lopez).. .. .. as always .. give thanks and praise.. and honor thy mother and father so that your days may be longer.. if you did this you would know your not white .. you would know your history is much more vast than a word that is youger than america.. and only invented for the porpose of slavery.. and dont forget silence is condoning.

        1. The identifying terms ‘white’ and ‘caucasion’ have long been accepted as interchangeable. I personally don’t approve of the terms ‘white’ or ‘black’ or ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ for humankind and I will explain. The three original ‘races’ were Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid, ‘we’ lived on the super continent Pangea. Think Tower of Babel here. The map of human migration shows that we separated as Pangea was separating into the tectonic plates/continents we populate at present. The earliest human remains are measured at 300 million years old, Pangea began to split 290 million years ago.
          To argue, hate and complain about the past 400 years is ignorant and ignorance is Not bliss…..it is pain. Knowledge however is Power. At this point, None of us is a single ‘race’ and that is a simple Mitochondrial DNA Fact.

  18. One things for sure … ppl are still talking wrong … rohndas wright ” romanticizing” on the word “white” … and mistaken it for caucasion …. there not the same .. one was a slave … and one was the slave master. Its funny when caucasions talk about the (all too real) caucasion slaves, they call them “white slaves” … again whites were not slaves they were the slave masters… the caucasions were slaves… aswell as the africans and many others … romantacizing … thats a nice way of saying how this mistake (misnomer) could happen … egotacizing maybe … blinded by flatery.. maybe … besides why remember a fallen or slave , by calling them “slave master” that witch the word white represents… start there and maybe then youll get it wright … stop romantacizing on a word that u have no idea the meaning of … and there is no such thing as a white slave … stop calling caucasion slaves – slave masters i.e white… they are not the same … the elite , supremists or whites are organizations (the nazis are one such organization)… the caucasions are humans… a natural ppl … not a business plan or idealogy … the caucasions were persecuted by the whites … and many others were persecuted by the whites and it persuit of domanance supremacy … its persuit of race… where one dominates supreme over (you guessed it)….. all… look up Tim Wise Black Jesus… that tells you an all too real story, about the idealogy of race, the idealogy of supremacy… this word supremacy calls for alot of things to happen, not just slavery , but also genocide, aswell as many other inhumane acts to subdue the humans (btw these inhumane act tells you that there not human, by the very meaning of the phrase… there against or opposite to the humans) … propaganda or mental slavery serves to replace and or compliment physical slavery … its to divide and ultimately …. rule. At the very least … stop calling yourself something if you dont know what it means… this is at the very least … this shouldent even have to be explained , it should be a given… even a child knows better than that, for example when he calls himself batman instead of joker or lex luthor ………………… think………………………. the kids are still doing it ………. and its not illegal yet …………… think………………………. a child holds himself acountable to what he calls himself … can you ….. WHAT DO YOU THINK COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU TO MAKE YOU LOSE THIS ABILITY… do you know the power of PROPAGANDA… and one of its porposes is to make sure the intended target does not know its there… That it suffers from it….. the target thinks its in control … taget thinks its making informed decisions … instead of uniformed ones … a spacific thought pattern, deployed to get a spacific result … to benefit a spacific organization and or idealogy… (ism skism)…. ……………………………………………… can u tell me the eventuation, the end result, of introducing race or deploying and dispencing the idealogy of race INTO the human species might be, or might cause … it would be like intuducing cancer to healthy cells … like introducing antilife to life … this is what happens of coarse in cancer, when the individual cells in your body forget who they are … they begin to Race AGAINST the body for resoreses, instead of being a productive part of the body, to help maintain the body … the cancer or the individual cells who forgot who they are and so how to act, … now act in oposition to life … they now act for the porpose of extinction… consuming its own flesh … ?to survive? Sounds like a means to its own end to me………………….. so what happpened … how did we get here … stupidity… but im not stupid… am i ………… i think slavery was completely wrong …i didnt do slavery … but someone did … someone just like you was able to be convinced that its a good thing … think about that … a human being or someone being human was oneday able to be convinced that for instance the holocaust was a good idea .. or slavery was a good idea… but let me guess .. not you … they cant fool you right… you would never sign up for those inhumane policies right… such as carbon tax right .. cause charging human beings to breath, should never be looked at as a viable solution to any problem right, much less, the first coarse of action right, not to mention the whole hosts of problems we get into by calling it a “Carbon” tax, instead of a pollution tax right , because all life , everything in life, is made up of carbon, its the foundation to wich All life stands on, its the latice that all other molecules atach to, to make life posible… …… ……….. ….. … …. ……. ……. ………… ……. ….. …. All life is carbon, without carbon, life could not exist on eath .. remember the phrase “your carbon copies” of eachother.. carbon is even in inatimate objects .. its the glue, everything can atach to it , its the most perfect atom… check the recent nobel prize …………… …… …. all other atoms can atach itself to it such as hydrogen oxygen or monoxide ………. …….. …….
    … ……….. …………… ……….. ……. … calling it carbon tax makes no distinctions on the harmful pollutants, thus giving them free reign by law for tageting, taxing aresting suspending and charging life, for the very act, of living… i.e. by calling it Carbon Tax , instead of Polution Tax , like always … they take the focus off corporations and target life ……….. …….. ……… ……… (stoping one deforestation, can do 50 times much more for the enviroment, than wording it so you can charge humans to breath .. but we could never fall for that right … were not those guys who fell for slavery being a good thing right … were not those guys who fell for, “breathing is not a right, its a privalige”… and then went on to creat the holocaust right… no were not those guys, they cant fool us into doing something like that again, in any shape or form … nope not us? …….. …….. ….. …… …… ….. …… …. … also…. …. …. ever wonder why they chose the least informed of society to make all the disicions……. …… …. its how they get what they want, Done… Done.
    … By Flatery … making you think you know what your talking about, and that your making the best desicion, your own desicion,… and informed desicion,… when the very information nessesary to make an informed desicion comes from them, thereby enginering the eventuation, the outcome to be in there favor … btw not alowing other evidences or tests is a tell, of this propaganda… in short, they select fools, ppl that are ok with not knowing much before making important desicions… not a problem to find since they also manufacture them aswell, this is the privilaged class… if you can turn a blind eye and allow evil, or so stupid, you dont know wich way is up, or more importantly, dont care… then you can make the cut …… …… just do as they say and they will make you feel important?… ….. …… the fact that you have to do what someone else says, to feel important – negates the importants . . . . . . . . . . FOR INSTANCE . . . . . . Have You Researched And Or Had Thoughts About The Subject Matter Beforehand Or On Your Own, Or Are You Going On What You Just Heard Or What One Side Is Telling You (wich incidently is the definition of a fool) … remember, “knowing half the story does not make you a judge, knowing half the story, makes you a fool” ….. …… ….. …… Privilage is : the privilage of not having to know something ……….. . . . . Like Truth For Example . . . . . . Privilage puts down Humanity, …. its time to put down privilage ……. and pick up Humanity, …. …. …. …. its a much better book, …. …. …. …. i promise… -_-) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . I could go on . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . Know Thy Self . . . . . . . . . . see ourselfs precious once more . Your body is your temple…. making laws that prevent someone from partaking of their own body, as they see fit, is a sin, against god and nature, a nazi slave master mentality and a crime against humanity… “give onto ceasar what belongs to ceasar, but give onto man what belongs to man” …… …… and I and I, want back mi sensi, dreadlocks, turban and broom.. .. .. Cause until that day… what did Bob Marley say?… … … …anyway … … … … ppl its simple out there … … … … … something to do with the golden rule …… ….. ….. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. and dont worry . “Those who dont know will be forgive, but those who dont know and say or act as if they do, wont” . The best place to start is with the meaning of the word “white” misunderstanding of this word has lead to the center of maltis over and over, understanding when it was invented and for what porpose can bring much needed revelations to those who are using or interpreting it wrong… look up Tim Wise clip on white privilage to start… agian its not a small thing , its actualy a big deal… the biggest deal… if you use the word white and dont know what it means, then your the problem … or i should say ppl like you are the problem… and you know who you are, those who use the word but dont know what it means, and are ok with it or maybe not aware that they were ok with it, either way it leads to psycossis, and this my friend, is cancer… they are pre exposed to acting whitout knowing and are ok with it … this is how you get a person to walk into a town meeting with his canabis medicine in his pocket and vote to make that very medicine illegal without knowing it, just by changing the name of it from canabis to marijauna… and then they cast a vote as if there experts .. wow .. outlawing there own medicine, as if they knew what they were talking about … thats a special kind of stupid … and one that we have yet to recover from… the world infact is made to suffer for the few, the foolish ones and there mis-takes, mis deeds, mis placed pride and ego… if it was localized it would be one thing, but forcing these mistakes in policies on others, puts us in a whole world of problems … in fact it is the worlds biggest problem… the west have two chioces .. yes and no … the rest of the world exists in more than three .. such as yes no and, i dont know … remember the addadge of the wise man … “a wise man knows, he has lots to learn” … saying i dont know, leads you to the next platoe.. wich is, wanting to know … and finaly .. knowing. Those who dont talk and dont know will be forgiven, but whose who Talk and dont know, will not. Because it is not what goes in your mouth that defiles, its what comes out your mouth that defiles. Remember… “be not decived, for god is not mocked. What you sew, is what you reap”

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgYNKnGZiqE&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    The title on this clip is wrong i think must be a re upload ….
    This is a clip on.
    The CHIOCE of white Privilege

    Get like him, get like me,
    Then maybe we could be,
    Closer to the place,
    We need to be….
    And aknowledgement is the key

    Long time we a warn them
    But them never want hear
    Now dis one ya
    Check da message,
    47 minute in,
    Free up your self
    This clip is from
    Its Not an institution (religion),
    But What …. anyway …… RasTafari did tell u all the while
    Free up yourself
    The world is waiting
    And them under pressure
    By those who dont know,
    But act like they do
    Then Force it on others
    If u force anything on anyone
    Its called slavery
    Remember race is short for racism
    Its a game and your being played
    And only exists, because we allow it to happen, with inaction, indiference, ignorant misunderstandings and blind eyes, allowing injustice to happen.

    “Its time to seperate the wolves from the sheep, cause were at the crossroads, and this is the time, of discision.” Too much racial-list, wolves and lepers are trying to kill, the sheep, and the sheperd.
    Take heed .. not thier mark or branding or brand name.
    Free up yourself, and the world will be free with you.


  20. An American Mystery

    Historically White slaves by the millions being shipped to America is not questionable. What may be is when and where did they come from, how long were they here and lastly, how many Americans know today that they may be descendants.

    Plus, ponder the ludicrous, idiotic manner in which the same now picket, rail & curse against so-call foreigners , people of color and other innocents as being un-American.

    (publish, if you like)

  21. Every empire , every tribe , every kingdom , the world over has had slaves , since humans made cages , and we crafted ropes to bind others, we have had slaves of every skin colour.
    What sticks in our minds is the slave trade of africans and caribbeans because it is the most recent wound in the side of humanity.
    Slavery is a crime against humanity , we should abolish race identity the same as we have slavery so that we humans live as one .
    Kind of makes we wish we were in symbiotic relationship with plants so we’d have chlorophyl in our cells so we’d all be green!

  22. I’m pretty sure the Scottish slaves were Black Scottish Irish that were held on a large slave plantation of Greenlaw Scotland.
    Many were issued a English surname of ‘Brown’.
    The Irish Slaves were from a large plantation of Ulster Ireland. This plantation was put into place by King James.
    You have to remember that the migration to the new world was called the Great Transatlantic Migration. Therefore it was global. It was a initially a method to get rid of all criminals, poor people, lazy people, Jews, Lutherans, Serfs and Slaves and many others considered as undesirables.
    Alone Russia sent over 23 million Russo-German Serfs. The primary language spoken in the US was Duetcsh.

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