The so-called whites race is new to Europe: – Marc Washington’s Perspective

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3 thoughts on “The so-called whites race is new to Europe: – Marc Washington’s Perspective”

  1. From the mountain tops they fell onto every nation… and there was a bloody mess.

    Considering all this amazing history we have (I can’t keep up lol)
    I would love to hear Rasta Livewire opinion/ predictions for the future even if its just for fun.

    Im holding out for the Ancient One sitting on a throne with “burning wheels”.
    Well their gonna need a wheel chair being so old :0)

    1. Ashley-Yin

      The above history comes from a so-called white nationalist website the stormfront. It is not a Rasta Livewire history. We just re-published what you so-called whites said about yourself. LMBAO!

      And there are even Muur stories on this Rasta website!

      For your future? Verily I tell you, if you know where you are coming from, you will know where you are heading to.


  2. I find this site truly enlightening, for every blackman/woman all we have to do is REMEMBER, learning is our source of confusion….its embedded in our DNA, and lost memory…THE BLACKMAN/WOMAN IS GOD……

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