The Royals of Old Libya: The House of Al-Senussi of Benghazi

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Late Mohammed Al Mahdi Al Senussi Supreme leader (and son of the founder) of Senussi movement 1859 -1902

Late Ahmed Al-Senussi Supreme head of the Senussi order 1902 – 1933

Late Ahmed Al-Senussi

Late King Idris Al-Senussi succeeded his cousin Ahmed Al-Senussi (born 1889 died 1983) reigned: 1933 – 1969

Idris Al-Senussi 1925 picture

Idris and brothers

First cousin to King Idris Al-Senussi, Mohammed al abid Al Senussi

Mohammed Al Senussi’s nephew and his Senussi Ikhwan (wise) teacher

A Senussi Judge in the time of the Grand Senussi

Prince Ahmad Al-Zubair Ahmad Al-Senussi

Al Senussi family

Prince Mahdi A Al-Senussi

Prince Idris Al-Senussi Crown Prince

Prince Mohammed Al-Senussi -rival claimant to Crown Prince

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40 thoughts on “The Royals of Old Libya: The House of Al-Senussi of Benghazi”

  1. I was informed through this website that Madhi el Senussi has
    died. I would like some information on his death, his family and
    Cassandra M. Wimbs

      1. He was a close friend while he lived in ct. We lost had lost touch. So sorry to hear about this. I had visited with him in his home in va. Such a sweet man.

      2. can someone please contact me regarding this news. He and I were close from ct and had lost touch after my visit with him in Va. Now I know why. please contact me.

  2. Has anyone heard of Mohammed Al Buni or Bunee, I’m not sure of the spelling. He was an officer in the Army of Libya that fought against Kadafi in 1969 or 1970. He was a friend of mine. What happened to him is important to me.

  3. I had visited with Mahdi a couple months becore in his home in va. Hebhad become very my family in ct. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. He adored his mother. Had a small picture of her by his night stand.

  4. A last word on Mahdi to his family. I was very close to Dr. Bousseina Faried who visited his Mother the Queen outside Cairo for the purpose my getting his contact information. I
    did contact Mahdi and he purposed and made a contract with me.
    I accepted/ I used to perform Beledi. He asked me to cease and
    I did. The dance did get me into Friendship Force International.
    So it was worth it. I interviewed Dr. Faried in the States about
    it. I believe the tape, The Egyptian Woman is in Egypt, where I
    had a donation project in elephantine Island and Gizeh. So he’s
    dead andI didn’t see him for I was in the hospital and had
    temporarily lost memory. Please visit the site and know that
    chapters exist in Jordan and Turkey also.

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