The Royals of Old Libya: The House of Al-Senussi of Benghazi

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Late Mohammed Al Mahdi Al Senussi Supreme leader (and son of the founder) of Senussi movement 1859 -1902

Late Ahmed Al-Senussi Supreme head of the Senussi order 1902 – 1933

Late Ahmed Al-Senussi

Late King Idris Al-Senussi succeeded his cousin Ahmed Al-Senussi (born 1889 died 1983) reigned: 1933 – 1969

Idris Al-Senussi 1925 picture

Idris and brothers

First cousin to King Idris Al-Senussi, Mohammed al abid Al Senussi

Mohammed Al Senussi’s nephew and his Senussi Ikhwan (wise) teacher

A Senussi Judge in the time of the Grand Senussi

Prince Ahmad Al-Zubair Ahmad Al-Senussi

Al Senussi family

Prince Mahdi A Al-Senussi

Prince Idris Al-Senussi Crown Prince

Prince Mohammed Al-Senussi -rival claimant to Crown Prince

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41 thoughts on “The Royals of Old Libya: The House of Al-Senussi of Benghazi”

  1. I had visited with Mahdi a couple months becore in his home in va. Hebhad become very my family in ct. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. He adored his mother. Had a small picture of her by his night stand.

  2. A last word on Mahdi to his family. I was very close to Dr. Bousseina Faried who visited his Mother the Queen outside Cairo for the purpose my getting his contact information. I
    did contact Mahdi and he purposed and made a contract with me.
    I accepted/ I used to perform Beledi. He asked me to cease and
    I did. The dance did get me into Friendship Force International.
    So it was worth it. I interviewed Dr. Faried in the States about
    it. I believe the tape, The Egyptian Woman is in Egypt, where I
    had a donation project in elephantine Island and Gizeh. So he’s
    dead andI didn’t see him for I was in the hospital and had
    temporarily lost memory. Please visit the site and know that
    chapters exist in Jordan and Turkey also.

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