The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi

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The following is a partial list of the various tribes throughout north, south, east and west Africa who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite

1) Beta Israel/Falasha- Ethiopia
3)Tutsi- Rwanda
4) Rusape- Zimbabwe
5)Lemba- South Africa
6) Sefwi Wiawso- Ghana
7) Ashanti- Ghana Ga- Ghana
9) Ewe- Ghana
10) B’nai Ephraim(sons of Ephraim)-
Yoruba, Nigeria
11) Lam-Lam- Timbuktu
12) Katsena- Nigeria
13)Zafin Ibrahim- Malagasy Republic
14)Ibo- Nigeria….

Yahweh Wil Surely Punish those Fake Israelites very Soon For takyn our land!!!

My people (Asanti/Ashanti and Jamaican Ashanti Maroons come from Mesopotamia city called Ashan/Asan.

Nana Kofi

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300 thoughts on “The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi”

  1. The Holy Spirit, which is the words of Yahweh written in a book for we humans shouldn’t be called Bible. The right way of saying it is; The Book of Yahweh or The Holy Scriptures.

  2. God, we come to you in Jesus name and I want you to know we love you and we are listening and we are awakening!

    First I want to say what a blessing it is to have found this site and to witness the Holy Spirit at work! I’m 99.9 % certain that African Americans fit the curses of disobedience as seen in the book of Deuteronomy. Secondly, I believe that African Americans bloodlines are both that of HAM & SHEM simply a mixture between the two. I feel a little sad when I hear African Americans say we are from (HAM) for this is a half-truth. This half-truth deters us from knowing the full story which keeps us asleep. I will do my best to explain below.

    First I encourage everyone to read Genesis 11:10-32, this provides us with a detailed account from SHEM to ABRAHAM.
    Secondly, we know Jacob renamed “Israel” grandfather was Abraham again we’re still discussing “SHEM” bloodline not “HAM”.

    What does the mean?
    Answer: SHEM was the authentic bloodline of God’s people.
    ***This is important leading up to my next point**

    So how does African Americans fit into this equation? Or should I say how do “African American Jews” or “African Hebrew Americans” fit into this equation? You get my point..smh

    Well, let me explain by first addressing HAM sons and their territories below. (NOTE: Book of Jubilees Chapter 8 speaks of land division between Shem, Ham, & Japeth for further study the Book of Jasher Chapter 10 talks about territories and locations)

    Back to the point “HAM” African sons and land:

    1. CUSH<Modern day Ethiopia
    2. MIZRAIM<Modern day Egypt
    3. PUT<North Africa
    4. CANAAN<Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel *Remember Israel conquered the land of Canaan" Numbers 13:1–16

    Okay, now I'm going to make this brief and to the point, it's pretty self-explanatory. In scripture we see all throughout the Bible where Shemites "SHEM" bloodline mixed with Hamites Africans "HAM" bloodline.

    (NOTE: SHEM bloodline can be identified today basically as the "Middle East" formally known as Babylon, Mesopotamia, Persia before conquering Israel.)

    **Now back to Shem & Ham sharing the same bloodline**

    Example 1: Numbers 12:1 Moses married an Ethiopian woman by the name of "ZIPPORAH"

    Example 2: Genesis 16:3-4 Abram wife Sarai "HAGER" Egyptian maidservant.

    This was very direct and to the point. There are numerous scriptures in the bible that support the emergence between both of these bloodlines it's very simple and sad that this simple truth has been hidden from us in plain sight. When the kingdom was split there was a division between the northern (Israel) and southern tribe (JUDAH & BENJAMIN) causing the southern tribe to flee deeply southernly into the mountains to hide from further persecution. Remember much of the Northern tribe (Israel) was captured. Simply in order for the tribe of (JUDAH) to hide, we were capable of blending in with our African kin which wasn't hard for some of us shared the same DNA from the mixture between both of the bloodlines (SHEM & HAM) resulting in the variety of light to dark brown skin tones. Eventually, we adapted to their way of life and intermarried with Africans as our ancestors continued to flee from "Roman" persecution. This is why we are so diverse in not only our skin tone but our DNA.

    I pray that this information will help someone who is searching. Please do your OWN RESEARCH for verification while asking the Holy Spirit to embrace your mind, body, and soul. For those who haven't, I strongly encourage you to read the book of DEUTERONOMY in its entirety. Some key scriptures among many are DEUT 28:28, 28:68. In addition, research some of the books that were removed from the "KING JAMES VERSION" of the Bible for instance: The Septuagint with Apocrypha: Greek and English.

    Brothers and Sisters so much information has been removed from the King James Version, please do your research on this as well.

    Also please everyone pray for our Irish brothers and sisters as well. Please do not leave them out of this. Some of you may not know or heard of the "Irish Slave Trade" this occurred during and prior to the Atlantic Slave Trade. They were treated horribly and were sold into Northern American and Southern America as well including the Islands. Unfortunately, the curses of the book of Deuteronomy can be applied to them as well. Remember it was 12 tribes altogether. **

    Through Christ all things are possible!

      1. oh how beautiful to meet a family member. i am a Ghanaian living in Ghana also searching for the truth too. you are always welcome home brother. i’ve been wondering for sometime how most of our local customs and traditions are like what the old testament teaches. like male circumcision and even how its to be done ,the way we treat death and burial practices, marriage and all. thank you.

    1. I really love your comment. I am from FIJI and your story is so inspiring. My country is defined as the (First Israelite Jewish Island) and we do not have any available written record to confirm our origin. Myths and legends define us that our origins is from one of the villages along Lake Taganyka. The surprising this is that we do not have any historical evidence to prove that.
      However, a Fijian rural setting is more similar to that of an Ethiopian village from the way of life to their house.

      You story inspire me because some of the African name used with refferences to place, festival and lake hold specific resemblence to some of the names we use.

      Again, thank You for your inspiring and indepth message and you have helped someone who is in search of her identity .

      God bless you.

  3. I believe I may be a cushite aboriginal and I needed some advice and resources to further my research and my studies for the sake of my
    Thanks and may the most high bless you with an overflow abundance and a lifestyle of loyalty.

  4. Hello to all my brothers and sisters in Yah. I’m here to ask you a question. I am from the Caribbean (Bahamas) and was wondering if anyone would know which tribe we would be from? Please let me know so that I can start my own research.

  5. Everyone trying to get a piece of the pie. Everyone wants to be negroes now, when before it was a scurge on the moral fiber of humanity. Now we have mixed heritage trying to convince us that they are Hebrew, when the MH said NOT to mix. We have so called native Americans (the ones who themselves were slave masters, held Hebrews as slaves and treated them just as badly as the white man) trying to get off the boat, when the real native Americans were black and already here before the slaves came. We have the pale Mexicans trying to stake claim to being Hebrews, when the real negroes in Mexico have been pushed to the rural areas as a forgotten people because they are black. and are fighting to be recognized. But I will be the bearer of truth…. Y’all are not Hebrews, negroes descendent’s of slaves are the only ones…sorry!!!!

  6. America has very few Hebrews in comparison to the Caribbean. Most black Americans are indigenous, meaning that they were here in America before the slaves (House of Judah)arrived. Many of them can’t trace their history back to the slave trade because they don’t have any……

    1. You might be correct with the number of Hebrews in America being smaller than the number in the Caribbean and not most but some Israelites were here before the slaves arrived they were actually friends with the white man they were Israelites that is what they went by until the slaves were brought over then the white man told them we can no longer be your friends we have to be your master. Look it up Jamestown Va Israel Hill. I have traced my roots all the way back to the Middle East if there is such a thing. I also have Irainian in my blood so that is all the confirmation i need Get your straights fact

  7. For the person who called the Ishmaelites Hamatic Muslims, Ishmael is not from ham, he is the First born of Abraham! He is Hebrew too.

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