The Forgotten White Slaves Of America – by – Nehesy

This story of white servitude is hidden and they represent (AT LEAST) 1/2 to 2/3 of the first settlers of the America colony.

They were temporary chattel.

They were:

The Forgotten White Slaves Of America

By: Nehesy (Jan 2009)

You had:

– The Redemptioners ( specially the Germans who came with all their family but the family members were frequently sold to different masters);

– The Indentured Servants who sold themselves for a better life and a better place to live; they were lured with false promises ie “A land of milk and Honey is waiting for you in the new world”; and London was characterized by high poverty, famine and was “infested” with plagues…

– The kidnapped people of London, Bristol and Liverpool (Men, Women, Children); It was a Royal policy : POOR RELIEF;

– The poors and vagrants (Men, Women, Children) of the United Kingdom;

– The loose or lewd women (prostitutes);

– The convicts and criminals; who were highly preferred by planters because they were bound for 14 years at least; The child servants were praised for the same reason ( long period of bondage)…Maryland and Virginia were convicts’ states…

– The war prisoners ie Irish and Scottish ( Monmouth Rebels , Covenanters etc); the “Irish slave trade” is hidden into our history books but it’s a reality of the past …

– Apprentices , which was the best form of “bondage” (with the Redemptioners) because they could learn a job;

– Many indentured servants came from Europe (Italy and Greece) as well;

– Seamen impressed in ships ( they were bound to the master’s ship and could whipped in case of mutiny). They were often kidnapped in British Taverns; many case of desertions occurred in the Royal and Continental navies. As Richard Brandon Morris said they were the “last slaves” to be emancipated in 1915…Their hand could be cut off in a case of aggression against the ship’s captain…

It must be said that London ( Liverpool,Bristol) Merchants and British authorities ( Royalty; Mayor etc) were responsible for their temporary enslavement, and made huge profits in selling them to the colonies …

London ( Liverpool , Bristol) Merchants with British Authorities ( specially the Royalty) were also involved in the African slave trade…

When the supply of white servants happened to be insufficient in order to match the labor demand in the colonies, they created the Royal Company of Africa in order to import (kidnap) more Africans…

When you have a look at the first census in the American colonies , white servants or temporary slaves, outnumbered African slaves in all the British colonies ( America and West Indies).

The African slave trade and the possession of black slaves happened to be more profitable to the former servants traders/drivers and to the former servants masters in the colonies. This is why, we African or afro descendants suffered so much..

Planters were really harsh on them : many servants deaths were due to maltreatment…

After the American Revolution, British turned to Australia , as a convict colony. The Jails ships in London ( called “HULKS” were overcrowded).

When the African slave trade has been abolished, they turned to Asia for the “Pig” Trade or Coolie Trade, ( China and India). The same suffering, the same maltreatments, the same riots ( in the plantations and the slave ships)….

Only the European poor and the middle class went to the new world , the richest stayed in Europe.

Many white servants and black slaves married together because they suffered the same pains and maltreatments. Many white servants were involved in slave riots like in the New York Plot ( see Pr Richard Brandon Morris and Pr Abbott Emerson Smith), and some even fled to the Indians with their black brethren.

They suffered the “middle passage” as well, because they died like flies in the ships who brought them to the colonies, they were packed like “herring”….

With the time, white servants became overseers, and hatred was installed between the two communities, by the planters who divided them in order to ruled them…Some white servants were used in the militia in order to defend the colony from French and Spanish , but also to kill Indians or suppress slaves insurrections.

The “Divide and Rule” technique was used against the Indians (first slaves in America) in order to get allies and slaves. Europeans would give guns to their Indian allies in order to enslave other Indians. They used this technique in Canada, North America, South America ( Mexico) , the West Indies (Cuba) and in Africa as well… But the Indians slaves in North America died like flies, and could flee easily because after all it was their country.

Europeans kidnapped Indians , or caused wars between Indians tribes in order to response to their labor demand.

The American used the race card in order to ally with the white servants (or former servants), even if they really despised them , by calling them names : “White Trash”; “Redneck”; “Hillbillies”; “White niggers” etc.

It’s must be said that white servant preceded the black slave into the South plantations.

And the system which was imposed to them ( punishment, tortures, rapes, separation of families etc) was ready to absorb the black Africans slaves ( See Pr Ulrich B Phillips).

It was really “A NASTY” period for poor whites and anything colored ( Blacks, Indians etc).

The European rich class caused a lot of suffering to these people , even if they were white like them ….

Nothing better could happened to blacks, Chinese or Indians who were bound to that same class !!!

The seeds and the framework of their suffering can be found in the story of the white “slaves” who peopled American and West Indies colonies.

The racial card and segregation was played against them, and the white colonists had any mercy for them : Burned alive, Emasculation; Cutting the limbs; Extreme cases of torture …

This is stories they won’t tell you at school, or in Hollywood movies. In order to know a little research process is compulsory…

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  1. Brothers and sisters , please read these following books :

    1. Richard Brandon Morris : “Government and early labor in America” ; (1946)

    2. Abbott Emerson Smith : “Colonists in Bondage : White servitude and convict Labor in America 1607-1776″ ; (1947)

    3. J A Rogers : ” Sex and Race Vol II : The New World ”

    4 . White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh ( 2008)

    5. They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America by Michael A. Hoffman II (Paper 1992)

    6. The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War: A New Look at the Slavery Issue by Lawrence R. Tenzer (1997)

    7. Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America by Lerone Bennett

    8. Not Quite White: White Trash and the Boundaries of Whiteness by Matt Wray 2006)

    Book 1 : you’ll find lot of primary sources regarding the white slaves of America. The best book if you look for the legal side of white slavery in America. VERY WELL RESEARCHED !!!

    Book 2 : this book summarize the white slavery in America and the West Indies. A useful index at the end with the number of white slaves deported in the colonies

    Book 3 :This is in this book where I first read about the white slavery in America and in the West Indies. J A Rogers was a Great scholar ! This book deals also with the miscegenation between white servants and blacks (and Indians) in the new world

    Book 4: A Good contemporary book,

    Book 5: A Good book for primary sources, but lof of bias :

    – He omitted to say that Irish were called “White niggers”; and unwanted in the colonies ( see Richard Brandon Morris and J A Rogers)

    – He says that Irish hated Blacks but omitted to say that many Irish and British women married with black slaves; Irish and Blacks often lived in the same house…

    – He omitted to say that some white servants fled to Indians because of harsh treatment and another important fact, during the war of Independence they fled to the British Army in order to be free , like the African slaves… In his book the only “traitors” (sic) are the black slaves…

    Book 6: A new look at the slavery issue , a class known as “White Negroes” , see also Book 3;

    Book 7 : Relations between white servants and black slaves;

    Book 8 : The despised poor whites and The Rich class planters;

    One very important fact : The first African slaves introduced in America in 1619 were bound as INDENTURED SERVANTS and not as CHATTEL SLAVES…You can read their story (Anthony Johnson for instance) in Book 4.

    Many African-American scholars like Pr Bennett, Pr Michael A Gomez or Pr J A Rogers ( African gift to America) are agree upon this fact.

    Why do you think European and American hide this crucial part of their history ?

    If whites in the new world were the first slave (after Indians) so their bullshit rationalization of African slavery, hide a crime against humanity.

    White European slaves were kidnapped, forced, lured in order to emigrate into the new world.

    When it was not legally possible anymore ( see English, American , German court Laws against white slavery in Morris , Smith, J A Rogers, Eric Williams), THEY TURNED TO AFRICA AND DESTROYED US.

    Portuguese and Spanish started first, but without NO DOUBT ENGLISHMEN have been the worst, followed by the French.

    If you really want to know WHY British abolished slavery you have to read :

    – “Capitalism and Slavery” by Pr Eric Williams

    If you really want to know WHY North America wanted to abolish slavery in all the American states , then you have to read:

    – The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War: A New Look at the Slavery Issue by Lawrence R. Tenzer (1997) and

    – Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery by Anne Farrow, Joel Lang, and Jenifer Frank (2006)

    Knowledge is a (good and unique) weapon against their lies :

    “Africa was an open market slaves, so we just went there and buy them, for a new and better live (sic) “….

    The TRUTH is that they could’nt find enough white slaves for their colonies, their seasoning bullshit in order to justify black slavery ( black slaves died in the plantations or concentration camps too) is not sustainable when we know that there were white slaves/servants/workers in :

    – North America : Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia (British), Louisiana (French)

    – West Indies and other places : Jamaica , Barbados (British), Hispaniola ( Spanish), India ( Portuguese, specially child) , St Domingue (French) , Canada ( French : Cartier emptied the jails of Bretagne in French Canada), Cap Vert Island ( Portuguese) ; Sao Tomé Island ( Portuguese ; 2000 jews child have been deported there; Africa ( in the coats of Africa many , French Convicts have been deported…)

    – Australia : British convicts ( the former American colony didn’t want no more “Human serpents” as Benjamin Franklin called them)

    THE BULK OF THEM BEING CONVICTS and CRIMINALS , The others were POORS, VAGRANTS, POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS PRISONERS, and PROSTITUTES who could buy a new reputation in a new place.

    It must be said that many colonies didn’t want them anymore like in Barbados, or Jamaica ( the colonists called them the “sweeping of the jails”) and set up heavy duties against their importation…

    A contemporary witness of these people, namely Richard Ligon ( 17th century) called Barbados : the “DUNGHILL”, where England could deport all their unwanted people…

    The first Black submitted to bondage in North America, arrived in 1619, were war prisoners ( by the portuguese in their destruction war against the Angola kingdom) and “stolen” by British seamen felons in Spanish slave ships (See book 4) in the West Indies.

    So they must stop their bullshit stories about African kings who sold their subjects for justifying the African slave trade. People must find out carefully how these cases happened.

    Governor O’Hara, John Hawkins to name but a few organized slave raids in Africa.

    Furthermore where did the guns and chains come from and were produced ?

    Why do they lie so much ????

    Peace be upon you all

    1. Don’t forget the Bahamian ‘guestworkers’ in the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

      CIndy Hahamovitch, “No Man’s Land: Jamaican Guestwokers in America and the Global History of Deportable Labor”. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2011.


  3. they been lying bout skin color white,they been lying bout who taught them to bathe,wh ocreated them and us or us an them,much more than slavery but what happened beore 1492 is a lie by them after also.thats why they got stories believed as fact.who civilized who ,kipling lie,it never ends on back to adam an eve.he will find moor then they bargained for.they stole origin an title to even their last names they enslaved people with.its better for our children to no that we was in charge an lost charge then we was just under those who took charge on this land.they are custodians,taught by angelo soliman,this subject exposed will shock the world.known by secret washinton adam weishaupt founder of illuminati on this land taught by ben banneker or ben bey who isby the way prince hall.washington irving penned many lies ,isreal biddle warned of the british but he wrote paul revere who rode 19 miles not three states like biddle.thats why they wear your fezan tell you the moor is white an replace us with the knowledge part cause they want credit for the knowledge we gave them to keep power.this way whats ours we wont want to take back if we think it doesnt come from us.thats the spell,sending us back to africa when our land was right here we lost an then were enslaved .then the people from the east started coming in from the carribean colonies of england to america for slavery.telluswe came to jamestown after they killed pocahontas,she was us not a red indian .no such thing red man is albion man like blue man a moors lost land an govt onthis land an we are denied that but if we notice the moors are never mentoned in black history month.thats the seperation an we cant let them get credit for creating anything ,not even slavery cause they didnt.they refuse to reealthat it was uswhhoenslaved them first out of fear we will do it again.religion bought in moor slavery an brutal slavery of no teaching indentured value after 1600 -1611 when king james bible was finished.hebrew isrealites have pictures of king james that dont match up to the ones we have seen.they offer strong evidence of king james being the original man,after 1492 they started buggin on us callin us black,mispelling moor /muur an makimg them last names ,,,,,,,,this is howthey wrote about us even in nobility ,for example in europe ,,blak elen /elen more was given five french crowns in 1512,blak madin who attended queen margaret was given 4an a quarter ells[fiveyards+or just over]of french russet,blakmargeret was given a gown costing 48s in 1513,two blak ladies staying at the scottish court were presented with ten french crowns as a new years gift ,in1527 one item simply said to helenor the blakmoir-60shillings,,,after james the 4ths death at flodden in 151 during the franco scottish invasion of england fewer references to us appear in the accounts.they give that much in u.k national archives so there is so much moor hidden that we will have returned to us. they knew it all the time as did our lead black after 1492 moriscoe double convert sellouts who helped all the way up to this day maintain our fall.

  4. Historically, there was no Angola kingdom neither a similar entity. Angola is a colonial construnction set in the territorial area of several different kingdoms, some of them quite distant between themselves at socio-cultural level.

    1. The geographical areas now designated as Angola entered into contact with the Portuguese in the late 15th century, concretely in 1483, when Portugal established relations with the Kongo State, which stretched from modern Gabon in the north to the Kwanza River in the south. Angola, officially the Republic of Angola

  5. The “kingdom” of Angola has been created by Portuguese in order to create a slave supply province for their colonies but also for their slave business interests (selling slaves to spanish for instance).

    Ndongo later called Angola was only one of the several south provinces of the Congo Kingdom with a congolese Vassal. Kabasa or Mbanza was the capital of the Ndongo Province, the vassal ruler was called Ngola.

    The congolese vassal of Congo was controlled by Portuguese but the real king of this created kingdom was the portuguese Paul Diaz and his followers ( ie the Portuguese Governors of Angola) . This criminal portuguese (slave trader) made several plots against the congolese people, he was put in jail for 7 yrs in 1561 ( with 2 portuguese Priests) because he failed one of them.

    After this period of 7 yrs in Jail he went back in Portugal. He was appointed Governor of Angola ( which didn’t exist yet ) by his king in April 1574. Since then he prepared an armed expedition to take control of this Congolese province.

    Paul Diaz left Lisbon in October 1574 with a portuguese army : 7 ships with 700 Soldiers. The portuguese war of destruction in order to create a new kingdom ( a slave supply province) started.

    ” …Some slaves were stolen by Europeans ‘panyared’ as the english word was and some as ocurred often in Angola, were the victims of military campaigns mounted specifically by Portuguese proconsuls in order to capture slaves…”

    Hugh Thomas, The slave trade (1997) , page 792

    “Spanish records report that in mid-july, ‘English corsairs’ waylaid and captured the Portuguese slaver Sao Joao Bautista. She had below decks some 370 Angolans, who had been taken prisoner during Portugal’s bloody war of conquest in Luanda”

    Don Jordan and Michael Walsh , White Cargo (2008), Page 87

    The general excuse is that Africans sold other Africans which is not the whole truth.

    – Europeans specially Portuguese kidnapped first many Azanaghi and others in Africa;

    – The first slaves of the Portuguese and specially the Spanish of the new worlds were their white convicts brethen ( Forzados and Lançados) and some Berber or Azanaghi ; You had Berber slaves in Hispaniola (santo domingo), and cuba for instance ( see Michael Gomez , ” Black Crescent)

    – Europeans furnished guns to their African allies in order to get slaves, during the political troubles;

    – The African rulers who sold their subjects were actually fake kings empowered by their European Allies (Portuguese and French), like the JAGAS of congo. They made slave raids with the portuguese but the very day they rebelled against their masters , they were attacked and sold as slaves in Brazil ( see : Maroon societies by Richard Price)

    – Some of the biggest slave traders in Africa were White and Mulattoes like : William Ormond, John Ormond, Faber, Gomez, Lightburn etc

    The funny thing is that in historic books , Native Indians rebelled against slavery and preferred to die , it’s a big lie. Native Indians in the Caribbean have been the first slaves of the new world ( Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola), Colombus in his 3rd Trip sent 700 hundreds native indians slaves to Spain. See José Antonio Saco “Historia de la esclavitud” or Eric Williams

    Nevertheless French and English allowed a Native Indian Slave trade by furnishing guns to their allies, divide and rule this is what they know best. For the Indian slavery see these 2 books:

    – Barbara Olexer , ” The enslavement of the American Indian in colonial times”

    – Alan Galley , “The Indian Slave Trade”

    Nevertheless Africans are the only one deshumanized for supposedly selling their own (remember that there is as much difference between a French and a Spanish than between a Wolof and a Bambara).

    Europeans have targeted Africa for their supply demand , in the new world there was :

    – Native American and Caribbean slaves : Virgina, Maryland, Hispaniola , Puerto Rico, Cuba, North and South America, Martinique, Guadeloupe

    – White slaves : Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Scotts, Irish, White Berbers, Turks, Arabs and Jews ( the laters being result of the inquisition)

    – Asian Slaves : Philipinos, Indians, Bengalis, Indian and chinese ‘coolies’ came to replace the blacks after emancipation in Cuba , Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad etc

    And then African slaves.

    We’re the only one subject to evil remarks about a supposed intern slave trade….

    – English sold english, scots and Irish
    – Spanish sold white female slaves for white breeding purpose in Hispaniola
    – French sold poor french to their planters in Saint Domingue
    – Some native Indians ( same remark : some of them didn’t speak the same language, nor did they share the same culture) sold other native indians to the French in order to get guns…

    The only culprits for me are Europeans why ?

    – They Planned it
    – They Financed it
    – They Insured it
    – They Furnished the weapon on mass destruction for this purpose ( powder and guns)
    – They are the only one who profited hugely for this crime against humanity : Banks, Big Families, Nations, and even their own people because it is well known that the African Slave trade was one of the biggest element which allowed the Industrial revolution (see Inikori).

  6. Jews dominated the African slave trade, particularly the slave ships. There are videos on YouTube describing Jewish domination of the slave trade.

    My Swedish grandfather was sold by his father, to be an apprentice. My other grandfather told me about an old man he knew when he was a boy. The old man showed him the whip scars on his back, from when he was a slave.

    Now we are all becoming slaves again, thanks to the Federal Reserve and Bank of International Settlements. “Daddy, what was a union?”

  7. @ Russ Hallberg Jr

    > 100% Agree : Slavery has a new form :

    – Making people to pay back money which did not exist , just by writing down scriptural money (Bankers) ;

    – In Europe Private Banks contract loans with the BCE with 1 % interest, and they lend it to Governements at 6 %, and they “kill” the common people with interest…

    – In order to be free Human Beings should just afford what they can pay

    – I work myself in an investment banking : The biggest thieves, criminals ever are the Bankers and the Multinationals ( two faces of the same coin)

    – Who financed the slave trade ? European/ & American Bankers !!! : LLoyds, Barclays, JP Morgan etc

    – Dollars and Euros belong to the bankers not to the USA or European Community

  8. One important thing to note during that sad period (slavery in the New world):

    Whipping, Branding, Torturing, Raping etc were already practised during all antiquity in Europe :

    – Greece

    – Rome

    In Greece you had fugitive slave gangs (the first “maroons” of the biggest European slave society with Rome) and in Rome everybody knows Spartacus rebellion.

    In Rome the scholars ( Moses Finley) has reported more than 3500000 Slaves…And 99,5 % of them where Europeans because they were mainly Eastern Europeans ( SLAVES)

    SCLAVUS (Latin) = SERVUS (Latin) = ESCLAVE (French) = SCLAU (Catalan) = SAQALIBA (Arab) = SLAVE ( English)

    During all Antiquity the benchmark for a man/woman without freedom was the Slaves of Eastern Europe.

    Slavic people, Scandinavians, French, Anglo-Saxons were sold in France and many of them “prepared” as Eunuchs ( in Verdun / Rouen ), to be sold in Muslim Spain

    In Muslim Spain the MAJORITY of the slaves were Europeans , because they were called Saqalibas ( see the foremost authority on Muslim Spain i.e Evariste Levi Provencal and Charles Verlinden). They were sold by the RADHANITES to the Muslims in Spain.

    Scholars like José Antonio Saco, Pierre Bonnassié , Marc Bloch , George Duby , Pierre Dockès, Charles Verlinden, Jacques Heers etc will tell you that Europe was a Slave Hunting ground from Antiquity to the 15 th century ( beginning of African Slave Trade)

    In Europe the merchant value of a slave was a Beef or a Horse (Loi Salique in French). Sexual relations between a freed woman and a slave was considered as an act of bestiality. But the other way was very common (Freed man and a slave woman)

    When Turks blocked the Eastern side of Europe ( with their Big slave markets) , The big slave market of the east was no more accessible. At that time Italians (Venetians, Genoans), Spaniards ( Catalans), Portuguese were the slave traders. This is the reason why Columbus the Fake sailor was looking for a new route towards the Indies : avoiding the Turks…

    In the Middle Age, after the reconquista (Christians taking back Muslim Europe). Europeans slaves were still more numerous in Spain, Italy, South of France.

    In portugal they were Mainly MOORS slaves. In Spain and Italy you had of course Slavic people, Tartars , Circassians, Sardinia, Guanches (from canaries islands) & Moors slaves ( from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco).

    In Spain and Italy it was mainly females europeans slaves.

    The interesting point is that even for these europeans slaves the “system” was already fixed :

    – Repression and oppression system : branding, whipping, beating, jails, raping
    – Legal system : The European slave was an object or animal, and he also took the surname of his master, he had no legal rights and could be killed for anything
    – Insurance for the loss of slaves : many suicides in the boats coming from Eastern Europe or slave revolts
    – The Banking system to set up the supply of slaves : organise the travel trip from Italy/ Spain/ Portugal

    The slave trade in the 15 th century started from west to east :

    > Colombus and his gang of felons sold the Tainos to the slave markets of spain/portugal/cabo verde/canaries to finance the new world Spaniard conquest

    > The portuguese did the same with the natives in Brazil who were sold as slaves in the West indies ( Santo Domingo / Puerto Rico) and in Portugal / Cabo Verde etc

    The slave trade in the 15 th century started also from East to West in a lesser degree:

    > Portuguese (Dutch later) sold Indian/Javanese slaves ( Form India/Bengal/ in Spain/Italy/France

    1. They first look and used the conquered people as slaves: Tainos/Arawaks/Caribs , Guanches, Native North Americans, Native South Americans etc

    2. They imported white slaves from their own country because the 1st group was dying : Indentured servants

    3. They attacked African continent which was a rich and powerful continent : Scholars like William D Phillips will tell you that Europe boosted commercially when they first secured Gold from West Africa (before they conquered the New world)

    It’s incredible how they “flipped the script” in our official history, the biggest liars ever and I’m sure that their scholars kno the truth…

  9. Thank you. What a great piece. I feel the point is that these lies and tools of division are still in place today. The ruling class who are still mostly all white, use race and fear to keep the people, all races, separated and distracted. It causes many to overlook the fact that we are all one under the Creator.

  10. I will write a proper article on that topic with the references (100 % from European scholars) . We need to spread the truth.

    In Rome slave traders bought slaves from different countries, ethnics backgroung and languages just to avoid the slave revolts…The slave traders in the new world used the same techniques it was an heritage from European not so glorious past (Antiquity)…

    I was in Puerto Rico a month ago if you read scholars like José Antonio Saco (Historia de la esclavitud de la raza africana en el nuevo mundo y en especial en los paises Americo Hispanicos), according to the spanish archives of that time the first slaves in Santo Domingo of the 15th century (actual Dominican Republic & Haiti, because the French were not there yet) were whites.

    I saw the official document of white slaves in Puerto rico owned by spanish slave owners in el Museo de nuestro raiz Africana in Old San Juan !!! I took a picture of that document.

    Guys I will share with you once again we have to spread the truth

    If you read the first decree in Santo Domingo in January 1522, against the slave rebellions after the first black slave revolts of the wolofs of Senegal ( who were part of the almoravides) in December 1521. This decree reports also WHITE SLAVES or ESCLAVOS BLANCOS ( you can find it in Carlos Esteban Deive “Los guerrilleros Negros”)

    But they want BLACK people to accept this “SLAVE STATUS” when it’s not the truth ( SLAVE = a white man from Eastern Europe so slave traders replaced it by the N word which by the way was also used against the Poor whites i.e white niggers).

    In Sumer the slaves were called SARKU, a term for scholars like Sir Henry Rawlinson ( who translated the cuneiform scriptures) or George Smith designed a WHITE MAN… The blacks in that area were called ADAMU like their black father ADAM (peace be upon him)

    In Phoenicia Joseph MacCabe will tell you that the bulk of slaves were also from the North (i.e whites)

    They hide the truth about slavery in Antiquity and Middle Age in Europe for the following reasons :

    – Shame for the white supremacy myth
    – Christians enslaved christians (included their monks who had slave plantations in Europe) : scandinavians vs english, Franks vs slaves, French tribes vs French Tribes
    – Christians and Jews (Radhanites) sold slaves to the Muslims during the Middle Age ( armies of slaves in Muslim spain, domestics, servants, concubines, enuchs)
    – Venitians and Genoans sold white slaves to the muslims in North Africa until the 15th-16th century at least
    – They want us to show that Europe was a continent with High Morality which is not the truth ( One slave = One Horse or One Beef)
    – They don’t want africans to know that there were internal tribal wars in Europe who produced a huge internal slave trave for centuries (Henri Alexandre Wallon, Moses Finley, Charles Verlinden, March Bloch etc): remember this is what the LIE they spread against us (i.e we africans are the savages who sold themselves to European slave traders), when they enslaved each other for centuries in their continent without any mercy…


  11. @ Savt

    very true , only ONE RACE, no one is superior to the other

    But that same class who controls everything including our official history are those who spread racism and made many adepts among the ignorance mass…But they know the truth for sure ….All the scholars are directly or undirectly financed by their money.


  12. For references:

    I. Slavery in Ancient Rome, Greece / Byzance


    1.1 Moses Finley : Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology
    1.2 William D Philips : Slavery from Roman Times to the Early Transatlantic Trade
    1.3 Youtman Roval : Byzantine Slavery and the Mediterranean world


    1.4 Henri Alexandre Wallon : Histoire de l’esclavage dans l’antiquité (Vol 1, 2,3)


    1.5 José Antonio Saco : Historia de la Esclavitud des los Tiempos Mas Remotos Hasta Nustros Dias ( Vol 1& 2)

    II. White slavery during the Middle Age


    2.1 William D Philips : Slavery from Roman Times to the Early Transatlantic Trade
    2.2 Pierre Bonnassie : From Slavery to Feudalism in South Western Europe
    2.3 March Bloch (The pionner on that field) : Feudal Society
    2.4 Robert Bartlett : The Making Of Europe
    2.5 Charles Verlinden: The Beginning of Modern Colonization


    2.6 March Bloch : La Société Féodale
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    2.9 Jaches Heers : Esclaves et Domestiques au Moyen Age


    2.10 José Antonio Saco : Historia de la Esclavitud des los Tiempos Mas Remotos Hasta Nustros Dias ( Vol 2 & 3)

    III . White slavery in Muslim Spain / Muslim world


    3.1 William D Philips : Slavery from Roman Times to the Early Transatlantic Trade
    3.2 Reinhart Dozy : A history of the Muslims in Spain
    3.3 Robert C Davis : Holy War and Human Bondage
    3.4 Robert C Davis: Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters , White slavery in the Mediterranean, The Barbary coast and Italy 1500-1800


    3.5 Charles Verlinden : L’esclavage dans l’Europe Médiévale Tome 1, Péninsule Ibérique er France

    3.6 Charles Verlinden : L’esclavage dans l’Europe Médiévale Tome 2, Colonies Italiennes du Levant – Levant Latin – Empire Byzantin

    3.7 Evariste Levi Provençal : L’espagne Musulmane au Xème siècle


    3.8 José Antonio Saco : Historia de la Esclavitud des los Tiempos Mas Remotos Hasta Nustros Dias (Vol 2 & 3)

    IV . For The slave Trade started by selling the Tainos AYITI ( actual Haiti + Dominican republic)


    4.1 Jack D Forbes : Africans and Native Americans
    4.2 Las Casas : History of the Indies ( 3 Volumes)
    4.3 William Howitt : Colonization and Christianity


    4.4 José Antonio Saco : Historia de la esclavitud de los indios en el nuevo mundo seguida de la Historia de los repartimientos y encomiendas

    4.5 Carlos Esteban Deive : Historia de la Esclavitud de la raza India

    4.6 Carlos Esteban Deive : Los Guerrilleros Negros ( Indians and African slaves in la Hispaniola against the spaniards)

    V. For Slave Trade in JAVA

    5.1 Thomas Stamford Raffles : The History of Java

    VI. For whites slaves : 1st in Puerto rico & Santo Domingo :


    6.1 José Antonio Saco : Historia De La Esclavitud De La Raza Africana En El Nuevo Mundo Y En Especial En Los Paises Américo-Hispanos

    6.2 Carlos Esteban Deive : Los Guerrilleros Negros

    6.3 Carlos esteban Deive : La esclavitud del negro en Santo Domingo 1492-1844


    I have been watching for when the second exodus is to happen.
    Gen 15:13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;

    Deu 28:68 And Yahüeh shall bring thee into Egypt (House of Bondage) again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.

    This is not the first ‘bondage or exodus’ which took 430 Years in bondage.
    Exo 12:40 Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years.
    Exo 12:41 And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of Yahüeh went out from the land of Egypt.

    The People of the Book are gathering. Qimah – National Community Meeting 9/18/2011 and many other Tribes of the Nation of Ysral (no gentile or hebrew) from all Nations. I was told by the Spirit that the war would start as we were getting ready. China warned U.S. about capturing Bin Laden and invading a Pakistan, Sovereign nation (recently).

    Our so-called Gentile Brothers and Sisters were taken by ship in 1611 and all slaves work, ate and socialized together at that time.
    (google: slaves in america in 1611)–Apr 11, 2011 – Tag: slavery … Christ Angels Demons GMS Greatmillstone BIBLE KJV1611 Apocrypha Israel Jews …. PT2 NATIVE’S CAME TO AMERICA FROM THE EAST …

    Jer 23:3 And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase.
    Some verses say AGAIN OR A SECOND TIME!
    Isa 11:11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.
    Isa 11:12 And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.
    Isa 11:13 The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim.
    Happy, Oh, Joy Praise Yahüeh! (pictograph pronunication: all Vow Al’s (Vows of the Mighty Leader) Eeah’ooeh.
    Much Love, Family!

  14. If you really want to understand this issue well enough you should read the books:

    The Invention Of The White Race (The Origin Of Racial Oppression In Anglo-America) Vol 1 and Vol2 by Theodore W. Allen, because Allen really explain it these books why so called “white race” was found from early decades of 18th century.


    “Given the informing principle of racial oppression–to deny, disregard, delegitimate previous or potential social distinctions that may have existed among the oppressed group, or that might tend to emerge in the normal course of development of a class society–“the white race,” an all-class compact of European-Americans to keep African-Americans out and down, did not exist, and could not then have existed.

    That conclusion is supported by evidence of class solidarity of laboring-class European-Americans with African-Americans, and the consequent absence of an all-class coalition of European-Americans directed against African-Americans. Considering the fact that no more than one out of every four bond-laborers was an African-American, even as late as the 1670s and 1680s, there were a significant number of court-recorded collaborations of African-Americans and European-Americans in a common endeavor to escape their bondage, of which only a selected few can be mentioned in the space allowed in this summary. “

  15. wow the information and books that i cant wait to read now!!!! i have been wanting to find more about the REAL history of slavery all over the world and all cultures, ‘servant’ has always been and always will be just another name for slave!! the untold horrors that have occured because one human regarded another human as ‘less’ should bring shame to EVERYONE! formerly ‘jan’

  16. This was a great read, I am White and poor from central London so am obsessed with the race ‘debate’. This history is of massive importance to poor people and the descendants of the poor. It breaks down the racial barriers INVENTED to keep the poor masses fighting each other rather than uniting to stake their rightful claim to mother earths abundant energies. A relatively small group has enslaved the majority of humanity wherever they have gone.

    The race ‘debate’ is rearing it’s ugly head again in England. Many of the loudest voices do not realize that they only further the agenda of the ruling elite. Dianne Abbot is a perfect example when she talks about white people loving divide and rule – powerful people love divide and rule, whether they are African kings or European Queens and it is used effectively on everyone.

    Information like this is the first step in uniting the masses in their equality and commonality.


  17. Hi Willyb0ne,
    I totally agree with you; as long as people keep hating each other, they will never realize they have always been only paws in a game.

  18. Hello, I wish my only living family genealogist would read these collection of materials, being descended from hillbillies, whitetrash from Kentucky who hid during census before the emancipation leads me to believe the McGinnis I descend from were off the plantation but have no idea how long. Why in the early 1800s did this family still hide and are we really Irish, also have another side of the family Scott Irish with no record of coming into this country……………………… . THE POOR LITTLE US WE ARE SO IN NEED OF REVENGE TICKS ME OFF …It dehumanizes everyone that holds it dear. Besides WOMEN are the most brutalized held down of all, still I’m not a womens lib but as long as we are weaker physically , all the cruel ideas people hold will be directed toward us NO MATTER THE COLOR RACE RELIGION ….WOMEN ARE ACTUALLY STARTING TO VIOLENTLY ABUSE EACH OTHER WHAT A SICK WORLD …………………….LOVED YOUR ARTICLES…………. PEACE,LOVE ,JOY..FREEDOM

  19. Thanks for this, it may explain my family tree. It goes back to some races, then can’t be explained how the person got there. It could well have been slavery. Then there was the other group in my family tree, the Indians and there history got lost on the Trail of Tears.

  20. One of the problems in centuries past was the sad fact that many women died in childbirth or from infections after giving birth. The poor and distraught husband would often send children to “work” in the new world out of desperation. If you go to old cemeteries you can see the graves of young women buried with their babies. Life is often very sad and always a struggle!

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