The Etymological Origins of the Word Nigeria – Lion!

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The Etymological Origins of the Word Nigeria

The name Niger-ia, or Nigger area was given to that country by the mistress of one of the most evil-minded genocidal murders of Muurs named Lord (Bloodclat!) Lugard.

Flora Shaw later Flora Lugard named the areas that fell within the Muurish Sokoto Emirate and Muurish Benin, Nigger area. Nigeria.

She claimed she got the the name from the Niger River. It was supposed to mean the area around the Niger River.

N’jer as I understand it, is the Tamazight (Berber) word for any river.

Niger as we all know is also the Latin word for black.

Nigeria, is the most populated African country of today. We know that the genocidal murders and slavers would have meant to utilize the Latin root (nigers) niggers, to designate Nigeria, the home of the largest population of African moors, rather than just the Berber word N’jer which refers to any flowing body of water.

For your information, the southern coasts of Nigeria was called the slave coast by the Western world for 200 years. Just like you had an area called Gold Coast (where they took gold), another area called the Grain Coast where they traded grains, and another area called the Ivory Coast where they stole ivories off the elephants they butchered, there was also an area called Slave Coast where they took slave. That area is the present day Southern Nigeria.

From the Slave Coast, they shipped those that left for Brazil, Argentina, Haiti, Jamaica and the rest of the Carribeans, United States and Canada.

The name they called the so-called slaves they took to the Americas was Niggers!

Now that same Slave Coast area where they used to take the Niggers is now coincidentally called Niger-ia or Niger-area (acording to the official His-tory).

To my mind, it decodes as Nigger-area. Is that not self explicating?

Tell me what you think.

In Nigger-area they still treat Muurs like Niggers to this day! Through their police and army which call the citizens of the land “bloody civilians” like in “bloody niggers.” Experts in the science of torture and brutality.

The Boule society members and the international Free masonic brotherhood rule there up to this day through their colonial police, their expeditionary armed forces, their made-up western styled government, courts, prisons and firing squads.

A reign of fear, over the Niggers.

Wake up all ye Rases and Muurs of El Maghrib and see true vision with your inner eye.


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5 thoughts on “The Etymological Origins of the Word Nigeria – Lion!”

  1. I am overwhelemed with all the information that I am finding on the Moors, and this is proof that the people have been around going all the way back to [GENESIS 10:6-20].
    GI am a prophet of GOD [EL-O-HIM] and many things have been revealed to me, but there were missing proof to show man what had been revealed and therefore I could only go so far concerning certain things.
    I will to observe and take note concerning the information presented.

    1. Nagas (pronounced niggas) didnt originally have a negative meaning until our sojourn in America. Nagas in the ancient Ethiopian language (Amharic) means Lord of lords & King of kings. In a book by Godfrey Higgins written in the 1800’s, he mentions that all of Asia was ran by Black Buddhists. The Nagas were Black people who were known to be divine rulers who’s symbol was the serpent, which was stood for immortality. The shedding of its skin was for idea that Gods don’t die, we just change our physical expression/shell. The term “niggers” by white people in American was a mockery liken unto Jesus’s crown of thorns.

  2. “N’jer as I understand it, is the Tamazight (Berber) word for any river. Niger as we all know is also the Latin word for black.”

    My response to this article and in particular the two sentences above, is that I find nothing pejorative in them. To say that Afrikans are black people who came from the water is simply another affirmation of the fact that Afrikans were the first humans. As you know the original meaning of Egypt means “those who came with the flood” – all humans come into being through the breaking of the flood (birth) waters.

    It is instructive that those who seek to demonize Africans only end up affirming their distinctiveness. Every attempt at matricide – the killing/erasure of mother Afrika fails, because Mother Afrika’s children – humans of every shade, colour and creed by their very existence affirm Afrika’s supremacy. So, in Jamaican parlance “nuh watch nuh face” cause as Bob chants “dem a go tired fi see wi face [but dem] caan get wi outa di [human] race”.

    Sattva Vac

  3. If Africans are to claim their legacy it is to be obtained by reconnecting languages. Scientists love to expound on genetic evolution, but very little is said on the evolution of language. Africans get grief from Caucasians and semi-caucasians whenever they try to reconnect their regional languages to the original, but it is merely taken for granted that French, Italian, Portugese, and Spanish are descended from Latin and Latin is descended from a Greco-Arabic amalgam. Little attention is paid to the fact that the revered Greeks themselves received their lingua franca from Gephyraeans/Kaffirs of Africa/Abyla’s East coast. The term Moor/M-aur can also be retraced not only to Africa’s/Abyla’s West Coast but to Egypt herself where ‘aur’ always represented a body of water, like a river or lake; add the extant African ‘M’ prefix ( the Ba-ntu plural for human nouns) and we arrive at a possible meaning for the word, the river/water people. This would describe all continental African people, as every ancient site discovered is along the banks of a river; whether its the N’jer, the Okavango, the Congo or the Nile/Ni-aur/lu. The Aur-iginal African river, however flowed South to West, hence the earliest African artifacts are discovered along this route, including the 8k-10k year old boat unearthed in Nigeria. So while Africans were loading up on their Omega 3 fatty acids, what were the ancestors of Caucasians eating? The Dead flesh of Mammoths, causing their brains to rot and their bodies to degenerate into the species we all know as the Neanderthal.
    Mons Abyla/Havilah; a.k.a. Rock of Gibraltar

    1. Very simply put, the racist assed lady, named it the Nigger Area. They couldn’t very well call it that. So it’s shortened. Niger-ea. This is the truest. The lady was a reporter. And she married some duke. Been disrespected for 100’s of years.

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