The Chapel by Stephen Marley

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One thought on “The Chapel by Stephen Marley”

  1. sure ting the man of bath says there, we are denied the display of HIM portrait because these cultists who run the world know that is the chief UMshum’gala, just gandering it we draw energy. I only saw HIS portrait at 19 at Wits, funny that people who knew nothing of Rasts swore that was christ even though they never saw christ with a crown depicted like that before. sorry if this will ofend some, but Rastafari, like a reptile sheds his aura to others and impart unto them MEs to understand the way of things even just his name invokes to the brain awe inspiring realities. the meeting of Solomon and Sheba managed to save and redeem some of the nefilim that fell to earth, the queen herself had the blood of the El, hence some depict her with a reptilian foot. whatever the people learned from qabala about snakes and enmity to man has a hidden meaning because some reptiles are strict vegetarians and can project only joyful love intensely, like tortoises. when a man is pure on earth he gravitate towards lizard, the ability to sit still and not move meditating for hours and also the ability to shed emotions and the aura to others. like a reptile his majesty could shed the whole world a silent thought vibration of love and during the transision of the polar energies on earth kept it at minimum shock. even greek classical history attest to demigods living in ethiopia such that Phaethon the son of clymene the ethiopian nymph and Helios took the controls of the space craft of that God of oracles and rode it for a day, a thing not even Zeus was allowed to do.. it is angering but true to proclaim that HIM is chief Anunaki and Axum was the Abzu as ‘abyssinia’ Rastas and negroes must suffer to know him because he is the ultimate being in the universe his aura spreads throughout all galaxies and there is known by names. those who met him at bath became psychics because whites are the children of the earth and their psyches are opened easy as their are open vexed psyches but the children of the ether feel one with him and even forget his effect on them. those Rastas must be aware though the growing of the dreads resembles the antics of the sons of heaven and the wearing to the turban creating an illusion of an elongated cranium really angers Mzungu and is moved greatly against them because they resemble the Anunaki in so doing and so he stirs all careless minds to anathemise him. because his aura is so terrible against them its still hard for them to conjure up sinister ways to rid the world of Rasta like they did with Hippies. about Bath even today its still charged for Natty dread of all races only them can pick up the shedded aura of the most high man the weapon of the universe and assault evil with it. those Marley youths are actually white people who should be observed, in africa you are your father and grand fathers. Bob Marley fashioned an adamantine cord to redeem careful whites because they are the children of the earth ridden by a magnetic field of Mzungu, he points his wicked space weapon at them and vex them, hence Daniel mentions the goat moved with great choler against the sheep. blacks is their nature to love and want to be todether thats the nature of all holly animals like deers and buffoloes sharing the same things but hyenas and wolves fight even amongst each other for innocent blood, his majesty the sherperd came to intercede for all earth.

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