The Black Scots: Ethnic Cleansing in Scotland! – Video

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The truth shall prevail!

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9 thoughts on “The Black Scots: Ethnic Cleansing in Scotland! – Video”

    1. Call us by any racist name you want. We will not be impacted by your divide and rule theories no MUUR!

      Yes, of course they were Africans, Moors, Ethiopians, Gyptians or Igypsies, what have you.

      Your issue should be, who the heck are you then? When, and from where did your pink ass appear over the plains and the hills of Scotland, given this incontestable evidence of ethnic cleansing?

      Do you have a thought? Have you even thought about this lately?

      Welcome to Rasta Livewire, where the other half of history gets told, boldly.


      1. Yes….tell it !!!! They have absolutely no idea that the original Scots were negro…they hide the truth using different names and false images …no different than what they have done to the indigenous negros everywhere else across the planet America included !


  1. Good sir,

    I am currently researching a book on the Creole people of Southern Appalachia. I would be extremely grateful if you could help me source the provenance of the photos used in the video above.


    Brian Halpin

  2. The earliest settlers in England and Scotland and Ireland ware dark skin people also called Ethiopians; and indeed the first royalties in England and Europe were Ethiopians.

  3. 1. If you look at the little boy in the video he looks no different from the real Hawaiians and other black Islanders.

    2. These people were not wiped out completely, they were taken to the Americas in slavery and called niggers along with the Irish who looked just like them – which is the reason why so called Irish were not seen as “real” white people. Because a good number of them were identical to the so called “gypsies” in the picture here.

    Blacks with Irish names, these are your direct ancestors, not the Africans you were lied to about.

    1. Teach…the truth! They have tried so hard to wipe us out globally and place us under one history the slave trade as our only link to our inheritance…our planet aka mother earth!

      Peace :)!

  4. Thanks for your work. I try talking to people about my Black ancestry and all they see is the White color of my skin. I come from the Mcraes and Mcleods of whom you spoke of. I also come from the McClendons of Barbados who were Scottish slaves.

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