The Kingly Saints of England, Scotland and Wales: The Original Muurish Aboriginals of Britain – By Oguejiofo Annu

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The British Isle was originally settled by tribes of dark skin African Muurs who had crossed over from the Straits of Gibraltar in various waves at various points in history.

Those Africans settled southern Spain and Portugal, and France, and Italy. From there they moved progressively north getting as far as Russia.

That Britain happens to be one of those Muurish strongholds should come as no surprise to any one familiar with ancient history, and names like Silures, the Picts, the Fomorians, the Black Douglas, the Duibhine, the Dougals, the Black Stewarts, names full of historical significance in England and Scotland and Ireland.

The earliest tribes that occupied the British Isle have been described as a dark skinned, curly haired, small sized, people that probably came into the Island from Spain. They lived in relative isolation until the Romans came upon them. Britain was one of the most remote and backward provinces of Rome, and a posting there was a sign of imperial displeasure with you.

Older writers like David MacRitichie and J.A. Rogers have explored the thesis that African Muurs and some Mediterranean-type people lived side by side for thousands of years on the Island.

African soldiers serving in the imperial army of Rome later reinforced this indigenous population of Muurish English people.

After the fall of Rome, Britain began to see an influx of a new type of people. Icemen, pale skin, red hair types, from the dark side of the Caucasus and Central Asian Steppes, they had burst into the settled order of Roman Empire, and brought chaos, war, and hunger with them, eventually arriving in Britain.

Over the coming centuries, they would rise and fall and rise again. They were first used as labour, then as soldiers, then as an outcast class, then as serfs and slaves of the great plantations of Europe.

They later rebelled. Some 170 years ago via the route of European Revolutionary Wars of 1848, wherein the Serfs and the Slaves aligned with the rising Bougeoisie class to overthrow the compromise that was the old order.

Less than 100 years ago, millions of them were shipped to the North and South Americas, changing the demographics of those places. Millions more were shipped out to Australia, and other places like Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, to settle as citizens.

Those little people instead of waking up and siding truth and rights, scheme with the oppressing class to build up the theory and practice of racism. They connive with oppressive power, so they can ganer some petty privileges over the rest of the world. They collaborate with the power, so that they can feel better in their inspid lives, just by watching the oppressed and cheated “under-class” of Black and Brown peoples, and being thankful than they were not the Blacks and Browns.

They protect the status quo by helping police to contain the Muurish people. They plot to conquer, but then, they get taken in conquest, since the status quo does not really give a damn about little poor white people except when it comes to using them for dirty tricks.

The so-called whites do the dirty work for the status quo. But the status quo can no more stand. Knowledge has been set loose in the air and it has taken wings.

There is a flood of information-flow, and it is feeding the minds of the youths globally. It gives vitality to the heart and light to the eyes. When it hits, it gives no pain. It gives freedom and inspiration. It is sending forth mental force which is overwhelming the system.

Truth is for everyone. Information is power.

Before truth and verity, oppression crumbles. Because oppression requires a certain degree of ignorance and naivety on the part of the oppressed, in order to triumph. Once ignorance is replace with know-how, the breath is choked out of the oppressive class. Because wisdom, like money is a defence, but even more, it leads to life.

Rast Livewire presents the half that was always hidden. We present images and pictures of the British Muurs of the yore days. These are pictures and icons of those black indigenous peoples of Britain, who owned and lived on that Island for thousands of years, before they were finally deported by the edicts of Queen Elizabetch the first, and her Ice-men tribe.

Indigenous comes from the root words, indigio, which derives from indigos, which means violet or blue-black colour. Indigo ink, indigo people.

Those early Muurish kings and Saints, built the churches, the castles, the bridges, and the towns of Medieval Europe. Their descendants were part of the renaissance, the enlightenment and the Industrial revolution. Their blood line is still found among the Royal families of present day Europe.

Enjoy this New Year presentation from Rasta Livewire.

Keep your eyes open. Keep your mind open.

Maps of old England

This is a so-called white saint, Saint Alban the albino, note his red hair and pale skin. He is the archetype of what is called white today:

Another example of so-called white British saint is Saint Akmund, below:

But did you know that so-called white people are relatively new to Britain?

But did you ever realize that the first saints of Britain were Black and brown African type people?

Did you ever realize that the first Christians and Jews in England were Muurs?

That is the half that was never told.

Now Consider the original Black Muurish Aboriginals of Britain:

Saint Columba 521 – 597 AD

King Martyr Oswin:

King Martyr Oswald of Istoria Britain

King Gwynyll of Wales the penitent King

Apostle Aristobulus

Elisabeth I

Saint Elisabeth Matyr

Wilfredus Hexman of York

Dunstan of Canterbury

Felix of East Anglia

Saint Brinus of Wessex

Saint Melangel

Saint Dymphna Ireland

Saint David of Wales

Saint Ethelreda

Saint Brigit of Kildare

Swithin of Winchester 852 AD

Anglo-Saxon bishop of Winchester and subsequently patron saint of Winchester Cathedral. His historical importance as bishop is overshadowed by his reputation for posthumous miracle-working. According to tradition, the weather on his feast day (15 July) will continue for forty days.

Kilian Irish Evangelist of Germany

Maelruhba of Scotland

Keiran of Clonmacnoir

Saint Kenelm Sapperton Gloucester

Saint Finian

Saint Theodore of Canterbury

Saint Angus of Keld

Saint Eanswhyte of Folkstone

Saint Colman:

Cedd of Essex

Cadoc of llancarvan

Saint Botolph

Saint Yves

Geoffrey of Wearmouth

Saint George patron saint of England

Dyfrig of Wales

Comgall of Bangor

Deiniol of Bangor

Saint Gregory Dialogos

Saint Laurence

Saint Martin of Tours

Saint Nikolas of Japan

Saint Sampson of Dol

Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne

Saint Cuthbert”s consecretion

Bede, English Author

All Brown Saints of Scotland

All Brown Saints of England and Ireland: The Black People of England


1. Aidan Hart Sacred Icons:

2. Index of Oode Istoria bretania:

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9 thoughts on “The Kingly Saints of England, Scotland and Wales: The Original Muurish Aboriginals of Britain – By Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. To call these pics “Black” would be a stretch in my opinion. Remember, before Queen Elizabeth denoted classification of the blackamoors, there existed little racism distinguishing skin tones into groups as such. So “Black” inhabitants would have freely mixed with all shades of men and women, resulting in more of a mixed race population. It’s hard for us to imagine now, but without racism, people would mate purely through attraction or necessity, so perhaps white skin also arrived by natural mating. I mean, look at the offspring of white/black parents today! Two biracial kids make a pretty white looking person. Just saying…

  2. As I read this, I was filled with amazement .I kept on thinking to myself that I must dig deeper on what Ras here is schooling I &I. Then I come to chuckspeare’s little statement above.He is obviously in the loop with this suppressed history of black priority in little ingland. By stating that his medieval queen Elizabeth conjured up a deportation/suppression policy of blacks in the ingland of the time-and in the same breath casting doubt on the blackess of the above pics makes me laugh.

    As Ras has stated, these facts are going to meet all the right minds on the planet and bring the whole bloody edifice down. Afrika awaits its Creators…..

  3. The thing I don’t get about this website is that even if you are all right. Let us say Britain used to be black and so did Europe. That Muurs really were the masters of the world etc. Your only doing it to be racist yourselves and say your superior to Europeans. Few people on this site actually want equality, you all want role reversal! Why not focus on how equality can be brought about with absolutely no mention of race, as if it were irrelvant and didn’t exist. Wouldn’t that make more sense than trying to emphasise how different everyone is?

    1. Robbie

      You just don’t get it. Keep trying though, maybe you will finally overstand the message. For the truth is for everyone, both Muurs and Euros.


  4. @ROB: Your take on this article and Rastalivewire as a whole is paternalistic. This is in lock step with most white liberals (or hippie dread/hip hop/jazz black experience samplers).

    Nobody here has ever talked vile and degenerate nonsense about Black People running amok and arrogantly:

    $ imposing Our Black God on you
    $ stealing your land (only Europe mind you) and saying it was terra nullis before we came
    $ faking knowledge and history-rebranding and obfuscating
    $ genocide, spread of diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea (that crossed over species!!)
    $maintain mass poverty and misery and couching this as a normal “developing ”
    $through your institutions; universalizing (trying to) your depravity as liberal freedom expression
    $ignoring the existential angst of your own selves by casting black people in the worst light. Makes you feel good as you swallow your priests!

    No! This website is a teaching for Afrikans to wake up from stupor and slaver-colonial delusions.If you are white and you find yourself exposed; it is because of the way the system has been rigged up.

    Now contemplate Real Afrikan Liberation.If this is a horrifying spectre to your sensibilities then therein lies your DIS-EASE ….. Not the good Afrikans on these pages.

  5. Dear Rob
    I think the main issue here is to help us find out where we are all coming from so that we can learn…A bended tree cannot be straightened….you are right but it doesnt mean that all trees that come forth from its roots shall be bended. After all there is a reason why alot of kemet Education has been alterd and kept away from us all….its about the truth and only the truth shall free us. Slavery of the mind is the most powerfull weapon…we unlearn to learn. one plus one doesnt always count to two…it depends on how to percieve and interpret your Mathematic…or your Maat.

  6. Shalom ach keep feeding them people have know idea howt feels to have your identity stolen and white washed no idea we taking back our identity cause our history was stolen shalom ach all praise to the most high for the sight brother

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