The Black Iraqis, the Black Iranians – Afro-Arabian Mesopotamia

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King Darius of Persia - Black King with Wooly Hair
King Darius of Persia - Black King with Wooly Hair
The Black Iraqis, the Black Iranians – Afro-Arabian Mesopotamia


Jide Uwechia

For thousands of years they have lived and prospered in Basra as rulers, administrators, musicians, and scholars. They are the black Arabs of Basra.

Their origins are varied though they obviously share one common genetic ancestor in some distance past on the shores of Africa.

Many of them are from the district of Zubair, descendants of the people who came to Iraq either from Central Arabia, or from East Africa. Some came as sailors, whereas others came as traders or immigrants or religious scholars over the course of many centuries.

Origins of the Black Basrawis

Early Origins:

Arab myths agree that the Cushitic King Nimrod crossed from beyond the waters of Ethiopia in the earliest times with a fine crop of soldiers and established what was to become the world’s oldest civilization. Many existing sites in Iraq are still named after Nimrod.

Hebrew myths recount the tale of King Nimrod as well. It is stated in the book of Genesis that Nimrod was a mighty hunter of renown and the first to begin building cities over the face of the world. He ruled in Mesopotamia, in the area covering Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

All the ancient traditions agree that Nimrod was a black man, and that his soldiers were Ethiopians and Azanians, from what is now called East Africa.

Their descendants live in the region to this day. He was said to have built Erech, Elam, parts of Sumeria, Akkadia and Babylon. The Mesopotamian kingdoms of Sumeria, Babylon, Erech and Elam which thrived in the regions where modern Iraq covers today were thus black civilizations.

Runoko Rashidi demonstrated that the civilization of Sumer was founded by Nile valley migrants from Africa. The Sumerians called themselves the black-headed people and spoke a derivate of Semitic language, a language branch which rose initially from Ethiopia. Innumerable evidence from various cranial, skeletal, archaeological, sculptural and textual sources has confirmed the racial origins of the Sumerians as Nile valley Africans that migrated to Mesopotamia.

According to Martin Bernal, the ancient Greeks designated two populations of black people with the name Ethiopia, one approximated Elam, and one pertained to a group which lived south of Egypt. See Martin Bernal, David Chioni Moore, Black Athena Writes Back p.461.

Elam was a Kushite colony and its heartland was Susa the capital of Elam. Present day descendants of the ancient Elamites still live in southern Iranian province of Khuzestan, very dark in skin colour. Between then and the rise of Islam, different population demography drifted in and out of the Mesopotamia region wherein lies Basra.

Some of those population shifts had political and demographic consequences which bore different fortunes for the black Iraqis, and Iranians of Basra and Khuzestan respectively.

Islamic Era Black Basrawi:

The Cha’ab and the Tsiab

By the 9th century, spurred by the zeal of Islam a segment of the Afro-Arabian tribe of Ka’ab, including Ka’ab bin Rabia, a son of Beni Amir bin Za’za’ah, and Ka’ab’s sons and brothers Uqayl bin Kaab, Muntafiq bin Uqayl bin Kaab (also known as the tribe Khuza’il), Jada’ah bin Ka’ab and Kulaib and other clans of Rabi’a left the southwest of Yemamah ( north of the Rub al Khali) and migrated to Iraq and Syria to support other Arabian Muslims who had settled in those domains. See Dana Marniche (2009)

These tribes of Afro-Arabians had so consolidated their power that by the 16th century, the clans of Ka’ab son of Rabia of the Banu Amir bin Za’za’a began moving to Iran from Iraq and settled in the Khuzestan region of Southern Iran close to Iraq.

George Rawlinson a 19th century European traveler, who passed through the region and described the Cha’b (also called in recent times Chub, Ka’ab, Kub) and Montefik bin Uqayl Arabs in Iraq and Khuzestan as “nearly black” and having the dark “copper” complexion of the “Galla Ethiopians” and other Abyssinians.

Thus we see that in the late 19th century, a group of Afro-Arabian tribes were well established and living in the region of Khuzestan, Iran and around the Persian Gulf as well as Basra, and the Shott al Arab in Iraq. There were known variously as Kaab, (Cha’ab or Chub), Kuleib, Al Muntafik (or Afek), Khuza’il, Khafajah, Uqayl or Aqil, and Jada.

Many of these men are the clearly documented descendants of the Beni Amir bin Sa’sa’a of the Hawazin bin Mansour. They were described until the 20th century as “near black” in color, tall and strongly built. In Iran they are called the “Tsiab”. Many of their descendants live there even today still black in complexion.

This group of Black Iraqis are thus the remaining elements of the pure and original house of Arabia, which rose in ancient times from the Mountains of Ethiopia and migrated onto Iraqi and Khuzestan.

The Zenji of Basra

There was another smaller group of Black people, non-Muslims in out look and practice, who settled in Iraq as victims of forced labour otherwise known as slavery. They were known as the Zenji, from the land of Zanjnia (close to modern Tanzania). However it must be emphasized that there were also a great multitude of free Zenjis who had voluntarily settled in the Gulf.

The Zenji concentrated around Basra and lived co-harmoniously with their Arabian hosts. Some Zenjis worked on the plantations around Basra, doing the hard labour, while others were free traders and landowners. The Zenji took over Basra following an insurrection which took place in the mid-800s. The Zenji then ruled Basra for about 15 years, until the Islamic caliph sent troops. Many of the rebels were massacred, and others were sold to the Arab tribes.

Some under currents of racialism that one finds in present day Islamic societies developed from the fear and post traumatic stress of the reign of the Zenji in Iraq.

The Moors

Many other Black people in Iraqi came as sailors, traders, immigrants or pilgrims who decided to remain in Iraq. They came especially during the era of the Moorish Islamic Caliphate of Cordoba, Granada, and Egypt (i.e. the Fatimids).

Moors were Africans and Muslims of the Maghrib (also known as the western Sudan), who dominated Islam between the 9th and the 14th century and established a global empire reaching from Senegal to the shores of China.

Many of the Moors sailed in an ancient African ship called the dhow (or Arab dhow by western historians) which traditionally traveled the Mediterranean and Red sea coast of Africa on to Arabia, India and China.

Altogether there are more than 2 million black people in Iraq


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See: Rashidi, “A Historical Overview,” pp. 17-19;

Rashidi, “More Light on Sumer, Elam and India,” pp. 168-169. [qtd. in The Black Presence in the Bible (pg. 152) by Walter Arthur McCray].

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The Seven Great monarchies of the Ancient World, Vol. 1 (07) p. 35

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    All I know for sure is I’m here now and I’m grateful to be part of things. There really has been a sea change on this old rock over the last twenty years or so. Our ability to communicate and really get to know each other is a good thing, I believe.

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  7. The idea of calling Elamites Africans is only true in the sense that Arabians and Dravidians were originally African in the neolithic. The Dravidians are rather small and gracile boned people whose genetics, culture and dialects point to an African affiliation – if not origin. The purest Dravidians have kinky hair and venerate the same deities that are found in East Africa in the same way. There is definitely enough anthropological evidence to support the view that people related to Dravidian-speaking people once lived in Elam and southern such as those of the king Tamuzhi and they may have had direct relationship to African-looking peoples settled in Arabia during the Neolithic period and still found along the coasts of Arabia and among the Beja of the Horn. These appear to be the black people of Anshan Susinka depicted in early Elamite depictions. They like are portrayed before the Assyrian period of Elamite art as near black people with kinky hair.

    One other influential group that settled in Syria, Iran and the Caucasus were probably the Afro-Asiatic, i.e.Hamito-semitic people – they probably brought the tribal name ad-Da’a, Idris (Terwasa), Amlukh (or Meluchha), under such leaders Tahash whom al Tabari Muslim and “the Persian” says was the same as “Shadud” and Hadad whom al Tabari was ad-Da’a, These people were closely related to al Dahhak who is said to have founded Babiru (Babylon) and whom Tabari and other Islamized Central Asians of the Islamic period say was a southern Arabian and the brother of Akk father of Ma’ad, This Ma’add was an early name for the Madan of Arabia and is probably related the early name of the Saracens called Madennoi north of Himyar and to the early Mada or Medes of the Caucasus. The stories surrounding Akk a Yemenite chief who fought against the Azd became the Og son of Anak of Biblical tradition and the stories of Og, Magog and Gog are also stories that have been misinterpreted as referring to rulers of Central Asia when in fact they are early semitic peoples and chiefs. This explains the similarities in the stories of Job (Ayyub) of Uz, Midian and that of Tobias of Median are the same. This explains why the early Greeks often confused Midian with the land of the Medes or Meds in their writings. Early Achaemenids did claim descent from the Medes of the Caucasus but the early Medes were undoubtedly connected with the early Afro-semitic people like the Solymi adn Philistines were. baseduealso and still retain their tribal names of Tahash and Sa’udah and Suwaydah, Farasan, Rustam and all of the heroes and anti heroes of Iran are claimed to have some connection to the southern Afroarabians of the Yemen who preceeded the modern Iranians in occupying south Central Asia, the Sindh region and Dahistan. They came from the land of called Hamavaran in Iranian epics better kinown as Himyar or Humayr bringing the legends of early tribal leaders Faras (Fairouz), Kabus (Kayi Kabus or Ka’ush) and Asaf (Seivakush or Sjavarkush) – whom the Armenians called Seva or Siev son of Kush- with them. These so called “Indic Aryan” stories, heroes or heroines, anti-heroes adn heroines can all be traced to the historical movement of the black tribes of the Azd otherwise known generally as Adites now represented by the brown black clans of the south Arabian and Somalian Mahra, Shahra and Dawasir whose people in ancient times were “the Ethiopians” who conquered the ancient world bringing the names of their tribes still called Ad, Amlukh, Hadad,Nahish and Hanaish, Tahash or Shadud, Khasafa and Khafafa Cepheus and Assiya who are the tribes of Adityas, Meluchhas, “Cepheus”, “Epaphus” and “Asia”(all names of the black skinned tribes of original Sulaym or Soleim (the Solymi of Greek epics who settled the Aegean and spoke ‘a Phoenician dialect”), Hanaish or Nahsih is the name of the Vedic “Nahusha” the brazen serpent) and this tribe is still found in Arabia.When Diodorus claimed the Ethiopians brought the name of the diety of Nyssa to Parthia he is talking about these Persian people whose name is said to be derifved from the horseman Fairouz or Faras, When these early ancestral semitic people settled around the Mediterranean and Aegean they left in their wake the Philistines and other originally Canaanite people. Their language either evolved into early Indic-Aryan or was adopted from the people they settled among., The name of the people called Da’a or Daae, Derbikes or Dropicans and other early Persians became “the black Daasas ‘of the Vedic epics because the Scythians who moved into Iran and finally India in the period of the Kushanas had adopted the name of the Aryas from these “Medes” as Herodotus points out, From them also came the distortionjs of the myth of Ham or Chammar, Shem (Sharma or Sima) and Japhet or Djaus.
    This has led to the AIT problem or controversy over what scholars call Aryan Invasion theory. Unfortunately the Euroasiatic people who had little to do with the early tripura building Medes and Achaemenids or Daae of Parthia came into the region adopting the deities of these groups and their name before moving southward into India. The Syro -Anatolian culture these Afro-Asiatics developed moved eastward into the Central Asian area and was marked by triple walled fortresses or purim which are not found in India. it is known as the Bronze Age Namazgha IV culture asociated with a physical type scholars used to call Eurafrican a euphemism and misnomer for the African-Mediterraneans.(The people of the Namazgha 3 period as in Anau at Turkestan were more like the early inhabitants of southern India and southern Mediterraean.) Some good examples of the deities adopted by the incoming Eurasiatics are the lion deity El Aoud or Lud whom became known as Rudra, Seb or Geb who became known as Sabazius or Shiv the headed serpent, Nahash/Nahusha the great serpent, Jericha or Durga the builder of walls or fortresses, the bull or ox Thaur or Thawr who became known as Intauruta or Indra,
    These Afro-Asiatic people whose rulers were Akk, Dahhak or Zohakk, Raudha Sauda bint Akk, etc are those represented in early Medean and Achaemenid art with dark brown skins and Ethiopic profiles and hair. They undoubtedly had named the Caucasus after themselves. Kav or Kaw Kush ara or Hindu Kush and are the Kasyas mentioned by Sanchoniathan.This land later became known as Kush and Kusha Dwipa.

    1. You south Asians and the Afro-centrics alike should learn not to confuse people who have absorbed straight haired people with over centuries with the original kinky haired people that still live in parts of India speaking Dravidian dialects. If you have seen pictures of the Assyrian period of Elam in which Elamites were no longer the dominant people that is something else. Elamites don’t look anything like Assyrians and had black skins and not even brown ones. Their descendents are still living their and have nothing to do with the Africans that traded with India much later. Are you going to try to tell me now that are no Dravidians with kinky hair too.

      “Indians” are not what anthropologists mean when they call people hamites. The term “hamites” refered to the very black and predominately kinky haired people stretching from West Africa to Arabia speaking the Cushitic/Semitic dialects. When these black people absorbed the genes of the straight haired Eurasiatics (from Syria, Turkey Iran etc) some of them got curlier and wavy hair. That is what happened in India many thousands of years ago long after Africans settled in Iraq and Iran in the Neolithic mainly between 4 and 12,000 years ago .

      1. dravidians do not have kinky hair there are very ignorant people living on this planet there are different hamitic races that don’t look african! hamitic does not mean some one with kinky hair how stupid can u get

        1. The pure Dravidians have kinky hair look up the clans of Irula and other Dravidian clans. You will find them. Yes like you said there are people many ignorant people in this world and obviously you are one of them. BTW – Dravidians aren’t weren’t hamitic. Those came later to India through the North.

  8. Ophir is more likely modern Haphir in Ventral Arabia part of the land of “Ethiopia” of the ancient world where there are still gold mines. On the other hand India was also called Ethiopia or Kush in some northern i.e. Eurasiatic histories. The Iranians called the people of the Indonesian Isles, Sundaman isles, “Zanj” or “Zanuj”, because they resembled the Africans and people of the Azd tribe from which came the original Julanda of Zanzibar. Gold mines are common in Arabia, and the Komoros islands and Sumatra were named for the Mahra people of Arabia.

  9. The majority of the populations of Iraq between the 7th and 3rd millenium B.C. were similar to the populations that occupied Syria, Arabia, Iran , Anatolia and East Africa in the neolithic. The skeletons and rock art of these places show what the people looked like during that time – AFRICANS.

    Early anthropologists used the term brown race or Afro-Mediterranean race for these early Neoltihic populations. They were predominantly dolichocephalic or long and narrow headed people who have little to do with the modern Eurasiatic round headed peoples of the region today.

  10. Dammmmmmn husayn you said a lot to have said very little, you keep going in circles and stuck on the hair of these still melaninated people, that is my color, but less CAGOT representation.I turn lighter copper, in winter less sun less melanin production,in summer a reddish brown,we come in shades true sign melanin is present.Now it also seems you are very stuck on the quran’s knowledge.The original form of Islam was brought all over the world by the MOORS, only deplicted as jet black in drawings.The form that is now has been borrowed from the original texts,the Afrikan texts. But let me enlighten you on true history since you won’t quit with this ranting of Iraq history, which is false. Got to be C.I.A. this dude too persistant to spread these untruths, here we go.
    Helena P. Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled written in1877 has another version about Afrikans contributions, Manley P. Hall and others quote her not cause she was CAGOT with nappy hair but she told the truth,your truth is eggo, Afrikan truth is real, now in 1877 all through history the mutants have know this they read H.P. NOW this is what she said then:
    What Egypt taught to others she certainly did not acquire by the international exchange of ideas and discoveries with her semitic neighbors,nor from them did she receive her stimulus. “The more we learn of the Egyptians,” observes the writer of a recent article,”the more marvellous they seem!” From whom could she have learned her wondrous arts,the secrets of which died with her? She sent no agents throughout the world to learn what others knew; but to her the wise men of neighboring nations resorted for knowledge.Proudly secluding herself within her enchanted domain,the fair queen of the desert created wonders as if by the sway of a magic staff. “Nothing”, remarks the same writer,whom we have else where quoted,”proves that civilization and knowledge then rise and progress with her as in the case of other peoples,but everything seems to be referable, in the same perfection,to the earlier dates.That no nation knew as much as herself,is a fact demonstrated by history, now hold on it gets better.
    May we not assign as a reason for this remark the fact that until very recently nothing was known of Old India? That these two nations, India and Egypt,were akin? That they were the oldest in the group of nations; and that the Eastern Ethiopians- the mighty builders-had come from India as a matured people,bringing their civilization with,and colonizing the perhaps unoccupied Egyptian territory? “Mechanism” says Euse’be Salverte, “was carried by by the ancients to a point of perfection that has never been attained in modern times. We would inquire if their inventions have been surpassed in our age?
    As far back as we can glance into history, to the reign of Menes, the most ancient of kings that we know anything about,we find proofs that the Egyptians were far better aquainted with hydrostatics and hydraulic engineering than ourselves. Next paragraph says,The Romans,at a far later period,got their notions on hydraulic constructions from the Egyptians,but our latest progress in the science of hydrostatics has demonstrated the fact of a great deficiency on their part in some branches of that knowledge. The Egyptians had knowledge of water-tight joints,Romans were ignorant of this .Their ignorance is proved by them conveying the water through large level aqueducts, instead of a less expense by iron pipes beneath the surface. But the Egyptians evidently employed a far superior methood in their channels and artificial water works.
    If we turn to Architecture,we find displayed before our eyes wonders which still baffle all description…”these stupendous and beautiful erections… these gigantic pyramids and temples”have a vastness and beauty” which are “still impressive after the lapse of a thousand years”.Dr Rebold, a french archaeologist of some renown,gives his readers a glimpse of the culture which prevailed 5,000(?) years B.C., BY SAYING HAT THERE WERE AT THAT TIME NO LESS THAN “THIRTY OR FORTY COLLEGES OF THE PRIESTS WHO STUDIED OCCULT SCIENCES AND PRATICAL MAGIC”. Here we have still another illustration of the truth of the doctrine of cycles.Upon the coffin of a mummy,now in the British Museum,was delineated the zodiac with exact positions of the planets at the time of the autumnal equinox, in the year 1722 B.C. The “father of History” Herodotus (greek father) confesses more than once that greece owes everything to Egypt.
    We only know what they allowed the uninitiated to know,but the little we do learn of them by deduction,ought to be sufficient to assure us that,even in the nineteenth century,with all our claims to supremacy in arts and sciences, that we are totally unable,we will say to build anything like the monuments of Egypt,Hindustan,or Assyria,but even to rediscover the least of the ancient “lost arts”Besides ,Sir Gardner Wilkinson gives forcible expression to this view of the exumed treasures of old, by adding that, he can trace no primitive mode of life,no barbarous customs,but a sort of stationary civilization from the remote periods.” Thus far, archaeology disagrees with geology, which affrims that the further they trace the remains of men,the more barbarous they find them.If we possess but a little proof of the ancients having had any clear notions as to all the effects of electricity,there is strong evidence,at all events,of their been perfectly aquainted with electricity itself,this was in 1877. Now has been proved Egyptians used electricity. The Renowned Buffon ( buzz word means white boy) believed in the great mirror that was placed in the lighthouse of the port of Alexandria,for discovering vessels at a distant at sea. for he honestly confesses that “If the mirror really existed,as i firmly believe it did, to the ancients belong the honor of the invention of the telescope.”
    Bunsen remarks:”There is nothing improbabe in itself in reminiscences and records of great events in Egypt 9,000 years B.C., for… the Origines of Egypt go back to the ninth millennium before christ”.Wilkinson’s researches have brought to light the fact that many inventions of what we term modern,and upon which we plume ourselves,were perfected by the ancient Egyptians.
    The Egyptians,as we ave seen,excelled in all the arts. They made paper so excellent in quality as to be time-proof.”They took out the pith of the papyrus,” “dissected and opened the fibre, and flattrning it by a process known to them,made it as thin as our foolscap paper,but far more durable…They sometimes cut it into strips and glued it together;many of such written documents are yet in existence.Lepsius found rolls of papyri in tombs and monuments of the 12th dynasty; sculptured pictures of papyri were found later,on monuments of the fourth dynasty,and now it is proved that the art of writing was known and used as early as the days of Menes, the photomonarch, and thus it was finally discovered that the art and their system of writing were perfect and complete from the very first. Nothing of what we know ,seems to have been overlooked by the ancient Egyptians.
    The history of Sesostris shows us how well he and his people were versed in the art and practice of war..Thepictures show how formidable they were when encountered in battle.They constructed war-engines.The process of rendering such objects as card-board,felt,and other tissues,impenetrable to the cuts and thrusts of any sharp weapon,is now numbered among the lost arts. Lost they say ,only we knew it.
    The proof that they were proficient in mathematics,lies in the fact that those ancient mathmaticians whom we honor as the fathers of geometry went to Egypt to be instructed.Before Greece came into existence,the arts,with the Egyptians,were ripe and old.Land measuring, an art resting on geometry,the egyptians certainly knew well,as,according to the bible,Joshua,after conquering the holy land,had skill enough to divide it. Herodotus acknowledges that the greeks learned all they knew, including the sacred services of the temple,from Egyptians,and because of that,their principal temples were consecrated to Egyptian divinities. Melanin enriched deities The original man & woman.Melampus,the famous healer and soothsayer of Argos,had to use his medicines “after the manner of the Egyptians,” from whom he had gained his knowledge,whenever he disered his cure to br thoroughly effective.”Antiklides relates, says Pliny,”that the letters were invented by a person whose name was Menon,fifteen years before Phoroneus the most ancient king of greece.Jablonski proves that the heliocentric system,as well as earth’s sphericity,were known by the priests of Egypt from immemorial ages. This is not the end of the accomplishments of the ones CAGOTS and CAGOT supporters say were an igornant people of whom everyone else has boosted themselves in HUEMAN HISTORY. Now who’s an ass now. Check the timeline before ignorance reels it’s ugly head again Mr. Educated you are looking like a Donkey. I will rest and come back with more done by a backward culture such as the Afrikans,thank Allah we had superior knowledge to share with the rest of you cave-dwellers,if you all had to figure it out we,d be stuck at fire.NO PEACE JUST REVOLUTION.

  11. That’s what i thought cagots are afraid of truth. Do your research try to come back. Truth out weighs a lie. The jig is up. Time to correct the lie. Third eyers,real mamas sons and daughters, creators on earth time for war. Time to declare war on all cagots,or die still with nothing for our children to look forward to but physical slavery again. Wake up to who the enemy is,this world belongs to the indigenious moors,first and only,whom this world was made for,all others are trespassing and are immigrants no matter where they have intruded,bringing diseases and death no matter where they have gone. No more peace just war.

  12. MMelodymaat8, you‘re killing me here. You cite Helena Blavatsky, the Russian mystic and founder of the Theosophical Society as a source of wisdom and insight. Eventually, I got the sense, you have somehow concluded that Ms. Blavatsky is overall, supportive of your position regarding Black superiority. My goodness, I can only wonder if you are on crack? Helena Blavatsky was an outright racist, but not the way you seem to think. Even more committed to her ideas of racial superiority then you are to yours, Blavatsky taught that Aryans are the superior race. Blavatsky defined Aryans as Caucasians, Indians, spots not feathers, and some people from Asia-minor. Again, according to her, the Aryan people, which are the 5th root of humanity, came from the legendary continent of Atlantis and spread across the earth when Atlantis sank beneath the waves. Blavatsky argued that they were and are, an advanced people who long ago did away with dull witted superstitious beliefs and instead led lives based on the principles of reason. Indeed, that superstition and foul thinking still survive to this day, is in her opinion, the fault of lesser races which natural selection has not yet gotten around to extinguishing. Those lesser races, in her view, include the Australian aboriginals, Chinese hill dwellers and pretty much all African people. Now, do you really want to use her as a source in support of your own racial ranting? I didn’t think so. Okay in closing, and in the spirit of the late great Blavatsky, I’m going to send you some positive karmic energy, after all she was a Buddhist, to help get your mind off all this anger……. Now hum along with me a little and repeat the following:………Don’t worry, be happy 😉

    1. The man is you posted on the billy gamble site is a North Sudanese who are people who have mixed with Ottoman mercenaries and slaves.

  13. @HUSAYN – a long over due reply to a photograph posted “ … the families of the khans of Kalat is of Arabic origin, AND NOT, as is usually stated, of Brahuic extraction. They belong to the Ahmadzai branch of the Mirwari clan, which originally emigrated from Oman to the Kolwa valley of Makran.” from page 8 of “The New Volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. XXX, 10th edition (1902).
    No wonder the photo posted looks like a Makrani!. Thank you knowitall, for showing once again that there is NO WHERE TO RUN AND NO PLACE TO HIDE. ; )

  14. The current so called Persians living in Iran are not the same people as the ancient Iranian people, these current Persians are Turkified and tend to be Turks. they just speak Persian.

  15. Let the truth choke them

    The deeper they dig the blacker the planet gets

    Our mistake was teaching them about nature biology chemistry science advanced maths architecture astrology etc because we had everything but no tech defence. Now all we have is stupid useless gods.

    Let’s learn the lesson and focus on global black defence then the cowards will stop raping our lands people and cultures.

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