The Black Arabs of Turkey: Afro-Turks – By Oguejiofo Annu

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Afro-Turks, African Turks, or Turkish Africans are people of Black African descent in Turkey. “Afro-Turk” is a newly invented word as in Turkey those Black African descendants have been traditionally named as “the Arabs”. The Turkish word for this is Arapi (Arab). Today in Turkey they are additionally referred to as Afrika kökenli Türkler, a name which could hide their historical status.

It is very interesting that in Turkey, black Africans are called Arapis. It is all the more interesting when one realizes that many of the pale so-called Arabs of today, who occupy the Arabian Gulf actually have recent Turkish origins and this is often borne out by the tribal surname of many contemporary Saudis and Jordanians, the name “al-Turki”.

The link between Turkis and Arabia should be clear to anyone who has done the least research. The Turks were a Tartar tribe of Central Asia that were civilized and cultured by the noble Black-a-Muurs of southern Europe, Africa and Arabia. Prior to their contact with the Muurs, the Tartars were a nomadic, warring horde of people wandering about for millenia in the wastes of the European Steepes.

The Muurs had been their guiding lights for many hundred centuries, and their masters. Since the times of the Kemitian Egyptians and the North-East African Phoenicians, who discovered them, the Muurs had tried to culture and raise the Turkis. The Romans had used them as mecenaries and slaves between 4 B.C. and the fall of Constantinople.

Those Turkis served as slaves for the Blacks Africans. Some of them were many students in great centres of learning so that they could gain culture and science and raise their people. In this role many of them attained elightenment after many years of interaction with the black Arabs.

Furthermore, Turkis, Albanians and Georgians, sold their women all over North Africa and Arabia as concubines and sex toys to the black Arapis. In Cairo, Jerusalem and Jordan, there were huge slave markets that specialized in the trade of delicate looking pale Eastern European exotics, with which those Arabs love to play.

Turkis were employed as house servants, and even a greater number were employed as slave troops in the armies of many Islamic Caliphs in the centuries following the death of Mohammed and the growth of Islam into a religio-political empire, like the Armies of the Kharijites, the Muwaayids, the Abbassids, and the Fatimids.

In Egypt those Turkis were known as Yaansaris, or Mamelukes, and in Byzantine Romani, they were called the barbarians and the slavs.

Those Turkis, and their Eastern European counterparts, who slaved in Africa for the Black-a-Muurs eventually rebelled successfully in the 12th century in Eygpt after the black muurish Arab ruling family had fallen into decadence.

By the 13th century, the Yaanisari slaves had become entrenched in Egyptian political and military affairs. They had a plan for long term occupation and domination of black Africa, so they immediately imlemented a policy of systematic ethnic seeding to increase their share of the demographics, while simulatneously practicing ethnic cleansing of indigenous black population.

Hundreds of thousands of white slaves were brought into Egypt by the Turkis, the Mamelukes or the Yaanisaris. They were brought into Egypt to shore up the number of the slave whites who had conquered Egypt once again from within.

For more than seven straight centuries, those Turkis and their descendants livng in Egypt and North Africa, have fought and strived to swell their numbers and root into a land that is obviously uneasy with their presence. Between the 12th century A.D. when the mamelukes grabbed power from their Black masters, until today, there has been an ongoing attempt to whiten Eygpt completely, no, to Turkify Egypt.

Those Turkis still hold power in the elite circles of Egypt, with the help of the European Union which promotes global white supremacy.

However, today those Turki Yanisaaris and Mameluke descendants would wish to disguise themselves with the more neutral identity of Arab. And this is the very reason why there are so many pale “Arabs” in Egypt and surrounding countries. From Jordan, to Saudi Arabia, to Oman and Muscat, “the Al Faisal-Al Turki” tribe of people, answering to that very surname dominate. Those “Al-Turkis” claim they are indigenous Arabs.

Yet, in the country they stole from the destroyed Roman Empire, aka modern day Republic of Turkey, the Al-Turkis of Turkemenistan and Central Europe, acknowledge without hassle that the real Arabs are those Black African-looking types, who live and have lived since the beginning of time, on the coast of East Africa and Arabian Pennisula.

Hence we find it most interesting that in Turkey, Turkish Black Africans are known by their original, ancient national name the Arapis, the Arabs.

The Turkis are no fools. They and the pale Persians are the only serious wannabe Arabs on earth. Despite their incongourous pale skin in the desert background, they have convinced many that they are indeed the children of the desert, the children of Ishameel and Hagar.

Yet, in Turkey, when a true Turki beholds one of those ancient Muurs of the Great Ta Muuria (Africa), they back off and hail them up as “Arabi”.

Know you therefore today all ye Ethiopian Black-a-Muurs:

That we are the Arabs, the Muurs, the Kemitians, the Ethiopians, the Saebians, the Indians, the Mela-nasians, and the first Asians all the way to China and Japan.

We are the original people…we must reclaim our memories, our legacy, and our place in history.

We must know where we are coming from, for then we will channel our proper destiny.

Oguejiofor Annu

June 7th 2010

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19 thoughts on “The Black Arabs of Turkey: Afro-Turks – By Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Asante sana Ndugu Anu!

    This “Arab” thing is to me one of the most confusing bits of our BLACK HISTORY which has been distorted, disconnected, fragmented. Your research here is clear and concise.

    Indeed our weak & silly hankering for white flesh has been our undoing -as far as these lot of pale people are concerned.This formed the bedrock of their aim to subdue us.

    In history they have wormed their way into our (royal) families with their” peace/friendly offerings” of their women-whom they regarded as mere tools,and finally when strong enough, have grabbed all of North Africa and bits of Eastern Africa.

    In the most savage bloodiest of fashion. Even today their genocidal tendencies and fantasy to overun Africa still continues. Darfur, Mauratania..

    These are facts.

    Then they used islam as a justifier to enslave us. In this life and the next.

    It utterly mind-boggling that Africans in the diaspora (and the motherland too) regard these slaving Persians/Turks as “BLACK” culture: Islam & their names, their holy lands etc.

    Such confusions have made us continue to meander to exactly nowhere:

    Afrikans must recognize that no slave deities will save us. Only SELF-REALIZATION, BLACK GOD, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY will.

    We see our idren in the diaspora shedding off their european slave names and taking up “arab” slave names thinking these are Black names!

    This is proof positive of memories completely erased and grotesquely twisted.

    Let the european keep his white Jesus, and the “arab’ (persian/turko-mongolian) keep his Allah. Respect them for that.

    But for AFRIKA’s sake (OUR CHILDREN) move on Black to Civilization.Again.

    Keep up the Good work Rastalivewire!

    1. The problem with this kind of thinking is that we will have to give up Nubia, ancient Egypt, Ghana, Congo, Somalia, and most of Africa because slavery is very much a part of the African tradition. it is where the early Arabians got this custom from. it is still a problem all over Africa as in parts of the Arab world.

      Also much of the slave trade in Sudan long before black called Arabs and their Islam arrived there. . The problem in Sudan is political but had originally nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with the fighting over the living spaces Ancient history can not be change because of modern nationalist conflicts.

  2. ,

    To Jahrateng: You started out soundly but your conclusion does not seem to reflect what I gathered from the article. The article said that Blacks are the original Arabs. Therefore many true Arab names are Black in origin except for those who reflect the name “turk” in it. And on this site is also the claim that Muhammad was Black (birthed by a Black mother), therefore Islam must have Black roots.

    And to the author of this essay, Oguejiofo Annu, I’d like to say that was an interesting read! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Hello,

    I don’t know what to think of your article to be very honest with you as it reflects more of your personal point of view than actual facts (at least that’s what I think of it). For example that Turks are wannabe Arabs? LOL, that’s a new one :p

    I wonder however if you couldn’t have mentioned anything positive about the Turks aswell,… In the end, the black turks have been treated with respect and love over these last 100 years, which is in my opinion a remarkable thing when you consider they’ve been beaten up and treated like muck all over the world…. another thing that’s worth mentioning is perhaps that we, in Turkey lack racism in terms of color of skin…

    Thanks for your article anyways and good luck in the future,

    A Turk

    1. @ a Turk:
      You are dead wrong with your (blind) assertion. Your response is full of cajolery and is rather typical from most Turks along the subject of racism. I have also heard and witnessed the same logic among the Chinese (and other Asian groups). What is actually stated and takes place behind a person’s back is entirely a different subject. Turks are most certainly racist and discriminatory based on skin color.
      I am a “black” American married to a Turk. My wife is Turkish… a Yoruk. Although, my experiences and encounters have been relatively decent for nearly two decades in Turkey, many encounters certainly have been laced with bigotry and discriminatory views, especially if perceived to be an African. Most times, it is with great difficulty to be perceived as “black” originating from anywhere aside from their shallow and ignorant notions of “blackness” or Africa. My wife and I are both professional, educated people, and mainly have dwelled in a few of the large cosmopolitan cities of Turkey. Treatment within the small village areas are much better.
      Turkey is a very racist place, and becoming worse as it develops more International attention. Currently, the country is headed in the direction of attempting to appease and demand EU membership and ideology towards “European” lineage is nothing new from Turks. They have a definite contradiction and travesty of what it truly means to be a Turk, let alone Ataturk’s reality of Article 66 of the Turkish Constitution. This law which will not be honored or respected. “White” skin is the approved and desired public acclaim, and darker skinned Turks also experience shame and reproach all too well… Actually, deep isolation.
      Stop lying and deceiving yourself.


      1. You are simply saying that Turks in general are racist towards black people which isn’t a true statement. I wished people wouldn’t generalize that much.

    2. I’ve only just come across this article and as a Turkish Cypriot with African Ancestry on both my maternal and paternal side, I’d have to say I agree with you.
      My African ancestors integrated well within the community and were never victims of racism. In fact the first time my dad ever experienced racism was when he came to the UK.
      The individual that wrote this article doesn’t have enough knowledge on this subject. Perhaps they should have spoken with Afro Turks & Afro Turkish Cypriots alike to gather more information about us as a people and about our history!

  4. allah is niether white nor black.Muhammad and christ were saviours of all humanity regardless of color or race.i think my black brothers in africa need to fight against poverty,ignorance and dictatorship rather than inventing a new black god.a pakistani

    1. A turk from Abbottabad? You lucky Brother Obama did not send you all to hell! I say, you are lucky you are not in belly of the whale as your other more famous town mate, “Bin Ladi Ladi”! : )

      On a more serious note, Pakis like you leave me wondering whether your main problem is ignorance and narrow-mindedness, or just self hatred and a servile nature?

      The Black Pakistanis are ok, the Makranis, the Balushis, but you al Turkis and Uzbekistanis and Afghanis, the sooner the US army takes care of you’all, the better for all.


  5. Well Well Well, we are certainly moving towards that land, the promised land. The truth shall finally set us free. Arabs either black or white, under the umbrella of Islam we are all requal. The black man has been insulted, abused, killed etc all because of his skin colour. Why the haterage? He is not less of a human, so why? Now we all understand why thanks for that reseach it is surely going to make alot of difference.

  6. As far as original Arabs being Black…well I always thought of myself as African American, but I recently got back my mtDNA test results and I am from a non African ancestry and my mtDNA match was a 100% match with the people of the Levant geographical area of the Middle East. That is Middle Eastern, ancestry. To be exact, my mtDNA haplogroup is N1c. I’m a 100% match with the people living in Northern
    Saudi Arabia, Egypt and parts of Turkey. I was shocked, since I don’t have any outward characteristics that would indicate my Middle Eastern heritage.
    I’m not even certain if I can honestly call myself “African” American on the census forms now. This was a bit of a shock to me. I mean “NO!” detectable African ancestry and 100% Middle Eastern is pretty dramatic. Then I researched the people of the Levant area and I see that many of these Arabs have dark and sometimes Black complexions.

    1. My name is Muhammadu Rashid Aliyu and that is my legal and also had my maternal DNA done by and my results was also Haplogroup N1c Northern Arabia and Turkey area and just recently looking thru an African name I came across my Maternal grandmother given name and it is and Arabic name Lula meaning beautiful pearl and she named my mother by the given name Jewel she had to have known the origin of her name for her to name my mother Jewel ! 23 and me took my maternal lineage back to the Bantu of Mozambique and they are Black people for sure thus connecting the Original Arabs as being originally African not those puesdo-Red Arabs in the Middleast today they are maternally of European lineage we my brother (Carl) are the proof of the real Afro-Arabs ! And please eradicate that plantation name and replace Carl with Khalid it means everlasting or Khalil means friend!

    2. I too took a DNA test of my maternal side on African Ancestry, to be specific. I found out my Haplogroup was N1C, which is found most often in Northern Arabia, commonly among Turks.

      I still feel and will always be a Black woman. It just reittorates the point that this was and is indeed a Black Planet We need to open up our mind to understand when our ancestors migrated our of Africa, Black men and women were the founders of all civilizations, including those in Asia, and the so called Middle East.


      1. your right but also remember that our n1c is the ancient land of Palestine and all others before it was called the middle east we are the original Hebrews, even black Palestinians (what they are known as today). Saud in an old documentary. that the land was black lands which we know is true. also gamal Nasser Egyptian president Said you left out black and came back white.

  7. I heard in near east and east african culture men wear cornrow braids. Kings and warriors tend to wear them. While in west african culture only women wear cornrows. I would like to get a dna test I bet my blood can be traced to the near east with my unibrow and full beard lol

  8. Also im in america aka the beast. Alot of us are from ancient judean and moorish orgin. Like I said we wear cornrows which is near east culture and our features arent always west african. Some of us are west african some not. Some mixed. We got judean blood I know that

  9. You people talking about Arabs without mentioning Armenians are straight up trippin and haven’t done your homework. The Arabs and east Africans in general are a mix of African and Armenians stocks. The first Arabs were the amalika who were assimilated by the Armenians the 2nd Arabs were the adites

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