The Black Arabs of Turkey: Afro-Turks – By Oguejiofo Annu

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Afro-Turks, African Turks, or Turkish Africans are people of Black African descent in Turkey. “Afro-Turk” is a newly invented word as in Turkey those Black African descendants have been traditionally named as “the Arabs”. The Turkish word for this is Arapi (Arab). Today in Turkey they are additionally referred to as Afrika kökenli Türkler, a name which could hide their historical status.

It is very interesting that in Turkey, black Africans are called Arapis. It is all the more interesting when one realizes that many of the pale so-called Arabs of today, who occupy the Arabian Gulf actually have recent Turkish origins and this is often borne out by the tribal surname of many contemporary Saudis and Jordanians, the name “al-Turki”.

The link between Turkis and Arabia should be clear to anyone who has done the least research. The Turks were a Tartar tribe of Central Asia that were civilized and cultured by the noble Black-a-Muurs of southern Europe, Africa and Arabia. Prior to their contact with the Muurs, the Tartars were a nomadic, warring horde of people wandering about for millenia in the wastes of the European Steepes.

The Muurs had been their guiding lights for many hundred centuries, and their masters. Since the times of the Kemitian Egyptians and the North-East African Phoenicians, who discovered them, the Muurs had tried to culture and raise the Turkis. The Romans had used them as mecenaries and slaves between 4 B.C. and the fall of Constantinople.

Those Turkis served as slaves for the Blacks Africans. Some of them were many students in great centres of learning so that they could gain culture and science and raise their people. In this role many of them attained elightenment after many years of interaction with the black Arabs.

Furthermore, Turkis, Albanians and Georgians, sold their women all over North Africa and Arabia as concubines and sex toys to the black Arapis. In Cairo, Jerusalem and Jordan, there were huge slave markets that specialized in the trade of delicate looking pale Eastern European exotics, with which those Arabs love to play.

Turkis were employed as house servants, and even a greater number were employed as slave troops in the armies of many Islamic Caliphs in the centuries following the death of Mohammed and the growth of Islam into a religio-political empire, like the Armies of the Kharijites, the Muwaayids, the Abbassids, and the Fatimids.

In Egypt those Turkis were known as Yaansaris, or Mamelukes, and in Byzantine Romani, they were called the barbarians and the slavs.

Those Turkis, and their Eastern European counterparts, who slaved in Africa for the Black-a-Muurs eventually rebelled successfully in the 12th century in Eygpt after the black muurish Arab ruling family had fallen into decadence.

By the 13th century, the Yaanisari slaves had become entrenched in Egyptian political and military affairs. They had a plan for long term occupation and domination of black Africa, so they immediately imlemented a policy of systematic ethnic seeding to increase their share of the demographics, while simulatneously practicing ethnic cleansing of indigenous black population.

Hundreds of thousands of white slaves were brought into Egypt by the Turkis, the Mamelukes or the Yaanisaris. They were brought into Egypt to shore up the number of the slave whites who had conquered Egypt once again from within.

For more than seven straight centuries, those Turkis and their descendants livng in Egypt and North Africa, have fought and strived to swell their numbers and root into a land that is obviously uneasy with their presence. Between the 12th century A.D. when the mamelukes grabbed power from their Black masters, until today, there has been an ongoing attempt to whiten Eygpt completely, no, to Turkify Egypt.

Those Turkis still hold power in the elite circles of Egypt, with the help of the European Union which promotes global white supremacy.

However, today those Turki Yanisaaris and Mameluke descendants would wish to disguise themselves with the more neutral identity of Arab. And this is the very reason why there are so many pale “Arabs” in Egypt and surrounding countries. From Jordan, to Saudi Arabia, to Oman and Muscat, “the Al Faisal-Al Turki” tribe of people, answering to that very surname dominate. Those “Al-Turkis” claim they are indigenous Arabs.

Yet, in the country they stole from the destroyed Roman Empire, aka modern day Republic of Turkey, the Al-Turkis of Turkemenistan and Central Europe, acknowledge without hassle that the real Arabs are those Black African-looking types, who live and have lived since the beginning of time, on the coast of East Africa and Arabian Pennisula.

Hence we find it most interesting that in Turkey, Turkish Black Africans are known by their original, ancient national name the Arapis, the Arabs.

The Turkis are no fools. They and the pale Persians are the only serious wannabe Arabs on earth. Despite their incongourous pale skin in the desert background, they have convinced many that they are indeed the children of the desert, the children of Ishameel and Hagar.

Yet, in Turkey, when a true Turki beholds one of those ancient Muurs of the Great Ta Muuria (Africa), they back off and hail them up as “Arabi”.

Know you therefore today all ye Ethiopian Black-a-Muurs:

That we are the Arabs, the Muurs, the Kemitians, the Ethiopians, the Saebians, the Indians, the Mela-nasians, and the first Asians all the way to China and Japan.

We are the original people…we must reclaim our memories, our legacy, and our place in history.

We must know where we are coming from, for then we will channel our proper destiny.

Oguejiofor Annu

June 7th 2010

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  1. I heard in near east and east african culture men wear cornrow braids. Kings and warriors tend to wear them. While in west african culture only women wear cornrows. I would like to get a dna test I bet my blood can be traced to the near east with my unibrow and full beard lol

  2. Also im in america aka the beast. Alot of us are from ancient judean and moorish orgin. Like I said we wear cornrows which is near east culture and our features arent always west african. Some of us are west african some not. Some mixed. We got judean blood I know that

  3. You people talking about Arabs without mentioning Armenians are straight up trippin and haven’t done your homework. The Arabs and east Africans in general are a mix of African and Armenians stocks. The first Arabs were the amalika who were assimilated by the Armenians the 2nd Arabs were the adites

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