The Bitter Leaf and Women’s Menopause – Rasta Herbal Medicine by Jide Uwechia

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bitterleaf2The Bitter Leaf and Women’s Menopause – Jide Uwechia

One of the best natural remedies for the symptoms of menopause is Bitter leaf.

Bitter leaf or Vernonia amygdalina is the name of a leafy shrub or small tree that can reach twenty three feet in height when fully grown. It is widely eaten in East and West Africa. The Nigerian Igbos call it “onugbu,” Swahili Tanzanians call it “mujonso.” The Urobos and the Itesekiris of Nigeria call it “Orugbu,” whereas the Yorubas call it Ewuro.

The bitter leaf is an adaptogenic tonic that helps with restoration of the stamina. Even animals realize the importance of this herb as many of them (for example, chimpanzees inhabiting the Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania) eat this plant when they become sick.

Some of the principal chemical compounds found in the bitter leaf herb are known as steroid glycosides – type vernonioside B1. These compounds possess potent anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial effects.

Currently, the bitter leaf features in the herbal treatment used for more than twenty five common ailments including fever, different kinds of intestinal complaints, parasite induced diseases like malaria, and other vector borne diseases.

Woman Friendly

Bitter leaf is one of the best woman friendly plants. It is good for the body either before, during or after menopause.

Bitter leaf takes care of such symptoms as hot flashes, internal heat and rheumatism. With bitter leaf around, women do not need to take artificial oestrogen has its own serious negative side effects.

Bitter leaf does not supply oestrogen but helps the body to produce the right amount of oestrogen needed for life function.

Bitter Leaf Shrub
Bitter Leaf Shrub
Using Bitter Leaf

One can use bitter leaf raw, eating a small handful of leafs; it can be used to make a tea infusion, it can be used in the preparation of food.

It is actually a major food vegetable in throughout Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Tanzania, etc. Women from those listed areas have the list reported incidence of menopausal dysfunction.

The fresh leaves of bitter leaf could also be squeezed and juiced into a glass of water. This should be taken every morning and night to control the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

Bitter leaf is not only good for those who are already experiencing the symptoms of menopause and those who have attained menopause. It is good for the general health and vigour of any woman, young or old.


True bitter leaf is a very bitter herb and hard for some to swallow. And this is where honey comes in. Provided that one is not diabetic or has known allergies to honey, honey is considered a gift to women’s health. Honey is also crucial for the health of menopausal women.

Four desert spoons of honey could be mixed with a half glass solution of bitter leaf and water. It is recommended that this bitter sweet colution be taken twice daily.

Honey helps the female body to remain fresh, healthy and strong till old age. Honey is noted as one of the most effective natural aid against the symptoms of menopause.

Thus honey laced bitter leaf juice drink is a great way to keep body and soul together for any health conscious woman.


Finally, we advise every woman to drink lots of water. Menopausal women in particular, are strongly urged to drink lots of water daily as this is basic to any health promoting/life balancing plan.

Water is the source of life as well as the ultimate healing force. Water is fundamental to all biological process of a living organism.

Drinking three to four cups of water each morning is one of the best things a woman could do for her body. A well hydrated body (drinking lots of water) will bring about a reduction in the incidence of hot flashes and internal heat.

Jide Uwechia
September 21, 2009


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19 thoughts on “The Bitter Leaf and Women’s Menopause – Rasta Herbal Medicine by Jide Uwechia”

  1. Very please with this article, I have been researching for infertility and did not even know the scientific, although I new that back in Afriica, some women used this bitter leaf to relieve menstrual pains. It must have hormonal activities as such. Caroline -London

  2. I am happy to see that Bitter leaf is a pure Organic herbal medicine which can be use fight common illness. Bitter leaf also can be use as a form of Green tea to cure lose of Appetite or upset stomach. In Benin City, The Edo people call it Ohiwo.

  3. Thanks for this piece of information, Can the bitter leaf be dried and blended to powder form and still be effective as wet leave ?

  4. Research shows that bitter leaf and utazi (anothr leaf with a very better test) can greatly improve the condition of diabetic petient aswell.

      1. I was educated in Nigerian and live abroad now. I have never heard any English name for Utazi while in Nigeria. However, Utazi and Nchuanwu are two different plants. While Utazi has a some how bitter taste, Nchuanwu is more or less refreshing and has a certain degree of mint (menthol) like flavour.

  5. Thanks a lot.
    I am glad to know that Bitter leaf has anti-inflamatory,
    Anti-tumour, anti- parasitic and anti- bacterial effects
    due to the steriod glycosides in it.
    This is really woman friendly as a lot of women now have fibriods
    Which is a type of tumour and one can prevent or even fight inflamations.

  6. please i am 44 going 45 and have been experiencing sweat while sleeping at night since last year. Got married last year too. whould that be menopause? and i just had a surgery on fibroids last months.

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