Suicide and White Americans: Armageddon! – By Oguejiofo Annu

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It seems that lots of so-called white people are either not having fun or their life is full of guilt.

It is a known that the suicide rate disparity between so-called whites and so-called black males in North America is simply shocking. Many studies have under-stated the ratio as being 28:1. For every 28 white male that commits suicide there is 1 black male.

Shocking. You would begin to wonder, what’s wrong with the so-called white boys?

Well it is even more shocking when you consider the 1992 suicide statistics for United States by race.In 1992, 90% of all the suicides was committed by so-called white people. 78% represented so-called white males and 12% represented so-called white females. Hardly any so-called black featured on the blip in the 1992 studies. Most common cause of death is by firearms. See S. Patrick Kachur et al; Suicide in America 1982 -1992

Only the so-called native Americans seem to match the propensity of the so-called white American male for killing himself.

Stranger yet is the new report circulating online that he suicide rate among middle-aged so-called white Americans rose by 28% in last decade.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has found that among adults between the ages of 35-64, white people and American Indians saw the sharpest increases from 1999 to 2010.

It is significant to note that since 2009, suicide has claimed more Americans yearly than motor vehicle crashes. It does not sound like it is Christmas in God’s own country.

In 2010, there were 38,350 suicides, making it America’s 10th leading cause of death.

Experts are unsure why so-called white people have a disproportionately steep rate of suicide.


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