Saint Columba of Wales: the European Moors – by Oguejiofo Annu

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Saint Columba was a Moorish European original Irish gaelic born in 529 AD. He was an aborigine as his roots were already there before the migration of the Germans and the Albions into Ireland.

He was a Gaelic Irish missionary monk who propagated Christianity among the Picts during the Early Medieval Period. He was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.

He was very zealous in his work as a missionary. In addition to founding several churches in the Hebrides, he founded many schools as branches of his monastery at Iona.

He is credited as having revitalized monasticism in Ireland and Scotland. He was a renowned man of letters credited with having transcribed 300 books. He was part of the movement that laid down the foundations that educated not only Ireland but the whole of Europe. Monasticism became the basis for later day Universities. Columba was also inclined musically. He wrote several church hymns.

Columba died on Iona and was buried in AD 597 by his monks in the abbey he created.

It is a fact that the Clan MacCallum and Clan Malcolm of the Scots are descended from the original followers of Columba. Also, the Clan Robertson are heirs of Columba.

It has been said that “Clan MacKinnon may also have some claim to being spiritual descendants of St Columcille as after he founded his monastery on Isle Iona, the MacKinnons were the abbots of the Church for centuries.”

The Clan MacKinnon is amongst the most ancient clans of Scotland.


Today, the image and identity of Saint Columba has been distorted so much by the racist elites super government who divide and rule the children of the earth.

It is not known that Saint Columba was a so-called black man, a Moorish European. He was Gaelic aboriginal. Before Ireland and Caledonia (Scotland) were captured and ethnically cleansed, the Gaelics looked like Saint Columba. Take note.

So the vested interested decided to repaint him peach coloured pink. So when you do a search on the net or in the libraries, you will be hard put to find a Saint Columba painting or image that renders him so to speak in his proud and original melanin rich Moorish colours.

The Honorable Prophet Ali Drew, taught us that even among today’s pale skin Irish people, some still carry old Moorish blood.

Let’s pause a moment on the interconnections of history; the greatness of the ancient Moors whom we hear about so dimly but rarely appreciate.

Let us celebrate truth and humanity. Let us fight the lies of Babylon system who rule and divide us, and make profit off us, and then laugh after us.


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