Rain-makers of Africa

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Rain-makers of Africa

Culled from Vanguard Newspapers

Last year, a team of famous rainmakers from Edo State led by one Osarobo Enogie was invited to England to attend the Royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton despite the snubbing of Nigerian former president, his vice and other first ladies. The rainmakers were honoured and accomodated in Windsor Castle just to ensure it did not rain within the duration of the Royal Wedding.

…. Although there is widespread skepticism among scientists toward such weather modification efforts, the practice remains common with the traditional priests, sorcerers and clerics.


How it works

Different rainmakers use different methods in either holding down the rain or causing it to rain. A native doctor who does not want to be identified as a rain-holder Kamuope Alabi said weather alteration is mostly done in the native ways by using leaves, shrubs and herbs. “we can use leaves, roots with some incantations to drive away the rain. If it is cloudy, once we match some leaves together and put it in a basin facing the direction where we want it to go, in few minutes, you will see the result and it will not rain.”

Alabi who refused to mention the leaves and shrubs used in clearing the weather said he could rig a thunderstorm out of a desert but he does not do it for a fee as it against the interest of his gods insisting that he only does it to benefit his people. “If a close relation is having a social function in an open place and it is being threathened by the rain, I can do it or if some people beseech me to do it in their favour, I will do it. But I don’t do it to exploit people at social functions. I don’t charge a fee either. It is against the gods.” He stressed that some of those who have the power to make rain no longer use the power for the right purpose; adding that some of them use the power to intimidate people by sending down the rain when they have occasion to celebrate unless the celebrant gives them money as a form of bribe.

Another raindoctor who does not want his name in prints said; “the rainmaker would enter the bush and pluck leaves, stems and even roots of plants, shrubs and grasses. The combination of these are burnt in fire and as soon as the smoke goes to the sky, the rain starts pouring.” The rainmaker who is a graduate of Geography from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, said the modern method uses a kind of stone called ‘crystal stone.

“Modern method uses a type of stone often referred to as the crystal stone.” According to him, “the stone is washed and as soon as the stone starts glazing, the sky starts changing and soon rain starts.” He added that the method is dangerous because it often attracts heavy thunderstorm.

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