Racist Israelis against African Jews

An analyst says the political policy of Israel is racist toward African Jewish immigrants because it tries to be in tune with the feeling of its society.

In the background of this, Israel has been rounding up and deporting Jewish refugees of African descent since June 2012 and are now building in the Negev desert one of the world’s largest refugee detention camps. The Israelis have said that some 60,000 people have come from the Sudan region in the past few years to immigrate into Israel and it’s just too many.

Press TV in its Africa Today program has interviewed Mr. Femi Okutubo, Editor in Chief of the Trumpet Newspaper in London about this issue. Joining her is from the Pan African Reparations Coalition in Europe, and Richard Millett, journalist, both from London. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview….

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Israeli racist against African Hebrews

5 thoughts on “Racist Israelis against African Jews”

  1. lol they aren’t jewish africans they are mainly muslims, yet because they are black their so-called “people of colour” arab muslim brethren hate them, rape them and kill them so they prefer to infiltrate to Israel where they know they will find work and be treated better. this site is so full of bullshit – conspiracies, magical thinking and superstition. learn to think, question and be open-minded and you will progress. Otherwise invest in some tinfoil hats and be just like the insane white western hippies – deluded and detached from reality

  2. I am sooo grateful for this site. I appreciate the wealth of information everytime I visit it! Continually keep up the excellent work! Ironically, the diaspora of the true Hebrews (who may or may not know who they really are) are coming home to roost!

  3. They hated Jesus and they put him to death. The Roman Catholic Priests pray to the real image which is black everyday. Those white blood sucking devils don’t care about us. Remember that song that MJ made, “They really don’t care about Us”. What makes you think that really want to be Christ like and open there hearts and arms up to God’s real chosen people? They are in bed with America’s racists hate groups that are real terrorists that has terrorize any person of color. Stop looking for white folks and there God for hope, faith, relief, and religion. In the end they want to kill you and wipe you from the facebof the earth.

    1. That’s because the people occupying Israel are not real Jews. They are the children of the ruling high priest that put Jesus to death interbred with roman blood. Over centuries of diluted breeding they look as white as their Caucasian counterpart. They’re only objective is to occupy God’s promise land away from His chosen people. The world better wake up because the Messiah of the Ages will return and it will be hell to pay for all that has been done to His chosen people. They hate us because we are the direct descendant of the King of the Universe, The Most High God.

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