Nigerian scientist, Dr. Louis Obyo Nelson Finds Cure for Diabetes

Nigerian scientist, Dr. Louis Obyo Finds That Verona Amygdalina (Bitter Leaf) Cures Diabetes

A Nigerian scientist, Dr. Louis Obyo Obyo Nelson, has finally found a cure for the dreaded diabetes disease which afflicts over 123 million sufferers all over the world.

The Minister of State for Health, Dr Aliyu Idi Hong, yesterday described as “epoch and historical” the production of Antidiabetic Phytophar-maceutical by Nelson in collaboration with the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

Diabetes is a potentially life- threatening condition in mammals brought about by an inability of the mammals to produce insulin. Insulin, a polypeptide hormone produced in the pancreas of the mammal, controls the amounts of glucose present in the blood by stimulating the uptake of glucose by the muscle and adipose tissue.

THISDAY had exclusively reported on May 23, 2003 that Nelson had been granted a United States patent entitled “Medicament for the Treatment of Diabetes”, a feat that raised hopes for millions of sufferers of the disease worldwide. It also exclusively reported on June 5, 2003 a confirmation from the US Patent Office that indeed a patent had been made out to the Nigerian scientist.

Hong said yesterday at the signing of an agreement between Nelson and GDPAU, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, for the commercialisation of an Antidiabetic Phaytopharmaceutical in Abuja that the drug would contribute to the quality of health care all over the world and boost the economy of the country.

The drug, which was said to have been administered on many diabetic victims, has been found to be very safe and highly effective. It was also said to have corrected erective dysfunctions noticed in those victims.


Nelson recorded a breakthrough in his research for a drug that could cure diabetes when the US government issued him with a patent (No. 6,531,461) for his medication, which can effectively treat Type I and Type II diabetes.


Nelson’s drug had been subjected to two clinical trials the last being at the University of Jos Teaching Hospital (UJTH).

At the first clinical trial, the initial extract derived from Vernonia amygdalina was orally administered to 26 patients all of whom had been previously diagnosed as suffering from insulin deficiency. For control, a group of five were used, who maintained diet discipline throughout the trial. The initial extract was dosed to the patients three times daily in 100mg aliquots for six months.

The blood glucose levels of all 31 subjects were closely monitored. It was revealed that the 26 patients receiving the initial extract no longer required maintaining diet discipline after the first month and examination showed remission of the disease after three months.
Fifteen patients were said to have continued receiving medication for the remaining three months of the trial.

All those who volunteered for the experiment appeared to have recovered from the disease and have returned to their normal life prior to the diagnosis of the disease.

Nelson, 61, who holds a doctorate degree in Molecular and Computational Chemistry from the University of Ibadan, hails from Nsit Ubium Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

He served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2001, worked with the Raw Materials Research and Development Council.

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26 thoughts on “Nigerian scientist, Dr. Louis Obyo Nelson Finds Cure for Diabetes”

  1. Greetings People

    I found this critical comment about the “Diabetes cure” discovered by this Nigerian gentleman scientist. It appears there is some controversy over whether a “cure” was discovered or “a traditional diabetes management herb” has been unfairly patented. The letter is posted below.

    Don Jaide

    Letter Written By Dr. A Ijimere criticizing the “Diabetes cure”

    I wrote a lengthy comment on Nelson\’s so-called patent which ThiSDay has refused to publish. (I also write a comment on this Nelson misleading self-advertisement in 2003). Nelson is claiming a patent on bitter leaves (ewuro) which Nigerian herbalists, and herbalists in other parts of the worldd, have been using to control (not cure) diabetes for ages. This is 419 of the acada type. Let those who have a little science background go on-line and read this so-called patent and judge for themselves. Nelson is a chemist, but is claiming a patent based on spurious clinical studies he is not ethically qualified to conduct. Worse, his \’patent\’ does not contain any quality chemical evidence that he isolated and characterized the anti-diabetic principle of ewuro. The chemistry contained in his \’patent\’ is disgraceful. In willful ignorance, as usual of many Nigerians, these comentators are crowing over this dubious patent. Let anyone who wants to get the benefit of ewuro (bitter leaf) go eat ewuro (bitter leaf) and not wait for Nelson\’s \”invention\”. This noise over Nelson\’s so-called invention is a disgrace to Nigeria. Thank God, anyway for the few voices of reason and science like Kingsley, and the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria.

    A. ijimere, PhD

  2. Lily and other pharmaceutical firms have their drugs ratified easily so Dr. Nelsons’drug will be scrutinized worldwide for safety.If this helps control diabetes it will be a positive event.

  3. I hope this cure for diabetes by Dr Obyo Nelson is not another Maurice Iwu type discovery…remember Iwu’s discovery of Ebola cure and all the $millions of funding he received as a result but nothing to show for it? Iwu even used the opportunity to work all his relatives and those who could afford his charges, over to the US where they all now sojourn.

    I am very skeptical of this latest claim of discovery, as 419 now comes in various shapes and forms.

    May God help us.

  4. Although there might be tangible and evident issues about this, let us stop this whole skepticism and support him. I know this is coming about because he is an African and a Nigerian to be precise. But know that those are stereotypes and his drug could even cure you. Who knows. Don’t discourage him please.

  5. I want to commend Dr Obyo for his effort and Pray that God who gave him the wisdom should continue to help him see the product on the shelfs of Nigerian Pharmacautical Stores.Let those who criticized him sit and make their own research instead of talking nonsence.

  6. That is a really good continuation. I just hope this is truelly genuine and Dr Obyo is for real and not depending on someone else’s knowledge for this and ends up receiving all the honor. I think Nigerians should take bolder steps towards discovery and encouragement of Scientists. My advice….start from childhood and make parents aware of the imporance of IQ development. Its a long term good for the nation in the future. LOL

  7. There is a type of diabetes that is common amongst us called, Ketosis Prone Type 2 diabetes. It is famous for being acute and then lapsing into remission. Any test that doesn’t control for this seems suspect.

  8. To find how to treat sick is not easy let pray to God to help us help any body that is abale to carry Nigeria forward in any way

  9. This is not the time to criticize rather the time to encourage…good citizens of nigeria, Lets come out in mass and give him a shoulder!

  10. It will be a thing joy to have a cure which can cure/reverse diabetes.I also wish to congratulate the Dr. for this great invention . But my main concern is that no one knows the name of this medicine and no person has person has also testified to having been cured by this so called doctor . So I advice this dr to make himself genuine unless he’s been paid off.

  11. i am a diabetic patient, how do get the medicine from this man of our time (Dr. Nelson Obyo Obyo Louis)? please i need help. whenever i take any orthodose drugs, my sugar level goes normal; but i can not any food that contains carbohydrtates like any other human being. all attempt to get medication that would be efficacious proved abortive. i look forward to be as another experiment by this gentleman. thank you and remain bless.

    1. I am diabetic and my blood sugar’s well controlled and I eat anything…I take 500mg of chlorbinese manufactured by Neimeth, in the morning…I also take Amino pep syrup n normal multi-vitamins..lotta vegetables(bitter leaf, ugwu), drink water very well to detoxify well…walk exercise for 20 minutes every evenin…have been fine for so many years now…see your doctor though, this works for me.

  12. Pleas carry the general public along with this findings. So that many people can benefit. people are suffering and dieing from this ailment every day, let the government do something quickly to facilitate the introduction and sale of this drugs

  13. I agree with Mr. Felix Tetteh. It’s all about Mr. Nelson being African and a Nigerian. Serious stereotyping . Besides that , the Doctors in the United States don’t want to see a cure for any disease . And that’s all about MONEY, not healing. I’m just saying.

  14. All forms of drugs are poisons/toxins. If you are diabetic or have any form of dis-ease in the body, let foods be your medicine. Stop relying on pharmaceutical chemicals that actually causes dis-ease in the first place for help. Remember there is no money in cure.

    The moringa olifeira plant can help you with diabetes. If you reside in tropical or subtropical areas you can grow your own moringa which is known to cure over 300 diseases. All parts of the moringa plant can be eaten but be mindful of the roots because it is the most potent portion of the plant. Moringa can grow in colder climates, too, but you can either treat it as an annual or place it indoors during the winter months. In ideal temperatures, the moringa plant can grow up to 10ft per year, so be prepared to make use of your blender or your juicer. Feed moringa to your children. Experiment and come up with your own recipes. Moringa is not bitter but rather green tasting.

    In some cultures, the pods are cooked and eaten but I prefer to take moringa in a raw form. The raw plant is also sold in East Indian supermarkets throughout the Greater Toronto Area. As long as you are on a frankenfood – GMO diet, you should add moringa to your daily intake. Moringa blends well with apples and lemons. It can be juiced or blended with raw fruit/frozen fruits. Some people make a tea but I prefer to take moringa raw. You can also purchase moringa powder online or ask your local health food store to carry the powder. Some parts of the world use moringa seeds to purify water, if it can do that to water, imagine what it can do for your body.

    I and some of my family members who uses moringa can attest to its benefits. Why wait until you have a dis-ease start taking it NOW. I personally experienced some of the benefits to taking moringa listed online for the short while I have been consuming it. I have a cousin who whenever she vacations in Jamaica brings moringa back by the suitcase. The moringa plant means that much to her. She is 42, beautiful and healthy with no trace of wrinkles, grey hair or any other signs of aging. Additionally, she takes very good care of herself not only by watching what she eats but also in the way she treats others – one must harbor all aspects of wholistic health in order to be healthy – mind, body and spirit. You could say she is also a Rasta at heart. My cousin was always a champion of the environment before it became a fad to be green. I think some people are born to be this way. She has a lily plant (some Jamaicans love lilies) that she has been growing for almost 20 years. The only thing she has ever fed that plant was water but she also talks to it and treats it with respect. Enough about my cousin the people and animal loving, environmentally conscious person who is obviously well balanced.

    Anyhow, as far as diabetes goes, you should add bitter plants such as cerassee, bitter melon, aloe vera and neem. Other non bitter plants that can assist you with diabetes are nopal (cactus), dandelion root, mango leaves, periwinkle, eucalyptus leaf, Spanish needle, lignum vitae, guinea hen weed (also excellent for cancer).

    Don’t be fooled by the criminal pharmaceutical industry who is only interested in making us sick for a profit, diabetes can be controlled or cured through diet but it is up to you to take charge of your own health. One cannot continue to eat unhealthy and rely on pills/poisons/toxic chemicals to make you healthy. Become the doctor within by watching what you eat – treat your body like a temple and do not defile it with unhealthy foods or habits. A healthy diet free of GMO foods will result in a healthy body – nothing else make sense to me. You should not only go green with the environment, go green with your body. Why try to save the planet and not only yourself from disease. Why save the planet when no humans will be around to enjoy it because we fail to take care of ourselves and we freely allowed the government and their pharmaceutical partners to poison us with drugs and GMO as foods.

  15. sir,i am diabetic,i need a cure.kindly help with dr.louis obyo nelson’s contacts or his marketers,where i can get the drugs.

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