Moorish Kings of Europe: The Black Europeans they don’t want you to know about

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19 thoughts on “Moorish Kings of Europe: The Black Europeans they don’t want you to know about”

    1. Another mental albino flying off his hooks.. shocked and dazed by my true story.

      If you have eyes, you will see that your lies are dis-spelled. They have no power against pictures and images presented from the Muurish perspective.

      Welcome to Rasta Livewire, where we tell the other half of the story.

      Welcome to Rasta Livewire, where we burn out the ignorance in robots like you.

    2. This is double standard.

      There are Negroid Africans and non Negroid Africans


      There are no Blancoid Europeans and non Blancoid Europeans

      Why is that?

      Europeans have created a negroid category in a lame attempt to separate

      1) the dark brown skinned Africans who dominated the world scene, including Europe for thousands of years like the Moors, Egyptians and Ethiopians

      The so called non Negroid dark brown skinned Africans civilized, colonized, enslaved, Christianized Europeans. They taught Europeans everything. Europeans intermixed and intermarried with them. Historians tend to lie but DNA does not. Europeans share the Somalid e1b1 haplogroup with East Ethiopians.


      2) the dark brown skinned Africans they enslaved and colonized, the so called Negroes.

      Let me propose two categories of Europeans: the Blancoid (the Slavic, the Germanic, the Germanic Europeans who never founded a civilization

      and the non Blancoid (the Greeks and Romans) who created the Greco-Roman civilization.

      North Africa was inhabited by dark brown skinned people.

      That is why the paintings and other representations of early Christians or Saints from North Africa are hidden.

      Showing all these paintings will reveal the truth.

      The so called North Africans (with light or white skin) are invaders or slaves from Europe or Asia.

      1. Actually the only people in Africa that are even Technically African are the South Africans which are white. When The continent was stolen by Africanis which was a white ruler who invaded comet and then named the country Africa after himself

    3. Pahaha well of course NOT…black means pale, livid, wan, and colorless…
      Present day Europeans are black…as in Blanco, bleak, bleach etc

  1. Of course they don’t want this known, they enjoy lying so they seem like the only people
    to have accomplished anything of grandeur on this planet. Rasta Livewire keep informing
    the people so they’ll be encouraged to research on their own.

    1. If they slaves why were they depicted as kings in artwork and sculptures in europe to thisday u need to travel or google research these things before open your openly ignorantly racist mouth. Smdh some white people are so stupidly blinded byhate its funnyu r a joke

      1. Arab slave trade did happen in a major way but we were Kings way before that. We dominated the ancient periods. Even gave the Romans an Alphabet them and the Greeks !

  2. Arabs are not native Africa…they invaded in the 7th century ad and kept coming in waves long after. There isn’t a single non black group that originated on the African continent.

    1. Everyone in the world oringinated on Africa the oldest corpse ever found is a black eastern African Woman google it also google the eve gene but im warning u it might make u wanna kill yourself of youre as raciat as u sound lmao

  3. Everywhere you see a statue with it’s nose knocked off is where white people tried to hide the truth. White people see the movie God’s of Egypt, and think that white people really walk around with no shirts in Egypt. They didn’t have spf, whatever the hell cause I don’t use or need that shit, back then

  4. The very ones who delayed (as much as they could), the Khazarian Empire being known, from which the NON-Semitic Ashkenazi Jews, were created in +/- 740 A.D. used their control over the kosher media, (which includes TEXT books), to obscure the VERY advanced Moors.
    Perhaps to facilitate their PROMINENT role in western slavery. It’s slowly becoming known that the Ashkenazi Jews played a major role in not only enslaving African blacks, but Irish whites as well.
    It makes one wonder just how much has been hidden of the ancient past by those who control our universities, which IN TURN control most of the grants to archaeology and, thereby how much and WHAT is revealed to the public.
    It seems literally every day there are more and more “leaks”as to the things hidden from the public regarding the ancient world. Which invariably chips away at the biblical accuracy of the Bible and Qu’ran. A rather insidious way to slowly destroy a nation’s spirituality and leads to the many perversions/depravities being embraced by the west.

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