Moors Arose From Caananite/Phoenician Africans – Marc Washington’s Perspective

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The Moors of Caanan
The Moors of Caanan


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7 thoughts on “Moors Arose From Caananite/Phoenician Africans – Marc Washington’s Perspective”

  1. Thanks ! But it is necessary to note that all “black- skin” people are not the descendants of HAM According to the Bible Ham is the progenitor of the DARK RACES except for THE NEGROES.

    1. IgboAbroad- who is interpreting the Bible for you. Please give me the chapter and verse where it explains this. There were no distinction between Black skin until contemporary times. Indians or East Asians were called Negroes before Africans were. They were also called Niggers before Africans as well. Aborigines from Austrailia were also called Negroes and Niggers. Please explain why all of a sudden there is a difference between Negroes which means Black. Then, explain to why are all White Races the same, but not Negroes.

    2. To even quote a European source to prove that Negroes didn’t come from Ham is repugnant!!!! No people called Negroes existed anywhere on Earth, not in ancient times. And there are no tribes called Negroes today. These Caucasians deliberately set out to cause confusion. Negro is a spanish term for the color Black like Ethiops is the Greek and Mauri or Moor in Latin. It is nothing More than deception to try to equate anything else to it. Ham is not a Historical person, most of Genesis is METAPHOR, to view it otherwise does nothing but cause chaos and confusion.

  2. The Moors were originally Israelites.The word Moor is traced back to Mount Moriah(MOOR-YAH) the site where Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac
    and the location of the former Solomonic Temple. In this regard an Israelite teacher was known as a Moreh(MOOR-EYEH). In Africa the original Black Moors were from the Igbo and Mande tribes. The most prominent of the latter being the Mandingo. In the United States the Moorish Zion Temple was started by Rabbi Richieleu who was born in French Morocco. The Moorish Zion Temple taught the Moorish Israelite Islamic identity of African-Americans. Noble Drew Ali,the founder of the Moorish Science Temple was originally taught in the Moorish Zion Temple. In time the Israelite identity gradually shifted from Israelite to Canaanite and Moabite etc. THE ISRAELITE ISLAMIC MOORS OF THE AMERICAS are now reviving the knowledge of the Israelite origins of the Moors(QARAIMS777@LIVE.COM)

    1. Moriah or Murriah in Hausa means “the voice” or “the call”. My grand father’s name is Munda(which has no meaning in hausa) a girl is given “Munde” for a name in ancient time.
      In my research, Munda appears to be the capital of moors in Spain. Take! the place where Hannibal Barka and Scipion the african battle took place is called “Zama Regia” : “Be a well!” sometimes written “Zaman Regia” : “settlement around a well” in hausa language. Till now there is this “well” which water is attributed some virtues. Tunisians say “Horra! the white” to moke black women, they don’t now that this word is Hausa. We can find many Hausa names in Morroco: Zaki(lion), Arziki( prosperity) etc. Hausa were hourites in ancient time; they spread all over the world. The capital of the ten tribes of israel is SAMARIA (a group of young people), Realm of Mitanni (Mutanne:people)

  3. Abraham father was Shemitic and his Mother was Hamitic. His mother and father naturally was distance cousins. Long story short we family

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