Laws of Rasta Livity – The Itations of Jide Uwechia

The Laws of Rastafari Livity:

Honour all men and women.

Love the brotherhood.

Love Jah!

Honour the king… our king…

The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

1 Peter 2 verse 17

27 thoughts on “Laws of Rasta Livity – The Itations of Jide Uwechia”

  1. I just wanted to ask you something. I assume you know a lot about Rastafari and the culture around it. I’ve read that Rastalivity is just the livity, the righteous rules that you live by, so there for I was wondering if you can call yourself a rastaman without being convinced that Haile Selassie I (Bless his soul) is the reincarnation of Jesus? I am not trying to offend or criticize, I simply want to know what people think about it. I am sorry for my ignorance but I read a lot about RastafarI and I really love the message, the community, the oneness, the love of nature and the love for all living beings but can one be Rasta without the belief in Haile Selassie I? Please give me your thoughts about it, would truly help me a lot.

    One love!

    1. Can you be a Christian without the knowledge of Christ? Or a Mohammedian without the knowledge of Mohammed, or Buddahist without acknowleding Buddah? To be a Rasta man, one must know, accept and live by the teachings of Rasta. Rasta is the name Haile Selassie was called before he became the Emperor and changed his name to Haile Selassie I. To be a Rasta’s man is to be a Rastaman.

      I don’t know what you are talking about “believing” in this or that. Rastas have no idols to believe in. Rasta man deal with natural science, natural mystics, and knowledge. Truth and wisdom, so although Rastas respect all beliefs, Rastas do not partake in any beliefs. InI is scientists knowers! Rastas overstand. Overstand.

      InI do not “worship” the King. InI honour the King.

      I honour my King by living according to his teachings, according to his livity, according to his works.

      Overstand, this.

      One Love


      1. Thanks Jahdey, because I have had that same question for weeks now. You are the first person to give me an answer that I could overstand. I appreciate your help.

    2. Who r we praising u cant make all these names confuse u. be 4 all the almighty walked with adam and adem was the first man so jah is the only king the beginning and the end

    3. Yes. A rasta is a person who puts Jah first above all else. So with that said, if you put Jah first and understand that everyone is equal, you can call yourself a rasta. Rastafari is a complicated spiritual mindset with no “official” beliefs. It is a very elegant and rewarding lifestyle. The Rastas worship the same God as the Christians and Jews. It’s no different.

  2. Hi, yah people. I salutt you all and ask for a great love of thigh mercy,strenght,wisdom and the vas of all power to you all and enabble you to establish all life posibilities. But i strivly plead with almighty [YAH] to paddon all unwanted expectations happens in our live times. Bye bye.

  3. I believe that Rastarfarian r a special religion,that was formated through spiritual beliefs.However d KINGS OF KINGS & LORD’ of LORD’ is JESUS.JAH derive from d name man that have walked among us and b reconize,cannot b d KING OF KING’S.I can understand d belief due to some Rastar quotation.with all respect due!where does d marijuana smoking comes in?i love all people,i do admire Rastas for their untold strenght.. JAH BLESS..

    1. Smoking comes from the bible. The holy oil that the Israelites used had about 4kg of flowering bud(them boys were on mars). In exodus 30:23 it give the ingredients for this holy oil. You see that it mentions 250 shekels of qaneh-bosm. A shekel was about .0016 kg or maybe a little more.

      Gen 1:29-31 states that the Ancient of Days provided herb for the service of men. In Isaiah 18:4-5 there is an analogy for cannabis smoking made by The Most High.

      Every time The Most High is seen in the bible they are burning incense of herb.

      It is a spiritual food. Nothing but positive vibrations flow with the use of cannabis. To me consumption of cannabis brings in a Buddha like state. I’m no rasta, but I hope that helped.

  4. Jah is the king of kings & lords of lords jesus is his only begotton son the name god come from greek (gods&goddess) dont be fooled one love one faith one destination

  5. i live the rastar life coz is ho im as rastars we are one in the name of i n i jah bless only one psam 121

  6. I feel many rasta’s have many different ideal’s of rastafariasm.Some that may refer to Jah as god or his majesty haille salasie.Rasta live by the twelve tribe’s and salute man that put his people to war against musalini and when his people died for there cause were thrown altogeather into deep grave’s such as in the haulicaust of the jews.Whilst his majesty lived in luxerie of gold with several car’s.Rasta’s are not ment to eat frm the vine,but many a rasta will you see with a brandy in there hand’s.Rasta should also wear man made fibre’s but of modern society will se them wear fashion of leather.But saying this,everyone should appreciate somene who has a belief and a faith in something.But before making a commitment to a certain religion or faith,should learn about the fullness and the law of nazerath.

  7. I have read the holy pibby and the bible, I believe africa is our homeland and the west is babylon. But I am white. I have always been confused as to the rastafari view of the white man and the rastafari movement. In no way do I mean to call in racism. I know I and I are non affiliated non political non violent inity. But I know mortimer planno felt I and I as white a symbol of western oppression. Just curious. Praise and please Jah Rastafari

  8. If You Know The Truth.. And It’s Right In Front Of Your Face…
    But You Still Deny..H.I.M His Rights…
    In 1930 November 2 His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I was crowned King of Kings Lord of Lords of Ethiopia and sat upon David’s throne in Ethiopia the throne of Menelik I as “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Elect of God Almighty, the Defender of the Faith.” It is the Emperor who has been chosen by Christ to represent David in Judah in Christ name and to defend this throne until the second coming of our Lord and Savior at which time only the Father in heaven knows.

  9. Trent, Color is just a color Rastafari the color of man means nothing we were all created equal by the most high.Its either in your heart or it isn’t. Bless!!

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