Jamaican Teenager is the Tallest Girl in the World

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Originally from Jamaica, Marvadene is five inches taller than her idol, the basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Marvadene, weighs 15st and wears size 11 shoes, and it seems it runs in the family as her older sister, Kimberly, is 6ft 4in and calls her sister the “baby giant.”

“Marvadene is wonderful addition to the school and the basketball team here,” said JJ Quenault, 42, a teacher at Rutgers Preparatory School.

“The other girls were stunned by her height when they first met her and I must admit so was I, but now she is almost irreplaceable in the team.

“She is going to be a star in the world of girls’ basketball and even though she has only recently adapted to basketball from netball, we expect a big future from her.”

Attending classes at the New Jersey school, Marvadene is used to towering over her teachers.

“I work in the school photographic department and so have taken a few pictures of Marvadene,” said JJ.

“To see her standing over her teacher Peter Richardson is quite amusing, as he is five foot eight and she of course is the world’s tallest teenage girl at 6ft 11in.”

Marvadene took the title from Thai national Malee Duangdee who stands at 6ft 10in.

“People are friendly with me because of my height and my personality. If I was tall and mean, I think I’d have a problem,” she said.

“The rudest thing anybody ever said about my height is that I’m not going to be able to find a husband.”


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