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There are four Blood types within the ABO
A, B, AB, AND O.

Alongside of the four Blood Types there is a Rhesus(Rh) Factor which further divides the Blood Types into Positive(+) and Negative(-) classifications.

With this understanding the four types are now listed in 8 divisions:
A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-,O+,O-

The Rhesus Factor is that which determines if a Blood Type is Positive or Negative.

To understand the Rhesus Factor we have to understand the disease HDN (Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn).

It was medical research that sought to obtain a greater understanding of HDN that led to the emergence of the Rhesus Factor.

HDN is a reactionary disease in which an Rh Negative Mother rejects her Rh Positive Fetus by instictively attacking the red blood cells of the Fetus. In agglutinating the red blood cells the pregnancy often results in miscarriage or Still born births.

HDN is very rare in Non- White populations since Rh Negative Blood is a rare occurence amongst Non-Whites as well. Amongst White woman 1 in 10 pregnancies consist of a Rhesus Negative Mother and a Rhesus Positive baby.

The first known occurance of HDN is a documentation from a Medical record in 1609 in which a Mother of twins in France experienced what appeared to be Hemolytic Disease of the New born(HDN).

However the turning point towards our modern day understanding took place in 1939 when Levine and Stetson reported the case of a Stillborn birth. The Mother had received a blood transfusion from her husband and her Serum agglutinated her husband’s red blood cells and those of 80% of compatible donors.

This case inspired the groundbreaking research of 1940,conducted by Landsteiner and Weiner. In a laboratory Test, red blood cells from a Rhesus (Rh) Monkey were injected into a Rabbit.The Rabbit Serum agglutinated the Rhesus Monkey’s red blood cells and 85% of human red blood cells as well. The Rabbit Serum(antibody) was called ” Anti Rh “.The Rabbit Serum had an identical response to agglutinating red blood cells as that of the Serum produced by the Mothers in the cases of HDN(Hemolytic Disease of the New born).

Those whose red blood cells were agglutinated by the Rabbit Serum were labeled Rh (Rhesus) Positive meaning that the Rabbit Serum responds to this type of blood in a similar manner to which it responded to the blood of the Rhesus Monkey.This became the basis for the Rh Positive blood types.

Those whose red blood cells did not agglutinate when coming in contact with the Rabbit Serum were considered to be Rh(Rhesus) Negative meaning that the Rabbit Serum did not react to their blood in the same manner that it reacted to the Rhesus Monkey. This became the basis for the Negative blood types.

Interestingly, those who have Rh Negative blood have the ability to produce ” Rabbit Serum”.This is why a Mother with Rh Negative Blood will agglutinate the red blood cells of a Rh Positive Newborn in the same exact manner of the Rabbit Serum. In this regard the Rabbit Serum was labeled Rabbit Anti Rh, while the same identical Serum found in humans was called Human Anti Rh. This was the result of intensive comparative testing which took place in 1941and found that the Rabbit and Human Serum were identical.

There is a very logical reason why Rh Negative individuals who are almost exclusively from the White race are able to produce Rabbit Serum. However in order to draw attention away from the Rabbit Serum producing phenomenon the research shifted its focus to the supposed similarity between those who have Rh Positive blood and the Rhesus Monkey.

The reported commonality between Rh Positive human blood and that of the Rhesus Monkey was the presence of Antigen D which appears on the red blood cells in both the humans and the monkeys. However Antigen D is not present in those humans who are Rh Negative. This discovery led to many tales, rumors,and theories about the relationship between Rh Positive and Rh Negative humans. There were those within the Rh Negative camp that boasted of being uniquely unrelated to Simians while identifying Rh Positive humans as being those who were spawned by gorillas. This entire theory proved ridiculous as all humans including those who are Rh Negative are 98% genetically identical to Gorillas and Chimpanzees. The absence of the D Antigen is not going to make a bit of
difference in determining whether one is related
to the Gorilla or not.

By nature White Supremacy could not help but take advantage of another opportunity to deceive, since those classified as Rh Negative are almost entirely comprised of members of the White Race. The following is a racial breakdown of those with Rh Negative blood:

1. Whites 15%

2. African-Americans 7%( Largely due to admixture with Whites)

3. African descent 3%

4. Native-Americans 1%

5. Asians 0.3%

As mentioned above human DNA is 98% identical to the Gorilla and the Chimpanzee.Therefore the absence of Antigen D is not going to make the slightest difference in proving that one is not related to the Gorilla in comparison to others who share the commonality of Antigen D with the Gorillla. The deceptive propaganda attempted to use Rh Negative results to promote White Supremacy ideologies which identified Non-Whites as having ” Gorilla DNA “,while at the same time claiming that the Original White Race was Rh Negative and therefore unrelated to the Simian Family.

All of this of course being a distraction to deviate focus from the Phenomenon that Rh Negative humans were able to create an identical Serum to that of the Rabbit. In a greater attempt to obstruct or discourage focus Levine suddenly claimed in 1963 that Anti Rh human was somehow different than Anti Rh Rabbit Serum. He even ridiculously claimed that Rabbit Serum now responded the same to Rh Positive and Rh Negative blood samples.

If this was the case then it would not be the commonality of Antigen D that was causing the Rabbit Serum to respond the same to Rh Positive humans and the Rhesus Monkey, as Rh Negative humans did not produce Antigen D. It would further undermine the entire basis for establishing Positive and Negative blood types as Rh Positive was based on the similar response that the Rabbit Serum had in agglutinating the red blood cells of the Rhesus Monkey and the red blood cells of those humans who are now classified as Rh Positive.

If the Rabbit Serum agglutinated the red blood cells of those now classified as Rh Negative then there would be no distinguishing factor being that the absence of Antigen D would now be irrelevant to the response of the Rabbit Serum. It was the fact that the Rabbit Serum did not Agglutinate the red blood cells of those with Rh Negative blood that formed the distinction and basis for establishing the Rh Negative classification in the first place. In order to seal the cover up Rabbit Anti Rh was now renamed Anti LW in honor of Landsteiner and Weiner.

In understanding the fact that Rh Negative individuals have the ability to produce Rabbit Serum will now serve as the introduction for the greater understanding about
how this actually came to be. The highest percentage of Rh Negative blood is found in Spain amongst the ethnic Basque population.The name Spain derives from the Phoenician word Ispahan meaning the “Land of the Rabbits”. This name is related to the Hebrew Saphan/Safan which likewise means Rabbit. The Spanish word for Rabbit derives from the Basque language as the Basques were the original inheritors of the ” Land of the Rabbits”.

The European association and attachment to the Rabbit is alarming. Until very recently it was a very popular tradition in England that on the 1st of each and every month one would have to say: ” Rabbit,Rabbit, Rabbit!”
three times. This was a way of assuring Good luck for the remainder of the month.This tradition carried over into the United States. There is documentation that President Roosevelt confessed to a friend that on the 1st of every month he says Rabbits!

In English speaking countries including the United States it was very common to carry a Rabbit’s foot for Good Luck. This tradition is believed to be motivated by the fact that the Rabbit is highy fertile and in this regard its body parts were seen as a sign of Goodluck.
The foot at one time was considered to be a Phallic symbol and an inspiring amulet to encourage or enhace fertility. The association between the Rabbit and fertility was the main reason why the Rabbit became a symbol for the Spring Season and was further associated with the Easter Egg.

The European obsession with the Rabbit as a symbol of fertility led to some very strange rituals which must have included the consumption and absorption of large quantities of Rabbit fluids in hope of obtaining fertility. The inappropriate contact and consumption of Rabbit fluids on a continual and generational basis gradually caused mutations to occur in relation to Antigen D.

In certain lineages Antigen D could no longer be produced as the mutation disabled both copies of the RHD gene, while in other lineages it caused one copy to become non functional. In the case of the latter the one functioning copy was able to produce Antigen D and thus being classified as Rh Positive. This condition of having one non functioning copy of the RHD gene is known as RHD Silent Allele.

The deviant consumption of large amounts of Rabbit fluids over several generations would have been enough to permanently alter the genetic composition of 60% of the White Race. 15% of the White race was effected to the point of not being able to produce Antigen D at all,while another 45% suffers from RHD Silent Allele.

Over the centuries segments of the White Race have been gradually mutating as a result of inappropriate consumption of Rabbit fluids that have altered and eliminated the function and existence of Antigen D which has effected 60% of the White population. In some cases the RH Negative blood type is more compatible to the Rabbit than other human beings.

In this regard they logically use Rabbit experimentation for their own benefit in trying to understand their own
genetically mutated bodies. When the White Scientists needed an answer to HDN they immediately understood the need to access an “experimental” Rabbit.

The first transfer of embryos took place in 1890
as a number of Rabbit embryos were successfully
transplanted to another female Rabbit carrier.

In 2006, CNN reported that British scientists are seeking permission to create hybrid embryos by fusing human cells with Rabbit eggs. Legal experts say that it is not clear whether the embryos would be regarded as Rabbit or human.

adult cell embryo

There are serious plans for the use of Rabbits for the colonization of Mars:

rabbits on mars


Within the 8 Blood Type Groupings O Negative has been labeled the Ultimate Donor because all other Blood Types can receive transfusions from this Blood Type without rejection or consequences of any sort. The Rh Negative is not the basis for the Ultimate Donor but it is rather Blood Type O in general that provides the nucleus for the Ultimate Donor. This becomes perfectly clear when we divide and analyse the two elements which comprise the Ultimate Donor. These elements are the O Blood Type and the Negative Rhesus Factor.

It is only the Rh Negative Factor accompanied by the Blood Type O that defines the Ultimate Donor. All others such as A Negative, B Negative, and AB Negative do not exhibit any capability in this regard. However Blood Type O with Rh Positive status serves as an Ultimate Donor for all other Blood Types which are RH Positive. This indicates that the significance in the Ultimate Donor Status lies within the O Blood Type and not within the Rhesus Factor. This obviously has something to do with the fact that the majority of people in all races belong to Blood Type O.

Now that it has been established that O Positive acts as an Ultimate Donor for all Rh Positive Blood Types and O Negative acts as an Ultimate Donor for all Rh Negative Blood Types it leaves us only to determine why O Negative can give to all Rh Positive Blood Types,and O Positive cannot donate to any Rh Negative Blood Types.

The answer to this lies in understanding the nature of the mutation and defect that constitutes Rh Negative Blood. Those with Rh Negative Blood produce a Rabbit Serum that agglutinates the Red Blood Cells that are found amongst those with Rh Positive Blood Types and therefore one with Rh Negative Blood cannot receive blood from Rh Positive donors. In this regard that which is an unnatural mutation and genetical defect (Rh Negative) cannot receive that which is most natural to human creation (Rh Positive). This is the very nature of the defect which is Rh Negative. Rh Negative is characterized by one who has two defective copies of the RHD Gene rendering the individual incapable of producing Antigen D. Others who have been effected by the mutation and have one functioning copy and one defective copy of the RHD Gene suffer from what is known as RHD Silent Allele. Rh Negative is a genetical defect not a sign of genetical superiority.


Negative blood simply means that an individual has a genetical defect in which both copies of the RHD Gene are not able to produce Antigen D. By the nature of creation genetical defects are often limited by a natural inability to reproduce. Even though cloning may be an unnatural process it success relies on the natural ability of cells to reproduce. Being that RH Negative blood is a genetical defect its ability to reproduce is limited by nature.


As stated earlier the Basque people of Spain who are aboriginal to the Iberian Peninsula have the highest concentration of RH Negative Blood. This is O Negative to be specific. The following link explains how to this day Rabbit is a major part of the Basque Cuisine. It also mentions some of the sacred Rabbit traditions that are a part of their heritage. The name Spain itself means ” The Land of Rabbits “. The Rh Negative MUTATION or DEFECT was caused by a continuous generational intake of Rabbit fluids.

basque rabbits

The tradition of the Rabbit became so powerful in Europe that the symbol of three hares came to represent the Church and the Trinity. The link below exhibits the importance of the Rabbit icon in relation to the European Churches:

UK Hares

Debunking the White Supremacy Myth of Rh Negative Blood.

1. Rh Positive people evolved from Simians because it is proven that they are related to the Rhesus Monkey, while Rh Negative people are non-evolutionary beings. FALSE

Science has not proven that Rh Positive individuals are anymore or less related to the Rhesus Monkey or any other type of Simian than those with Rh Negative Blood. Rh Positive Blood simply means that your body is normal and healthy in regards to its ability to produce Antigen D,while those with Rh Negative Blood suffer from a mutation and genetical defect which results in the dysfunction of RHD Genes. Yes the Rhesus Monkey also produces Antigen D which is one of many commonalities that are shared by Primates of all sorts. Humans have tongues and Monkeys have tongues. Can you imagine a person born with a birth defect which resulted in this individual not having a tongue. claiming that he has less in common with Simians because of this defect, while at the same time accusing humans born with tongues as being related to the Monkey because of this shared commonality.

2. O Negative Blood is the most superior because it is the Ultimate Donor. FALSE

By nature Blood Type O is the Ultimate Donor it is not the Rhesus Factor which gives it this status.

3. Rh Negative Blood is superior because it can’t be cloned FALSE

Nature has a way of limiting that which is defective. Although cloning itself is an unnatural process it is based on the natural ability of cells to reproduce and multiply. In this way nature has limited the ability to reproduce that which is defective and therefore Rh Negative blood cannot be cloned.

4. The White Race is Superior because they have the highest percentage of Rh Negative Blood: FALSE

Rh Negative blood is a genetical defect and a mutation. 15% of Whites have two defective copies of the RHD Gene which results in their inability to produce Antigen D. Another 45% of Whites suffer from one defective RHD Gene. Those of the latter classification have one defective RHD Gene and one functioning RHD Gene. In this setting the one functioning copy produces Antigen D and therefore they are classified as Rh Positive. However they are living evidence as to the evolutionary process of the mutation that disproportionately plagues the White Race.

All humans are 98% genetically identical to Gorillas and Chimpanzees. Having defective RHD Genes does not make any difference in proving or disproving that one is superior in regards to the theories of evolution.

AB is the only blood type not found amongst gorillas. AB Positive is the ultimate recipent it can generate life from all blood types. However no one can receive AB Positive Blood and live. Within the plasma of the AB Positive Blood is a gift called liquid gold which everyone can receive. It is used to fight off infections. AB POSITIVE is the BLOOD type found on the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium face cloth. It is the blood type of Jesus Christ.



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  1. Great article and I hope many non-Caucasians read and understand what you’re saying.

    Another fact that’s really gonna surprise them is that the RHD or Rh+ gene, the most potent or highly immunogenic is the most recent duplication. Seems to me like Mother Nature had already decided she wanted her human creation on a different genetic path to their primate ancestors while we were still on the continent; and begs the question: Why did what seems like a genetic dead-end (for homo-sapiens at least) become re-integrated into the human genome?

    1. I’m a RH negative (O negative) black woman. Eveeytime I try to research this I get a bunch of white supremacist views and nothing relating to me. I hope the truth comes out one day.

    2. Stupid, so my family eat a lot or rabbits and rh + ate a lot of monkeys lol the shroud has been proven fake and not old enough. It’s a picture made with the sun and camera type device. It’s not even blood.

  2. Interesting article at first until it becomes clear that there is a reverse superiority bias, and the language that describes consuming rabbits as somehow unnatural or perverse–at that point scientific logic goes out the window and then it becomes one racial supremacy against another.

    Most open minded people of any race accept the commonality of all humans. It is the prejudiced people that wish to pit cultures against one another. So this diatribe ends up sounding as biased as any white supremacy BS. You don’t fight hate with hate. In my experience I would guess that most races have an equal amount of prejudice against other races. Each race has had slavery and wars with other cultures. Each race has dietary preferences based on their culture.

    Some Africans consume cow blood. Asians like dog meat, raw fish and sea urchin eggs among other oddities. Arabs eat camel products. Some primitive tribes eat insects & monkeys. Caucasians eat horse meat, foi gras, caviar & veal. Each race/culture has their own cultural oddities. I suppose I left out cannibalism in some primitive cultures. Eating rabbit, which most cultures do, is irrelevant.

    You have failed to make your point while otherwise attempting to be scientific, unfortunately letting politics interfere. Drop the racial stereotyping, it doesn’t work in any context. Eating rabbit might affect DNA and evolution in some regard, just like any foods do. I suppose you could extend your logic as to why Caucasians have the genetically based enzymes to digest lactose while other don’t, same with gluten. Yes people adapt to their environments and what foods are in abundance.

    1. I agree with you Scott. I was really starting to like this article because it gives Rh negatives a reality check, but then it closed with this “We’re actually better” garbage that just sounds equally ego-driven. I’m Rh negative, but I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. A little part of me, I’m afraid, does like to think I have special DNA or that I come from an alien race, but that’s my dirty ego. Anyway, I give a thumbs down to this author for such immature reporting.

      1. you and Scott sound racist . there are a lot of white people who believe that they are better . Because rh negative factor. they even posted supremacists all over the web page and Internet if you read

      2. I thought his comments were the best ive seen on the internet regarding this matter. And im a white Caucasian. Entertaining and exact. Who are you whites there to judge his work, like grandiose supremacy judging what and what cant be said. I think you should either read it or leave it, and if you have nothing good to say piss off as we say in Australia.

    2. every time I go on the Internet to Google about RH negativ blood. I get tons or white people saying that they are RH negative and have blue eyes in green eyes and red hair and how they are more superior than others because they r RH negative. now if that’s not racism what is folks?

    3. Agreed this guy is psycho. He is the ONLY troll on the web trying to change all the facts that REAL scientists, who can spell, have found regarding the RH(-) and RH(+). By the way AMIR ISHAQ D. AL-SULAIMANI, “Genetical” is not a word, and proves right there you know nothing of genetics. Notice how he comes up with all these unheard of “facts” about rabbits and RH(-) and then says they”must have” eaten a ton of their serum to start producing rabbit serum. First of all, Amir, the Basques are the Euro subgroup of rh(-). There are rh(-)s that originated in the Arctic, some in the tropics which produce different subgroups than the euro group. Secondly just because someone eats an animal does not mean they become like them. The truth is, that an RH(+) person like Amir is never going to be able to truly grasp the difference between the two types, because he is not one of us. Therefore he cannot oversee without bias the true differences. These differences are such that RH(-) has high IQ, higher spirituality, connection to the universal laws/physics, psychic ability, searchers of the unknown, gifted/ talented, different physical characteristics….etc. How can you truly explain to someone who has ZERO psychic ability, how it feels to be psychic–and to have them BELIEVE you? NO ONE, monkey or rabbit, can believe something they cannot experience. RH (-) can identify with all sorts of psychic and spiritual encounters even if they didn’t HAVE them, because they know what it is like to be psychic. RH(-)s are the open minds of the world, the creators, the inventors who think outside the box…We are also the ostracized and ridiculed for the same behavior.

      1. I am not racist, nor do I think that one blood type is better than the other. However, I do have an issue with some of the comments you made about Rh- people being more spiritual and having clairvoyance, etc. I am AB+ and have had many spiritual experiences. I have thought something and then someone would turn around and say what I was just thinking. I have dreams about things that actually happen without me ever being foretold. I was taken to other places in the cosmos by aliens. I have more intuition than I give myself credit for. Most of the time I don’t share because people don’t always understand. If we all come from the same primordial source then having different blood types, positive or negative, doesn’t matter.

        1. Hi Mary, I was reading various things on line about A-RH- blood, I am part of the 1%, As I am Cherokee Indian. I have read the details on the monkeys, but this is the first time that I’ve heard about the rabbits ever. Also something I’ve noted about these articles, they mostly omit the fact that A blood type people don’t handle animal fats well within the diet, but do better with fruits and vegetables. I find that true from my own diet, after going from a Palio type diet, to more fruits and vegetables. Do you guys who have A- blood also find this the case? Just curious.

          1. Personally after being on a more plant based diet (I still eat some meats me its very few and not as often), I can honestly say I do feel and look a lot better since eating more fruits and vegetables.

          2. Animals fats are hard on any human, your blood type has nothing to do w it. We are meant to eat fruits and vegetables, our bodies need them to survive, we don’t need animal meat and fats.

      2. The best comment I have read so far. Thank you! I feel at home. I am R H Negative, African American. I have so many ideas, inventions, etc, until I can’t process them all. i am often ridiculed and ostracized. What you have said is the absolute truth.

        1. I am RH blood type also. I’m African American as well. I have dark hair, lightish skin and dark brown eyes. I’ve had dreams of the spirit world as if I left my body and was transported somewhere else. I also had very specific dreams and they will come to existence. I’m a very creative person, multi talented in music and arts. I very rarely get sick. My immune system is VERY strong. As awesome as that sounds I have a small for of A.D.D. I can’t fully focus like I want to and I believe I have a very mild case of dyslexia. Smart but I have flaws.

  3. bravo to the comment section…wonderfully put …thats all I was going to say…so yes , other than being racially bias …and somewhat ignorant (as we all can be!) very interesting. I just wish you had toned down the anger and led more with curiosity . oh and I heard jesuss blood was ab negative..not positive.

    1. I agree sounded very biased, and I imagine this is coming from a person that is rh positive. Now if this is coming indeed from an individual who is rh negative, would give u maybe an xtra mutated defect to stand on, not saying that it is totally irrelevant; however how do you account for the research that claims that rh negative humans are not susceptible to many viruses like HIV, also many similar character traits of hightened senses, and supernatural occurrences, I am not white, not even half but I am O- and I feel more cursed than blessed at times with clairvoyance and other factors if it being a little more complicated to procreate. Might do more research!

      1. so you don’t believe that these white people that are using their eye color and their hair color as a mean of superiority isn’t being racist? well they are

    2. Tara, I also read that the blood type found on the Shroud of Turin was AB negative . This author twists a lot of information around to suit his agenda.

  4. I’m A- and my whole thing is the government should keep it real.If we the negative type cant carry our own child something is wrong. .I believe the positive blood type was the defect..I want the truth i living proof that ppl with negative blood types are truly different shit can’t be cloned explain that!

    1. I too am A Rh negative and African American and had actually been looking for a rebuttal to the “RH negative blood of the Gods theory” but as I started reading I realized that the author and rightfully so was trying to stick it to white supremacy, but when he started talking about the consumption of rabbit meat and I assume feces and rabbit urine were the culprit for the blood mutation, HE LOST ME!!!!! I’m almost thinking that he’s AB+ because he alluded to some specialty with its type while RH negative blood in his eyes is actually RED PISS???????

      1. I am African America with RH negative factor blood. I have black hair and dark brown eyes. I have experienced psychic dreams, etc. I thought this article would speak more to african americans with this type of blood. But seems I was wrong. The author completely lost me when he started talking about white people with blue eyes, rabbits, and monkeys??? There are african americans with this RH factor, and I hope to connect with them through this comment, not just based on white people There has to be another answer.

        1. I’m an African American woman who is RH negative as well. O negative to be exact. I was hoping this article would touch more on my own race but I learned absolutely nothing

  5. His last point is what gives it away as he is reaching too far and just countering the other side of the supremacists, and which makes the rest of the work questionable, is that he says Jesus was +AB, while everyone claims its -AB, regardless of it being a myth at least he should try to get the factoid right.

    1. every time I google the Internet in search of information about RH negative blood type I am always getting bias people saying that there are rh negative and they are white with green eyes and blue eyes and how they are so much smarter than everybody else. yes that’s not racism what is

      1. I dont think its racist, it’s a fact, it’s been tested that people w negative blood types have higher IQs, it doesn’t make them better then any other race or blood type. It’s just that they are testing higher then those w a positive blood type.

  6. This article seems a bit overly biased and some of the ideas far-fetched. I am A- negative and do not believe I can ride around on magical dragons or have magical powers, or that I am somehow more or less “defective” than anyone else.

  7. A decent amount of this info jives with what I have looked into so far, such as the fact that Rh negatives are also related to simians. I do not believe that any being is superior to another, beings evolve through random mutations that happen to work in certain environments. However, consumption of rabbit fluids has absolutely nothing to do with a higher percentage of Rh negative blood types in some of those with some non-African lineage. Neanderthals were mainly O-, and records show that they consumed larger mammals. The Basque territory in Spain is very close to the area where most of the last full-blood Neanderthals were believed to have lived. Euskera, the language spoken by Basques which can’t be rooted in any other known languages, has nothing to do with rabbits. The fact that many people with some non-African lineage, especially the Basque, have different physical traits which more resemble the Neanderthals, debunks the rabbit theory. Many Rh negative and O blood types also have adverse reactions to newer foods to humanity, such as grains (like wheat).

    Neanderthals tended to lean more toward the matriarchal side, as women performed many of the same duties of men, such as hunting very large mammals at close range. Most but not all Sapiens have tended to form more patriarchal (male-dominated) society in which infanticide was common. These groups tended to expand rapidly throughout the lands, partly because of the fact that Africa was lush with many resources, until large game was becoming scarce. It took thousands of years of expansion out of Africa for the Sapiens to successfully spread into Neanderthal territory. Many large species like the Mammoth did not become extinct until after Sapiens (such as Cro Magnon) expanded into Europe and Russia. They probably eventually grossly outnumbered Neanderthals, and interbreeding of blood and cultures (along with the advent of agriculture) helped the new hybrids to live more successfully in the colder environments. Because of the environment that Neanderthals lived in, they evolved in a different direction to be shorter in stature than Sapiens, with arms averaging 2X stronger than the average Sapien’s, among other differences. Their brain structures indicate they were generally more visually oriented. They made music (evidence being excavation of a flute made of bear bone at a Neanderthal site, which played the note scale which is the basis of much European music), buried the dead with flowers and such, used feathers, shells, and dyes like red ocre for artistic or symbolic expression and possibly body art, and they took care of their elders and used herbs to help with healing of wounds from hunting.

    We can’t call Neanderthal’s brutish idiots anymore than we can call Sapiens the same thing. How else could a hominid live in such harsh environment for over 60,000 years, if they didn’t know their shit? The fact that Neanderthal populations were so low and declining wasn’t an indication of inferiority, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong FREEZING time. The same goes for Sapiens; one Sapien is not aware nor responsible for the fact that Sapiens have a track record of overpopulation and hunting animals to extinction. Not all that is Homo sapien is bad, and not all that is Homo neanderthalensis is bad, and not all that is Homo denisovian is bad!

  8. Clearly the author was in “counter-argument” mode and allowed his disdain for white supremacy claims to get the best of him. However, all the data provided in this article is accurate to the best of my knowledge and research. I’m no scholar on this subject, but I have done some fairly in-depth research and feel reasonably confident the primary claims of this article are on point. Additionally, there are over 20 blood groups not just 8, as well as other factors to differentiate between even between people who have the same blood type and rhesus factor.

    There is what I believe, intentional misinformation being put out about the Shroud of Turin and Sadarium. RELIABLE resources say they matched and were AB or AB Positive. I too have seen claims that Jesus was O Negative and/or AB Negative, which upon researching is how I happened upon this page/discussion. None of those resources seem to have any real basis for their claims. It is interesting (conspiracy theorists will appreciate), the effort that has been taken to confuse the Davidic bloodline from the Merovingian bloodline. The entire idea that we evolved in the first place is absurd based on the facts available to us. That is not to say we won’t discover new information, but at this point it is more than a jump to speak of humans having evolved from apes. The quantum leap in evolution required for this to be true disproves itself, as evolution is based upon a steady gradual adaptation to environmental changes and diet. More to that, I believe the Adam & Eve story explain where the different blood types come from (the originals – not the Christian bible’s mistranslated and misinterpreted copies) as well as the Book of Thoth. DNA mutation by “alien” races who visited the Earth. The beginnings of racial problems goes back to the origins of these stories, as well as the history of royalty (which came from Kingship…kinship…cainship), and interbreeding within families. I think it was the interbreeding that caused the mutation in the rhesus gene. I still have much to research to validate a lot of these claims, but that’s my two cents. Namaste.

    1. This post is the reason why no one listens to European New Agers who talk Ancient Africa or any other ancient culture. Yes you do have a great deal to research. That dogma is largely a western phenomenon, Countries that produce more propaganda and historical revisionism than food itself.

    2. Can you provide a source for the “original” Adam & Eve myth and Book of Thoth? Everything I have seen RE the BOT says that it was “engraved into emerald plates,” which sounds very BS a la Joseph Smith’s “golden tablets.”


  9. For the author to consider: rabbits were used symbolically just as many other animals in the history of multiple civilizations i.e. pigs, cows, doves, snakes, etcetear. Rabbits were associated with the Moon or Lunar worship (i.e. appreciation) by Mesoamericans because this is the image they observed on the moon’s surface. What a lot of people haven’t put together is that the symbolic animal of choice was used to represent the 12 houses of the zodiac and astrological constellations. This is why in one age, they are all about making statues of Bulls because present time-space was in the Age of Taurus. This is why Jesus was symbolized at times as fish, because it was during the Age of Aquarius. I could make a multitude of other examples. It doesn’t mean people are worshiping rabbits anymore than people were worshiping fish. The fact that O Negative blood types can produce the same rabbit serum means something, but we can’t say what that is now except in hypothesis. Heck, who knows? We could find out later that AB Positives can produce their own dragon serum. 😉 For the record, my blood type is AB Positive, and I too have that egotistical disease that wouldn’t mind the idea of my blood type being thought of as rare or special. Certainly, everybody also believes their taste in food and music is far superior to anyone else’s. 1Love

  10. Yes, it’s me again. I typed my previous posts in a hurry and didn”t bother to proof before posting. Sorry! I meant to say Jesus was during the Age of Pisces NOT the Age of Aquarius. As an afterthought because it’s hard for me to resist, the true history of fish symbolism outside of astrological ages was to represent the “vagina”. It is associated with the goddess Venus which came from Atargatis which was a Syrian fertility goddess (which I associate with Mary Magdalene as well).

    1. To reach the creator one must fight a battle with the twelve so called gods of the zodiac which rule our earthly kingdom. Until people realize they are acting upon an archetype which is fated to die. The creator is greater than any of these so called Gods. Spirit is greater than Matter. Love is greater than fear, and Unity is the ultimate in all.

  11. Intresting at beginning but…eating rabbits leads to genetic mutation? This is what i perceive from the overall of this article

  12. Whoa. How is any of this nonsense any different from the kind of arguments “skinheads” make about other races? The tunnel vision involved in these kind of thought processes makes the mind reel.

  13. I’m a 55yo O- black female that derived from African, German and Chinese blood lineage. My 30yo child is O+, so of course i had to have the RHogam shot before having her after having an abortion as a teen, and before i was married. I’ve never fit in with most people being that i’m a critical thinker thats also an Empath. I’m also part of a RH Negative forum for a few years. Thanks for creating this site but you should know, i’ve met a blue black African that was also O-. I tend to be able to sense when i’m around a blood relative. AGAIN, THANKS!

  14. Ethiopians found to be 95% RH negative.
    Halie Selaisse, king of Ethiopia, the living God of the Rastaman!
    What hope that he the true Line of Solomon, Lion of Judah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords was RH positive?
    5% chance, more or less.
    Sorry Ishaq but, you can’t make this stuff up!

    1. @ IKapono

      Lool it seems you can make this stuff up, as you just did. 6-7% of Ethiopians are rh negative not the outlandish 98% that you claim, this is due to the integration of the white Berbers and the Semites and so on, who eventually diluted the bloodline.

  15. It is obvious that all but a couple of commenters here actually read the article word for word…skimmed over it, yes….studied it, NO! THERE IS ZERO RACIST COMMENT IN THIS WHOLE ARTICLE! This is about blood. The author’s comments about various races is merely to point out the traits of different races as relates to blood. Certain diseases attack certain races. Why? Is it racist to discuss such phenomena? I think not.

    1. I agree brother, it seems like the people calling the article racist are the type of people who subtly believe in white supremacy in the back of your heads and will revolt at any truth/facts that disprove this. They reiterate that the article is racist without a shred of evidence because of this.

  16. First off 1 in 10 births are not from Rh negative mothers. There are only 15% Rh negative people in the entire world. So your claim would be impossible. The Rh Negative people are believed to originate in the Basque region and Spain.

  17. bwahahaha……..i can smell the jealousy seeping from the cracks in my keyboard as I type this. It must suck to have tainted monkey blood

  18. they’re trying to take your attention off the fact: The Blood is not divided into “positive and negative” as they’re trying to confuse you. it is divided into PRESENCE of Rh antigene (Rh+ positive), or it’s ABSENCE (Rh- negative). simple as that. they’re talking about some supremacy because they ARE supremacists thinking that their manufactured supremacy is being attacked. this entire article was fun to read at least

  19. Rh factor is interesting when you look into it… My grandfather was Rh- and used to brag: “I’ve never paid for a soda pop in my life!” On at least 20 different occasions, we’d walk by pepsi/coke machines and they would activate, dropping him a free one. I was convinced it was a trick but all he’d say was, “God always knows when I’m thirsty” as he cracked it open.

    As for the article and author, I was following along until the rabbit juices stuff. That’s definitely not how evolution works. Unless these rabbits were eating food sources tainted with radioactive elements that caused damage to sex cells, leading to the rise of hemophelia; What you’re specifically describing is adaptation. If your theory were even remotely correct all the Earth’s carnivors would be slowly evolving traits of their prey.

    IMO, RH- is a blood disorder that probably originated in Morocco/Western Europe, passed down from the early neanderthals that lived there. Are RH- people different from RH+? Anecdotal evidence from my life points to yes.

  20. The research you find online nowadays about which populations are rh neg is false, biased and outright rascist. I have been personally researching the subject (as a rh neg myself) since 1995. At that time there was ample info of other haplogroups besides Caucasians and Basques that had Rh neg blood type. I remember seeing population maps of the World where the large numbers of sub saharian Africans were indeed Rh neg. I also recall reading a scientific publication regarding Ethiopia having the highest known percentage of Rh negs in the world. It is very difficult to find this info now that internet culture and interest in aliens, annunaki, illuminatin bloodlines and other such topics have been so highly sensationalized.

    1. I’m so happy you posted this because the info I found only spoke about the Basque and little about Africa. I took the ancestry test and I’m 92% African and 7% Added up from Ireland, Western Europe, Scandinavia, and some where else. I was thinking that maybe it came from the Europeans. Welp, clearly I’m off then.

  21. I like your article it is the most sensible so far , the other theories of extra terrestrial beings copulating with beings on earth and and having an extra tail bone because were half reptile and all that other hog wash , I just don’t agree with the consumption of Rabbits fluids it is no different than the Trisomy x syndrome , Rh negative is nothing more than an deviation of the genetic code!

  22. OMG you guys! The rabbit DNA is not from eating bunnies and their juices etc, it was flat out from genetic engineering and this black writer should be well aware of the genetic engineering that went on on Ancient Egypt.

    70 million animals were found mummified in an ancient vault, they did that to preserve the DNA. All of the races except the original black race of the the Black Gods are genetically engineered.

    They first made the pygmies and then the Australian Originals (ABHORiginal, means to abhor the originals) and then more races were made after that. That is why all of the races stem from thin branch of the African DNA.

    The Black ancestral Gods created the primates by adding human DNA to them, and then created humans from them. We did not evolve from primates, that is a lie from the white scientists to cover up the fact that they were genetically engineered by Black Gods. Their inflated narcissistic egos stop them from being adequate scientists as they are not to be honest and impartial.

    Norman Begrun NASA scientist and author of the $1,000 per copy book “The Ringmakers of Saturn” states that he has seen NASA photos of seven foot tall jet black people coming off of Gods that have had something to do with Ancient Egypt and the pyramids and genetic engineering we find all over the planet. One must possess ALOT of melanin to travel in space as the radiation out there is immense. There is no way a white person or an albino could ever survive is space a they can barely sit outside and tan here on Earth without burning and if they do tan enough they are at a high risk of developing skin cancer and lesions. It is a white fantasy that they will ever travel space. Blacks have been exploring the cosmos for billions of years. Our African people are the people of the Gods.

    1. As you may be right about the African Gods, but it’s really absurd to say black people are the only ones that can travel to space because of the melanin to they have. Racist lately. Haahaa, some scientist claims to have seen photos of 7 ft tall black gods from NASA. Do your research, if at best research NASA, nasa litteraly means deciever. White, black, yellow and any other race has never been to space, moon, Mars and so forth. Jeeze NASA themselves have stated they can’t pass through the van Allen belt which contradicts the moon landing hoax. You have more melanin in your DNA because your genentic code mutates per your environment. It’s pretty hot there in Africa, that’s why you have the Xtra melanin in your DNA. Get off your racist high horse, your no more special then any other human, we all have traits that help us survive our natural environment.

  23. Sorry I live in Malta, the population here eat rabbit every day from generations, is the national dish, it’s tradition here and the maltese people is all positive blood type. I’m born in Turin, Italy where is preserved the shroud … and I know perfectly the blood type of the shroud: AB negative, not positive. So I think the theory in this article is not enough scientific and for sure incorrect…
    I’m B RH- blood and left hand. Creative, visionary, but also I have interest for science and I don’t know if this is an error in a system such research the standardization, but normally clone is a defect of the reproduction in nature, for example mono-zygotic twins, if somebody know the basis of the genetic and biology are an erroneous method of cells division .Is like linux and windows: win have a lot of bugs and possibility to crack it, linux is an open source OS with a more strong structure and more flexibility. Open source mean more possible variations, so more capability to evolve, survive, became strong, improve, grow, develop… Normally the nature limited copies because for the evolution of the species ( Darwin can teach us…), the variations are the most important thing to preserve the possibility of a genre to survive. So maybe do not allowed or limited a possibility to copy something for the natural selection is a plus not something wrong … About Rabbit: this animal is considered symbol of fertility but the tradition came from the celtic culture because start to reproduce himself from the spring, when the nature wake-up, indeed for the Easter not only the rabbit is celebrating, but the eggs too and the lambs, symbols of birth, purity, new life, awaking of the nature…

  24. What a joke; you do know that only 15% of whites are rh negative not all of them, meaning only 3 persons outta 15 rh negative people are white.

    1. I reject the fact that this is somehow some Caucasians blood type alone. If anything, they got it from Africans. When people always say Caucasians have the highest population of it, because of a much smaller sample pool. They are the smallest population on the planet! Therefore, any high percentage of a small population allows people to say they have the highest percentage, not the most people in the world of having this! 13 percent of maybe 400 million is a lot smaller than 3 percent of over a billion Africans! Do the damn percentages and you will have the truth. They claim there’s only 13 African-Americans in America and then of that 7 percent of them have rh negative blood that means this group has the highest percentage in America! Do you see how things change once you look at it intelligently. That’s over half of the African-American population. Maybe the Caucasian race got it from us, because African genes are the strongest and if we got it from Caucasians after 4 generations we would have bred it out of us. Plus there was already a group of Africans in the landmass before Caucasians or anyone arrived that’s why there is an Egyptian colony in the grand canyon, so when they got here and mixed with us we more than likely gave them this Rh factor.

  25. I AM going too take a guess and say that in the Garden of Eden it was not about an Apple and say it was about Intercourse instead

    Satan/Serpent/Eve and Adam/Eve

    As I read the Bible we have 2 different Bloodlines with Abraham one from Abraham and Hagar and another from Abraham and Sarah

    Ishmael was from Abraham and Hagar an Egyptian, born of the Flesh

    Isaac was from Sarah when she was 90 years old, born from the Water and Spirit too Abraham

    Ishmael is given great Kings and Kingdom’s on Earth and his mother found a girl for him from Egypt

    Isaac is given The Kingdom of God

    Hitler was an A- blood type and 39 family members were DNA tested and showed he was Jewish and African, they could have just tested Hitler since he Never died, lived till 95 Years old in Argentina

    We have the Queen of England who is an O- blood type, Convicted of Murdering 10 Children In Canada, 10 Native Indian Children who along with the Tianos Spoke and Wrote in Ancient Hebrew before Columbus was Thrown Out of Spain with the Rest and Changed all the Maps Worldwide, while Murdering Everyone Worldwide…the Queen of England is really a Black Women

    David Jacob Eisenhower O- Death Camps Murdered over 1 Million Germans During and After the War

    Harry Solomon Truman O- Dropped Nukes on the Japanese when they tried too surrender a few times before

    Mao O- Murdered 66 Million or More in China and Tibet

    O.J. Simpson A- and turns out Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were both O- blood types…did they really Die? Are those Children really Theirs?

    Did Lyndon B. Johnson A- with the help of Bush sr. A- really Murder JFK AB- or Marilyn Monroe AB- or even MLK AB-

    Ramses a B- that God Took Care Of

    Reagan B-, Bush A- at Bohemian Grove where they Sacrifice Children and Rape Little Boys, Reagan and Bush caught with Call Boys in the White House

    Blood of the God’s [ Did He Mean Satan? ]

    Erich von Däniken O- [ You ever research this Criminal ]
    Brad Steiger O-

    Mr. Nibiru [ its said he has a tomb with 200 trees in Israel ]

    Z. Sitchin O-

    I once read very long ago…that it would be the Rh Negative Blood Types who would destroy the Rh Negative System of Enslavement…

    I Wouldn’t Hold My Breath Waiting!!!

    Trump A-
    H. Clinton AB-
    Bernie Sanders AB-

    1. You, I and everyone here will never know the true blood type of the people you mentioned above. Unless you did the test yourself, have proof other then what Google told ya? Yea I didn’t think so. I bet if Google said there are unicorns walking on the moon more then half the population would believe it. That fact of the matter is, Google is not proof of anything, observable evidence is gold,

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