How the Irish became “white” – By Jahdey

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The first people of Ireland:

One of the oldest texts composed in Ireland is the Leabhar Gabhla, the Book of Invasions. It tells a semi-mythical history of the waves of people who settled in Ireland in earliest times. It says the first settlers to arrive in Ireland were a small dark people called the Fir Bolg, followed by a magical super-race called the Tuatha de Danaan (the people of the goddess Dana) probably from Africa. Then came the Fomors, another possible African type.

The second wave: The Celts were not one people. Keltoi was the name the Greeks and the Romans used to describe a series of barbaric tribes they encountered in Europe. They were different people with different origins. Among them were dark skinned Celts one would describe as Moors or today’s Africans. They settled in Ireland with other types of Celts and Germanic peoples.

The third wave: This was during the period of Christianization of Ireland. The first Christians to successfully settle Ireland came from Ethiopia and Egypt. The established the first fellowships, built the first monasteries, established the now defunct Irish Othordox Church. That is part of why you have so many Black Saints in Irish Christianity.

The fourth wave came with the invasion of Ireland and Wales by the Vikings and the Danes, I believe in the 8th, 9th and 10 century AD. These Vikings and Danes were described as coming in two shades, black Dubhgall, and pale skin the Fingall.

Then the Moors came. Moorish Christians settled on the Island from Spain during the 7th to the 14th century. Some hid out there when their Spanish Empire fell. Recall that in Spain there was Jewish, Muslim and Christian Moors.

Some Normans who immigrated to the Island might have been Black people. At least I know that in Scotland, certain families like the Douglass claim to have migrated from Normandy via England. It is worth noting that the Douglass tribe of Scotland was renowned for their dark skin, i.e. “the black Douglass”.

So far so good that is what I have. I know that by the 14 century the English and Scottish crown were pressuring Irelaand. By the 15 century, they were carrying out land confiscation, slave raiding, slave/serf plantations and slave trading in Ireland. This accelerated in the 16th and 18th century even to the annexation of Ireland.

The 19th century was marked by massive expulsion of the Irish people from the land via the use of biological warfare known today as the Irish famine caused by the Irish potato blight.

All these centuries there was a Germanization policy as well. To bleach out the black Irish, or kill them or slave them, was the basis of various Royal policies. Finally, after years of miscegenation, brainwashing and divide and rule, in the late 19th century the left over Irish was admitted into the so-called “white race” created in the 17th century via racist laws.

With this admission they were given so-called white privileges, like blue collar jobs, police, fire-fighting, factory working in the Americas i.e. Canada and the United States. This supposedly was an improvement from the wretchedness they had known under the British misrule back home.

They were told they had to protect their newly won rights and privileges. Their job was to check the other Moors now known as the so-called black people or Negroes as designated in the Negro Code Slave Laws of the 17 century Americas.

The sad part of the story was that they took this new role too seriously. They barely knew better, after centuries of so much miseducation. They became the most avid defenders of the racist policies of their masters. Their price was a bowl of porridge and some crumbs of bread from the master’s table. While they and their brethren suffer the consequences of their own racist selfish presumptions and self-sabotage. It is now a generational illness.

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13 thoughts on “How the Irish became “white” – By Jahdey”

  1. I’ve noticed you have written or posted several articles on the whitening of the Irish in the past. Usually, it becomes very controversial and the Irish posters come in masses denouncing even the mere possibility that they could descend from black Africans. There was one poster from Ireland who did a DNA test and found that his haplotype was of African origin, and he had become quite interested in knowing more. I’ve often wondered about the appearance of the Irish, even with their white skin and all, sometimes the slight hint of African still seems evident in their appearance, the texture of their hair, the facial features, and I’ve often wondered if the abundance of freckles upon the face was actually the melanin of their ancestors trying to resurface.
    It is ashamed that much of the truth that connects us all and binds all man to one another is still hidden. In the end, regardless of skin, mankind is one.

  2. I thought the whole human race is descended from Black Africans. The fossil record tells us that the cradle of humanity is Africa. It is highly likely that the first modern humans were black. I make a big point of this when I teach evolution. As there are a high proportion of Eastern European Gypsey students at the school where I work I also point out that for thousands of years of human history we lived as migrants, as Gypseys have traditionally lived.

  3. 1) In 350 AD Britain (the country of England wouldn’t exist for centuries) was under Roman Rule. As such which means Ivory Lady of York was from within the Roman Empire which included parts of African.

    2) The Gauls were in what is now France, the Gaels were in Ireland. Which shows you know jack about history.

    3) The Fir Bolg came from the Formorians. The Formorians traditonally came from Northern Egypt, which means they were of an olive Mediterranean skin colour (typical of Arabs), not of the darker skin colour found among Egyptians in Southern Egypt.

    4) The term “Black Irish” refers to those Irish who intermarried with those Spanish who belonged to the Spanish armada sunk off the Irish coast during the time of Elizabeth I.

    5) The nature of what is wrongly called the Niall Noígíallach gene sequence shows that the Milesian Tribes have gone genetically unpolutted for 12,000 years which history shows that the Normans were largely kept in the Pale until the late 16th Century and only really spread out until after the Nine Years War.

    6) Your use of “probably” shows you know little about Irish history, culture, race, etc. You are like those who claim the Irish are one of the lost ten tribes of Israel but don’t know there was actually twelve. You claim the British were all blacks and ignore the effect of the Roman Empire. Here’s an idea why get to know you own cultural identity instead of trying to claim mine? Because in doing it makes you the real racist!

    1. +ctriley As far as your comment about the Black Irish are concerned – are you not aware that the Spanish were mixed with the Moors, a largely black skinned people?

    2. This is not about racism this is about acknowledgement and exisitence of race that has played a huge part in history and is being failed to be recognised. You not opening your mind to facts of this kind surely makes in a rasist. Oh by the way we are one!! Remember that!!

  4. Yes I’m aware of that. But in real to the population as a whole the number of survivors from that fleet would have been very small.

    1. The Moors came from Africa and France finally stopped them.
      There is your black history. The rest of “migrants” were olive skin.
      What is your purpose of defiling white people?

  5. I think its funny that white people love to use the “olive complexion” to denounce/ignore the african origin of dark skin.The thing that truely infuriates me is the underlying fact that olives come in 2 colors:black olives and the green ones(used to describe southern europeans and western asians).So which olive complexion are you referring to?

    1. Tuatha de Danaan (the people of the goddess Dana) probably from Africa. Then came the Fomors, another possible African type.

      Tuatha means tribe
      Tribe of Dan
      Tribe of Israel
      Possibly they took on idol worship

    2. It’s 90 degrees out today, I’m olive today, yesterday I was a red man, when winter comes I will be white as the northern snow…..I little humor. Peace.


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  7. What I find repeated constantly here is that white people were your serfs, slaves etc and that we stole from you the idea of being very educated and the creators of the great works, thus portraying whites as your non equals who overthrew you and de educated you to take credit for the great works of civilization. It is what seems to make your information seem suspect. You do have a lot right, but then you make these claims of the white people in a weird way. Maybe that is why some think you are being racist.

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