African Genetics Revisited: Europeans are genetically inferior to Africans

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Published February 22nd 2008
The in depth studies can be found at the article’s source, here:,2933,331949,00.html

“White Americans are both genetically weaker and less diverse than their black compatriots, a Cornell University-led study finds.

Analyzing the genetic makeup of 20 Americans of European ancestry and 15 African-Americans, researchers found that the former showed much less variation among 10,000 tested genes than did the latter, which was expected.

They also found that Europeans had many more possibly harmful mutations than did African, which was a surprise.

“Since we tend to think of European populations as quite large, we did not expect to see a significant difference in the distribution of neutral and deleterious variation between the two populations,” said senior co-author Carlos Bustamante, an assistant professor of biological statistics and computational biology at Cornell.

It’s been known for years that all non-Africans are descended from a small group, perhaps only a few dozen individuals, who left the continent between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago.

But the Cornell study, published in the journal Nature Thursday, indicates that Europeans went through a second “population bottleneck,” probably about 30,000 years ago, when the ancestral population was again reduced to relatively few in number.

The doubly diluted genetic diversity has allowed “bad” mutations to build up in the European population, something that the more genetically varied African population has had more success in weeding out.

“What we may be seeing is a ‘population genetic echo’ of the founding of Europe,” said Bustamante.

The Cornell team hopes to study other population groups in search of similar results.

For example, Native Americans show even less genetic diversity than Europeans, having descended from a few thousand people who entered North America about 10,000 years ago.

That fact was reinforced by a larger-scale study, also published in Nature, led by scientists from the Universities of Michigan and Virginia who analyzed genetic samples of 485 individuals scattered around the globe whose DNA is recorded in a French databank.

As would be expected with the “out of Africa” theory, the researchers found Africans had the greatest amount of genetic diversity, followed in turn by Middle Easterners, then Europeans and South Asians at about equal levels, then East Asians.

Native Americans had the least genetic diversity of all, indicating that part of the world was settled last.

“Previously, we’ve been able to look at the genome and say, ‘This part is from Africa, this is from Asia,'” explained Virginia research Andrew Singleton to Wired News. “Now we can look past that and say, ‘It’s from this part of Africa or Eurasia.'”

A third study, published in the journal Science on Friday, may be the most fascinating of all.

Drawing on 935 individual samples from the French databank, a Stanford University team found deep traces of long-ago population movements, all originating from a “ground zero” in Ethiopia, Kenya or Tanzania.

For example, the Pygmies of the Congo forest were found to be quite close to the Bushmen of Namibia — but both were very different from most other sub-Saharan groups.

The fierce and proud Bedouin nomads of the Middle East actually have a lot of European and South Asian blood.

The Asian-looking Hazara of Afghanistan are correct in claiming ancestry in Mongolia, but the Han, the dominant ethnic group in China, may be disappointed to discover they’re actually two peoples, one north, the other south.

Native Americans have at least one closely related group in Asia — the Yakuts of eastern Siberia, who themselves are related to other hunter-gatherer Siberian tribes, some of whom build wooden teepees.

The Basques in northeastern Spain and southwestern France may be right to demand their own nation — they’re not closely related to anyone else. Surprisingly, neither are the residents of Sardinia off the coast of Italy.

As with the other large-scale study, the Stanford team found the greatest diversity outside of Africa among people living in the wide crescent of land stretching from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean to northern India.

Not only was the region among the first colonized by the African migrants, they theorize, but the large number of European and East Asian genes among the population indicates that it’s long been the human highway, with large numbers of migrants from both directions conquering, trading and generally reproducing along its entire length.”


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120 thoughts on “African Genetics Revisited: Europeans are genetically inferior to Africans”

  1. And the funny thing is, although we are genetically inferior apparently, we have been able to secure things like “food” and “water” for all our people. If africans are so much better, why did they suddenly stop advancing?

    1. The Goof said:

      “And the funny thing is, although we are genetically inferior apparently, we have been able to secure things like “food” and “water” for all our people. If africans are so much better, why did they suddenly stop advancing?

      Jahdey teaches:

      “Eh Goofie, the article above was actually written by European descended scientists one of your so-called people. Go ask them why they made the findings above since Rastalivewire is just the messenger.

      Don’t shoot the messenger cause you no more like the messages that the elites of “your people” have to deliver to you simple-minded fools who have been conned for so long by a false and wicked racist philosophy of so-called white supremacy.

      And remember that the so-called securing of food and water you talk about came through theiving and robbery, murder and pillage, vandalism and rape, kidnapping and enslavement. Hence you are called the Vandals!!!

      Vice is nothing to boast about and if anything indicates a sever deficiency.

      Only a sick and unfit tiger kills a human being. Only a sicker and more unfit tiger kills and eats its kind.

      Now you know why European descended scientists and scholars, (your so-called people) have notified you of your deficiencies.

      Only the fittest of the fittest will survive, in the end.



      1. What a load of utter shit jahdey, Europeans did not become so successful because of robbing africans, are you for real?, Africa would be even more backwards then it is today were it not for European involvement in that continent. Black NEGROID africans have achieved nothing.And please dont tell me that the ancient Egyptians were black, well they certainly were not negroid ,fact.

        Europeans on average score much higher on iq test then people of african origin, this still persists even when factors such as enviroment, poverty, etc are taken into account, fact.

        Lets look at he achievements of white Europeans… northern europeans invented the wheel.
        domesticated barley.
        domesticated the horse.
        invented the first writting script, see the vinca pictograghs from south eastern europe the direct ancestor of the sumerian pictograghic writting which later evolved into cuneform
        Europeans were the first to weave textiles.
        invented the bow.
        split the atom.
        invented tele communications.
        people of european origin put white men on the moon.
        invented the combustion engine, the train, car, flying machines
        discovered dna
        discovered penecilin.
        well the list goes on and on does it not? but tell me what are the achievements of sub-saharan negroid africans?

        1. My Smythe

          Here is the face of those Europeans that lived in Europe until your types came out of Central Asia from your original home near Azerbaijan in 400 AD. Click on the link below for the answer to your foolishness.

          Also Mr. Smythe, you must remember that the theme of the thread which addresses the relative genetic strengths of Africans and Europeans was written by European scientists who are waaay more educated than your thin pink stinky arse will ever get.

          Go argue with them but argue not with Jahdey. Don’t shoot the messenger.









          to need these procedures you are in a degenarative state since we have strayed far away from nature and the prescribed nutrition we were to consume.
          VEGAN DIET, iam studying nutrition and my teacher states it is the western world that is truly primitive, since they are dying from all these disease(heart issue, arthritis,diabetes etc.) when they study cultures around the world Hunza, okinawan, masaai tribes etc. and see they are not experiencing any of the disease the western world is with their so called technology and advancements. HAVE THEY TRULY ADVANCE? NO. TO TRULY ADVANCE YOU WOULD NOT DESTROY YOUR WATER, TOPSOIL, AIR, TREES, FARMS, HYBRIDIZED YOUR CROPS, USE PHARMACEUTICALS DRUGS. THESE PEOPLE ARE LIVING TO A 100 WITHOUT EYEGLASSES, ARTHRITIS,ANY HEART ISSUSES, BREATHING ISSUES EITHER, THEY ARE HEALTHIER AND STRONGER THAN PEOPLE HALF THEIR AGE.





          1. So therein, the whites or so-called Edomites are the Anti-thesis of your Lords creation!

            Having said that, why do you even drop to our level to converse with us?

            I have to tolerate a colleague who utters the same “rationals” and whenever I say something he tells me I’m lying. Where is the “virtue” in that?

            I have several Muslim colleagues who have complained about his beliefs and so as the Store Manager disciplines him he starts an inquisition. I’m not hating on someone that even mocks his own mother or who so eagerily wants all whites dead. I’m more preoccupied with keeping my distance from everyone.

            This is why separatism works. People in our modern “data” age can find anything to their fancy. I’ve experience several stages after first using the internet. As for my colleague, I asked him frankly about where these “norms” are attained. He said the internet.

            Believe me, I know what happens when someone doesn’t like an guy venting or that a man wants his beliefs heard.

          2. Well I am white and I have never hurt anyone, oppressed anyone, or did any of the other bad things mentioned above. You should not generalize and judge people because of the action of a few. No one here is god and has the right to judge anyone.

          3. The source of ALL non-Black Knowledge:


            I advise every Black person to read this translation of Aethiogyptian wisdom. It will blow your mind how far advanced Africans were before their fall. Its the unification of Science and Religion and those versed in both will easily recognize It as the origin of all religious and scientific theories hitherto presented by the Western usurpers as non-African. In addition it is a template of how Real Human Beings ought to live their lives and reveal once and for all that humanity has been living in Hell probably since the first African human made the choice to mate with a Neanderthal Beast.

        3. ooooo, I think you should double check your so-called facts… civilization started in Mesopotamia which a part of Africa. Before the European invasion, there were series of Civilizations within Africa. The Chinese invented the wheel. Cuneiform again from Africa (Yes, which is the middle east, which is still a part of Africa, whether they want to admit it or not). Egyptians were (are) black, hence that’s why they eroded the noses off the faces that were on the pyramids. Greeks and other Europeans traveled to Africa to get educated at one of their top universities in Timbuktu. Greek mythology came from Africa. Like always, you white folks steal from other cultures and claim it as your own. I’ll tell you the greatness of the Europeans, you’re great in exploitation, manipulation, capitalization, extermination (of your own people and others ), and discrimination . You guys are nothing but petulant, inferior, barbaric, inhumane animals…All of your “achievements” are the reason why this world is insanely fucked up today.

        4. Everything you just said Europeans contributed….has already been done millions of years ago!!! Europeans are thieves who steal and carbon copy everything!!! The writing is on the wall…ask yourself this if Nubians were and are so “bad” why have them as slaves or breastfeed your children??? For the record a young year old Nubian princess scored a 150 on IQ test!! Now tell me who is dumb!!!

      2. Whoa there buddy, this is too much. First of all, we harnessed arable land and domesticated animals like Cows so we could get food, we did this on our own and completely independently from everyone else, we didn’t steal a god damned thing. And what the hell are you talking about, Vandals? The Vandals were a European tribe in the classical age, not all of god damned Europe, I hope to God you don’t live in a white country you arrogant ignorant prick.

        1. hey, from my understanding of genetics “our genes being inferior to africans” means that our genetic material makes us more susceptible to different diseases. It has nothing to do with intelligence or what our race has accomplished despite this “genetic inferiority”. If anything, it reinforces how hard our ancestors worked to give us the things we take for granted today like having a safe shelter, living in a mostly safe country, rule of law, and all the amazing science and discoveries that have enriched our understanding of ourselves and the universe.

      3. Stupid is as Stupid does. Actually Africans in Africa are highly intelligent. Because Europeans kidnapped Africans from their realm and forced them to be something they are not which is European so much of their overall knowledge was lost. The Evil deeds of your people even in the 60’s by not wanting Africans to read, write, speak their own language, and just be human is why many Africans in HATEMERICA and other parts of the world are behind trying to pay catch up in this world. So don’t call us dumb, deficent, killers, stealers, when surely all that we have adapted to was taught to us by murdering, raping, lynching, stealing ANIMALS AND ALIENS CALLED YOUR ANCESTORS…SLAVERY PROVES THAT. Now what is your defence MR. BRAINS. EUROPEANS ARE A BUNCH OF WOPS. Black men were made to build civilization which they have done. White man was made to destroy civilization which that have surely done and continue to do.

        1. You are aware that the Arab slave trade in Africa totally dwarfed the slave trade to the now United States, right? Around 15 million Africans were taken to the muslim world where as around 650 thousand Africans were taken as slaves to the US. In fact, around twice as many Europeans (as Africans taken to the US) were made slaves by the (African) Barbary states alone.

          You claim the white man is a destroyer of civilizations, yet the language you use, the computer you use, the internet, even electricity (and I could go on all day) – without which modern civilizations would not exist, were either invented or discovered by white men. I understand sympathize with your longing for self-esteem, but to replace that with pride in race, especially when it comes packaged with hatred for others, is utter folly.

          1. Shut up boy, and stop being a pest.

            The so-called white boy invented nothing. The internet, electricity, are all fruits of collective human endeavour. They are not colour coded.

            Between the 7th and the 17th century in Europe, the Muurs the so-called black people from Africa, educated the entire Europe, in the discipline of arts and sciences.

            From medical sciences, to astronomy, to physics and music, there was a Muurish master who facilitated its transfer to the Europeans.

            Without this sciences, you would still be eating the flesh of mummies, and eating the powdered bones of Saints as your means of being healed from various diseases.

            Darn, as late as 18th century, the European did not bathe but once a year upon medical recommendation, the European did not know that it was necessary to eat fruits every day, the European died from waves of wars and starvation. And so had been his condition since the beginning of time.

            So what changed to make you guys so inventive, scientific, and glorious? Did you evolve between 18th and 20th century?

            Think, my boy. Add two and two together…. you learned from others, just as others will learn from you.

            You are nothing special. Know that and get real!


    2. If Europeans are inferior, then why did we come to Africa and own that shit? Please…the only thing Africa gave the world was resources. South Africa is probably the most progressive nation on the continent and that’s only because caucasians ran the damn government for so long. Sure, the racism that happened was a bit much but going around saying whites are inferior is the most ironic thing I’ve ever heard. If black are superior then why did you all have your head in your ass while the west progressed through the ages?

      1. Well..what have we here? Another seeker?

        John Hume wants to know why blah balh is progressive and progressed through the ages blah blah blah…

        John Hume you are talking about politics and economics. Robbery and plunder!

        The article above which is culled from a western owned establishment and written by western scientists is talking about biological and genetic superiority.

        Why take issues with Africans then? Was the article written by an African? Again it all goes to show how irrational, illogical and plain crazy some of you vampires quickly turn into.

        That is why your western scientists made the discoveries above for you…so that in your moment of hubristic jingoism, you will remember your limitations and your origins.

        Welcome to Rasta Livewire John Hume…we shock and burn!


    3. That is true, a black friend once told me that black people were superior but black countries are poor because white people oppress them. I told him, well, how could white people do this if they were inferior? Wouldn’t you have to be superior in order to oppress another?

      1. TITLE of the article: key phrase GENETICALLY INFERIOR…

        genetically superior people would not need to destroy others & their environments to live.
        Genetically inferior people are less fit for multiple environments..GENETICALLY..
        What I have not seen one “white person” on this thread DO is prove that Europeans ARE NOT GEN-ETIC-LY inferior.. I hear alot of boasting of destructive tendencies, things gained through the non-just, incorrect, unbalanced system of Racism (White Supremacy.)

        BUT NOT ONE ARGUMENT supporting them NOT being genetically inferior to Africans. Perhaps there are some arguments in some of the ESSAYS written below, but people have a tendency to stray from the topic, when they can’t disprove the premise laid out.

        1. Excuse me? Are you saying white people aren’t fit to survive in multiple environments? Oh boy, you really are the embodiment of stupid. Look, whites have conquered and successfully thrived on mountain ranges, frozen tundras, marshland, grassland, deserts and the Mediterranean. We can adapt and survive in any environment, that’s why we’re white, we left the desert and we didn’t have the means to survive in frozen Europe physically, but we had our magnificent brains. I don’t even understand what you’re saying, maybe by your liberal definition of genetics Europeans are genetically inferior, whatever the criteria for being superior may be. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have large brains, that is why we always prospered, because we’re geniuses.

          1. Ok if your fit to survive in any environment…then why does your skin peel, blister, burn, & turn red when your in the Sun? (PS all naturally living organisms need the Sun)… #Imjustsayin

          2. So-called Whites never did survive that frozen tundra; they were so stupid they never even adapted from their carnivorous ways; were it not for the Grimaldi Negro, who taught the last survivors of the Neanderthal extinction to catch fish; and probably had sex with a few Neanderthal women; there would be no “White Race.” But some of us understand that the Universe is Cause and Consequences and at present Black people are dealing with the sins of our Fathers.

            You ‘geniuses,’ as you claim didn’t even have speech; “Yodlee Hee Hee,” can you say “Qongqothwane?”

        2. “genetically superior people would not need to destroy others & their environments to live.”

          We didn’t destroy– we DOMESTICATED.
          Hello, WINNING, goodbye, WHINING!

      2. Nope you dont have to be superior to oppress, all you really need is a “inhumane and devilish mindset fuelled by greed, along with an arsenal of highly destructive weapons and a two a faced smile.

        Cant see what you whites have done to the world, where ever you go you disrupt the naturla balance of the earth.

        Your time will come when you shall all pay for your crimes against humanity. You guys really make me sick!!!

        1. I think you’re confusing Caucasians with Jews, because it has been Jews which have caused all the wars, genocides, depressions, and recessions around the world extending clear back to the American Revolution. Rothschild even admits controlling the United Kingdom. For more information, log onto and click on the icon that says Magazine.

    4. If you had secured food for (all) your people why did millions emigrate to North America and other parts of the world, why did you ship food from other parts of the world to save your starving assholes, why did millions die of starvation? Why you butcher one another for basic survival. Almost every country in Europe has had civil war or revolution, in the end you have two Europeans wars which are refered to as world wars. You butchered one another for food and nothing else. You are going back to that. Let us see how you get out of the crisis, inferior inbreeding scums that urinate in the mouths of women. Your women are the trash of the world.

      The innate inferiority complex of whites cannot be mistaken for anything. You are inadequate and incomplete because you have NOTHING, Europe is a continent of nothingness watch it go back to what it was and what it should have been. Why did you abandon it and invade foreign land for survival if you had everything going for your inbreeding ases?

    5. African civilizations have reached levels yours are only beginning to understand. If you savage whites would stop killing, raping and stealing our resources, and actually become civilized in your behavior, we could all advance as you call it. Destroying the planet you live on, killing your neighbors and harboring disdain is actually a devolution for the human race. Too bad Neanderthals haven’t brought much to the table in a long time. Wasn’t it the Africans that sparked the Europe you so bask in. America is not a white country, never was and never will be. How did the sons and daughters of murdering thieves come to see them self as superior to an African. ha ha ha…. ask your women, they know.

    6. Because of the white agenda that white people should be seen as superior. Smh. If we continue life with only consideration of what a white male wants, the power structure not necessarily the individual, then the whole earth would have been destroyed long ago. Kind of like Mars

  2. That is a reconstruction from a few fragments found in a cave in Romania, it is said to be 40 thousand years old.
    you cannot reconstruct somebodies complexion from a few old bone fragments.
    Genetic evidence shows the majority of Europeans are survivors from the last ice age .
    Genetic findings prove that the majority of Europeans have paleolithic orgins and are very homogenic. R1b is the most common haplo type amongst European men it is of paleolithic origin and is known to have originated in Europe.

    You cannot reconstruct the face of prehistoric Europeans on the basis of a few broken skull fragments, that is like saying that in forty thousand years from now a scientist uncovers a fragment of a white south african and asumes that is what all africans looked like forty thousand years prior.

    I have no idea where you get your information from, but the caucasian European type did not come out of Azerbaijan in 400 AD, are you nuts, what colour do you think the Celts and Germanic tribes were who lived in Europe long before 400 AD?

    There are bronze age bodies from Denmark who date to three thousand years ago, due to their amazing preservation many still have their blonde and fair hair preserved.

    Look at the blonde and fair haired mumies from the Taklamakan in western china who date back to the brone age , they came from the Russian steppes and introduced the wheel into China as well as being the decendants of the people who first domesticated the horse, their decendants lived in China until the early middleages and we know them as the Tocharians, they were assimilated into turkic tribes and lost their identity.

    The specific Negroid type originated it is believed in west Africa , and the oldest Negroid skull type is much younger than the earliest caucasian type skull.

    The first Africans were neither Negroid or Caucasian, these are later developments.

    1. Too bad. Illogical reasoning leads to racist chicanery.

      Mr.Smythe barks:

      “Look at the blonde and fair haired mumies from the Taklamakan in western china who date back to the brone age , they came from the Russian steppes and introduced the wheel into China as well as being the decendants of the people who first domesticated the horse, their decendants lived in China until the early middleages and we know them as the Tocharians, they were assimilated into turkic tribes and lost their identity.”

      Jahdey roars:

      Now you have said it Mr. Smythe. Your types descended from the troglodytes apes of the Russian steepes and western China.

      Before your pink sallow theiving arse came out of the caves of western China, Africans and their descendants lived all the way from Spain to Caucasus. Here again is the facial profile of those Africans:

      That was before you came out of the caves and ate them all up.

      Original Europeans were black skinned Africans. You did not know that before but now you do. You are Asiatic from western China.

      Finally, I don’t know about your negroid and pinkoid categorizations. Those are not scientific terminologies. I know about science and scientific authorities. Many of my authorities are Europeans themselves. You are arguing a losing fallacy.

      Mr. Smythe whines:

      “The first Africans were neither Negroid or Caucasian, these are later developments.”

      Jahdey roars:

      “LoL! Got you pants down there.” Maybe you want to show me the face of the first African backed by some credible authority. I showed you the face of the first European African reconstructed by so-called white scientist.”

      “Also, you need to provide citations for your tomfoolery if ever there was such a thing.” You lies and whines are inadequate authorities.

    2. There is no specific Negroid type, who are you Darwin or some joker. Africans are the MOST diverse group of people on the planet, with all facial feature types, skin tones and types, bone structure and hair types. You caucasians have bottlenecked a few times in your short history as our offspring. Don’t act like you can define a negro, muchless a HUMAN. There are no Negros, we are Homo Sapien, the rest of you are just whats left of the neanderthals we have been breeding out of existence for thousands of years. Get over yourself…..virus!

  3. Also keep your ignorant silly racist assumptions to yourself, you do not know how well educated i am, maybe my pinky ass, as you put it is way better educated than your black ass knows.

    1. Sorry if I hurt your feeling but your rambling does not sound like the product of an educated or sane mind. Actually you are babbling around in circles arguing against scientific works without authorities. This is a waste of time if you cannot produce peer reviewed valid authorities in science, or history to back up your misconceived conclusions.


      1. To Jahdey:

        In trying to prove how racist white people are you have revealed as a huge, angry racist. You are not advancing the discussion at all – you are perpetuating the problem. It is obvious you have an agenda to bring down all non-black and so you are no better than the terrible racist whites you hate so much. Furthermore, this entire argument is irrelevant because it matters who you are as an individual not whether or not our race is ‘superior’. More genes don’t mean better ones necessarily.

  4. Jahdey roars:

    Now you have said it Mr. Smythe. Your types descended from the troglodytes apes of the Russian steepes and western China.[quote]

    Your such an ignorant ass hole, i suppose you have nothing to counter my arguments so name calling is the only response. I didnt say my kind came from China or Russia, I said The ancestors of the Tocharians went from the Russian steppes to western China. The point being that your ridiculous statement the European caucasians came into Europe only in 400 AD couldnt be right, and isnt cos there were plenty of caucasians in Europe thousands of years before that.

    [quote]Jahdey says

    Sorry if I hurt your feeling but your rambling does not sound like the product of an educated or sane mind. Actually you are babbling around in circles arguing against scientific works without authorities. This is a waste of time if you cannot produce peer reviewed valid authorities in science, or history to back up your misconceived conclusions.

    Honestly the only one who is making no sense is yourself your information is completely inaccurate, , and you have not answered a single point i made other than to misrepresent what i wrote.
    I find it touching that you place so much trust in a discredited study of white scientists, but you must remember that study has been deeply criticised as useing uneven numbers of black – white study subjects and the study was about genetic predisposition to conjenital illness , not inteligence where as we all know Whites tend on average to do better in IQ tests.

    Please dont shoot the messenger jadee if you cannot accept the truth.

    Africa’s problems
    Roads: only 16% paved
    Telephones: 10 per 1000
    Electricity: 80% lack access
    Aids: 35m infected
    Sanitation: inadequate for 75% of rural population
    Source: Can Africa Claim the 21st Century

    Even just to maintain current levels of poverty, African economies will have
    to grow by 5% because of rapidly growing populations

    A new report by the World Bank says many African countries are worse off now
    than they were at independence in the 1960s.

    The bank says the total combined income of 48 countries in Africa is little
    more than that of Belgium.

    The World Bank report, called Can Africa Claim The Twenty-first Century?,
    says major structural changes are needed if Africa is to catch up with the
    rest of the world.

    But, the report says Africa has “enormous untapped potential and hidden
    growth reserves”, if it can mobilise its human resources and improve its
    political systems.

    Years of neglect

    In the last 40 years, average incomes per person in Africa have stagnated
    while they have grown in most of the rest of the world.

    Africa now accounts for only 1% of the total world economic output and 2% of
    world trade.

    On average, African countries have economies smaller than a town of 60,000
    people in a rich country.

    With only 10m telephone lines, half of them in South Africa, there is little
    chance of most Africans gaining access to the internet.

    Africa has fewer roads than Poland, only 16% of which are paved, and only
    one in five households has access to electricity.

    Two-thirds of rural Africans lack adequate water supplies, while three
    quarters lack adequate sanitation.

    I have a friend here from Iceland, and have heard stories from him about the place. Iceland (no insult intended) is a slab of volcanic rock floating in the way north Atlantic, far away from anyone or anything. Limited resources.

    Look at Zaire (Congo). A vast land full of diamonds and minerals.

    Guess what? Iceland has one of the highest per capita incomes on Earth. How? Beats me, but they do! Zaire? Destitute, broke, disease ridden, very dangerous land.

    The country that has nothing has everything and the country that has everything has nothing. Blacks destroy everything that is given to them, and when they piss all over what they have, they want to get you wet, and that’s the truth.

    Most of those “sub-saharan” African countries would be rich or well off if they were ran correctly. The French, British, Germans, Belgians and Portugese did not colonize poor, barren places. Haiti would be a paradise on Earth if those n* were not there! Haiti could be a rich little country with rich farmland, and tourists could go there to enjoy the beaches, but the nigs have ruined that land. Ruined it.

    Blacks genetically less intelligent than whites according to Wall Street Journal

    Three months ago I wrote about Dr. Bruce Lan’s research into brain genes and evolution. Based upon my reading of the NY Times article, which apparently put a PC spin on things, I concluded that Dr. Lahn’s research indicated that there are genetic differences between the races which affect brain function.

    On the front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal is an article which talks about the issue directly. Below is an excerpt in which I highlight the important conclusion:

    In recent years, Dr. Lahn has become interested in why the human brain is so large and complex. Although humans and chimpanzees share about 96% of their DNA, human brains are about four times larger. Even today, researchers can find a correlation, on average, between people’s brain size and their IQ.

    Dr. Lahn’s group zeroed in on the role of two genes, called ASPM and microcephalin, that are known to have a role in brain size. Humans with defective copies of either gene are born with brains only about one-third the normal size.

    Studying DNA from several species, the Chicago team found that, over millions of years, the genes had undergone more rapid change in monkeys, apes and humans than in other animals. Their next step was to determine if evolution had continued in modern humans. Dr. Lahn’s graduate students began decoding DNA from 1,184 people belonging to 59 groups from around the world, including Bedouins, Pima Indians and French-speaking Basques.

    The data showed that evolution had continued in recent millennia. A statistical analysis of DNA patterns suggested that new mutations in each of the two brain-related genes had spread quickly through some human populations. Evidently, these mutations were advantageous among those populations — just as the genetic variant promoting milk digestion was advantageous to early Europeans. Dr. Lahn and his team further observed that the new mutations are found most frequently outside of Africa. What the data didn’t say was how the mutations were advantageous. Perhaps the genes play a role outside of the brain or affect a brain function that has nothing to do with intelligence.

    While acknowledging that the evidence doesn’t permit a firm conclusion, Dr. Lahn favors the idea that the advantage conferred by the mutations was a bigger and smarter brain. He found ways to suggest that in his papers. One mutation, which according to his estimates arose some 40,000 years ago, coincided with the first art found in caves, the paper observed. The other mutation, present mostly in people from the Middle East and Europe, and estimated to be 5,800 years old, coincided with the “development of cities and written language.”

    That suggested brain evolution might have occurred in tandem with important cultural changes. Yet because neither variant is common in sub-Saharan Africa, there was another potential implication: Some groups had been left out.

    Unfortunately, because of political correctness, it seems that Dr. Lahn has to stop doing his brain research. “Dr. Lahn stands by his work but says that because of the controversy he is moving into other projects.”

    This is further evidence that the research does indeed show that blacks are less intelligent than whites. If the research confirmed the politically correct but apparently scientifically incorrect notion that there is no genetic difference in intelligence between the races, then there would be no need for him to stop doing his brain research.

    You seem to think that only caucasians once lived in caves, of course all ancient people lived in caves at least if the topograghy allowed for it.

    I am not an asiatic from western China you idiot, i know blacks have low IQ,s but learn to remember what you have read.

    Your such an ignorant fool, calling ancient Europeans canibals. canibalism is one of africas great traditions , please dont take your low african cultural psychological traits and project it on to more advanced Europeans, if you want a serious debate based on evidence great, but otherwise shut up.

    I understand that Africans are desparate to claim and feel that they have achieved something, but we all know that Negroid Africans have achieved nothing that has contributed to science and civilization, If Africans in Africa dont grow up they will never survive, the true face of africa is genocide, poverty, corruption, incompatence, HIV .
    In truth if it wasnt for white countries subsidising africa they would have become extinct along time ago. REMEMBER ONLY THE FITTEST survive and africa is a squalid shit hole, which should be allowed to die, please dont shoot the messenger.

    You should really watch this and see some of the great achievements of my people.

    You do your cause no good because it is obvious that you either do not know what you are talking about cos your arguments do seem sub standard, or maybe you realise the weakness of your argument but are so desparate to feel great that you engage in substandard intelectual arguments anyway.

    Now i will finish off my discourse in the fine white English language, using the fine white Roman alphabet, using my fine white invented key board,etc
    Remember Gott mit uns.

    1. Mr. Black-Smythe (or is it Mr. Pink-Smythe??)

      You are a little bit more intelligent than your ** arsehole. But then your intelligence is still below average and your mastery of facts and history is really poor. More teachings for you:

      According to Marias Gimbutas a European scholar froom Lithuania, your types full of chauvinistic hubris are called Kurgans and you migrated into Old Europe from Uzebekistan and Azerbaijan around the area where you find the Russian steppe. Some of you may also have come from western China as you clearly demonstrated in your claims. Thanks. I am sure you did not realize that Russian Steppes is very close to Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. Google up Uzbekistanis and Azeris so you can view your cousins from the Steppes and recall once more the cold and unmerciful land of your nativity. By the way, the pink nations of central Asia are so dog poor that you would not want to be associated with your poorer cousins anymore.

      See Azeri blond beauty queen:,,%20ak%FEam%20e%F0lendi%5C02.jpg

      See Uzbek President and his cousin W.Bush:

      Smythe, for your information Dr Bruce Lahn is a Chinese Doctor and he never made any racist claims against Africans. Your lying cheap pink arse simply inserted racist assumptions into the studies conducted by Dr. Lahn. If you knew how to read you would have realized that Dr. Lahn carried out a research comparinig the brains of human beings to those of chimps. In truth, the so-called whites (especially the pink ones) are the only tribe on earth that ever claimed that they came from monkey family. No other nation or race or tribe on this earth, past or present has ever made such alien claims for its origin. Now if Dr. Bruce Lahn is studying the brains of chimps, who do you think that he is researching? Again this shows you as one stupid unintelligent pink bwoy full of hubris and raw ignorance.

      Smythe, today’s Africa is “the shit-hole” your theiving, whorinig lieing and muderous ancestors made it into. Africa of today is still recovering from the depradations of Christopher Colombus, Francis Drakes, Henry Morgans, and Elizabeth I, the bitch of England. Those men and women were horrid, sub-human alien pink pirates, the truth of which the entire globe can testify with me.

      Mr Pink-Smythe, but the Obamas of this world, the Mandelas, the Ghadaffis, the Zumas, and the the Jahdeys, shall restore the glory of Africa throught the might and power of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. The Marcus Garveys, the Malcolm Xs, Elijah Mohammeds and the Noble Drew Alis of this world shall rebuild Africa into the ancient glory that it was. From Africa, something new always springs….(Roman proverbs).

      But Rasta Africans are back. We are even ruling United States today without firing a gunshot. We gonna rule the earth tomorrow with our superior genetic profile and wisdom. The pink tribe is on its way out.

      Mr PinkSmythe, actually, the Roman alphabet is not a European invention. Africans gave the alphabet to Europe. Originally, the Eygptians had what was called demotic writing, which differed from hierogylphics writing. The demotic writing was copied by Canaanites ( Black people – “Children of Ham”), and made into the alphabet which the Romans later picked up and spread across Europe. Go search for the origin of the Alphabet in the Encyclopedia Britannica, so your own sources could tell you in your own language that the alphabet comes from Africans. In fact Africans invented more than six writing systems. None was ever invented by your tribes. Honestly, go check this out.

      English language also is an invented language based on French, different from the barbaric mumblings of your Ugh Tribes from Uzbekistan. It is not an invention of pale pink west-chinese and tochurian troglodyte mummies like you. Go read a proper book instead of hanging around racist websites.

      Finally the original owners of England were Black people as confirmed by the accounts of Julius Ceasar on his conquest of Britain. Those Black people were called the Silures. They were black and had curly hair.

      According to Tacitus’s biography of Agricola, the Silures of Britain were Celts, who had a dark complexion and curly hair. Due to their appearance, Tacitus hinted that they may have crossed over from Spain at an earlier date.


      I could also take you on a discovery ride to understand the melanin advantage and its connection to neurological functions. I will provide you a link to the website of the American National Institute of Health so you can read some advantages of melanin (the black molecules) on your brain motor function:

      PinkSmythe, I did not make you pink. Nor did I make Africans brown. If you have issues of colour or hate then go to your good God and discuss the issues respecting how and why he or she made you the way you are. Stop hating on Africans! Or we will be forced to school you with even more knowledge and superior facts!!!

      Mr. Smythe, welcome to Rastalivewire, we are electric here. Beware, we shock and burn!!!



  5. Your are a dumb unevolved apeman and that is saying something, I am so proud and honoured that providence gave me the honour of being born white,

    English language is a Western Germanic language you ill informed idiot, which after the Norman conquest inherited a lot of Norman french words.The last time i checked the Normans were as white as The Anglo-Saxons, idiot.
    Maria gimbutas is an anthropologist who has been discredited, sorry to tell you that i know how stupid you are.The kurgans are as white as the rest of Europe were they were a horse riding culture from the Ukraine and Russian steppes, they were not the first white people in Europe you ape man they were simply one of many tribes moving about Europe, such as the Beaker people, the Corded wear people, the Battle axe people etc.

    Blacky jahdee The Roman alphabet was derived from the semitic caucasian phoenicians who infact came from palestine -lebanon, they develloped their script from an earlier phase of Sumerian pictographic writting before it evolved into the cuneform script.
    If you paid attention earlier, and i know you find it difficult with your apeman IQ, you would have learned that the origin of Sumerian writting and hence phoenician writting came from the Vinca pictograghs in south east Europe.

    Tacitus did not say the original inhabitants of Britain were black, he infact said they had red hair and spoke a language similar to that in Gaul i.e Celtic.

    Boudicca had red hair.

    No one takes seriously the idea that there were black people in Britain in Roman times it is pseudo-history steming from desparation.The only skeletons found in ancient Britain are white people.

    Melannin Blacky jahdee confers no advantage in the realm of inteligence, this again is pseudo science of the kind we come to expect from blackies such as yourself.

    Further more the racist language in this thread was started by you ,.its there for anybody to see, its obvious that you hate Europeans from your racist derogatory language, personally, i think you and your kind are a joke and are not really worth hating.


  6. PinkeeSmythe whines

    ” am so proud and honoured that providence gave me the honour of being born white,..”

    Brownie Jahdey responds:

    No pinkeeSmythe. You are not white! You are pink in colour, go look at yourself in the mirror and tell me whether you see white or pink complexion.

    Nina Jablonski a European scientist, described the colour of European skin as pink or yellowish pink. It ain’t white skin.

    Smythe whines:

    No one takes seriously the idea that there were black people in Britain in Roman times it is pseudo-history steming from desparation.The only skeletons found in ancient Britain are white people.

    Jahdey Eluciates:

    “Their Bones Tell Tales Beyond Their Graves

    Archeaological and genetic evidence have demonstrated that the Grimaldi were Blacks of the Central and West African typology. It is said that their facial and head characteristics resembled the Koramus people of South Africa and the San tribe (so called Bushmen) who were to come many thousands of years later.

    Neolithic graves in Europe and Africa highlight the African origin of the Grimaldi and hence Africa’s claim to Europe. Archeologists working in this field have repeatedly denoted the racial and morphological similarities between the early settlers of Europe and those of the African continent.

    It has been observed in respect of those graves that they are constructed on similar lines, and the great majority of the skeletons they contain are remarkablefor their uniformity of type. So striking, writes Professor Elliot Smith, is the family likeness between the early Neolithic peoples of the British Isles and the Mediterranean and the bulk of the population, both ancient and modern, of Egypt and East Africa, that the description of the bones of an Early Briton of that remote epoch might apply in all essential details to an inhabitant of Somaliland. (The Ancient Egyptians, p. 58.)

    In his book titled Civilization or Barbarism, (1981), at page 15-16, Cheikh Anta Diop made the following observation:

    The Grimaldi Negroids have left their numerous traces all over Europe and Asia, from the Iberian Peninsula to Lake Baykal in Siberia, passing through France, Austria, the Crimea, and the Basin of Don, etc. In these last two regions, the late Soviet Professor Mikhail Gerasimov, a scholar of rare objectivity, identified the Negroid type from skulls found in the Middle Mousterian period.If one bases one’s judgment on morphology, the first White appeared only around 20,000 years ago: the Cro-Magnon Man. He is probably the result of a mutationfrom the Grimaldi Negroid due to an existence of 20,000 years in the excessively cold climate of Europe at the end of the last glaciation.

    The Basques, who live today in the Franco-Catabrian region where the Cro-Magnon was born, would be his descendants; in any case there are many ofthem in the southern region of France.”


    Jahdey continues teaching:

    I cited you the works of scientists from Cornell University one of America’s leading Universities who concluded that Africans have superior genetic profile than Europeans and you claim that this work is discredit. Shame on you pink fool, it shows you did not go to school.

    I cited you the works of Marias Gimbutas one of the leading archeaologists and historians of Europe and you claim the work is discredited. Shame on you pink fool, shows you lack education.

    Then I cited you the research works stored on the databases belonging to the National Institue of Health the leading US Health Institute which sets the generally applicable medical and clinical procedures used by all US medical scientists and you say it is discredited. Shame on you pink punk ignoramus. Shame on your lack of proper schooling.

    Now cite me the papers that discredited the above studies.

    By the way, I know I am Brown like James Brown, and I am black and proud.

    Can you say with me that you are pink and proud?

    Come on say it and hear how ridiculous you would sound: “I am pink and proud” …LoL!!!~


  7. Actually i,m white not pink but people tend to use terms like white and black in a generic sense refering to caucasians and africans, has the debate really come down to pink-white? After all mr blacky jahdey your more brown then black kind of like shit.

    You claim i havent answered your points are you so stupid, the truth is you have not aswered any of mine.
    1. give your evidence of white people arriving in Europe 400ad. .
    2.give precise historical, economic, verifiable evidence to prove that africa is the shit hole it is today because of colonialism.
    3.Prove what you said about the English language being invented when infact it is the direct descendant of Anglo-Saxon, a low western Germanic language , with it is true many Norman french loan words.
    4.Give your evidence that the people who built stone henge were Negroid immigrants from Africa, which they must have been if Europeans didnt arrive in Europe until thousands of years later , and remember many human remains have been found in that place dating from the time of its building and use, and guess what they are all caucasion judging by their DNA and skull morphology.
    5.Disprove what i said about the origin of Sumerian writting, and hence PHOENICIAN WRITTING AND THE VINCA CONNECTION.
    6.Maria Gimbutas is not an archeaologist, let alone a great archeaologist, she is infact an anthropologist, and do some real research and you will see what the current view of her is.
    7.In what way do Africans have a superior genetic profile, what does that actually mean, give an example?
    8.The so called Grimaldi Negroids never set foot in Britain so how can that refute what i said regarding the caucasian origin of ancient Britain, as i have already said immigrants from Africa in the paleolithic period do not prove that the majority of Europeans looked like them, people have always moved about.
    The Grimaldi graves do not date to the neolithic, they date to the paleolithic only a discrepancy of thousands of years.

    You are a very stupid arrogant fool, you need to know what you are talking about not simply geting your tit bits of knowledge from poorly researched black nationalist sites which are intelectually substandard, you also have a habit of only hearing what you want to hear, and taking bits and bobs of information without being able to see the complete picture.but please i would love detailed and full rebutals to my listed points, full and complete.
    Yes i am proud to be an ethnic white European, and please list in full with sources in full the precise achievements of sub-saharan negroid Africans because there must be so many being so superior , laugh out loud.

    ps Actually since you seem so interested in my legs they are white, not hairy and muscular, attached to a 6 foot 4 frame.

    1. Smythen barks:
      “Actually i,m white not pink ..woof woof woof…”

      Jahdey roars:
      Stinking liar! … You must be suffering from macular degeneration!

      Smythen chokes:
      “.. give your evidence of white people arriving in Europe 400ad. ..”

      Jahdey roars
      Smythen, when did Anglo-Saxons arrive in England? When did the Vandals get to Hispana-Spain? When did the Astrogoths get to Andalus? When did Visigoths get to Rome? All of these events occurred way after the year 300 Anno Domino. Recent arrivals, where did they spring from? Uzbekistan? Azerbaijan? The jury is still out but evidence gathers that it was from that region…Russian Steppes..near Uzbekistan, Pakistan even. Even you evil Smythen suggested that it could be Tochurian in central Asia or somewhere near western China. See my point now

      Smythen cries:
      “Prove what you said about the English language being invented when infact it is the direct descendant of Anglo-Saxon, a low western Germanic language , with it is true many Norman french loan words.”

      Jahdey roars:
      What did you mean to ask? Whether English is an invented language? Yes, it is. Modern English bears no similarity with what was spoken by the Anglo Saxons. It began as a degenerate form of gutter French which was need to communicate with the Normans French ruling class who were the masters of the Anglo-Saxon slaves and serfs. In the end, it is neither French nor Latin. No close resemblance to German except for a few borrowed words here and there and some old unsupportable claims. It is a hybrid language which contains African words, Hindi, Pashtun, Germanic, Polish, Ameri-Indian languages as well as French. Go figure another language like that or with such a history. Even now, it gets expanded yearly by a certain paid and maintained committee of scholars. Isn’t this proof of invention? Is there another human language like that?.”

      Henri the fifth whines:
      “Give your evidence that the people who built stone henge were Negroid immigrants from Africa…”

      Jahdey replies:
      Well I never said anything about the stonehenge, I only taught you about the history of the Silures of Britain. The Silures lived in Britain at the time of Ceasar’s conquest. They were black people. I gave you a citation for that already. Do you want me to take you to the researchers’ house too?

      “MacRitchie (a very well educated and wise scottish man who had done his research well – Jahdey’s edits), adds that ‘the legends and the history of the Scottish highlands are both witnesses to the existence of a purely black people there.’ Boswell and Dr. Johnson saw descendants of these black people when they visited Scotland. In his “Journey to the Hebrides, September 1, 1773, Boswell wrote of one clan, the McCraes, ’some were as black and wild in their appearance as any American savages, whatsoever.’ Martin who had visited these Western Islands eighty years before Boswell said of the people of Jura, “black of complexion ,’ of Islay, ‘generally black’. and of Arran, ‘generally brown and some of a black complexion. ”

      The quote from David MacRitchie came from the book, Ancient and Modern Britons, published in 1926. MacRitchie a British archeologist also said “So late as the tenth century three of these provinces were wholly black and the supreme ruler of them became for a time the paramount king of Transmarine Scotland…….We know as ah historical fact tha nigher El Dubh has lived and reigned over certain black divisions of our islands – and probably white divisions also – and that a race known as the sons the Black succeded him in history….. p. 32. Page 70 of Roger’s book.

      Smythen Henri cries:
      “In what way do Africans have a superior genetic profile..”

      Jahdey roars:
      According to the research work of the scientists of European descent who are all based in Cornell University America’s leading Ivy league University and other Universities across Europe, it is because Africans have a more diverse genetic profile. They have genes that are not found in other peoples. They bear a royal line of blood connection to the Most High Jah and the blessed Mother, who are their parents. The likes of you Mr. Smythen, carry a relative narrow and shallow genetic profile. You do not have the complete book of life. I have the whole book, you have fragments of it. Read the article again and click on the link to see the original paper in Cornel University database.

      Smythen continues to whine:
      “The so called Grimaldi Negroids never set foot in Britain ..”

      Jahdey roars:
      The quote that follows comes from the works of Professor Elliot Smith a well respect pre-eminent scholar of European origin:

      “So striking” writes Professor Elliot Smith, “is the family likeness between the early Neolithic peoples of the British Isles and the Mediterranean and the bulk of the population, both ancient and modern, of Egypt and East Africa, that the description of the bones of an Early Briton of that remote epoch might apply in all essential details to an inhabitant of Somaliland. (The Ancient Egyptians, p. 58.)

      Droid aka Mr. Smythen moans:
      …please list in full with sources in full the precise achievements of sub-saharan negroid Africans

      Jahdey consoles:
      Rastalivewire website is suffeit with well documented, well researched well written articles about the achivements of African gods. Go through the website and learn more. Take your time and peruse the articles…keep an open mind. We take no prisoners.

      We are Rastalivewire…we are electric…..we shock and burn!

  8. That is what i suspected and that explains also why whites to invent this “white supremacy” nonsense,they must have felt their inferiority long ago and was a kind of defence strategy.

    Thanks to black historians like Cheikh Anta Diop and John Henrik Clarke we are well aware of the great past of black people and our contribution to the world,like the western civilization was highly influenced by Africans. So we have a history that we could be proud of and a present that is full of challenges mainly because of the fact that whites control the world for the last 500 years,at present this influence (which was almost always was negative and destructive) is felt through international organizations like world bank,IMF,WTO,UNO and the likes. It is a misfortune for Africa that whites have been so influential in the last centuries. So the social,political,economic and other problems that affect the black world and in particular Africa today are directly the result of
    this white global influence and power.

    Many of us normally being consumers of the western media are not well aware about the very destructive roles played by whites in individual African countries. Just take DR Congo for example,when you closely observe that country you understand how devastating white influence was in that country,murdering the democratically elected and black nationalist Patrice Lumumba in 1961 and installing the puppet Mobutu. Another example is Ethiopia where the role of western countries in the last 40 years was as destructive. They say diplomatic actions taken by then emperor Haile Selassie in the 1960ies and 1970ies, like his role in creating the organization of African Unity(OAU),the support of anti-colonialist independence movements in countries like Kenya,Angola and Mozambique,the leading role he played in bringing China instead of Taiwan,which was the wish of the western countries, as member of the united nation and also the united nations security council with veto power,etc had angered the western powers so much that they threatend to revenge, and as powerful as they were and still are managed to remove him from power in mid 1970 ies,they played roles in a series of military conflicts
    the country had with Somalia in 1977 and rebel wars from the 1960ies to 1991. In may 1991 they installed their puppet in Ethiopia which is still ruling the country and ruining it.
    So Ethiopia is under proxy US colonialism since may 1991 and has resulted in the secession of the northern province Eritrea(by the way in his book Bill Clinton proudly stated that he helped Eritrea become independent ) and the landlocking of the 2nd most populous African country, and as worse the US puppet regime introduced a policy of bantustanization,dividing Ethiopia in about dozen ethnic homelands, although the country has some 80 different ethnic groups and intermarriage is very high.You can learn here about the destructive role played by the USA in Ethiopia for some 40 years.

    So in general western involvement is greatly responsible for the economic and other conditions in Africa today,were it not for the very destructive role played by the west in the last 50 years or so Africa would be a better place today. And dont forget,Africa had always good and patriotic leaders,but all were killed by the west. An African nationalist leader now the west is at war is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and you can see there how big white influence and power still is in Africa and how whites could make or break African countries.
    So present day economic problems are not indication of African inferiority as whites like the Grux claim, the present day problems of Africa only indicate how big white influence is still in Africa, and we have to destroy or minimize that white influence on Africa for things to improve in Africa.
    Should i remind you that Africans were highly civilized and advanced while whites were living in caves in Europe few thousand years ago ?

    1. Every president of the United States in the 20th Century has been a Jew or been controlled by the Jews except one. His name was John F. Kennedy, and we all know what happened to him. A Jew, Harry S. Truman, signed the legislation that established the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), an agency that either works for the president or if the president deviates from the Illuminati, who are Jews, works directly for the Illuminati. The leaders of African nations are controlled by the CIA, and if there are any who differ from the CIA, they are struck down.

      When I contacted Ethiopia in 1995, the man to whom I spoke told me that any journalist who endeavored to write the truth, was arrested and in jail. He said that all the journalists there are in jail as a result. In the United States any journalist who strives to get the truth out is terminated from their job. Examples of this are in my work at at the icon that says Magazine.

      Anyone who blames governments doesn’t know whereof they speak, because it is those who control governments who are responsible for the problems that all countries experience. And it doesn’t matter which party is in the White House either since all of them are controlled by the Illuminati.

      Those who control government control everything else too. That includes education at all levels straight up and including universities. So your comment that some scientist at Cornell University provides the truth is questionable since Cornell is a university and thus under the control of those who deceive. Specifically, the Rockefeller Foundation.

      The first year I was a publisher, which was in 2001, I gave my internationally acclaimed e-zine to every university, college, technical college, and community college that is in Peterson’s Guide with the request that the next year they subscribe. Not a single one of them did. Only one university did. Guess where it is? On the West Bank. This is proof that documented American history is not acceptable at any of these institutions, and it is because the Rockefeller Foundation controls them.

      So I don’t accept anything that some scientist from a university says, because he/she is under the control of the Rockefeller Foundation, the head of which is a Satanist.

  9. So if Africans were so civilized while whites were living in caves, and blacks had such a great head start on us, what the hell happened? Whites have been to the moon, the computer, vaccines that cure diseases that have ravaged the world for centuries, automated travel and flight.

    On the other hand, blacks don’t have a single monument in their “highly civilized country” that wasn’t built by the Arabs or the Phoenicians.

    So explain to me, please, how Africans are genetically superior to whites, yet commit more crime than their white counterparts wherever they are found, in America or Europe or Asia? How can it be that a genetically inferior race like whites can dominate the planet, building monuments that still stand today, while Africans, without the influence of those same whites, would still be living in the dust, eating out of campfires and worrying about lions eating them in the middle of the night?

    Claims that blacks are genetically superior to whites are a joke. In fact, its the opposite that is true. Blacks need Affirmative Action here in the US in order to compete. They cannot compete on the wholesale level with whites. When two of three black males has been in jail or is on parole, and when 1.9% of the population (black males 18-24) commit almost 50% of the crime in America, it tells me that there is, in fact, a racial component to the criminal statistics.

    Its an interesting read, however. I can tell there was a lot of time spent on researching things. I wouldn’t have wanted that job – which I would liken unto building a brick wall out of straw.

    I do have to interject though, that I would love to know the names of these “Cornell University” professors who said that you Africans “…bear a royal line of blood connection to the Most High Jah and the blessed Mother, who are their parents.” That’s absurd.

    1. Affirmative Action is meant to keep you simple minded white men fair. White men have always been scared, even of their women. Which is why today the white woman dominates the white man.

      The greatest monuments in the world standing to this day are in Africa. The greatest monuments in the world that have been destroyed were in Africa and destroyed by whites.

      America is in decline and has to bully its way around the world just to see another year. Whites commit and get away with more crime than anyone else in the world. The biggest drug dealers, sex slavers, etc are all white, and don’t do time.

      Every time a white person sees one of our great monuments you make an attempt to claim it or destroy it. Every major city in the world has African iconography as its monuments and don’t even know it.

      Chinese are responsible for the computer dude. I have never bought a computer part that was made in a European country. Never would either.

  10. Boogra squeaks: “I do have to interject though, that I would love to know the names of these “Cornell University” professors who said that you Africans “…bear a royal line of blood connection to the Most High Jah and the blessed Mother, who are their parents.” That’s absurd.”

    Jahdey roars:

    Sure…I will make your day. Here is a list of their names. Take a look at their qualifications, their professions and tell me whether you know better than all those so-called white people like you.

    Nature 451, 998-1003 (21 February 2008) | doi:10.1038/nature06742; Received 2 December 2007; Accepted 29 January 2008

    Genotype, haplotype and copy-number variation in worldwide human populations by –
    Mattias Jakobsson1,2,14, Sonja W. Scholz4,5,14, Paul Scheet1,3,14, J. Raphael Gibbs4,5, Jenna M. VanLiere1, Hon-Chung Fung4,6, Zachary A. Szpiech1, James H. Degnan1,2, Kai Wang7, Rita Guerreiro4,8, Jose M. Bras4,8, Jennifer C. Schymick4,9, Dena G. Hernandez4, Bryan J. Traynor4,10, Javier Simon-Sanchez4,11, Mar Matarin4, Angela Britton4, Joyce van de Leemput4,5, Ian Rafferty4, Maja Bucan7, Howard M. Cann12, John A. Hardy5, Noah A. Rosenberg1,2,3 & Andrew B. Singleton4,13

    1. Center for Computational Medicine and Biology,
    2. Department of Human Genetics,
    3. Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109, USA
    4. Laboratory of Neurogenetics, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA
    5. Department of Molecular Neuroscience and Reta Lila Weston Institute of Neurological Studies, Institute of Neurology, University College London, Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG, UK
    6. Department of Neurology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taipei 10591, Taiwan
    7. Department of Genetics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, USA
    8. Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, 3004-504 Coimbra, Portugal
    9. University of Oxford, Department of Clinical Neurology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford OX3 9DU, UK
    10. Neurogenetics Branch, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA
    11. Unidad de Genética Molecular, Departamento de Genómica y Proteómica, Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia-CSIC, 46010, Valencia, Spain
    12. Fondation Jean Dausset – Centre d’Étude du Polymorphisme Humain (CEPH), 27 rue Juliette Dodu, 75010 Paris, France
    13. Center for Public Health Genomics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22908, USA
    14. These authors contributed equally to this work.
    Correspondence to: Noah A. Rosenberg1,2,3Andrew B. Singleton4,13 Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to N.A.R. (Email: or A.B.S. (Email:

    Genome-wide patterns of variation across individuals provide a powerful source of data for uncovering the history of migration, range expansion, and adaptation of the human species. However, high-resolution surveys of variation in genotype, haplotype and copy number have generally focused on a small number of population groups1, 2, 3. Here we report the analysis of high-quality genotypes at 525,910 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and 396 copy-number-variable loci in a worldwide sample of 29 populations. Analysis of SNP genotypes yields strongly supported fine-scale inferences about population structure. Increasing linkage disequilibrium is observed with increasing geographic distance from Africa, as expected under a serial founder effect for the out-of-Africa spread of human populations. New approaches for haplotype analysis produce inferences about population structure that complement results based on unphased SNPs. Despite a difference from SNPs in the frequency spectrum of the copy-number variants (CNVs) detected—including a comparatively large number of CNVs in previously unexamined populations from Oceania and the Americas—the global distribution of CNVs largely accords with population structure analyses for SNP data sets of similar size. Our results produce new inferences about inter-population variation, support the utility of CNVs in human population-genetic research, and serve as a genomic resource for human-genetic studies in diverse worldwide populations.

  11. Soon you pink peoples reign will be over and you will become our slaves again, just like in Egypt. Although I must appluad you pink people on keeping our holy black people down for so long, you are a very clever opponnet but we will RTG because we are superior in every way. You pink people are slowly losing your power and we are gaining ours…..because the truth shall set your pink ass free!!

    1. I disagree.

      Where’s the intellgience in that. You’re just ranting. Pratically a load of people from different religions want me dead. I’m assuming that if I went toeach part of the world I’d always encouter “extreme exclusivism”. Furthermore in light of your comment is genocide socially acceptable? (I’d think carefully)

      “…God created humanity; (but now human beings) create God. That is the way it is in the world – human beings make gods, and worship their creation. It would be appropriate for the gods to worship human beings” Gospel of Philip 71:35-72:4, in NHL. 143.

  12. racist a holes comments here. africa was advancing,it just that europeans made a more advanced form of gun and comqured large parts of africa,wars and everthing else.african culture was still ahead of europe’s,and many ways still is still moving ahead,technogly wise but it’s slower on average than europe,but that are still moving.african civilization was and still is more advanced than europe’ had many great civilizations. still do. read a book.

  13. The reality of theocracy and kingship is african and will always be check out every village and hamlet there has to be a chief or king and council i dont see this culture amongst the so called caucasians, so how come all of a sudden some would like to percive us as so backward.

    If one is to look at the whole age of mankind critically 500 years is really a short period of time to claim superiority based on scientific and technological advances, remember there is nothing new under the sun. and to think that the ancient african dynasties were anything but black is quite ignorant.

    The problem with the IQ test is easily shown.
    IQ tests are culture based. Different cultures score differently due to the cultural differences.

    Take, for example, the horrific IQ scores achieved by immigrants to the US. In the early 1900s, white, non-English immigrants were classified as being more stupid than even the blacks, due to their bad IQ scores.

    Yet, miraculously, 2 generations later they are at par with the other whites in the nation. Did they suddenly have a genetic shift in intelligence in such a short time? Or did they become acclimatized to the culture?

    Selassie JAH!!

    1. Ras Tumoje- Agreed! I love how ppl claim white supremcay based on the last few hundred yrs. In the grand scheme of things- its just a grain of sand. From what I’ve gathered, blacks were teaching the world for far longer. And just so every1 knows, creating/developing a gun and telling lies to oppress your fellow man doesn’t make you superior!

  14. This is so stupid. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. Henry Smith can believe that blacks are intellectually inferior, and anyone who chooses can disagree with him. But if everyone here is so intelligent, why are you throwing racial slurs and discriminatory language at each other. I’d always figured that intellectual people could have intellectual, and mature, conversations. And to Smith: even if Black people are genetically inferior, it is only on an average and I am sure that the difference in average IQ’s (which like RasTumoje said, is culture based) is minute. So even if there are a number of Black people who are intellectually inferior (which I don’t believe), I promise you that there are black people out there who are much smarter than you, and your entire family. With that said, you should treat all people of all races with respect; especially if you are going to use intelligence as a means of determining human worth.
    Furthermore, outside of all of the medical advances that you claim “your people” have had. A continent such as Africa that has been so badly corrupted and ravaged by slavery, colonialism, and exploitation is going to be behind in technological advances, regardless of intelligence. When a society of people lose their entire work force to conquistadors, that in itself will tear a people to ruins. Then trick them, cheat them, lie to them, and exploit them. Give them empty promise while you take all of their resources. Make them think they are inferior and helpless. Make their children think that from the day they are born.
    So I say, everyone is entitled to their opinions. But if you look at history and culture, any society of people who have been brainwashed over hundreds of years to think that they are inferior and helpless will continue to think that way, no matter how intelligent they are. The smartest person can be infiltrated, captured mentally, and brainwashed. Take the smartest person you know; beat them, tie them up, give them shit food to eat, tell them they are hideous, tell them they are less than human, tell them they are inferior, and brainwash them to think they will never be successful or lead a meaningful life. Do all of that to the smartest person you know, for forty years, and then let them go and see how far they’ll get without ANY assistance. Just think about it for a second . . . he/she would probably end up committing suicide.
    So at the end of the day, intelligence doesn’t mean a god damn thing. The majority of ethnicities in the world have never been giving the opportunity to prove themselves because white people felt the need to abandon human kindness and compassion and conquer the rest of the world in the most inhumane and cruel ways. Much of the world is still trying to find their way. From Mexico, to Columbia, to Venezuela, to Jamaica, to Afghanistan, to the Congo, to Sri Lanka, almost every country that has been dominated by White people is struggling to find its way. And many of these countries consist of some of the ethnicities that were pioneers in technology and medicine. Plus, if white people are so smart, then why are white people responsible for the destruction of the only home we have: Mother Earth.

  15. I am fifteen and in highschool and african american…I don’t think anyone wants to be told by anyone that they are dumb firstly by anyone else, themselves, and other races,but lastly by science…It makes me feel bad…I would just like to let you know also…that your IQ test don’t mean a damn thing there are monkeys out there with a higher IQ then Albert Einstein and all the other smart people…IQ test are just trick questions.

    1. Great to know that a fifteen year old overstand’s the stupid so called IQ test by the dump
      headed Europeans/Americans as nothing but a trash.It is simply because they that the African is MORE INTELLIGENT than the Caveman of Europe.Just another psychological
      warefare against us.It is a mind but you’ll come out on top,for as long as you know who you are.MAN KNOW THYSELF AND FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLES OF MAAT.
      Peace and Love.Hotep

      1. White lepers are not HUEMAN beings,they were not created,only the coloreds are.They were made. No color ,No connection.Not a hueman and can NEVER be one. Ever see the Island of Dr. Moreau? What is the Law. We shall not walk on all fours. We shall not kill and eat any other animal like ourselves. Not a man but a kind of a man.So nothing equal about that creature.

  16. WOW! Smith and other’s what u believe is a lie.Hueman beings were first.White or pink lepers cannot make a colored anything.I had to get in on this one. How can a non- melaninated mind build,think for that matter.When so-called whites were in the caves painting themselves blue, running in packs, that’s why thay love dogs.Doing what they do now, beastality,incest,raping,robbing,murdering. Our lives were fine until u turned white a symptom of leprosy.
    White people used to be colored, but leprosy got the best of u. You are the cursed,no working pineal gland,had to escape Father the sun. Now our Father is your enemy,skin cancer is your reward for your wickedness. No white non-Hueman could withstand the hot climate of the African Continent,u still haven’t figured out how we built the pyramids.
    Everywhere we went we built civilizations. Not one building,is in the caucas mountains. I guess that was because when we found them they had reverted to animals. It was the black ape that taught u. We taught u how to speak, how to clean yourselves, educated u at Timbuctu & Kemet ( Egypt) where Chemistry began.We educated you with our knowledge.Everything u know we taught u. H.P.Blavatsky in “Isis Unveiled” pg.515 chap.xiv ” What Egypt taught to others she certainly did not acquire by the international exchange of ideas and discoveries with her Semitic neighbors,nor from them did she receive her stimulus. The more we learn of the Egyptians, the more marvelous they seem! She sent no agents throughout the world to learn what others knew; but to her the wise men of neighboring nations resorted for knowledge. Alexander was not without her knowledge as he ransacked the library of Egypt & stole our knowledge from us and burned knowledge it had taken millions of years to gather from our melaninated minds straight from the creator to us.
    The” father of history’ Herodotus ,not our but greek historian confesses more than once that Greece owes everything to Egypt (Kemet) pg.521 Isis Unveiled. Everyone but our albino children know the truth.Well their time is up. We got tricked out of our glory,our cave children tried to claim our accomplishments. Thank the creator we knew them then, and we know of their lies now. Hard for a child to lie to their parents.We are returning to our former selves we are at the time to wake up. Research the cagots. These people are the REAL UNTOUCHABLES. Lepers that have infiltrated all of society have put themselves as us & us as them. Their term is up. Our Mother is tired of them and as their Mothers & Fathers it time for time out and time for all immigrants to leave the earth. They have succeeded in destroying the earth singlehanded.We HUEMANS lived on this earth millions of years we never messed up our mother earth. It took them less than 500 years to mess over the animals who were here before us,the land we have always been in possession of,polluted the waters which were clean before their arrival. You white, LEPERED, mutant albinos are not the mothers or fathers of anyone. Your cursed skin could and never has produced anyone rich in color. We know and our people warned us of a pale man that was to bring destruction to the colored race. They were right talk about prophecy. But continue to get them tans and skin cancer do us a favor, continue to want to be a color, you will acheive it only in death. White mutant albinos curse is lifted when they die,they turn back black 3-5 days,they have to be in the ground.So since the Black woman brought them in, shouldn’t they take them out? We brought you into existence. Ya’ll don’t hear me. The Black woman everywhere else is worshipped as the creator,somethings wrong when Blacks worship a white man as anything but Set or the step child they are. Purely Evil.That’s why those soulless creatures don’t return home, they wander the earth.They can’t live for the afterlife they have to do it all right here, that’s why they love death even in death they don’t get relief. No afterlife for the wicked. Karma is going to be a mother for them look at all the people that despise them. Babylon is fallen,lets not let it fall on us. It’s time to leave this evil place as it was in the beginning ,so shall it be in the end. What was it in the beginning just us beautiful people in Africa -Akebu-lan.Blackness will spread out again soon it will be no cursed souls.BLACKNESS is our gift from our creator, a working piece of the creator that puts us in touch with our maker. We made whitey so no connection to the creator for them,indeed they have to go thru us.Creator-creator’s children which means we are the creator on this earth, nothing but Negas pronounced NIGGERS.
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  17. damn everybody is so f@#king stupid its truly not about the black man or the white man its about the NEW man. and our greatest and most recent example of this man is his imperial majesty HAILE SELASSIE THE FIRST….Reason being: he is the human repersentation of GOD on earth. He is the true lord and king of this world. He is the man thats sits on GODS throne in complete righteousness. and as a born rasta I am upset with the foolish arguements of my fellows rasta. You make our culture and the name of our great king a mockery for the simple fact that you argue of race issues instead of discussing the development of this world and universe not a particular continent…I personally have alot of issues with and about white people and western culture. I burn with passion and thoughts of revenge for the many atrocities perpetuated against my race. However I believe in God and Gods thoughts are not like mans thoughts. So instead of taking on my thoughts, feelings, and ideas I choose to trust in Gods principles and ideals. JAH RASTAFARI!!!! Anyone who claims to be a child of God must truly know that God loves all under the sun and soon he will allow his true followers to shine brighter than the sun. So please little children stop the silly bickering of race. To be the best you must make someone better, to be the strongest give your strenght to the weak, if you want Gods help who you cant see help someone you can see.I am a jealous guardian of my God and king and I despise when foolish rasta’s mis-repersent the king of king’s and defile his good name among the masses. God is love and love is about building relationships with other peoples of this world and destroying the hate and ignorance that stagnates the ability for human beings to merge as one, and if we as people cant or choose not to do this the love of God is not in them. when HAILE SELASSIE began developing ethiopia he reached out to all nations to assist him much like when God commissioned the ministering angels to assist him in creating man…”COME LET US MAKE MAN” this was the greatest example and lesson that God gave to man… when taking on great endeavors always allow others to be part of it. So when one race is advacing the others should be present because if one grows we should all grow. Truthfully there is only one race the HUMAN RACE. wake up peoples. I have one last message to all rastafarians: stop spreading your false truths and ideas. I feel like i am the only rasta in the world that really knows the truth i feel that most of you are stupid and make selassie look stupid you must all bow down to my knowledge and if any of you have any issues with what im saying just let me know and i will give you some truth……..get in touch if you dare want to understand haile selassie…. I am the battered voice in the wildernss of north america

  18. It’s sad how people think things are true because one study done by people who were mentally incapable of conducting a logical study have deemed something as “fact” when it’s just an opinion. Too much poor info floating around on the internet nowadays. How is the White man ever going to want to treat us as equals if we keep talking trash about him with pseudo-“scientific” studies? I’m mixed and have the genetics of multiple races and I’m offended because all people with a low IQ are going to read this “study” and adhere to it as fact. One of the worst things to happen to the world was the trend of believing every lackluster study that was conducted with inferior methods to degrade any race of people to benefit another race. Keep your ego in check and realize that your race is not superior to another. That goes for all of you.

  19. A word to African-American males: “Give a Neandertal a brain and he’ll swear he’s the center of the universe” Stop betraying our legacy! All African men have done, since they crossed the Mediterranean, is bequeath pubic lice (of the Gorilla type) and Cancer to their progeny and eventually to fellow Africans. Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, etc, prevalent in African-Americans but not in Continental Africans. Some of it is the result of rape during your ancestors enslavement, but much is perpetuated by African men breeding with European women. You want to end oppression leave them alone to breed themselves out of existence. All men are not created equal; Africans were created from the Sun to live beneath the Sun, worshipping the White is an insult to your God, is it any wonder you continue to find yourself in purgatory.

  20. “Take your time and peruse the articles…keep an open mind.”

    You want us to keep an open mind when every time someone counters your opinions you come back with “pink sallow arse”… ?
    Not all white people have red undertones.. you’re one of those who think we all have blonde hair/blue eyes, too, right?
    Black plight is the only plight you care about.

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