Etymology of Jesus

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Here’s a good explanation of the name Jesus:

“Jesus is actually an English corruption of the Latin, Iesus (Latin did not have a J).

Iesus, comes from the Greek Iesous (Greek was the language of the New Testament).

Iesous itself is a Greek transliteration of Aramaic, Yeshua (Jesus’s mother tongue was Aramaic).

The aramaic form of the name is a derivation of the old Hebrew name Yashua.

Yeshua – was a very common name in the Roman province of Judaea at the time.

Wendy Krehbiel

Source(s): The Oxford English Dictionary for the linguistic data.”

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2 thoughts on “Etymology of Jesus”

  1. jesus was roman creation using astro thelogical allegories to construct this myth. Constantine had his own political agenda for contributing to this at the council of Nicea .

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