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  1. It looks like on the first one, the white face was added later. On the second one, if you look towards the top of the head, it appears somebody was painted over. Ah, the iconoclast!

  2. (Edited) While there is much written about the Drake Jewel on the web. The Drake Jewel is a symbol of Black Superiority, The Moor, symbolising Black Rule, eclipsing a white woman: the whites of Europe. Blue blood was black blood (1100-1848), and stood for the highest nobility. Elizabeth gave a miniature portrait on leather to Sir Drake and he created the jewel around it. On the cover a neo-classical cameo. He wore it as a batch. White superiority is based a whitened portraits of noble persons who were described as brown or black of complexion. There are still black portraits and engravings after these black portraits which show the brown and black complexion. Anna Boleyn was ‘very dark, with black eyes and dark hair’, while her daughter Elizabeth was ‘dark.’ She is famous for painting and bleaching her complexion, another lead that her skin was not white. The nobility identified with the Moor, a classical African, and their identity was thus Black. Whites were outcast and shoe leather till 1848. This explains racism against blacks, a liberation ideology.

    1. hey codfried i checked out your post on a book called blueblood is black blood. anyway i wa wondering where did you get the information that elizabeth was black and that she loved painting and bleaching her skin. this information is very interesting in that when i look at the picture of Elizabeth she looks like a mulatto. i went to a school called Savannah Arts Academy and there was a girl name Denise who was mixed and she had the same skin complexion and red wavy hair, she basically is what you would consider Creole. creole is synonymous with mulatto and moor.

  3. Sir Francis Drake had a wife in England right. And to Drake he thought that his wife was like his treasure so he made a jewel of her. But in these pictures it only has pictures of Drake and queen Elizabeth but wheres the wife. Most information and facts about Drake say that he faked his own death and put the jewel in his fake coffin. But the real question is where is the coffin. Most people believe that his coffin had his real body in it, but I believe otherwise. Who knows I may be right. Maybe his coffin DID sink at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Panama, or maybe in Madagascar. Some say that the coffin is in the cemetery at England (location unknown). Well thats what I believe.

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