Dr Sebi and Michael Jackson – A True Story

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DR Sebi Jackson’s Healer to Sue Singer for Payment
October 1, 2004

Dr. Sebi, the controversial herbalist who claims to have helped Michael Jackson beat what Sebi describes as an addiction, is preparing to sue the pop star, saying the singer stiffed him to the tune of $380,000. “CJ” spoke with Sebi in an exclusive interview.

Dr. Sebi, who was often spotted accompanying Michael Jackson and claims he traveled with the pop star from Hawaii to Aspen and beyond for several months, is not an actual doctor. He boasts he’s completely self-educated and says he helped Jackson overcome what Sebi says was an addiction to painkillers. “Judging from his behavior and his demeanor, I knew that he needed help,” Sebi told us.

“He was taking pills to sleep. He couldn’t sleep,” Sebi said of Jackson’s condition when they first met. “He was shaking. I’ve seen it so many times before, because I experienced it myself, where the hands– You lose control. Because the central nervous system has been interfered with, with drugs.”

Dr Sebi, who’s fought legal battles over his claims to be able to cure AIDS and cancer, has a clinic in Honduras and says he uses his special brand of herbs to remove toxins. “How did I cure Michael Jackson? The way I cured many people before Michael Jackson,” Sebi said. “By using the African bio-mineral cell food.”

Sebi said his treatment unhooked Michael from a habit some reports claim the singer developed after a painful 1984 accident in which his hair caught fire while shooting a commercial. Sebi claims that, after about a month, a new Jackson emerged: “[Jackson] was smiling; he was laughing; he would come and talk to me, like, ‘hey man, thank you.'”

But Sebi charges he walked off the job in late summer, claiming he got stiffed — and he blames Michael’s brother Randy. “I have not been paid.” Sebi insisted to us. “They gave me ten thousand dollars, and Randy said, ‘Oh, he’s paid in full.'”

In fact, Sebi claims he’s owed $380,000 and vows to sue within days: “My bookkeeper gave them an ultimatum last week, because she felt it was really abusive, because what I did for Michael, everybody around the world saw that, so she’s going to file a case against him.”

Sebi told us he fears that Jackson won’t be able to maintain his new healthy lifestyle without him. “I feel very, very, very, very, very sad, because I know… what we offered him he will not find anywhere else,” Sebi said. “I ask the question: why would they offend the healer?”

Dr Sebi says he still loves Michael and thinks he’s innocent of the charges against him.

There has been no comment from Jackson’s camp, but in the past, they have denied Dr. Sebi treated Jackson for addiction.

On the next “CJ,” we’ll go inside the private world of Michael Jackson where, according to Dr. Sebi, Jackson harbors no ill will towards his enemies. “If anything, Michael feels sorry for them,” Sebi told us. “He has expressed love for Tom Sneddon.”
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7 thoughts on “Dr Sebi and Michael Jackson – A True Story”

  1. I’m really impressed with Dr. Sebi testimonies and his compassion for healing and I’m ancious to converse with u soon regarding some heath issues concerning my mom and I really need your help regarging my hair, may God continue to bless you and may he continue to bless you with the information & resources to continue your mission to heal your people!

  2. The word Doctor means teacher so Dr. Sebi is an actual Doctor and does not need the Romans or the Crown of England’s permission or documentation to teacher us about being healthy. Now the Drug Dealers with MD after their names that you run to for death are teaching falsehoods so they are actually not Doctors.

  3. Now lets be honest people. This is America and we all know if the courts come after you they don’t stop. In this we have a black man that is some what like President Obama (awesome) but the only ones that see it is other Blacks. If you think I’m wrong ask OJ.

  4. Everyone knows how much the Jackson family value’s their privacy, so you can bet Dr Sebi was under contract when he gloated to the world that he was Michael’s “healer” and that he helped Michael conquer a “drug addiction” problem.

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