“White” Cannibals of Europe: Medical Cannibalism in Europe – Hidden History

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This series entitled “white” cannibals of Europe will give voice to the hidden but pervasive history of cannibalism, necrophilia, and necromancy in Europe among western and eastern European nations. The series will present incontrovertible evidence, often provided by so called “white” European authorities and intellectuals often writing for an local “white” elites who still read and understand real history as opposed to reality T.V.

Here Rasta Livewire presents: The Cannibals of Europe…. click twice on the image that follows below:

Click on Image to view Kannibals of Europe
MedicKal KKannibals of Europe
Click Twice on Image

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2 thoughts on ““White” Cannibals of Europe: Medical Cannibalism in Europe – Hidden History”

  1. I can believe it. Just look at the uncivilized way these so called civilized people are acting now that America has an African-American President. These barbaric …. are showing their true colors.

  2. I can believe. I’m white (I guess , I have 4 different continents blood but blue eyes) and I would imagine all areas of the world have committed these acts. Hopefully we can help the Liberians, Congolese and Guinean stop eating long pig.

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