Black Like The Ancient Europeans: The Black (First) Europeans

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The first people of Europe were prehistoric Africans. They lived mostly in the southern parts of Europe, and created many paintings and cave art throughout the region.

Pretentious scholars struggling with their self-inflicted racist diseases attach ill-fitting names to the first peoples of Europe. They call them funny names like Neanderthals, Paleolithic men, Mesolithic or Neolithic, Cro-Magnons, Grimaldi, Aurignicians, in a desperate bid to hide the cultural and historical identity of those people.

It is generally conceded by those scholars however, that the African people were the bearers of the first substantive elements of culture into the European continent.

Many thousands of years before the rise of the current pale tribes of Europe, an Afrocoid people known as the Grimaldi people, established the Aurignacian cultures. These people were anatomically modern human beings of the West African typology. They brought the first indications of cultural thoughts and rites into Europe.

The Grimaldi were Black Africans with very little body hair, black and smooth skin; they had the facial features typical of West African forest dwellers. They had kinky hair too. They arrived in Europe 40,000 to 50,000 years ago.

They ranged in height from tall to medium. Their culture had developed in Africa tens of thousands of years before they moved to Europe. It was called the Arugnician Culture. In 1994, scientists found corroborating evidence of stone and bone tools on the banks of the Semlike River in Zaire. They were finely crafted tools made between 75,000 to 100,000 years old long before modern humans migrated to Europe.

The Neanderthals non-modern human specie of man had left Africa early in time (80,000 years ago) and settled in central and southern Europe. It is speculated by bio-anthropologists that the genes of those Neanderthals are extensively sown in the modern European tribes of today.

The “Cro-Magnon,” people, late contemporaries and perhaps descendants of the Grimaldi people also existed in Central and Southern Europe many thousands of years after the Grimaldi Negroid had expanded to Europe but before the appearance of the pale version of Europe now known as Caucasians.

Actually, Caucasians as a race did not appear in Europe until about twenty to thirty thousand years after the arrival of the first Africans who by this very fact are the aboriginals of Europe.


There are many theories which seek to explain the reason for the switch in skin color of the Europeans. The theories proposed range from the Ice-Age effect theory, to those of miscegenation and others that suggest malnutrition. In all these theories lies the admission that the pale skin is a relatively recent genetic modification that occurred in originally Black Europe.

One of the more interesting propositions suggest that the change from black to pale Europe occurred as a result of miscegenation between the modern Africans arrivals in Europe and the primordial Neanderthal which had originally come from Africa. It should be noted that the primordial human Neanderthal (physiologically and intellectually) said to be among the ancestors of Europeans and Caucasians, also came from Africa to Europe about 80,000 years ago. Thus, the Neanderthal, which had apparently been forced to Eurpe from out of Africa, was also of the African genotype.

Some theories suggest that Neanderthals (who were originally black as all original Africans) later became pale-skinned and retained excessive body hair due to genetic selection responding to the need to adapt to the cold and darkness of Ice-Age Europe.

The modern day Europeans are the products of interbreeding between these mutated pale skin Neanderthals (i.e. mutated non modern-human Africa) and the later arriving modern black Africans of 40,000 -10,000 years ago i.e. the Grimaldis.

Warm blooded animals undergo de-pigmentation in the absence of light and warmth. If there were no Ice Age in Europe, the people would have remained Negroid/Black. Some of the darkest Africoid peoples still exist as the Australian Aborigines and Tasmanians. Their ancestors left Africa in the same waves as the Africans that went to Europe. It appears that of the anatomically modern human Africans who had migrated around the globe, those in the warmer southern climates retained their African pigmentation and those in the Northern climates lost theirs as a result of miscegenation with the pale skinned Neanderthals, who it should not be forgotten were originally of the African continent.

Ogu Eji Ofor Annu,

April 1, 2006

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    1. If you believe that all white history is only mass produced lies,then why would’nt all of you’re black history be all mass produced lies also,for that matter what makes you yhink that every thing YOU think you know is just a lie,in order to make you’re race feel good about themselves??????every race on this earth originated from theJinn except for the Aryan people,the biblewas created by Jews not a racist king james.that is why true Aryans use the origional text to interpret it,every mass produced document in existence was created by the Jinn races to TRY to make the Aryan races feel or appear inferior,but the world will always be able to tell who is superior by the fruit they bare upon their tree!

      1. Still spitting your bible nonsense. If you bible god created the pinks like you say. Why is it always a curse when your skin turns white? Every time god placed a curse on his people he turned em white. Never has he turned the black as a curse. Why is god described as a black man Daniel 7:9?

        Everywhere you pinks have landed disease, rape, murder, materialism and destruction has followed. So much for being proud of such a heartless group.

        Still u can’t give evidence of your bible crap. I gave you two sources for hard evidence. One showing that no little green men needed to come build. Second showing evolution does exist. Either your as blind or just ignorant of facts. I’m willing to read your peer reviewed scientific article on this bull, but its hard for you to post.

        Either put up or shut up. It’s that simple to do. You claim my sources weren’t proof, but they have been reviewed many times over and give concrete evidence. Your bible gives no hard truth just flakes like dry skin

      2. White history by and large is based on white supremacy. This by its very nature a lie. They have made a calculated effort to steal Africans history and if they can’t steal it they distort it. This has happened when it comes to the ancient Greek who were originally black, Spartans who were originally black, Trogans who were originally black. All of the world were peopled by just blacks no other people existed. They did not enter Europe in any significant numbers until chased out by the Huns. They came from central Asia they had no real home or history that’s why they fabricated it.

      3. it is a fact that some great scholars from Europe proved the rise of all human race is Africa. that means there was no human being in Europe unless there is a migration from Africa.

      4. Hey mr aryan man what u recon I read the top
        Fam comes from Italy and I ended up being white with blue limbus and little blonde or red hairs on my face
        Dark brown hair an hairy legs
        Recon my history is funny I’m 6 foot mabe I’m a mediteranian vole

      5. Your people are evil and steal from everyone. Countries culture etc. White people. Read into why they were really ran out of Africa and you will see why they have so much hated for blacks

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  3. The falsehoods from the alleged Camel’s Eye Treaty itself are numerous and obvious. Below are the most obvious:

    1. “This treaty is known as the Treaty of the Camels Eye, The Eye of Isis and The Eagle Bowl Treaty, and it was signed July 2nd 408 A.D. upon the surrender of the Roman Empire.”

    Why would a treaty supposedly written a thousand years before Columbus affect Natives? Why would it be named after camels or Isis? Rome fell in 476, not 408.

    2. “Peace Pipe Treaties [These treaties cover all Indian Tribes of North and South America]
    The Seal of Solomon Treaty [Covers all Blacks, Arabs and Israelites]
    The Paladium of Troy Treaty [Covers Asia and Minor Asia]
    Noah’s Ark Treaty [Covers all Anglia, Saxon, Mercia and Northumbrian Groups or The White Tribes of Europe]”

    Where to begin? Peace pipes aren’t used by many tribes, and many tribes never signed any treaties at all. The Seal of Solomon referred to Solomon’s ring used to signify his authority, not any treaty. The Palladium (with two ls) was in Athens, not Troy. There is no such place as Minor Asia. There is only Asia Minor. Why would a treaty for England be named after Noah’s Ark? And why are only the ancient peoples of England mentioned as “white tribes of Europe”? Where are the Germans, French, etc?

    3. “…Remember at the time Rome surrendered it’s power in 408 AD, England was given the responsibility of fulfilling the articles of the Camel’s Eye Treaty, because England was the second Rome.”

    England was a minor province of the Roman Empire. Most of it was never even conquered by the Romans. England certainly never took over the former territory of the Roman Empire. In 408 AD, England was divided under many rulers and would not be united for many centuries.

    4. “The ROMAN EMPIRE included the Crown of England, France and Spain. To this day, should you follow the bloodlines of the ROYAL FAMILIES, you will find them to be the descendants of the OLD ROMAN EMPIRE or the ROMAKOS who are the descendants of GREEK ROYALTY.”

    The Roman Empire did not include the crowns of those three nations. The British and Greek dynasties are actually both German in origin.

    5. “…And the name of this book can be found in the new Bible-Numbers 21:14. The Monarchy of any Tribal Government are called: Angels; Daughters of the Great Spirit or Pure Light.”

    What a conspiracy theory about the Bible has to do with Indians is anyone’s guess.

    6. “To be a member of a Signatory Tribe, you must belong to a clan that is ruled by a Clanmother who appoints Chiefs to speak on behalf of her clan. The entire Tribe ruled by Clanmothers, Angels, Pure Light, or Daughters of the Great Spirit, become the Title Owners of the Sovereign Territories.”

    Do they seriously believe that the US or Canadian governments required Native women to be recognized as angels of light before they could sign treaties? Actually, these governments preferred (or more often, insisted) Native treaty signers to be male.

    7. “The exception to this are the 5,6, and 7 Nations that were Indian Tribes created by George Washington”

    They seriously believe that George Washington somehow created tribes?

    8. “The original Iroquois Confederacy was 52 Nations.”

    By such a bizarre claim they just called every keeper of Haudenosaunee tradition a liar.

    Monica Peters of Akwesasne Women’s Fire described on their website how she came to believe in the Camel’s Eye Treaty:

    “I remember when I first heard of the Camel Eye Treaty, back in June 2009. I was involved in a late night discussion with a new group of people that I did not know very well yet. We were talking about personal experiences, world events, dream symbolism, and astrology.

    When I first heard about the Camel Eye Treaty, I was very tired and confused. My brain could not even process the information and how it pertained to my life today. I am very curious to learn every day, so I decided to start researching the topic.

    The Orion Prophecy
    Astrology as it pertains the location of Pyramids ** See the orion prophecy
    Eye of Isis
    Obelisk in New York City, behind the Metropolitan Museum
    The Berbers….
    It also makes sense to me that our ancestors have frequently changed their ‘names’ over the years as a survival tactic.

    I believe it is also worth our time to discover the commonalities with our Creation stories and compare those to Egyptology topics that are not government controlled knowledge.”

    In other words, Peters believes that Six Nations oral tradition is false and her elders are liars.

    Instead she chose to believe pseudo-science and fraudulent history that came from Black supremacists or so-called Moorish Science, and not even the profession of Egyptology as she thinks. Peters abandoned the Six Nations traditions that have been a source of strength for her people for centuries for, in her words: astrology, Egyptology, symbology, Orion prophecy, and conspiracy theories about obelisks and the government.

    Not even The De Vinci Code is that unbelievable. Peters firmly denies being a cult member, but certainly she has fallen for ideas that are cult like and ridiculous, with no basis in fact and contrary to every Native oral tradition known.

    For Ernestine Trudeau, she has chosen to ally herself with the militia and sovereign citizen movements that are filled with Quebec separatists, New Agers, and altmedicine quacks. Whether Peters or Trudeau realize it or not, the militia and sovereign citizen movement are a bizarre union of both Black and white supremacists. It is truly a shame that Natives who no longer believe in their people’s traditions get added to that strange alliance.

    So-called Sovran groups are not tribes, nor clans, nor nations. Most importantly, they are not sovereign, never were, and never will be. “Ambassadors” of these groups are almost as delusional as their leaders. These so-called Sovran groups have no hope of succeeding in getting their dubious legal claims recognized. Deep down, I suspect the leaders of these groups realize that, even if the low level members don’t, just yet.

    What these groups offer, as most conspiracy theories and pseudo-history offer, is a false feeling of being special, a naïve notion that its believers hold a secret others don’t know, and a simplistic way of seeing the world that comforts them temporarily. But only temporarily, because the law has a way of catching up with the fast buck con artists that the leaders tend to be. Its followers will likely go their own way, wiser but sadder, and perhaps poorer for any money they threw away.


    The central idea behind the design argument from probability is that the physical conditions that make life possible on earth are extraordinarily delicate, and their occurrence is more probable under a theistic hypothesis than a non-theistic one. A good example of this is the following from Isaac Newton:

    Were all the planets as swift as Mercury or as slow as Saturn or his satellites [i.e. its moons]; or were the several velocities otherwise much greater or less than they are (as they might have been had they arose from any other cause than their gravities); or had the distances from the centers about which they move been greater or less than they are (as they might have been had they arose from any other cause than their gravities); or had the quantity of matter in the sun or in Saturn, Jupiter, and the earth (and by consequence their gravitating power) been greater or less than it is; [then, in any of these cases,] the primary planets could not have revolved about the sun nor the secondary ones about Saturn, Jupiter, and the earth, in concentric circles as they do, but would have moved in hyperbolas or parabolas or in ellipses very eccentric. To make this system, therefore, with all its motions, required a cause which understood and compared together the quantities of matter in the several bodies of the sun and planets and the gravitating powers resulting from thence…. And to compare and adjust all these things together in so great a variety of bodies, [such a design] argues that cause to be, not blind and fortuitous, but very well skilled in mechanics and geometry. [Letters to Richard Bentley, 1]

    There are two parts to Newton’s argument above. First is his list of ultra-precise physical factors that are needed to keep the solar system just as it is. Second his statement that these factors are not the result of blind forces, but, rather, a cause that is “very well skilled in mechanics and geometry.”

    300 years after Newton, we find the same general strategy in probability arguments for God’s existence, but with an updated list of stumbling blocks in the sciences of biological evolution and astrophysics. For example, the initial emergence of DNA molecules is not easily explained on purely scientific grounds. Other versions mention several ultra-precise physical conditions that are needed for supporting life on earth. If the initial big bang as physicists describe it had differed in strength by only the tiniest amount, life on earth would have been impossible. So too if gravity was slightly stronger or weaker. So too if the sun was slightly larger or smaller. So too if the size of the earth differed minutely. The list of such contingencies is very long and eye-opening. While probability arguments differ in the specific scientific examples they cite, most share a common theme which can be expressed as follows:

    1. The existence of life-sustaining conditions on earth is probable under the theistic hypothesis.

    2. The existence of life-sustaining conditions on earth is improbable under the non-theistic hypothesis.

    3. When considering two competing hypotheses, we should accept the one that offers the more probable outcome.

    4. Therefore, we should accept the theistic hypothesis as the explanation of the world’s life-sustaining conditions.

    The notion of “theism” adopted in premise 1 refers to a specific concept of a supremely intelligent and powerful divine being who is sufficiently motivated to bring about life-sustaining conditions on earth. By contrast, the notion of “non-theism” in premise 2 refers to the idea that blind natural forces brought about those life-sustaining conditions, without any intervention from a divine being. The non-theist doesn’t necessarily disbelieve in a divine being; rather, the non-theist would maintain that if a divine being does exist, it is a vastly different entity than what the theist imagines, and that being played no role in the creation of the cosmos.

    The above argument doesn’t rule out the possibility that many of the life-sustaining conditions on earth are the result of natural causes such as evolution. The point is that a purely naturalistic set of causes is an unlikely explanation of the earth’s ultra-precise life-sustaining conditions. It’s thus more probable that a divine intelligence arranged the conditions, perhaps using some evolutionary forces in the process. Examples of ultra-precise life-sustaining conditions on earth, such as gravitational forces, are compelling, and even religious skeptics should except that life on earth hinges on exceedingly strict physical conditions. What’s at issue, though, is our lack of historical knowledge about what actually took place when the cosmos was formed. We unfortunately can’t travel back in time to the creation of the universe to see whether a divine being was involved in some way. The above argument attempts to fill this knowledge gap by assessing the probability levels of two competing hypotheses.

    Let’s set this argument for God’s existence aside for a moment, and examine a parallel argument that similarly rests on incomplete historical knowledge, specifically knowledge about who really built the pyramids in ancient Egypt. We’re all familiar with the accepted theory by academic historians that the pyramids were built by human Egyptians several millennia ago. But there are many lingering questions about how an early Iron Age civilization could, out of nowhere, develop the complex engineering skills to cut and assemble stones on a monumental scale with such mathematical precision. So mind-boggling were these marvels of the ancient world that contemporaries of the time believed that they were constructed under the supervision of the gods. Several thousands of years after the fact, try as we do, we can’t fully explain the organizational structure that led to their creation, and the explanations academic historians offer are riddled with improbability. Consider, now, an alternative theory that fully answers these questions: the pyramids were built under the guidance of advanced aliens from another star system who long ago traveled through outer space to ancient Egypt. They had superior knowledge and resources which enabled them to meet the pyramid-building challenges with the utmost expertise. With the help of human laborers, they did just that. We’ll call this the “alien hypotheses” in contrast with the traditional view that we’ll call the “non-alien” hypotheses. The specific argument in favor of the alien hypothesis is this:

    a. The existence of pyramid-building technology is probable under the alien hypothesis.

    b. The existence of pyramid-building technology is improbable under the non-alien hypothesis.

    c. When considering two competing hypotheses, we should accept the one that offers the more probable outcome.

    d. Therefore, we should accept the alien hypothesis as the explanation of the existence of pyramid-building technology.

    Clearly, we want to reject the conclusion of this argument, but where does the argument itself go wrong? The flaw is that it assumes a hypothesis in premise (a) which can always be stipulated to have a stronger probability than its rival. This is a case of the fallacy of ad hoc rescue. That is, to rescue a cherished belief from a problem, I specially fashion a new assumption that eliminates the problem. This constitutes a fallacy specifically when there is no good independent reason to accept the new assumption other than that it succeeds in saving my cherished belief. In this case, my cherished belief is that aliens built the pyramids. My new assumption is this: “I hereby stipulate that the ‘alien hypothesis’ entails the view that there are technologically advanced aliens who, upon visiting earth, would probably build pyramids.” This assumption is then used to fix the probability level in premise (a). Yes, this new assumption enables the alien hypothesis to overpower the non-alien hypothesis. However, I have no independent reason for accepting this assumption other than the fact that it rescues my cherished belief in alien pyramid builders.

    Even if the academic historian rejects premise (b) and insists that the non-alien hypothesis is probable, the alien defender can modify his stipulated assumption to match this. That is, he can stipulate that the alien hypothesis entails the view that “there are technologically advanced aliens who, upon visiting earth, would very probably build pyramids.” This surpasses the new probability of the non-alien hypothesis. Further still, if the historian insists that the non-alien hypothesis is extremely probable, the alien defender can match this by stipulating that the advanced aliens, upon visiting earth, “would unquestionably build pyramids.” Again, the alien hypothesis wins. Since we can’t travel back in time to watch the construction of the pyramids first hand, there will always be some gap in our historical knowledge of human Egyptian capabilities so long ago. Even the academic historian must grant that the non-alien hypothesis will never be 100% certain. But a carefully stipulated assumption in the alien hypothesis will always yield a higher probable outcome, and this is the heart of the fallacy.

    The point regarding the alien pyramid builder argument is, of course, that we find this same problem in the probability argument for God’s existence: both rest on the fallacy of ad hoc rescue. In the probability argument, my cherished belief is that a divine being created the world; my new assumption is the following narrowly stipulated view of theism: “I hereby stipulate that ‘theism’ entails the view that a supremely intelligent, powerful and sufficiently motivated divine being, upon creating the universe, would have probably made it to sustain life on earth.” This assumption is then used to fix the probability level of the theistic hypothesis in premise 1. And, as with the alien pyramid builder argument, I have no independent reason for accepting this assumption other than the fact that it rescues my cherished belief in a divine being as creator. Like the pyramid builder hypothesis, the theistic hypothesis can always be crafted to surpass the probability level of its rival. If scientists insist that the non-theistic hypothesis is probable, the theist could say more confidently “I hereby stipulate that ‘theism’ entails the view that an intelligent, powerful and sufficiently motivated divine being, upon creating the universe, would have unquestionably made it to sustain life on earth.” Even if the non-theistic hypothesis was highly probable, it still could not compete with this carefully-stipulated theistic hypothesis.

    Several specific elements of the theistic assumption are crucial for the theistic hypothesis to even appear probable on face value. Specifically, it’s not sufficient to simply stipulate that the divine being has supreme “intelligence”. For all we know an intelligent divine being wouldn’t have any motivation to intervene in the development of the natural world at all. Further, a supremely intelligent divine being might not have the power to intervene even if it wanted to. Thus, the theistic hypothesis must include assumptions about the divine being’s power and motivation, and not just its intelligence. These elements of the assumption, then, serve to establish the probability level of the theistic hypothesis in premise 1. But, like the alien hypothesis, all of these assumptions of the divine being are stipulated without any compelling independent knowledge. I may believe through faith that a divine being is supremely intelligent and powerful, and sufficiently motivated to help guide cosmic development; but that doesn’t count as independent evidence any more than my cherished belief that aliens built the pyramids. What I’m left with is an assumption about a divine creator in premise 1 that I can stipulate any way that I want to, just as I can an assumption about alien pyramid builders.

    There is a more impartial way of wording premise 1 that avoids the fallacy of ad hoc rescue. I might be less precise about the nature of the divine being in question — its motivations, its level of intelligence and power. Accordingly, I might consider the probability of life-sustaining conditions on earth under “the set of all supernatural hypotheses.” I might also be less precise in the level of probability that I assign to the outcome. A revised wording of premise 1, then, is this:

    1’. The existence of life-sustaining conditions on earth has probability X under the set of all supernatural hypotheses.

    The problem with this revision, though, is that I cannot establish what “probability X” might be; there are an infinite number of possible supernatural hypotheses, some might involve ultra-precise life-sustaining activities of a supernatural agent, but others won’t. I have no independent evidence that tells me whether a given supernatural agent would be likely or unlikely to intervene in cosmic development. Without knowing what “probability X” is, I can’t compare the probability of the supernatural hypothesis to the non-theistic hypothesis. So, this modified design argument from probability fails.


    The essence of the above critique is that we can’t invent an unsupported hypothesis, arbitrarily assign it a high level of probability, and then proclaim victory when it surpasses the lower probability of a historically or scientifically grounded hypothesis. The above critique is rather concise, and undoubtedly raises questions that require more detailed explanation. For example, is the theistic hypothesis really without independent reason? Are the theistic and alien hypotheses really comparable? Are the non-theistic and non-alien hypotheses really comparable? Several potential objections are presented here with responses to each.

    Objection 1: The alien hypothesis is a pure invention with no independent reasons whatsoever to back it up. The theistic hypothesis, by contrast, isn’t the same: it’s part of a long cultural tradition that is grounded in personal religious experience. It, thus, has some independent reasons in its support, unlike the alien hypothesis. As such, the probability argument for God does not exhibit the fallacy of ad hoc rescue.

    Answer: The issue of what counts as “support,” “evidence,” “justification”, “warrant” – and a host of related concepts – is a rather thorny matter within epistemology that cannot be resolved here. However, we might very generally distinguish between two types of evidence which, following William James, we can call “tough-minded” and “tender-minded”. Tough-minded evidence is the sort commonly associated with science, which involves empirical observation and repeatable experiments. Tender-minded evidence, by contrast, is less scientific, more intuitive, and affects the choices that we make in our quests for happiness, personal fulfillment, love and community. For many people, religious tradition and experience undoubtedly qualify as tender-minded evidence in these more intimate areas of life; it would be uncharitable for the non-theist to deny this. But there is no tough-minded religious evidence. The road to religious knowledge is littered with failed attempts to scientifically demonstrate life after death, the effectiveness of prayer, the accuracy of prophecy, the veracity of miracle claims. To the extent that religious tradition and experience count as “evidence”, it seems to be restricted to the tender-minded realm. It may very well be the private choice of a theistic believer to give preference to the tender-minded aspects of life over the tough-minded, and the non-theist must respect that right. As such, the theist may personally opt to believe through faith that a divine being orchestrated the life-sustaining conditions on earth. However, the probability argument for God’s existence does more than this: it enters the tough-minded arena of science and attempts to combat the non-theistic hypothesis on its own tough-minded ground. In essence, it misrepresents tender-minded religious evidence as tough-minded evidence. This is most clearly seen in defenses of intelligent design theory, which boldly present their position as a scientific explanation. Thus, to the extent that the theistic hypothesis lacks tough-minded evidence, the probability argument for God is very much like the alien pyramid builder argument and commits the fallacy of ad hoc rescue.

    Objection 2: There’s an important difference between the alien and theistic arguments. In reality, the alien hypothesis has a very low initial probability — and not a comparatively high one as premise (a) in the pyramid builder argument states. In fact, the initial low probability level of the alien hypothesis is assumed in the very fact that the alien argument is put forward as a parody of the theistic argument. To suggest that the theistic hypothesis has a similar very low initial probability begs the question against the theist.

    Answer: In many probability arguments for God’s existence, the initial probability levels of the rival hypotheses are set by something like gentlemen’s agreements. For example, where “1” is the highest level of probability and “0” the lowest, disputants may initially set the probability of both the theistic and non-theistic hypotheses midway at “.5”. Disputants then will increase or decrease the probability levels of the rival hypotheses based on relevant information about either. The key question, though, is why should we extend this gentlemen’s agreement to the theistic hypothesis but not the alien hypothesis? Both lack tough-minded evidence. Both would be supported by their respective advocates for tender-minded reasons. Both have stipulated assumptions that are tailored to support their respective ends – whether it’s pyramid building or the creation of life-sustaining conditions. One obvious difference between the two is that there are substantially more believers in the theistic hypothesis than in the alien one (although there are some actual believers in the latter). But the probability levels here cannot be set by a mere popularity contest; doing so would transform the probability argument for God into an argument from popular appeal, which is not the theist’s intent. In fairness, then, the alien hypothesis deserves the same gentlemen’s agreement that’s offered to the theistic hypothesis. With either hypothesis, an initial probability assignment of “.5” is arbitrary, and a different gentlemen’s agreement might result in probability levels as low as “.1” or as high as “1.” If through agreement we assign a “.1” to the alien hypothesis, the theistic hypothesis deserves the same; or, if we assign a “1” to the theistic hypothesis, the alien hypothesis deserves the same. The strategy of both the theistic and alien arguments, though, is for their defenders to assign probability levels to the theistic and alien hypotheses that are high enough to surpass their respective rivals, whatever the probability levels of those rival hypotheses may be. This begs the question against the rival positions, and the fallacy of ad hoc rescue emerges.

    Objection 3: The probability of the non-theistic hypothesis is so low that it entitles us to consider the theistic hypothesis, even when the theistic hypothesis isn’t backed by independent reasons. By contrast, in the alien pyramid builder argument, the probability of the non-alien hypothesis is high enough that it does not entitle us to consider the unsupported alien hypothesis.

    Answer: We need to be clear about what specific part of the non-theistic hypothesis is improbable, and what the term “improbable” means. On the one hand, if I arbitrarily pointed to some particular planet or moon in the universe, it may indeed be astronomically improbable for it to display life-sustaining conditions. On the other hand, if I am considering the probability that some planet in the universe has naturally-occurring life-sustaining conditions, that’s a different matter. The probability here depends on the size of the playing field – how many solar systems are in our galaxy and how many galaxies are in the known universe. The larger the playing field, the greater the chances. Many researchers believe that the probabilities are very good that life-sustaining conditions occur throughout the universe, and our planet is just one case in point. Premise 1 of the theistic argument states that “The existence of life-sustaining conditions on earth is improbable under the non-theistic hypothesis.” The term “improbable” is a concession that the non-theist may be willing to make, perhaps in the absence of any consensus among scientists about an exact probability level. Nevertheless, it is uncharitable for the theist to maintain that the existence of naturally-occurring life-sustaining conditions is astronomically improbable. While the evidence for the non-theistic hypothesis may be incomplete, it is still backed by enough scientific evidence to prohibit opponents from countering it with a rival hypothesis that lacks any scientific support.

    Objection 4: The purely natural occurrence of at least some life-sustaining features on earth is in fact astronomically improbable, such as the initial emergence of DNA molecules. Accordingly, with respect to these specific ultra-improbable features, the non-theistic hypothesis has no good independent reason in its support; as such it does not parallel the human-pyramid-builder hypotheses which does have independent support.

    Answer: True, some defenders of the probability argument maintain that current scientific evidence doesn’t come close to supporting the non-theistic hypothesis when it comes to these ultra-improbable features. The accuracy of their claim remains to be seen, and rests on biological and astrophysical evidence that is beyond the scope of this essay to explore. For the sake of argument, though, let’s assume for the moment that the non-theistic hypothesis is completely without good independent support with respect to these ultra-improbable features. This means that the non-theist is free to stipulate his notion of “non-theism” any way that he wishes (just as the theist can), such as the following: “I hereby stipulate that ‘non-theism’ entails the view that blind natural forces, upon creating the universe, would have unquestionably made it to sustain life on earth.” Accordingly, the non-theist can revise premise 2 as follows:

    2.’ The existence of life-sustaining conditions on earth is virtually assured under the non-theistic hypothesis.

    The probability argument for God’s existence now becomes a contest between two unsupported hypotheses: the theist’s and the non-theist’s. As worded in the new premise 2’, the unsupported non-theistic hypothesis surpasses the unsupported theistic hypothesis, and the probability argument for God falls flat. The theist could of course respond with a revised hypothesis that matches 2’. The contest will then end in a draw – or perhaps metamorphose into an ontological argument that rests on the hidden implications of “theism” and “non-theism”. The larger point, though, is that the theist is now locked between two horns of a dilemma. If the theist insists that the non-theistic hypothesis is without independent rational support, then there is no probability argument for God’s existence. If on the other hand the theist grants that there is at least some good independent reason to support the non-theistic hypothesis, then the probability argument for God’s existence commits the fallacy of ad hoc rescue.

    Objection 5: There are other versions of the probability argument that are less susceptible to the charge of ad hoc rescue, such as this:

    (1) There are only three possible explanations of the ultra-precise life-sustaining conditions on earth: necessity, chance, and intelligence.

    (2) The life-sustaining conditions on earth are contingent (that is, they could have been otherwise), which rules out necessity.

    (3) The life-sustaining conditions on earth are so improbable that chance is an inadequate explanation.

    (4) Therefore, intelligence is the only explanation left standing.

    When the probability argument for God is presented this way, there is nothing ad hoc in its argument structure.

    Answer: There are two key problems with this alternative argument. First, of the three possible explanations listed (that is, necessity, chance and intelligence), the theist arbitrarily selects “necessity” and “chance” for analysis, eliminates them, and concludes with the “intelligence” option. The non-theist, though, could just as arbitrarily select “necessity” and “intelligence” for analysis, eliminate them, and conclude with the “chance” option. The non-theist’s counter argument, then, is this:

    (1) same as above

    (2) same as above

    (3) There is no independent reason to believe that the life-sustaining conditions on earth are caused by intelligence, which makes this an inadequate explanation.

    (4) Therefore, chance is the only explanation left standing.

    To avoid the charge of arbitrary selection, the argument needs to independently analyze all three options – or, eliminating “necessity” on its face value, at least analyze the two main contenders of “chance” and “intelligence”. This, though, brings us back to the original wording of the probability argument that appears at the outset of this essay, and the fallacy of ad hoc rescue again emerges.

    The second problem with the alternative version of the probability argument is that it commits the fallacy of excluded middle. That is, it presents three options as the only logically possible contenders when there are in fact many others – the total number of which may perhaps be limited only by our abilities to conceive of different metaphysical categories and science fiction scenarios. Hume sufficiently makes this point here:

    In this little corner of the world alone, there are four principles, reason, instinct, generation, vegetation, which are similar to each other, and are the causes of similar effects. What a number of other principles may we naturally suppose in the immense extent and variety of the universe, could we travel from planet to planet, and from system to system, in order to examine each part of this mighty fabric? Any one of these four principles above mentioned (and a hundred others which lie open to our conjecture), may afford us a theory by which to judge of the origin of the world; and it is a palpable and egregious partiality to confine our view entirely to that principle by which our own minds operate. [Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, Part 7]

    Without listing, analyzing and then definitively eliminating all of the logically possible contenders, the “intelligence” option cannot be supported by a simple process of elimination.


    Since the outset of the scientific revolution, theists such as Newton were quick to expose the inadequacies of purely natural explanations of life on earth and conclude instead that a designing mind must be behind the fabric of life. One especially remarkable theistic apologist of this period was William Derham (1657-1735) whose two works Physico-Theology (1713) and Astro-Theology (1715) cataloged virtually every known improbable state of affairs in the biological and celestial realms. But, as science moved forward over the succeeding decades and centuries, two things happened. First, scientists were able to offer compelling natural explanations for many of the phenomena that previously proved so baffling. Second, by pushing the frontiers of knowledge even further, scientists uncovered yet more highly-improbable natural phenomena. A new generation of theistic apologists then cited these new puzzles as clear proofs of a designing mind. Unfortunately the new apologists never set the record straight by conceding that the earlier apologists over-dramatized the old scientific puzzles. Rather, they just forged ahead by announcing to the world how the new puzzles definitively showed the footprints of God in the natural world. With this happening generation after generation, we might be suspicious of every new theistic argument from probability, just as we would the fabled “boy who cried wolf”. But older works like Derham’s are buried in obscurity, and we can’t readily see the historical pattern for what it is.

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    2. The African Womban can give birth to any of the peoples who inhabit this planet..the same cannot be said about any other groups..~ This is scientific fact..~ She is the goddess worshipped globally in all of the names bestowed upon Her..~ Her psyche is most fragile and is the subject of continual ravaging to submit to a shistem that does not even come close to Her feet..~

  11. indeed we only callled it hue man only race an mankimd being raised into huumanity by the muuurs,the aryan race was created in yucatan peniinsula an the patagonian blondes[ cm bey clock of destiny 1-2]created come from south america,albions are niot indiginous to caucus moutains but were taken there from weat to east not india in east are the grsfte from but fard mahummad chnged tht after noble drew ali was murdered for getting the land back at 1928 conference in cuba ,they gave muus tthe land back the rothchulds an other creditor with deww all an down the market went ,so u know they had to kill him then ,,we cause the bankrupcy getting land back at pan coonference in ccuba .. ,,its not in ur hizzzztory books an arguing pubic history is chaos illusion magic ,,cause thousand of yeas ago masons know that africa was in the west the amexums an akebulan wass the name in eaast before cypri africcaanus cpnqueed carthage an then they sstarte callimng that africa,,,they switched maps thats why chicage-mecca an detroit medina aare the exavt same mils apart in america an africa timbuktu was newark newjersey ,ypu wil never lear dis in schol undr three dehgreee phd but in ur seeking higher hotter degrees u may attain the knowlede to make u ffre an acceepted but as a albion u are bound to seeecrecy an are not alllowed by ur temples/lodges to convey ur knoeledghge to the public.,,masons cannt know what masonry is a be white supremaciss they can however get together with the christian oveseer sellout tell us we tag brand lead blacks an create the color vs color chaos in public to keep both sides in their order ,, people getting slaved by gove fighting boour skin tone an basing life on th so ths a low level requency of a person who agrees to that soo h the strawman is dead , thats fair aryan man an we will show n prove ,u should p put ur e mail or send it to me so u canm get a mailine insead of a sniff here an there like now ,this is ony a sniff wjhen i type the knowlledge of self of the all n all awaits ,a lot is right here on rasta liveire ,u doont have to go far the comment sections provide much proof as dpoes all the word by m, mark washington showig we rule eurpe an they lied bout all comig on slave shhip jesuss but just thst u kknow there was a slaave sship jesus tellu i dont deal with jessus serapis the subjectec my peopleto so much opression an still are so beaten they think thtat they had jesus beffore slavery spo thy paint him back drksking as he looked first befoe ol blue eyes,,the started repainting picture pale micelangelo is one rome did this an u see rome is englasnd now ,first go top an u will seeee the the aryan didnt get last names unil 1100 ,for example im adoptd by the carnegie family same as andrew carnegie but thats the bloodline of william the conqueror ,,name is from carnage bloody war an that didnt occur unrtil 1100,thats when the middle english bleac people now called white in 13 14th amendmet began havin last naames wwhich were noble titles befoe christiandom inquisitions,,the symbols on most family crests from europe are from egypt ,, an thats why noahs ark people say they sons/daughters of cleopatra cause with the askanazzzi jew in israel they claimed to be gods chosen people lie[ i will refer ypu to pastor ray hagins cause ypu need to hee this to ,,,albion peole need to here this to so at least the seed has been planted that all people who claim they are one coor or aanother or negro colored indian afriican american hispanic latino ,s[pecifcally do away with the color cause its a two sided trick no treat for both color of law victims , arguing black n white benefits none who signed into 13th 14th amendment in america in aan th black pannther will be marched to concenmtrtion debt camps or be headed or be forced to hace rfid chip implanted in ur hand ,,if uu got any quetions fire away show an prove to all

  12. is good..we wont argue colors so u may be shocked but think of it this way , learnimng muurish science at rasta livewire will save u from intiating to baphomet just to learn who u are being free an accepted ,iif u come fom ur muther then u are a muthers sun soo w a ma son from ma sun ma=creator ggod matriarchy look at the etymology of ma tri arch y 4 syllables 4 is the number of the square stand iing on ur sqqquaare, search the tragic mulattos play that went on at fordd theater day after lincoln ddies , you een noble jah dey show u the allbion slave children of new orleans an the war involved northern men comi south tto buy sllaves an beeing shocked at findimg muur of a mixed mulaato albion stock of womamn who wwould ve white above mason dixon line but were 1-2% nigger if th had even i curl in their hair ,u ur self would have been ourahed to see a blonde haire blue eyed woman maade a slave cause she had a cuurl im hee hair but these woman an men wwere born from the muur turned into negro slave an from thhe albionn slaves owned by the muurs now called black slave owners in south,they treated the irish men soooo bad they would begg to be bought cause there were no jobs an when people had n food they ate indiginous people an other european settlers ,cause they was starving poor was poor in terms of eating , if u cudnt catch it u stsrved unlesss u had money n few had money upon arrival to be indentured servemts if they got picked to be ,so when u hear a;llbiions call us anima;ls its cause we tasted good to them like a pig cow or chicken not cause we are the beast. from tarzan movies made in fflorida , an we saoid this wa africa first , why didnt they go the africa an how or why was florida able to fool people into thinkig it was afica ,,caise it once was you can see the continents come fom a natural disaster type with africa in east breaking offf from north south central america today the amexums before 1492, we seee the muur moroccan flag flag an hillary clinton is a democrat ,the connection of new morroccoc in east an the original morrocco here in part of what is now caled the americas .remember terra incoggnito an all the terr on the first maps , un kown lands it means terra == land sstudy ur latin also we teach thzat at atmuarium on u tube prince uriel bey, the hidden foridden of the west is on the table now ,we was free when clolumbuas got here themn enslaved ,, then affter they bought oin ou berber family thst had survived the shift that created continemts of tody from pangea atlantis lemuia both sinking along the way ill be back

  13. This will probably be another of my larger posts,but i feel like I should tell you a bit more about my understandings.thank you for you/re patience and i will try and get my point across…….(Edited: Storm-Front (Racist Internet Website) Article)

    1. The first stirrings of what can be accepted as dawning of serious intellectual activity in the Europeans must be the writings of Homer circa ?800BC, by which period the black Egyptian civilisation was nearly three thousand years old and the Akebuloid Phoenicians’ epic writings had become ancient.. Even older is the Kushite/Sabean/Nubian/Meroetic

  14. afwan i will post muur for the people listen to the entire hour of this ,,it will shock many to hear this but o it stands.this is the age of aquarius , ALL BREATHING ON PLANET BEEN LIED TO MUUR THEN WE REALIZE EVEN THE ONES THAT CREATE MUUR LIES TODAY OVERSEEING US ,,,,,, you tube search black status vs moorish american status& the issue of reparations,1hr, MEET YOUR STRAWMAN ,taj tarik bey rv bey the canaanland muurs,,,this angle is not from color its from muurish science is masonry or whAt is hidden by zion in euro masonry.those protocols of zion give u at leeast a blue print structure of how to take over kingdoms by starting wars , if thety claim it was a forgery then well it aint now cause it lays out the crimina l banking system e have today an what they are doin g with the situs trust birth certificate an cest te que trust ss card ,,,color distraction in america an akebulan is baased on this an the goyim philosophy ,,,WHEN THE DOLLAR FAILS ALL MINORITIES WILL BE SACRIFICE TO BAAL,in america the woman an gay people are included by artificial de facto civil rights 13 th 14th amendment statues created for the negro freed in civil war ,an the freed mulatto children who passed for fake white in the north who assumed the fake color status of an amended constitution .so by doing this what the muurs were put out oof by 3/5th negro addtion to document,,the albions were put out by civlil war 13 14 amendment killing whiggamore party 1863 appointed white status .then if u notice all the over the counter medicines were 95% heroin or cocaine ,, bayer asprin heroin coca cola cocaine ,,further to dumb down the people .noble drew ali caused the 11929 stock market crash ,,he was granted the land back at pan conference i in cua 1928 gets murdered 1929,,nation of islm starts 19031 sssoocial security 1933 ,, hjr 192 being dishonored every day ,,,this is not black history its muurish science ,,the black histiory iis what the european sun told us that we all came from africa on slave ship jesus killing our birth rights sovereignty an nationaliy right here were arabic an latin was spoken before 1492 anour national language as muurs is the 10,,000 year old latin on down the line to what peopple know a french spanish american eenglish ,,all are form of latin we spoke on the planet first corrupted by the conquering of the lands by europeans men aryan sons of the moors we spoke latin on the planet as our national language ,this would be all u call african american,hispanic ,latino indian today by de faullt by de fault of the sellout boule black power negro alter blacks ,,use black soo sacrifice black cause its a masonic secret that people are not black or white an zion they dont care what u are if u not free an accepted like them to be controlled by zion buying degree knowledge from the 32-33 degreee men,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for all knowledge on latin s the muurs national language before the others that come from it study the consecreted talisman by prince uriel bey ,,,

  15. Brilliant, iam a truth seeker, itz the truth we know that setz uz free to LIVE this life to itz fullest Potential…PEACE & BLESSINGZ TO ALL SOUL SISTAHZ AND SOUL BROTHERZ…

  16. you tube the invention of the white race theodore allen ,we the people in order to form a muur perfect or the term has been misused to fool people on what africa was in ancient times ,where it was ,, before 204 ad/296bc[cause 500 years is added on gergorian callender.this lie /code of word africa has manumitted all that happened in the west to the east in hizztory to make the patriarchal bible geographically in place to have adam born in afrca so that the askanazi fro europe claim they from adam ,gods chosen people [pastor ray hagins the illegitamacy of the people called jews an the incredibility of the bible,he will be exposing lies,imhotep iss first mason keredu ankh his muther,,,,,,,,THE CLOCK OF DESTINY CM BEY 1-2,THIS IS THE SCIENCE ,,CHECK RV BEY PRODUCTIONS IN SEARCH ENGINE….MY TREATY OF PEACE AN FRIENDSHIP HAD TO BE TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH FROM ARABIC .THERE WWAS NO MORROCCO IN THE EAST AT THAT TIME,THAT RED FLAG WITH FIVE POINTED GREEN STAR IS FROOM THE WEST ,THATS MY FLAG THE MUURS FLAG HERE ALSO FROM DAY ONE ,, THE RED FLAG HAS BLOOD ON IT FROM OUR WARS IN AN OUT SIDE COURT ROOM,FIRST FLAG WAS WHITE WITH GREEN STAR ,,NOT IN HIZZZTORY N BOOKS , THOMAS JEFFERSON AN ALL THE MASONS HAVE TO HAVE QUARAN AN KNOW AARABIC [FORM OF LATIN]TO BE INITIATED INTO THE APPRENTICE CRAAFT,TO GET IN DA DOOR,,,,KNOCK KNOCK WHO GOES THERE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE WORD CRAFT IS WHAT IT IS WHY THEY KNOW IT N REFUSE TO SHOW IT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE muurs/moors from west east NATIONAL LANGUAGE IS 10,000 yo LATIN BEFORE VULGAR AROUND THE WORLD,,LATIN AN OUR BRINGERS OF IT TO CIVILZE AN TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO SPEAK SHOW AN PROVES WHO COMES FROM WHO WHEN TH MUTHER/FATHER TEACHES THE CHILD TO SPEAK .ITS AN INSULT TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN IN SCHOOL THAT THE EUROPEAN SON TAUGHT ME OR ANYONE WHO LOOKS LIKE ME ENGLISH DURING SLAVERY ,WITHOUT CONVEYING THE EUROPEANS CIVILIZATION CAME FROM HIS BEING RAISED BY US AN OUR LABEL OF BEING UN CIVILIZED UNLESS CONVERTING TO CHRISTIANITY CAME FROM OUR BEING BURIED /PUT DOWN BY THE CIVILIZATION WE RAISED WWHO ONLY HONOR US AS MUURS I SECRET WHILE PROMOTING COLOR OF LAW TO RULE THE PUBLIC ,,,KNOWLEDGE O THE MURS MUURISH SCIENCE IS MASONRY IS IN TRUST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THEY CANNOT CONVEY PRIVATE INFORMATION ON ACCOUNT IT WOULD BREACH THEIR TRUST,,,THEY ARE UNDER CONTRACT , OATH TO STAY FROZEN AT 32 DEGREEES 33 I DEGREE ABOVE FREEZIN ,,COLOR OF LAW CITIZENS OF ALL WILL BE PUT IN DEBTORS CAMP THE DAY THE DOLLAR DIES.the lie of race invention of it once exposed by default putsit back to what it was taken from an if hizzztory didnt have to lieto eexxist thenw e wwouldnt have to correct an ressurect knowleddge right exact that they had to extact to hide the fact makin devil pacts.race is ego easing god out =patriarchy ,,,,first slavs in europe owned by moor,, selout negro moors involved in slave trade with their euro sons ,,the muurs didnt create color but did create caste system it was transferred from ,,nobles kings peasants serfs ,


    The Sumerian Problem HAS BEEN SOLVED! And the solution is African!

    According to mainstream historians the Sumerians of ancient southern Iraq founded the world’s first civilization. They are supposed to have spoken a language which is not genetically related to any known language. This is known as the Sumerian Problem. This book represents the greatest discovery in ancient history for the last hundred years. It demonstrates that Sumerian was genetically related to the Niger-Congo languages of West Africa. Their descendants are the African Diaspora of North and South America and the Caribbean.

    Many claimed to have solved the Sumerian problem in the past. Hermstein’s differs from previous attempts by first showing the reader how to identify genetically related languages through recurrent sound correspondences in basic vocabulary. He then gives examples from acknowledged genetic relationships such as Germanic to show the reader what the evidence should look like. The author also shows what false correspondences look like and how to tell the difference. He also makes use of a number of tests that would determine whether languages are related using probability. This is CLEARLY UNLIKE ANY PREVIOUS ATTEMPT at solving the Sumerian problem.

    The author reconstructs the epic voyage that took the ancestors of the Sumerians from a homeland in West Africa to Djibouti before making a journey by sea, around Oman and to the head of the Persian Gulf.

    The other major discovery in the book is that the Sumerians had a much more advanced system of astronomy than has been supposed. The constellations had geographic associations in the Classical period through myth. Hermstein shows how the geographic coordinates of the associated places closely correspond to the celestial coordinates of certain points within the constellations. It is impossible to develop such a system without knowing the earth is round. The text supplying the point of origin for the system of geo-celestial coordinate correspondence is from the Sumerian period.

    Two amazing discoveries in one book. Both humanity and civilization have an African origin! The ancients knew a lot more than we realized!

  18. be carefull o the codes here africa is in the west until 204 ad as is morrocco until after they put it on maps by mauritania.the sumarians dealt with annunki who come every 3500 years.these books ll published by zion to hide the hidden our fact of the west not story , to agree a story is fact is as the illusion of the strawman being a flesh an blood human being,,fraud must be agreed to by dead entity claiming to be alive.this was not the worlds first civilization by far .we are much muur ancient then that 3500 years ago we was allready civilized an had civlized europeans by then to a certain point teaching thm to speak ,so now you will concede the east casuse it supoort the seal of solomon lie we all come from the africa in the east ,when its wewe all come from afrca in the west elimination the euroen lie of them being from the east ,, all that claims iraq deals with albions claiming to be grafted in europe .meredith quinn shows the lies of this .it was civilized 25,000 years ago when we lived in the south pole,,it is still a continent isnt it ,atlantis lemuria civilized when you here about the nephilim of patagonia thats south america , we had giants here,,you must deal with the gint pople an their relation to the annunaki who if they are us are the 7 judges of hell.did we just learn the sumrions were from akebulan , no ,you the muur thy say africa an its befoe 204 ad then the trick may be in effect an some if not all the sy hppened in the east in hizztory was transferred from the west with peace pipe treaty an solomon seal selll out conspiracy to created color from the bleac people.remember these are the ones who had caucasion actos 50 years ago playin cleopatra,,if teir was a mecca an medina in west first then the rest goes with ths lie ,,if arabic was in wst when columbus got hee then this goes alon with lie after he murder murder murder of noble dew ali an our getting or land back here ,,this want those they call red it was us they call black getting our land back right here after they fooled us into calling ourself negro as thy had branded the islamic muurs of west africa sold into christian slavery .we were civilized around the world in his time of sumerians.had boats an traveled west to east east to west before columbus,,,,,,,,,,alll this we all come from africa talk is setting akebulan up for land grabs or muur land grabs by europeans .i am sure they are creating a debt strawman economy in akebulan like ameica right now with fiat money worth less then american dollar if alll the gold comes from akebulan then their paper fiat money should bbe backed in gol d an worth muur then george washington ,we got no gold mines in america

  19. black warm land, cold land white, so forced to use brains to surround us with warmth. black black black white white white, the earth now has only one population that is human. black history is white history black history is before history.

  20. funny white people spawned from black people, that fucked everything up so in reality it is us all and living on earth that has done this to us climate habitat, we are a breeding population, that is what keeps us alive there is no black history that is not also white history. our people have come a very long way.

    1. The two oldest pieces of Mathematics on the earth , the LEBOMBO BONE and the ISHANGO BONE .. These two pre-date the Sphinx , Pharaohs or the Pyramids ..

      The Greeks, find Mathematics around 500–450 BC . The civilization of the Greeks and the other European inhabitants is “very young” approximately 1000 BC + 2016 AD .. Before these dates they were not mentioned in history yet , the two basic tools a to know civilization was void in those lands before 1000 BC ..
      If you look in the KJV Bible in the book of Deut. 34 this is the book that illustrates the dead of Moses which is dated at 1451 BC .. If you ask the computer to give you the history of the Greek alphabet the best date that’s available is around 1000–700 BC the Greeks find a alphabet that means Moses was dead almost 500 years before the Greeks find a alphabet… If you ask the computer to give you the history of the English alphabet it will show around 5 AD ,the English developed a alphabet so that means neither the Greeks or the English could read or write when Moses walk the earth ..
      No Civilization in all of Europe when Moses had walk the earth..

  21. ISLAM I SELF LAW AM MASTER. Nationality is the order of the day. To be in ones propria persona, sui juris. Meaning alive and breathing ,flesh and blood, hued being,a creator on earth. Didn’t the myth of Jesus say their (god /dog) is a living god, we created everything there is. If you’re still believing the lie of the story of a man named Jesus, and not seeing it’s you they are talking about, the indigenous people responsible for populating the entire planet. Free your mind and your ass will follow. We are in 2013 still debating with the tamahu,that we brought into existence whether or not we are the creator that which they still to this day worship and wish they had the blessing of color instead of the curse of leprosy. Cursed white as snow. They the caucasians know,been knowing that there were nothing on earth but us melaninated people but they can’t stop the game till it’s really over. Poor caucasians are in Denial till the end that a non-colored race of people looking like they did, could father and mother such an ancient , beautiful people on earth,old as hell race of creators when they are compared to our history, they just crawled out of the caves yesterday. It was the Moors that enlightened them, tried to civilize they and try to teach them humanity. We couldn’t make them hueman again.Remember who these experiments are. Huemans are comprised of melanin the Silver / Black bullet. Melanin is the creator that resides in the 3 rd eye, that doesn’t work if you have been afficted with the disease of leprosy. Think about hair for a minute this should clear this up as to who is human/hueman or not. Now we all know that only huemans have hair unique only to the indigenous people of the earth. Let’s describe hair nappy, notty, kinky, thick, natty, curly , wavy,healthy,stands up sun cannot penetrate it. No lice live in hair ONLY HUEMANS have hair. Fur is ONLY found on animals FUR is straight, lifeless,matty has to be dirty to lock, breding ground for parasites and lice, fur is not huemans hair,huemans are the creator. Get HIDDEN COLORS 1& 2, 3 will be out next year. I suggest our pale children do the same so they can stop this foolishness they did all this. Where are the civilizations,pyramids,mounds,technology, castles,sciences in the caucaus mountains,they had no knowledge to do that, they didn’t build the caves they ran to for 6000 years or less. Everywhere we were we built something with our image on it. They never looked like us, Beautiful, until they raped us. Their short history tells you they got all they got from taking it meaning it was already here, they just stole it, claimed it, they can’t make it. Not unless we give it to them you have to go thru the son/daughter to get to the father. YOU HAVE TO BE A MELANINATED BEING TO BE A CREATOR ON EARTH. ARYAN BLOOD IS NOBLE ALRIGHT HAPPENS TO BELONG TO NIGGERS/NAGAS sorry that was us also, you can’t miss us no where.
    For the people Bro. Bey is correct we have been played.Correct you nationality, that’s the key. I’m the Grand Shiekess of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Noble Melody Smith:El. We are called Free White people this is status not color. Our status IS A-1 INDIGENOUS, WHICH IS THE HIGHEST STATUS IN THE WORLD via the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous people (International law). Caucasian cannot be white, they have no status,no nation,no home,no flag. We the Moroc-cans do.Anything else is a SLAVE.Moors are protected by the supreme law of the land treaties…negroes,coloreds,blacks,african/americans are not. THESE PERSONS ARE DEAD IN THE EYES OF THE LAW. STRAWMAN/FIAT MONEY. Only people in propria persona can be a lawyer all else is a membership in the British Acredited Registry.The DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE ARTICLE 15 STATES: 1.Everyone has the right to a nationality. 2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality. We are protected by the constitution contract that suppose to be in accord with the treaties that protect the non- corporation people. We the people would be the owners of the lands.We own the lands Noble Drew ALI, did cause the stock market crash, because the prince, pulled all the land in the highest mandate and took all the land and put it in a trust for the Moorish descendants in our home America. The vatican mandate 2nd ,THE MASONS 3RD. WE HAVE THE LAND.But only for people that have declared their nationality Moorish American. We are not the labels of negro, colored,black,or african/american. Our history is unmeasurable. Like Noble Drew Said the european gonna have to take on water. This is not it’s land, and the caucasian is not indigenous to any of the lands. Guess it’s third times the charm or more they got sent back to the caucas mts. History shows we kicked them out before.

  22. Islam got something else to put on your minds suppose i told you i’ve been studying the Americas. Do you know this is Africa right here in America. This is the Northwest Amexem, the Louisiana Territory, AL MORROC feminine version of Morocco. This is the old kingdom of africa,the clue these tamahu been lying again about where our story starts. The grand canyon has the oldest pyramids right here in america, pyramids in Georgia, Moundbuilders at Poverty Point La. been there, mounds everywhere, egyptian artifacts found all over. A albion found the entrance went in and found egyptian statutes,gold. Told the gov. they got the treasure blowed up the entrance and patrol to make sure you don’t go looking for the truth. From Florida across washitaw proper (louisiana purchase) up to chicago real mecca egyptian statues artifacts to Akenaton in Arkansas. A tamahu swears in his research Alexander the Great is buried in chicago. a brother from Texas named Horace Butler in a book called ” When Rocks Cry Out” states after 20 years and over $100.000 researching says he can prove the bible is speaking of 23,000 years of archive documented history that took place in North, Central, South America, Carribean Islands and West Africa. His research shows that ancient jerusalem is in the Americas, there are 10 Hebrew tribes in the Americas, Moses and the exodus story took place in the Americas, Ancient Memphis,Heliopolis and the great pyramids of the Egyptians are in the Americas ( i’ve proved that),Sodom and Gomorrah and the land of Moab are in the Americas and much, much moor. Lets see how these Tamahu explain this lie of how they say it all started on the other side, when clearly my research shows the pyramids here in the old kingdom of Afrika or Akebuland are older than the ones we went and helped built in the new kingdom of afrika. Then they can take their stories we told them, the fake native americans, the people called moorish americans are the first people everywhere,who were all of color,and their tamahu jesus christ they made up, back to the caucas mts. where it will turn back to a DOG/GOD. Same thing for them. Hopfully Allah/Allat will send a volcano that will do away with our creation gone bad the tamahu and we never see any sign their wicked, devil asses ever existed. Not like they left anything they made for us to remember them by, or they were ever here is it? Everything we created or built has our image on it . We Chinese Muurs built the great wall to keep them out to no avail. They LOVE us. would go thru hell and high water to be near us, to kill us.And if the few remaining tamahu think they own something here, let them take it with them back to the caucasoid mountains, where without our help will die out. Let’s show the tamahu what life is like without their creator on earth.They have always had us since they came out of the caves cursed white as snow. The end of the devils reign on the indigenous people of the land. Notice i didn’t call them WHITE that’s our status. Their status is refugee no place to call home. no land, nothing can the tamahu call their own. Their leaders know what time it really is. We don’t have to have their blood on our hands without us around they will kill themselves,we know the lack of money makes them jump from tall buildings when Noble Drew Ali snatched all the land in an fee simple estate trust.Our authority cook county recorder of deeds form 1099 doc #10105905 BK.521 PG.579 RECORDED BY THE PROPHET NOBLE DREW ALI AUGUST 1,1928 @2:52 PM, WHICH CREATED A SOVEREIGN BODY POLITIC ACCORDING TO HURDS-SMITH REVISED STATUTES CHAPTER 32 PARAGRAPH 164-165. What does this mean. The Moorish American Nationals own the land. And our lease of the land to the tamahu/europeans was up in 2004. What this really means is the land where their businesses and houses sit is on our land. The fake cherokee are trying to issue their nationality cards, what nationality are they claiming moorish descent? We muur nationals have been had ours. Study,study,study and then study yourself creator. You are greater than you have been told.We in the Americas are the oldest people in the world Washitaw Proper. Everything fake like a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy will fade out, but the original will still be here. Won’t be long declare who you are you have that birthright. The Moorish Science Temple of America is the only one set up under the 805CSIL BY THE PROPHET, THIS SAID GOVERNMENT AND THE ONLY NATION IN THE UNITED STATES. The UNITED STATES IS AND HAS BEEN A CORPORATION SINCE 1933 BANKRUPTCY and bought out by international bankers. Who has made us back slaves by the birth certificate, a stock bond , to be collateral for the fake money since gold and silver is the only form of currency that can pay off debts. Paper money is passing the debt around not paying it off. Wake up people it’s all a game of commerce. Jesus is a product that’s all. The prisons are private and to make money, LOUISIANA IS THE #1 incarceration state in the world, over a million are imprisoned here over 51% are you guessed it black or african american under the color of law, there is a code here for being black.It’s called the negro law or Code Noir where it’s against the law /code to be black Here in the dirty south,Here are the worst mutants in the world. All they don’t imprison, the hospitals kill. World war 3 is upon us you know who we gonna be fighting this time these devils off our land. And they will be fighting to stay human / whoman and with us. Their offspring will have nothing in the caucas mts.and they will go back to being primates our genes made them half human.The majority of them carry A blood which is chimp blood only, or B WHICH IS GORILLA ONLY. Huemans blood is o+ ONLY no animal has our blood or fake native americans.Anyone with o+ regardless of non-color is a Nega also called Moor. Because you have humans blood running through your veins. Unless you came thru a melaninated woman, you are an animal trying to act human.

    1. The knowledge is precise and it unmasks the lies spread upon this land to peoples who are illiterate and ignorant of the facts and artifacts buried and hidden within the walls of the “national archive”..~ Enslavement is a farce..millions of Akbu people existed here..the so called natives are our children through miscegeny..~ Spot on Queen..~

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