6 thoughts on “Moorish (Black) Kings of India – Pictures and Images”

  1. see we all have black in us in some way, african’s were nomads so we traveled, with traveling we mated alone the way!! its been going on for centuries!!

  2. There are a sect of people in India called the SADU’S.
    They have a historical link with the Rastafarians of Jamaica.

    The Sadu’s who went to Jamaica as servants/indentures wore their hair in the dreadlock style, smoked ganga (I believe it is a sanskrit word) and entered into another phase of reality by doing this. They are vegans, and are minimalists..

    The ‘aboriginals’ of India are of mighty African heritage… For it is AFRICA that modern man comes from. The image that everyone sees today in a mirror is the DOMINANT hominid. You beat the NEANDERTHALS of Europe, and eventually became white skinned.

    Remember it is the line of humanity today that is from Africa… WE ARE ALL RELATED, AND ALL OF AFRICAN DESCENT.

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