Black Genes, Pale Skin – The Igbos and the so-called “white” skin

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Fair-haired, green-eyed toddler Emmanuel Ofor poses happily with his family – in another case of a white child born to black parents.

The baby girl is to undergo full genetic tests after doctors said the odds of her white colouring were “between many millions to one and a million to one.”

Now Emmanuel – whose two sisters, Afoma, six, and six-month-old Whitney are both black – is also beginning to wonder why he looks different.

Dad Ethelbert, 43, said yesterday: “It is something genetic but we don’t know what.

“Emmanuel has got to the age where he is questioning why he is white and his sisters are black.

“We have to tell him that we just don’t know the answer.”

Mum Nkemakonam, 34, said nurses gathered round in amazement when she gave birth to Emmanuel in February 2007.

She revealed: “I was shocked as well – but not as much as everyone else.

“I have a distant cousin back home in Africa who had been born white to black parents as well, so I knew it could happen.”

Neither five-day-old Nmachi, of Woolwich, South London, nor Emmanuel, who lives in Middlesbrough, are albino.

Ethelbert, a psychiatric nurse originally from Nigeria, said of his son’s birth: “I think the medical staff were concerned about how I would react.

“They didn’t warn me about his colour, and when I saw him for the first time they were looking very closely at my expression.

“They then asked me if I was happy and I told told them, ‘Of course I’m happy’.”

Like his wife, Ethelbert also has a distant relative in Africa born white to black parents.

He admits that some cruel people have urged him to get a DNA paternity test.

But he said: “There is no need. I know he is my son.”

His baffled mum and dad have still not managed to find an explanation for the genetic mix-up three years after the youngster was born.

It comes after The Sun revealed … how blonde, blue-eyed newborn Nmachi Ihegboro’s arrival had amazed black parents Ben and Angela who believe they have no white ancestry.

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27 thoughts on “Black Genes, Pale Skin – The Igbos and the so-called “white” skin”

  1. This mustn’t happen too often. Then it would be suspicious .That is why black scientist must study this phenomenon to see what is really going on. WE must not forget that these people (Caucasians) have done a lot of experiments upon us. So though I’m happy along with the families, caution is needed

    1. It happens more often than you would believe. The Igbo regions of Nigeria are full of little white African boys like that. What does that tell you? Igbo claim that it was on their land that the first man was created by the Gods. They definitely claim to be older than the oldest so-called white race. And the Igbos have been making white babies before the first so-called white nation was formed in Europe. Do you get my drift?

      Who is the father of the white man? Didn’t the Igbos make the first white boys? Like the one in the picture above…

      Did the Igbos give birth to the first white Adam?

      The Igbos say: “Count your teeth with your tongue…” meaning: “Man know thyself!”


      1. Nice to know that.
        I was on youtube and I was looking for the true history of blacks. The videos was nice and surreal. The video showed black people with blue and green eyes, those genes didn’t come from whites they came from blacks. When I was in job skills class I learned about the first U.S black president was named John Hanson. We as blacks are so beautiful and we are the only race of people who genes dominate others. Laren Galloway and that white baby born to a Nigerian couple is proof of our genetic abilities and God. Watch Hidden Colors 1 and 2 you will learn a lot.

      2. I don’t think there’s any doubt about which ‘race’ came first. However it’s speculation to assume what colour the first ‘race’ was. White people got so white from living in cold regions with little sun to encourage melonin production. Everyone else skin produced melonin in quantities that were dictated from wherever they lived. We’re all one race, there’s just shitty people and good people. X

  2. Wellknow that God is the creator of every thing He choose to do whatever pleaeses HIM/ So what ever you see in Man it is the hand work of God

  3. Its obvious what happened. The mother got drunk and copulated with an even drunker Englishman. She must have had relatives who were also of mixed race. Since genetics can be a bit of a lottery anyway, u just got a Congoloid kid with lighter skin. Still doesnt look white to me.

    1. He looks like a light skinned African child to me. I have family members this same complexion. In the USA it is called lightskinned.

  4. Kalacha

    You are one weak assed pinkoid pretending to be Indian. You are too pale-faced, too shame-faced, too puny and flabbid to even admit your own identity, so you lie!

    That child there, tells you the genetic and phenotypic origins of all pale skin people.

    Kalacha, be quite and learn, before you waste from ignorance!


  5. Jahdey, the wannabe African….. why am I not surprised!
    Although I never expected you to have the slightest understanding of genetics, I would have thought that the phenotype with Congoloid features and light skin staring back at u in the picture should have told u something.
    Jahdey, once again I encourage u to visit the Republiek while it still exists. It is a great country and the powerhouse of Africa. If u travel to the Cape, you will see millions of mixed race “Colourds”. These are native Khoi people who crossed with Dutchman a few centuries back. They look pretty similar to the mullato kid in the picture. Im sure u also have such phenotype in the US and Carribean?

  6. No mystery. The Bible clearly explains at Acts 17:24-26. We are all one family. Even after many centuries clues to these origins can emerge.

  7. Why are people arguing about blacks with a white skin, lol? This has ALWAYS been part of Africa. Blacks do not specificly need European ancestry to look white or whatever. Genetic mutation has always been there (albinism). Since Africans were the first people on this planet, it’s obvious that all people inhered there looks/apperances from Africans. The first Indians did come from Africa and migrated to India. The black Indians got Albino children. Those children couldn’t not stand the heat, so they travelled/migrated to Europe. And those folks are the Europeans now. The Europeans from nowadays got some pigmentation through admiture, that’s why they’re not considered albinos. If you don’t believe me, go to, type “Indian albino” and search for the pics and then judge. I’m a chemical engineer, so I know what I’m talking about ;-D

    God bless you everyone!

    1. Well, if you´re a chemical engineer, genetics and evolution are beyond your scope so you don´t have a clue what you´re talking about, smart ass…as a biologist I can tell you that your theory about whites descending from Indian albinos is crap…when Africans started living in other continents, they would slowly adapt to the new regions, losing those traits that were essential for survival in the African continent but useless in the new territories due to less severe weather conditions…but white people did not descend from albinos because otherwise, the entire white race would have the severe eye-sight problems albinos suffer from.

      1. LOLL…It’s you who obviously don’t know anything about genetics ignorant freak!! Yes, whites are descendents from Indian albinos and the reason why THEY DON’T have eye-sight problems is, because they got mixed with other races and besides, not every albino has eye-sight problems. Yes, I know the truth always hurts! 😉 And yes, I am smart, lol!


      2. By the way, that theory about losing your traits in new regions is complete EUROPEAN BS. There are light-skinned people, who live in hot regions for soo many centuries and they have NEVER turned black. Shows how much you really know about genetics…you’re just adapting that stupid nonsense for own good. Europeans have lied about sooo many things AND ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE BLACK RACE! More reason for us to be suspicious about all those stupid European theories. So there!

  8. Sorry but I’m not buying all these African families having white or mixed race children. I’m just not buying it. Did mom have an affair? If a White woman had a black or mixed race baby that would be the first assumption but for an African woman its some kind of ‘miracle!” Get outta here.

  9. the problem with us africans is we listen more to white people let’s stop this attitude please .if a black people can give birth to white people and white people can’t give birth to blacks were do you have think white people came from the truth is under your nose

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