Black African Moors of The Great Senegal Empire Pt 1

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By Jide Uwechia

A True Moor
A True Moor
“Zenaga/Sanhaja tribe: Berber tribe of southern Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal who gave their name to modern Senegal, their original homeland. They formed one of the sub-saharan tribes of Berbers which, uniting under the leadership of Yusef bin Tashfin, crossed the Sahara and gave a dynasty to Morocco and Spain, namely, that of the Almoravides. The Zeirid dynasty which supplanted the Fatimites in the Maghrib built the city of Algiers was also of Zenaga origin .

Zenaga: dialect of Berber spoken in southern Morocco and on the banks of the lower Senegal, largely by the negro population.”

African Moors: The Sanhajalese Empire – by Jide Uwechia

Sanhaja is the name of a group of Africans who live on the Saharan fringes of the present day Senegal. They are one of the so-called black people or the subsaharans or the tropical Africans. Historically, they are one of the Berber tribes who constituted the main thrust of the Moorish conquest and civilization of Europe.

Reference is made to their phenotype so that it is immediately obvious that we are re-visiting the great history of an unambiguously so-black nation in West Africa. It will be shown here that the place known as West Africa today, is indeed the old heartland of the Moorish Empire which spread on from there to Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Egypt to Spain, Italy, Palestine, even as far east as India and Indonesia where Moorish descendants still identify themselves by the Moorish designation.

Moorish Head Flag of Southern Europe
Moorish Head Flag of Southern Europe

The Sanhaja group has many branches which are spread out between the Senegal and the Niger rivers in West Africa, and north up to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in south and central regions. Yet without doubt, the Sanhajas were concentrated in the areas where the pseudo-intellectuals of the western media and academia describe as “sub-Saharan region” of Africa.

The Zenega branch of the Sanhajas are among the earliest settlers of Mauritania. In the past the Zenegas used to occupy the entire country of Mauritania as their dialect was the language spoken throughout the country. Historical events, lost wars, and hegemonic practices of usurpers have contrived to push the Zenegas out of a good part of their major haunts. Today, they still live in the Sahara deserts but more southerly positioned. They presently occupy the areas between Senegal and south Mauritania.

History records that in the 9th century AD the kingdom of Masufa and the kingdom of Lamtuna formed an alliance that created Mauritania. Those founder kingdoms of Mauritania were Sanhaja-related groups.

Tilani was the prime mover of this Sanhaja alliance which created Mauritania. Sanhajalese-Mauritania struggled in its early days as it competed against the other existing kingdoms of the West African region of the Moorish Empire sometimes called Bilad-al-Sudan, or Moorish Sudan. Bilad-al-Sudan meant to the Arabic-writing historians who used that term, the various Kingdoms of Sudan which had a ruling political network of the Moorish dynasties. This area covered North and West Africa.

The then Sanhajalese-Mauritania flourished for a brief 100 years before it fell apart in the 11th century. Yet from the remnant of the part of the defunct empire, another group of Sanhajas began organizing what was to become one of the most fascinating Empires that came out of West Africa which history is never told anymore.

Zenega Language

The Zenega language is named after the Mauritanian branch of the Sanhajas. It is a Berber language spoken by more than 200 groups between Senegal and Mauritania. It is said to represent the most divergent branch of the Berber language.

Some argue that the present day name of Senegal derived from the name “Zenega” which itself is a derivative of the word Sanhaja, hence the title of this write-up “the Sanhajalese Empire”. The ancestors of the modern day “Senegalese” are the old “Zenegalese” or the Moorish “Sanhajalese” of famed history.

Zenega language came under its first pressure when the Fatmids dynasty, another Sanhaja group which had set up a caliphate covering Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, had wreaked a revenge on their other Sanhaja brethrens (the Zirid Dynasty who ruled as surrogates in the areas arouund modern Tunisia and Algeria) in the Maghreb.

The Zirids had converted to a different Islamic sect and consequently sought to dissociate from the Fatmid Caliphate. The Fatmid Dynasty ruler of the Caliphate sent in a major wave of Arabic speaking Bedouin refugee-settlers from Arabia and Yemen to disrupt and change the demographic ratio of that region in order to cripple it politically. These newer settlers were from the Beni Hilal Arab tribes of Yemen. They were Muslims as well but they had nothing to do with the conquest of Europe.

In spite of the demographic shift, the original Berber language was so rooted that Zenega was still spoken all over Mauritania and Northern Senegal until after the Zenegas lost a war to the Arabic-Hassaniya dialect speaking Maqil Arab in the 17th century. After the defeat Zenega language was actively discouraged whereas Hassaniya was promoted.

The new ruling elites also forbade the bearing of arms among the Zenegas. Their status was reduced from the original lords of the land to a servant class. They were encouraged to seek careers as Islamic scholars or locked into a never-ending cycle of dependency and servitude.

Presently the Zenega language is gone past its days of glory. The few speakers are either bilingual, with Hassaniya-Arabic being the main language of communication.

Yet there a few who still cling to the Zenega language as a symbol of cultural independence and identity. A Hassaniya proverb goes that “a Moor who speaks Zenega is not a Zenagui (a member of the servant class).”

So true because the Zenegas were not anybody’s whipping boy. They remain one of the most important past prime movers of the history of the modern world.

The present day Zenega-derived Sanhajas are the descendants of great legacy. Their ancestors were among the most important players in the list of founders of the so-called western civilization. In the next section we shall see just why this is so true.

The Almoravids – Holy Warriors of the Moorish Sanhajalese Empire

The word Almoravids is a poor European transliteration of the African word Al-Murabitum. It describes a learned and righteous Moorish warrior.

After the decay of the Sanhajalese empire of Mauritania in the West Africa, a vacuum occurred which had to be filled. The empire had splintered to its various component parts. Tribal groupings again roamed the desert and the most powerful was the Sanhaja-related Lamtuna tribe who were the main force behind the late Sanhajalese-Mauritania Empire.

The Lamtuna tribal grouping founded Ouadagoust, one of the trade terminals of the trans-Saharan trade route and one of the most celebrated cities of the Bilad-al-Sudan, or Moorish Sudan. They converted to Islam in the 9th century.

About the year 1040 A.D it is said that a certain Sanhajalese Lamtuna named Yahaya ibn Ibrahim went on pilgrimage and visited many holies cities of the Moorish-Islamic world, including Mecca, Kairoun – Tunisia, Cairo and Damascus. On this trip, especially the part in Kairoun, he encountered a mystical revelation that he was destined to be used to re-construct the Moorish Empire. He was schooled for this new role by the many mystics and visionaries of the many famous spiritual centers and Universities at Kairoun.

He was then asked to return to West Africa to train and raise a revived body of conscious Moorish religious teacher/warriors who would constitute the striking arm of the revolution which it was prophesied that he would lead. He returned home with a new vision and a new network of socio-religious activists. One of them was called Abdallah ibn Yasin.

Abdallah ibn Yasin was infused full with revolutionary zeal and a historical sense of purpose and place. He was a mystic and socio-religious visionary who formally belonged to the Maliki school of the Sunni branch of Islam. He was known to be an ascetic, strict and structured in his daily habits.

Their somewhat demanding view of life and interpretation of Islam was rejected widely by the Lamtunas who did not hesitate to send the duo of Yahaya ibn Ibrahim and Abdallah ibn Yasin packing to some other area out in the desert with their Maliki-School Koranic interpretations.

Shortly after their expulsion by the Lamtunas, the revolutionary duo of Yasin and Yahaya moved to an Island on the upper section of the River Niger and built a training school or “Rabit” as expressed in Arabic. Yahaya ibn Ibrahim and Abdallah ibn Yasin, carried on their difficult task of reviving the awareness of the Moors of his immediate vicinity, to a recognition of a sense of their origin and potentiality.

They preached a strict view of life, and promoted the knowledge of history, astrology, the sciences, medicine, mysticism, as well as military and martial arts. The graduates of their school were to be known as Murabitum, a nuanced name which possibly meant the learned Moors, or learned and holy Muslim warriors.


All over Western Sudan one comes across different cities or districts named Nasr or Nasara, i.e. Nasareth the country of Nasarenes. Usually those districts had been at some point in history a settlement of a group of Africans who collectively practiced what has come to be knkown as the Nasarene culture. There is a Nasreth in Ethiopia, and there is a district of Nasr in the Nassarawa (Nasarene) State of modern Nigeria. Similarly there were various Nasar settlements in modern day Mali, Mauretania, Senegal, and Niger. It is only in Africa that one finds towns and districts named Nasr time and again.

The Nasarene culture is thus an age old Saharan African order which precepts premeated some cultures of the North East Africa including ancient Israel and Arabia. This group and its rites are well known in the books of the Bible and Koran from such famous tales as the life and death of Samson.

The Nasarenes were persons dedicated either from birth or by personal commitment to the pursuit of universal principles of truths and justice. They usually end up as wise men, master of natural and scientific laws, and very knowledgeable scholars of history and spirituality. They were often the last line of defence for the principles of balance and righteousness. Often many Nasarenes wore the dreadlocks natural hair coiffure, as it was a symbol that fit their emphasis on natural spirituality as opposed to some human contrivance.

These special breed of holy people were widespread in traditional Africa before the spread of Islam. Some have claimed it is an order as old as life itself with Melchizadek the famous ever-living Priest of the book of Genesis as its founder.

Nasarene culture as such is a relic of ancient Africa which due to the vibrancy and strenght of its philosophical principles has been adopted by all shades and colors of religion and nationalities. It is an order of spiritual masters not particularly affiliated with any religion or organization.

Nasarenes are a rough equivalent of a Levite-like priestly order dedicated to guarding and promoting truth and righteousness and keeping the balance of justice. In today’s world, the Nasarenes would be similar to many aspects of the Rastasfari philosophy and reasoning framework.

Nasarene culture was a part of the Lamtuna culture of Western Sudan. It was not surprising that many practising Nazarenes were counted as stauch supporters of Ibrahim and Yasin.

Among the prominent corps and ranks of the students, teachers and martial artists who rallied round and accompanied Ibrahim and Yasin on their world changing mission, one found Murabitums or the Marabouts, and the Nasarenes. Yasin was the ideologue of the group whereas Yahaya ibn Ibrahim became the military organizer.


From the year 1053, the Almoravid movement of the Sanhajas began to expand from its territory in the border areas between present day Mauritania and Senegal. Their first base was the Northern Senegalese town of Tekrur.

The movement mainly used teachers and healers to spread their socio-political philosophy. However whenever their brethrens were threatened by local authorities, the marabouts or the Almoravids were more than willing to confront and often more than a match for the local authorities who had been weakened throughout the Moorish Empire by venality and corruption.

The Sanhajalese Trinity – Yahaya ibn Ibrahim, Abdallah ibn Yasin and Abubakar ibn Umar:

In 1054 the Almoravid movement had taken Sijilmasa at the northern terminus of the Trans-Saharan trade route, and in 1055 they took Aoudaghost at the southern end.

Yahaya ibn Ibrahim was killed in a battle in 1056 and Abdallah ibn Yasin appointed his brother Abubakar ibn Umar as the successor. Abubakar continued the aggrandisement of the medieval empire of the Sanhajas of Senegal spear-headed by the Almoravid movement.

Under Abubakar the Almoravids of Sanhaja swept through the Atlas Mountain regions of Morocco, and soon came into contact with the Berghouata branch of the Zenatas of central Morocco.

After a fierce fight with the local authorities, the Berghouatas ruling class was subjugated but not before they had succeeded in killing Abdallah ibn Yasin the major ideological force of the rapidly expanding West African based Sanhaja Empire of the so called Black-a- Moors.

Following the death of Yasin, Abubakar ibn Umar became both the ideological as well as the military leader of the Sanhaja Empire, destined to become one of the greatest African Empires ever established and often dubiously described as just “the Almoravid dynasty” by contemporary historians. The Sanhaja movement of the Almoravids built up a new political network where the previous ones had decayed, they built up a new society, a new polity, and a new state. They created a great empire, surely one of the largest geographical political hegemony established by a so-called “sub-Saharan” African based state.

As the Sanhajas expanded their reach, the capital of the empire remained in Tekrur, a city which served as the spiritual-cultural focal point of all true Sanhajas. In 1061, Abubakar, a natural mystic and intellectual decided to return to the Tekrur and focussed the rest of his life on a study of nature and mystics. Formally, he continued to rule and direct the movement and the emerging empire from inside Moorish Sudan or today’s so-called West Africa but most of his active powers he transferred to others.

Abubakar ibn Tashfin

Further spread of the philosophy of the Marabout movement and resulting military expeditions of were left in the hands of Abubakar’s cousin, one of the leading lights of the Almoravid named Yusuf ibn Tashfin.

Tashfin, who was then based in Morocco then assumed the role of Vice-Roy, became the de-facto leader of the movement. He continued to pay a royal tribute of allegiance to his cousin Abubakar until the death of the latter.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin was described by Ali ibn Abd allah in Roudh el-Kartas as “Brown in color, middle height, thin, little beard, soft voice, black eyes, straight nose, lock of Muhammad falling on top of his ear, eye brow joined, wooly hair”

In 1062, Yusuf ibn Tashfin founded the city of Marrakeshi (meaning the city of Keshi/Kushi, in honour of the black Moorish African builders and owners of the city). Due to the growing sway of his military prowess and material wealth, he acted with increasing independence from the empire capital in Tekrur. Although he still pledged nominal allegiance to his home capital, he quickly consolidated the base of this increasing power in his newly built capital city of Marrakeshi.

To Be Continued in Part II


Jide Uwechia

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38 thoughts on “Black African Moors of The Great Senegal Empire Pt 1”

  1. Zenaga/Sanhaja berbers have NOTHING to do with the name SENEGAL.

    The real name of senegal was SUNUUGAAL ( with the spanish n ) , really it’s a woloff word wich means “OUR DUGOUT”.

    Anybody who speaks and understands woloff can explain this word…OLD or YOUNG.

    French could’nt spell this name properly so they said SENEGAL instead of Sunuugaal.

    They did the same in others colonies like in ALGERIA for instance, whose real Name was AL DJAZAIR, French named it ALGERIA instead…

    1. I can relate to that changing names that french do.
      “Es txiga nos txorra” (‘They came, we cried’ (where ‘they’ refers to the Portuguese)) was changed to Ziguinchor


      It means we already spoke Kriolu (Portuguese (LMBAO) Creole) before the portuguese came i.e. as Moors we brought not only science, mat and ‘what not’… we also brought our language.

    1. You are wrong !!!. No real berber was ever white or central asian. They are fakes and not authentic berbers. Real berbers are black not invaders claiming to be such.

  2. Sanhaja Berbers are not a black race, they are a white Mediterranean race; who originated in Northern Morocco and then spread South. As usual this site takes other peoples history and attempts to turn it into Black peoples history, All the Berbers know what the Afrocentrist agenda is ; to usurp the history of others and to brain wash all other Black Americans into believing lies and fabrications. I suggest you stick with your own history and stop stealing the Berbers/Moors rich history. For your knowledge the word Africa comes from the Berbers, originally IFRIQYIA, which comes from the Berber verb
    IFRI/IFREN which means grotto/cave dweller, which also stood for their homeland which is now known as Northern Tunisia/and Eastern Algeria. Also the word Mauretania comes from the pheonician word maureti meaning the ” WEST ” not black.

    Uraeus I am a Kabyle Berber.

    1. Mr Uraeus,
      I am a Haoussa, I want you to explain me by which means Hausa words are rampant in the remainant culture of Northen Africa.
      In Morocco for example during traditional marriage ceremonies the married girl is carried on what they call Amaria. Amaria in hausa is the married(girl).
      They have also Hausa names like Zaki (lion), arziki(wealth) différent from arab which prononciation is Ar-rizq etc.
      In Tunisia we have Zama Regia/Zaman Regia (The battle field in the war between Hambali Barka and Scipion the African=black and Roman general) both transcription is Hausa= “Be a well!”/ settlement besides a well.
      the term:”Horra!”=” the white!” is hausa. Also the Gobir a hausa group in their chronicles claim the founding of Tunas (Tunis) before migrating in the sahara. Many Gobirawa remain even today in the desert area.
      In Egypt, evidence is rampant.
      The Hausa in the Arawa Maori group have such name as Mori, Munda (black spain capital during emperor cesar (battle of Munda).
      The name of the capital of the ten lost tribes of Israël Was Samaria (youth/ group of young people) which has signification only in Hausa language. The present juish have it just as name to give to a new born girl.

      1. ancestors of Hausa had called the people of Bornou Beri-Beri (True berbers) and their descendants continue to call them like that. These two groups had lived in northen Africa before migrating in the south.

        1. Morocco has for example a “Haoussa” Punk musical group: Haoussa El Wada.
          Please I need Help! what’s the meaning of this “Haoussa”?

  3. Uraeus ignorance is death. You are not a Berber if your are so called white. No, you are a descendant of a Turk, or Alabanian, or perhaps Vandal invader who now seeks to claim the great history of black people as his. Your hubris and wild claims are nothing since you have not substantiated your huffing and puffing. Indeed you are the thief, the liar and the ignoramus as the following evidence clearly demonstrates:

    What did the Sanhaja Moors look like:

    Yusuf ibn Tashfin their leader was described by Ali ibn Abd allah in Roudh el-Kartas as “Brown in color, middle height, thin, little beard, soft voice, black eyes, straight nose, lock of Muhammad falling on top of his ear, eye brow joined, wooly hair”

    Pictures of historical and contemporary Moors:

    The Riffian Berbers:

    1. Jahdey , you are an Afrocentrist, who has been brain washed!
      For your information I am a pure Berber as my DNA prouves. I had my Dna tested which prouves my pure Berber ancestry. As I always knew it would! And the moors have always been a white Mediterranean race. The so called Black moors are in fact called Haratin who are the descendants of the touareg slaves. Also for your information the touareg are not Berbers as their Dna prouves, the are closely related to the Beja peoples of the Northern Sudan; from whom they split away some five thousand years ago. Then they moved North into the Northern territories of the Berbers, and under the tutelage of the Berber learned their language so that they could trade with the Berbers.
      I hope this history lesson will make your day more pleasant, knowing that Berbers are a white Mediterranean race.

      uraeus a kabyle Berber

      1. The original moors are black africans how are you gonna mistaken it when the very word documented in the history archives simply state moor means black or dark skinned people.It says nothing about pale skinned people of european descent being the founders of the moorish empire.You may be crossed breeded which means your’e not a pure raced berber because in some archives also state the original berbers were brown skinned people or dark brown people meanining there mixed with a lot of african blood.

      2. Berbers belong to Haplo group E which originated in East Africa….. I am from Africa there are still plenty of black Berbers in the Sahara. Go to Southern Algeria…. The Taureg are Berbers their YDNA proves it.

      3. Berbers belong to YDNA haplogroup E3B which originated in East Africa. There are plenty of black Berbers in the Sahara. Just go to Soutern Algeria.

    2. You have a strong case of inferiority complex , that is for sure, NEVER were the people north of the sahara “black”.

      You’re fantasizing, bogus claims from illiterate afrocentrists are refuted by reality itself,

      you’re the laughing stock of humanity not because you’re black, but because you pretend to have been something you never were.

      1. It seems I touched off some raw nerves. Did I expose some of your family skeletons? The Berbers are a Black African people to whom Central Asiatic/European tribes have attached.

        The language is related to other African languages, the artefacts, their bones, their pictures and their modern day descendants prove that they are black people. The so-called white Berbers are a circus show.

        You would do better addressing the valid points I raised rather than sputtering with rage at evidence.

        That makes you look like some petulant child.

        Come on, refute my facts with facts or go somewhere else and cry quietly.


  4. Uraeus

    I am a scholar way above your head. I am more than a match for your calcified pineal gland. I just set out three pieces of evidence yet you have posited non in rebuttal. All you are doing is braying like a donkey about your supposed imaginary Berber roots. You are one sick Eurocentric Swastika worshipping fakery claiming berber. Do you suppose it is every mongrel dog that comes whinning on the internet that I take seriously. If you were Berber you would be naming your family, your maternal ancestry as well as your paternal tribe. You would not be jabbering about some Berber DNA which you failed to specify. I do not know you, nor will I likely ever know you so I do not have any means of verifying your outlandish claims. If you want to demonstrate that Berbers are from other than Africa you need to show your evidence, scholarly writing, multi-disciplinary research, and historical artefacts and scupltures. Sorry you are not making any head way, you are simply left with making bland and groundless acclamations about lies that you have lived all your life. But the truth was always there, since a lie told a thousand years is still a lie. My Turki friend, welcome to Rasta Livewire, we will shock you with raw knowledge!

    Here you will find, well researched scholarly exposition on the appearance of the original Berbers:


    1. Yes you are a scholar! of brainwashed bullshit! The only outlandish claims are made by you on this site and by other Afrocentrist “IDIOTS ” the only braying donkey is you, you poor demented Afrocentric twit! Yes you do shock me with your inane claims of raw sewage.
      All the historical artefacts and sculptures prouve the absolute contrary to what you claim,
      all respected archaeologists,historians, geneticists, black or white know the truth and repudiate your braying donkey lies!
      I have read what you claim to be evidence and I watched the very outlandish video, for your information Robin hood was a myth he never existed nor did his Black moor friend. What you claim as a scholarly exposition is a load of rubbish; a two year old child could produce better falsified truths. you are the pathetic whinning mongrel dog that clearly can`t take the truth that all my Berber brethren are a white mediterranean race, which your fabricated lies cannot change.

      Uraeus a white Mediterranean Berber from the Atlas mountains of NorthAfrica, Algeria.

      1. Now we get to business with Igno-Uraeus:

        Igno_uraeus claims that:

        “All the historical artefacts and sculptures prouve the absolute contrary to what you claim”

        Jahdey roars:

        “Citations please…citations”

        Igno-Uraeus brays:

        “And the moors have always been a white Mediterranean race..”

        Jahdey roars:

        “Citations..please, citations. Where in the Mediterranean did the Moors arise? What is the Berber haplogroup that you refer to? Show us how it is European? And use peer reviewed authority as your references.”

        “The words of an ignorant racist Turkish kid is nothing we need to rely on.”

        Igno-uraeus whines:
        “..Uraeus a white Mediterranean Berber from the Atlas mountains of NorthAfrica, Algeria…”

        Jahdey roars:

        Igno-Uraeus, you are one thin arse pink yellow Turkish thug. Go to Germany and see what they do with your Turkish types there you little ungrateful mongrel lucky to have been given a temporary abode in Africa. But your time is up! We are gonna run you back to Turkmenistan, the land of Turk-men.

        1. The Berber haplogroup that is specific to Berbers is E1b1b1b [M81], previously called E3b2 which is my haplogroup, not found in subsaharan Africa; but specific to the Magreb. And by no way did I ever say that it was European ! It is a NorthAfrican haplogroup . It is also found in southern Europe but at lower frequency than in NorthAfrica. for your information the land of Turk-men made you black Americans slaves from which you find hard to forget and move on. The Moors is a term used for the Westen Berbers, the word Moor/Mauri means the west. I have been to Germany many times on business and was always welcomed with open arms! But the Germans don`t seem to like you tanned Subsaharans though!

          Uraeus a white Mediterranean Berber with a pink arse from the Atlas mountains of NorthAfrica, Algeria

          1. “I have been to Germany many times on business and was always welcomed with open arms! But the Germans don`t seem to like you tanned Subsaharans though!”

            LOL. WRONG again genius. You have “been to Germany many times” …LOL. Well sir I LIVED in Crailsheim, Germany for almost 4 years and have been to almost every single country in Europe. The strange truth of the matter is that black American’s in Germany and other parts of Europe were almost like celebrities in the Early 70’s. Now that more have visited it may have changed somewhat.

            But everybody used to feel sorry for white American soldiers for the following reason: The black girls in Europe wanted a black man; The white American girls in Europe wanted a black man, and the hottest commodity for a local German girl to snare was also a black man. Who was left for the American white boys? Nobody!

            Dispute it all that you want, but try ASKING anyone you know who actually lived there during that time. They will tell you. Talk to any ex military personnel who spent significant time there, ESPECIALLY in Germany.

            Nothing seemed to make older Germans happier than to be able to say that they actually met and talked to a black American individual or even better, a black family. They wanted pictures to prove it. My little brother ALWAYS was treated like a favorite grandchild and given gifts.

            As for the younger German girls… the language barrier made it difficult for both but the body language said it all. They didn’t look too much at white boys if their was a black one around. Those black soldiers who spoke a little German had a field day whenever they went into town.

      2. I just have to jump into this debate. Uraeus, Jahdey provided a wealth of information complete with references, pictures, etc. to support his claims. On the other hand YOU have provided nothing. I have to side with him on this. Now what you have stated is quite revealing of the level of your disingenuous:

        “all respected archaeologists,historians, geneticists, black or white know the truth and repudiate your braying donkey lies!”

        Now that is absolutely and completely untrue. It is beyond belief that you people like you will come into an area after their is an established history and then try to steal and claim a legacy that was not in any way even remotely associated with you.

        I do realize that you have been bred and raised to believe these Euro-centric lies. The same parents who lied to you also told you that Santa Claus was real and so was the tooth fairy. If you questioned it then they looked you in the eye and SWORE to you. These same parents try to convince you that any and everything of any significance on this earth was because somebody that looked like YOU were behind it Junior.

        Sir, I must ask you, has this cultural thievery and lying benefited or profited YOU any? I’d really like to know. I do motivational speaking and I always ask people to be honest with themselves and to stop lying to themselves. This is foolish. I am wealthy today because I deal only in truth. Lying to myself about anything has NEVER benefited me. It may make you feel good but in the end YOU are still YOU regardless of what lies you tell yourself sir.

        QUESTION: If I move to the Atlas mountains of North Africa today will my childrens grandchildren be “Berbers” or “Moors”? ANSWER: Absolutely NOT! NO more than living in America from the time of Columbus makes you a native American.

        Even if you were a Berber …what would be the point? The fact is that the MOORS who invaded and essentially civilized Europe were predominately BLACK negroes though there was miscegenation due to the fact that the invaders did not bring their women with them.

        Take a black and a white parent and you get Rick Fox possibly. If Rick Fox mates with a pure white you then get Mariah Carey in appearance. If she mates with a pure white you might get Vin Diesel. If he mates with a pure white you might get Brad Pitt and never know that his grandfathers father was possibly “BLACK AS INK” (as the Moors were often referred to by the Native inhabitants of Spain and other parts of Europe during the early invasion dynasties.

        Now Brad Pitt could claim that the originals looked like him all that he wants but it would not change the historical truth.

  5. Your argument is full of false assumptions. E3b2 is a Y-haplogroup dominant in some berber groups of North and West Africa. Yet, it is not by any means the sole genetic haplogroup possessed by groups which are historical berbers. Many other clades of E including E3b, E3a, are common among the berbers. This is true since there is no race or tribe or colour that is composed of onlyh one Haplogroup. It is a mark of ignorance, of pseudo learning, when one makes a blanket claim about the significance of a certain clade of a genetic haplogroup. It is a mark of desperation found in recent immigrants who want to set up a bogus claim to heritage that is not theirs.

    Now a few questions for you my friend Dave, alias Orphesus alias Uraeus the ignorant and incorrigible:

    1. Is E3b2 a marker of your so-called “white Mediterranean race” you fake Turki? If so, then please provide me with citations?

    2. What countries are included in your subsaharan designation? Is Mali subsaharan, Is Chad subsaharan, is Mauretaania sub-saharan? Is Libya sub-saharan? Is Sudan sub-saharan? Is Northern Nigeria sub-saharan? Niger?

    3. What is the provenance of the E Haplogroup? Do you really known about E3b2?

    macrohaplogroup E is the most prevalent haplogroup amongst the Berbers. Haplogroup E is thought to have emerged in Sub-Saharan Africa and would have later dispersed into North Africa . The major sub-clades of haplogroup E found amongst Berbers belong to E1b1b which is believed to have emerged in East Africa. Common subclades include, E1b1b1a, E1b1b1b and E1b1b1*. E1b1b1b is distributed along a west-to-east cline with frequencies as high as 80% in Northwest Africa…..

    E1b1b1b (E-M81) is the most common Y chromosome haplogroup in North Africa, dominated by its sub-clade E-M183. It is thought to have originated in North Africa 5,600 years ago. The parent clade E1b1b originated in East Africa. ( Arredi et al. (2004)

    See: Cruciani F, La Fratta R, Santolamazza P et al. (May 2004). “Phylogeographic analysis of haplogroup E3b (E-M215) y chromosomes reveals multiple migratory events within and out of Africa”. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 74 (5): 1014–22. doi:10.1086/386294. ISSN 0002-9297. PMID 15042509.

    See also:

    1. Uraeus… you are killing me with your fabricated nonsense and your Euro-centric lies. You are losing and I know that it must be frustrating to you.

      I must agree with Referee dude, YOU are getting thumped …and badly. Jahdey has done his homework but YOU have nothing, NADA. You might want to go over to a white supremacist site and recruit some help. Wouldn’t want you to do anything rash. Stick with your own history and stop trying to steal the legacy of black history and black power. Egyptians; Moors; Olmecs; Nubians; Kushites; Timbuktu (worlds first libraries) all BLACK. Negroid …Negro …Moorish (means black historically) or …if it makes you feel better >>>NIGGERS.

      Yes son, the black “niggers” civilized your ancestors, enslaved them, taught them and gave them all the tools to become civilized. Now I must say, white people have done a great job with it all. Whites were good students of the blacks. No… I should say GREAT students.

      Your for-bearers of knowledge would be both proud and disappointed. Proud of how far you’ve taken the knowledge they gave you but disappointed that you are now trying to shanghai their contributions. Had they know this would happen… history may have been different and you’d STILL be in the dark ages today son! Have a nice day. 😉

  6. Alright, you two are killing me lol.
    Uraeus it looks like you are loosing the battle though. W\here are U?

    What did the greatest African, black, (Kmet) civilization say about the Berber people? How are the Lybian from Kmet related to the Berbers?

  7. What did the greatest African, black, (Kmet) civilization say about the Berber people? How are the Lybian from Kmet related to the Berbers?

    Actually, there is no such Black, kemet civilisation! It is a documented fact that the libyans were a white mediteranean race as depicted on the walls of Seti I`s tomb, who was the father of the greatest Pharaoh of all Pharaohs; Ramses II, who`s momie was geneticly tested and went through preservation treatments in Paris, France, at the request of the Egyptian government a few years ago. whilst analysing the tissues of Ramses` momie the French forensic scientists discovered that Ramses was a white, red headed man of mediteranean Berber- ancient Libyan origin. Akin to the Kabyle Berbers of Algeria; and their DNA hasn`t changed over thousands of years! Thus proving the inalterable truth that Berbers are a white mediteranean race; as proved innumerable times before! And which cannot be refuted by any other academical authority in the world! thus disproving all Afrocentrists lies and falsely fabricated evidence to date!!


  9. Good that Elmatic, the truth is out and Africa’s greatness cannot be hidden anymore. Africa needs only to rely on itself in developing its own resources based on its own spirituality.

  10. European scholars , Historical Lies and Editing of World history and Falsified statues , sculptures and renaming of countries and people , is falling apart !!! , LIES ….. , the TRUTH is coming to light from Eyewitness accounts thousand of years ago left on scrolls abd tombs. By the people and foreign scribes visiting.

    African , asian , indian , arabian , hebrew / israelites , native american , aboriginal , People of there native countries , are Exposing white historical lies …….!!

    Europeans seem to be ashamed of there SHORT history , the last people to get civilization

    Caves / crete / greece / rome ……Europe , …..SMH , funny , when people lie to there own people brainwash false pride.

  11. @Uranus sorry I mean , uraeus …..I feel sorry for you , your knowledge is so outdated and from old racist bias history books. , man the stuff you typed is embarrasing !! ,Straight from Hitlers anthropopgist team nazi researchers of world history.

    Moors were , Arabs / Africans native – berber native……and they civilized europe ,

    There were early migrations of whites to what is called Libya , during the ancient egyptian times also.

    Arabs brought millions of European Slaves back to north africa and morroco , and today there descendants are claiming there berbers , LOL , funnnny , some may have mixed with native berbers , but there are way to many descendants of european slaves still in north africa today ….calling thereselves berbers and arabic descent , that’s obviously NOT TRUE.

    And christopher columbus didn NOT discover america….if u believe that too….lol ,

    Africans were in america with the native americans, living before white came !! …..research OLMECS , and sculptures of Giant heads and phenotype , similar to the features of the great Sphinx and other native africans

    And I’m half white , and I don’t know any afrocentrist , just to let you know ….racisim has no room in history

  12. Uhhmm, berbers aren’t genetically related to eachother, they are language related and come in alle sorts. The most Northern tribes look really white(like Kabyles/Rifs), but the ones in the Sahara like tuaregs are mainly negroïd. But the were a tribe of the Sahara, most of them speak Arabic. How can they be berber if berbers are language related?

  13. Youcef Ibn Tashafin was one of the greatest Muslim rulers, reviving the ISLAMIC state and spreading word of ISLAM in its true form. as it says in the holy Quran ‘ “O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you” (Quran 49:13). there is no differnece between an arab or non arab or black and white except in faith!! wether youcef was black and white I dont care, all i know he was a great leader and a good muslim…may allah’s peace and blessings be upon him….he followed the correct way of ISLAM as tought by the prophet mohamed ( may peace and blessing be upon him ) and his family and companions. whoever here likes moors, youcef ibn tashfin and his likes…then why dont you follow on the path they were on…which is ISLAM.

  14. Phenomenal!!
    So tired of having Black history claimed by usurpers over the last 5000 or so years.
    People like Uraeus make me sick, but it’s not necessarily their fault. They’ve been fed nothing but lies for over 400 years.

    As a child, I was confused by the stories in the Bible. Not by the stories themselves but by the people I knew to be Jewish and claimed to be “The Chosen People”.
    I would wonder how some guy whose family was from Germany or Poland or some other European nation could be the same people in the Bible or Hebrew when it was obvious there were no White people in these stories based on the geography, climate, time period, etc…
    One guy got so angry at me, he was red in the face because all I did was bring up the question with the innocence of a child…and he was a grown man (he said he was Jewish and that his family came over from Germany). All the “information” he presented made no sense to me in the sense that it didn’t “feel right” or true. As I got older and more learned, it turned out I was right and that my instincts were spot on.

    I am in no way what is called an “anti-semite” but was merely a young man who questioned what was obvious in my observations and instincts.

    My point is that I’m glad there are scholars and intellectuals of color who are around to question people like Uraeus who sound like they know what they’re talking about but when challenged to present indisputable evidence and cold, hard facts they gnash their teeth and are silenced.

    Jahdey. You have made my day.


  15. Thanks for the knowledge. People like Uraeus are full of it. He may not even be an African form the North In the Sirat Bani Hilali ( The Sagas of the Banu Hilal), It clearly states that the Great leader Abu Zayd who rides west to Tunisia and beyond is Black.

  16. Thank you for the truth. The truth will always t-k-o the lies and hatred in dark hearted souls. YAH Bless all of you who have boldly shared the truth and as you who did not you shall have your part in the lake of fire if you do not repent and turned from the wicked ways Shatan. We African people or people of African decent refuse to accept the lies of man but accept the truth that is being revealed by the Most High YAH. The bible is black history from Genesis to Revelation and just like brother man said a lie told for 1000 years is still a lie.

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