A Muur from Aswan Egypt

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A moor from Aswan Egypt

“A Moor from Aswan, Egypt, 1910. Few today talk about the remnants of original people of Egypt, who lived there for thousands of years. Yes, they are still there, although the invading Arabs and their descendants who currently populate the country have tried to take that identity for themself, the seeds of the Pharaohs are still alive. Interestingly, an Arab lady (writer) was threatened and harassed for trying to shed light on the original people of Egypt. ” ~ Dr.kwamezulushabazz.tumblr.com

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2 thoughts on “A Muur from Aswan Egypt”

  1. What is the name of this Arab lady (writer) that was threatened and harassed for trying to shed light on the original people of Egypt?

  2. Dear Rasta Man, Egyptians were not moors, they were certainly egyptians and yes they were dark skinned but the real moors were the barbars of the antic Mauritania in western north africa and which is the current algeria, morrocco and spain. who were in continual conflict with the romans invader of carthage (2 BC) .

    You actually need to accentuate on the mediterranean sea and the barbarian civilization that is of the north african barbars whose influenced and dominated archaic italy, greece and the levant. so the romans were phoenix same as for the carthaginians and the greeks of ancient time, now it is called ‘black’ just to cover the other; negros: phoenix is the real appellation for the africans (libyans) in antic times, phoenix mean dark red and which is the color skin for africans.

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