The ancient Celts and Vikings were Black people – By Dr Clyde Winters

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The ancient Celts and Vikings were Black people.

The Celts were originally Black people. Ephorus (c. 405BC) claimed that the Celts were Blacks or Ethiopians(1)The Celts continued to be recognized as Blacks by Tacitus, who wrote about the Black Celts and Picts in 80 AD .(2)

The Celts on the mainland of Europe were called Iberians or Silures.(3)though the original Celts were Black, overtime their name was stolen by Europeans. Father O’Growney has discussed the history of the Celts. He makes it clear that the original Celts were the Iberians.(4)

The Iberians were probably conquered by the Ligurians.(5) It is suggested that the Ligurians may be represented by the modern Basque of Spain.(6) The Ligurians took the name Celt.

The Ligurians/Celts were conquered by the Gaulish speaking people. The Gauls conqered the Ligurians and pushed them into Spain. It was these Gauls who imposed their language on the Iberian and Ligurian Celts .

The Gauls were Belgians according to Father O’Growney. The Irish and Welsh are descendants of these Gauls.(7) These Gauls spoke Gaulish or Gaelic.(8)

The Germans conquered the Gaulish-Celts, and Gaulish disappeared around 4th Century AD.

All of the Black Celts in Britain were not erased by the Gauls.

This is supported by the Ivory Lady of York ,England. The reconstruction of the face of the Ivory Bangle Lady (c.350AD) indicates that she was African or Black.

This woman was rich and indicates the African type common to the Bristish Isles.She was highly respected by her white subjects.

There is genetic and linguistic evidence that proves that the Celts were Black or African people. An examination of the language spoke by the Basque has a Niger-Congo substratum. C.J.K. Cambell-Dunn has found a Niger-Congo substratum in Basque .(9)

Dr. Cambell-Dunn found that the Niger-Congo and Basque languages share personal pronouns, numerals and vocabulary items.

There is also genetic evidence linking the Basque and Niger-Congo speakers. Both groups share SRY10831.1, YAP, M2,M173(xR1a,R1b3), E3*-P2, E3b2-M81 . (10)This linguistic and genetic evidence supports the African origin of the Celts.

The original Danes or Vikings were Blacks . (11)This is made clear in the Oseberg 8th Century Vikings on the Norway Sledge carving of the Black seafarers that populated the region at this time. It is clear from this carving that the 8th Century Vikings were different from the Blond, big bodied folk of Viking legends.


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Here are more sources via Google Book:

Black celts

The Europeans make it clear that the early Welsh were Black Celts. They were a small black race that came to Britain from Iberia. They were forced off the mainland by whites.

T.R. (1890). The Gael at Bala. Bye-Gones, 26 Feb, pp.320-321. Black Celts

Dr. Masson reported on the Highlanders of Canada. He said they were of the descendants Black Celts. Dr, Masson made it clear these Highlanders spoke Caelic and had African faces. Black Celts 2

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William Chamers , in Information for the people, said the Celts were descendants of Blacks who mixed with invading white tribes.Chambers said these Celts were Northern Ethiopians. Black Celts 4

Black Celts 5

Black Celts 6

Europeans also make it clear that the Danes were Blacks.

Black Danes

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176 thoughts on “The ancient Celts and Vikings were Black people – By Dr Clyde Winters”

  1. it just means that the white pagan sun peeps were rather hanging out with the nature worshipping celt black dudes rather than the white greedy preaching geared up assholes from the inlands and ganged up

  2. In the late 1990s DNA tests were carried out on the Irish in order to prove or disprove the claim the Irish had an Egyptian link.


      1. This is very interesting and helping me in my research. One of the best books I have read so far on the subject is BLACK SCIENTISTS AND INVENTORS IN THE UK: MILLENNIUMS OF INVENTIONS & INNOVATIONS. It quite clearly indicates the original inhabitants of the UK and their contributions. I find it very ironic that all of this is left off the school curriculums around the world.

        Hebrews discovered America and ruled Europa 1ooo years. We were the original Iberian Vikings, Celts, Saxons and Moorish Wakanda of America. Olmecs Xi, Kiyuku of Kenya, Bantu, Benin…


  3. I’ve been thinking about this at work. Genetics shows that the Irish, Scots and British have the same common ancestor who came from Spain 12,000 years. The same genetic evidence shows that they weren’t directly related to the Celts, in other words they weren’t Celts but had contact with them.

    Irish monks left Ireland and used knowledge to spread Christianity and bring peace to Scotland, then England and Wales. They did this via monasteries which acted as learning centres. Then came the Vikings who were violent, ignorant, savages who looted and burnt down these learning centres. Whilst in the process raping and murdering people, many of the survivors they took as slaves.

    You claim these same vikings were actually black and thus this is a kick in the love spuds to racists. Is it me or didn’t you really think your argument this through?

    1. monasteries are no place of learning , they are the way the Semitic cult disease spreads , the vikings were protecting their native pagan beliefs , and they were WHITE , just like their cousins the Celts

      1. Oh, come on. The Vikings were the Mongols of Europe. The only difference is that they were Germanic instead of Turanic, and that they didn’t conquer as many lands, but they were still a people of thieves and rapists. On the other hand, the Catholic and the Orthodox churches had great contribution to Europe’s defense against the Islamic threat. And believe me, the Vikings weren’t defending anything. They were just stealing what better people had built. One of the few times when they actually fought for something else rather than slaves and money was when they were part of the Varangian Guard, which fought for the Byzantine Empire. You could compare that to the Tatars fighting for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

        1. you really need to look in to the conversion , the f-ing cross huggers started the war, we just fought back , that’s why we attacked churches to slow down the spread of the alien faith

        2. Research Uppsala, the priests, priestesses, & children as well as the animals were all slaughtered because they were dedicated to other Deities.
          Leif Erikson landed in North America well before C. Columbus.
          There’s physical proof that there were Norsemen in the interior of North America 500 + years before other Europeans would even sail out of the sight of land.
          Please see Kensignton Rune stone.
          The “vikings” were noted traders, explores, & warriors, they were men of their day.

      2. They were protecting nothing, they were not threatened.
        My nation was the cradle of knowledge in Europe, we were constantly raided by the (white, sorry to burst your bubble but this article is bullshit, countless refutations exist) savages destroying knowledge monks had learned.

        1. Lol the first inhabitants where black, after st patrick killed, and ran the blacks out. That was savage as fuck. They where mad and got jealous because black people always been great. Stop denying it and wake up

          1. They do not (Nor care to know),the several works of JOEL AUGUSTUS ROGERS (J.A.ROGERS). Nor will many of them admit that there were THIEVES IN THE TEMPLE as Prince used to sing. For those that have no clue-I AM SAYING MANY TRUTHS WERE DESTROYED ARE SUPPRESSED because it would tell the TRUTH of who were the ORIGINAL INHABITANTS OF THE “EARTH” WORLDWIDE…….. .

    2. I checked the resource for the black vikings he put in the end and the source is a book written and published 1897…. and it also says that there might have been vikings of colour.
      However the black vikings is a very popular legend in iceland but no historic findings has yet been found.
      But especially the Swedish vikings (where I’m from) did immigrate to the byzantine empire (Greece) by invitation from the byzantine emperors as body guards and were called Varangian Guard and became an elite unit and were praised for their “brutal” fighting style. In fact so many vikings immigrated that the tribe king eventually made it illegal for vikings to inherit anything in byzantine in an attempt to not lose his “own” warriors. and they have found archaeological prof of this.
      Vikings originated from Germanic tribes that traveled north and the Romans spoke often about the germanic people being lighter than themselves, it was also the red hair that was common which the Romans wrote about since they had not seen it before.

    3. Maybe the Christians shouldn’t have burned down Vikings pagan culture and they wouldn’t have been so violent in return? The Vikings weren’t ignorant, not many people know the facts about them so people let their little emotions run rampant when they type bad things about Vikings. Create a logical argument without emotion next time. The Vikings traded peacefully with many people for a long time. The Scandinavians were mistreated by Christians from other lands so they had to toughen up and kick some Christian ass to survive.

    4. Actually the Vikings had massive amounts of trade going on with the Welsh prior to the monasteries this is evidenced through weaponry and armor of both races being found on the others land also there are remnants of huge trading grounds in the Brecon Beacons where wooden posts were aranged in massive squares to act as a sort of market. Paganism was here in Briton well before Christianity. The Romans came through and slaughtered most of the Welsh tribes leaving only the Silures as they proved too difficult to eradicate for a long time.
      Swansea was a Viking city in Wales where they lived side by side with the Welsh tribes. The Vikings were just one of many Scandinavian tribes and many of the Scandinavian tribes were actualy killed off by Christians, When they arived on the western shores of Norway the local tribes presented gifts and were soon slaughtered and thats when they became agressive toward the christians as they enforced their own religion over the Pagans and this is why things like pentagrams and sun crosses were labeled as “occult” and “satanic” as they were all symbols for their gods and charms. they were taught to fear them.

  4. Celts and Vikings weren’t black. WTF is going on with people, just creating their own reality which is totally ludicrous. Black people wouldn’t fare well in Northern Europe, light skin does, hence the reason they’re light-skinned.

    1. the professor is giving hard facts and folks still can’t believe it to those people researcher it yourself.

    2. “black people wouldn’t fare well in northern Europe”, the “light skin are best for cold climates” have been disproven countless times! You need melanin to survive in cold climates. Whites didn’t evolve in Europe, when they left Africa, they were already white(albinos).

      1. So why do you find Europeans in Southern Africa, Australia and parts of central and south America? Dp their skin fair well there? Think about it!

      2. Good analysis Moore, but could it also be that when the African (modern man) left Africa and came into Europe he found the dumb Neanderthal man living in the caves and in his effort to civilise him he mixed and then over centuries only allowed the light to breed with the light until white was created.
        Just a thought.

      3. Incorrect. White people originated in Africa when they moved into the middle east and Europe and crossbred with neanderthals, who already had fair skin, leading to the lightening of the homo sapians who immigrated from africa

        1. You are talking about 30000 to 100000 years ago and this was probably before there was anything that could be construed as racial difference. Also the amount of Neanderthal DNA that can be found in Europeans and Asians is minuscule. In Asians there is also DNA form another contemporary hominid named Denisovan also miniscule. Racial differences are the product of the environment and climate that our ancestors were exposed to over the past 100000 years and not much else. The reasons for the disparity in technological development is most clearly represented in a book cllled Guns Germs and Steal. I would recommend reading it.

      1. EVERYONE EVERYWHERE IS DESCENDED FROM WHITES – put that in your pipe and smoke it.
        Humans are all primates and humans ancestors are apes. Under the ape fur there was WHITE SKIN!
        First humans was white. Africa was not always so heat desert.
        One human tribe left Africa and today non-african people are all from that one tribe. In mid and colder climate people didn? need pigments for protection against sun, so that is why people stayed white. On the other hand the people in warmer climates needed pigment, so human body adapted and become black.

    3. Lol. Melanin cam adapt. Why do you think there are so many blacks in Northern countries today. What a narrow minded viewpoint & privileged mentality not to mention denial. Most blacks can trace their lineage back thousands of years unlike caucasoids who can only trace back a few hundred years. Denial will keep you ignorant.

        1. Notntrue. There is the human race and those of Neanderthal descent. The inferior being tend to mix or die out.

      1. then can you explain why not a single black african has rh-negative blood and no a trace of neanderthal only DNA the hight percentage in whites and asians proves we came from neanderthals not blacks and they pre date even the oldest of the black races on the planet the australian aborigines which has been proven through mtDNA that destroys the out of africa theory completely oh and for the record I can trace my own ancestry back a thousand years in Ireland even further back to norway

      2. Which blacks trace lineage back 1000s of years?
        As for adaptation, different races exist in many environments today because, unlike in the past, humans have created protection from the elements via clothing, sunscreens, housing, central heating, sunglasses etc.

    4. Actually they must have been black as their language is very similar to other black people around the world. Take their story about the creation of the world “Gin Nyungarup” In one part of black Australia that means place of the human soul, or spirit. So if they were white then why does their language and creation story sound the same . Also many similarities with the Pacific Islander languages. No European person can speak this language because it isn’t theirs it is a black peoples language.

  5. First of all ,the Celts were never a racial group, celtic culture was highly diverse and the celts had a trade network that stretched from Ireland to north africa to china. So I’m sure there were black folks who identified as part of that diverse grouping of cultures. Remember that “race” didn’t even exist as a concept back then. Celtic cultures were bound together by shared language, trade, and religion – not ethnicity or race. That said, the Gauls (ancestors of the modern french, belgians, and others and galicians (whose descendants still live in northern spain) were indo-europeans. The ancestors of the modern irish, welsh, and scots were indigenous western europeans with some genetic linkages to the Basque. Incidentally, the Basque aren’t black either. Go to basque country and see for yourself if you don’t believe me. So no, the ancient celts would not be classed as “black” by modern terms.

    There’s nothing about that skull that indicates a skin color. Claiming that the vikings were black is just stupid. Where did all these black vikings mysteriously disappear too? African history is rich enough to stand on its own. You don’t need to make up ludicrous fantasies claiming other people’s history.

    There ARE, however, millions of black people of celtic descent in the world today due to the fact that the English sold irish and scottish people into slavery by the millions and those people intermarried with black slaves and also the fact that irish and scottish americans and canadians have had the highest inter-racial marriage rates of any european-origin ethnicity since colonial times because we tend to be poor/working class and common conditions lead to mixing.

    1. What do you think about the Indians of America? Once invaded and almost wiped out, they were relocated to reservations. When people around the world, see the people of America, do they see the indigenous people or do they see the invaders of this land. The same applies to all lands that have been invaded. Identy theft is not new. It has been going on for centuries. The proof that the original Danes and Vikings were black is made clear in the depiction of the Oseberg 8th Century Vikings on the Norway Sledge carving of the Black seafarers that populated the region at this time.

  6. Actually your arguments are slightly flawed. The ivory bangle lady of york is indeed believed to have black ancestry according to some studies, but her bone density and other scientific data suggests she was born in a warmer climate closer to the northern stretches of the roman empire near africa. She was a christian as evidenced by carvings on grave goods and as we know she was born outside of europe we can safely say that she came across with the romans. She was not a celtic woman. Incidentally there were other black people in england at this time as we know they were among troops at hadrians wall. But… they were not indigenous to england as bone samples prove they were born in warmer climates. Beyond the fact that every human on earth is descended from original black ancestors there is no proof that the celts as a people at that time were black.

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