DNA study suggests Africans were the first people of Europe

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Scientists have confirmed that long before recorded history, black Africans moved to southern Europe. They lived in Europe as early as 11,000 years ago, until the migrations of the central Asian tribes who might have been driven by wars, famine or extreme weather.

The genetic traces of those long-forgotten ancestors from Africa live on in Europeans today, though many of them would in their brain-washed hubris deny such or wish to forget all.

Some seek to cover the footsteps of those early Africans with their disingenuous disinformation connecting slavery and the arrival of Africans into Europe.

The scientific reality however is that a third of the genetic traces of sub-Saharan lineages in today’s Europe come from prehistory.

Researchers think that whatever constitutes the other part of today’s Europeans was ‘pushed south’ by glaciers and might have met with populations from sub-Saharan Africa.

Today’s Europeans might then actually be the product of the two distinct populations.

Mitochondrial DNA

Geneticists used mitochondrial DNA to look for the traces of ancient migrations.

Mitochondrial DNA is passed directly from mother to child with no DNA from the father – and tiny changes in the sequence come to ‘characterise’ different populations, which can be used to trace movements and migrations of groups of humans in the past.

Mitochondrial testing revealed that more than 35 percent of the sub-Saharan lineages in Europe arrived during a period that ranged from more than 11,000 years ago to the Roman Empire times. The other 65% of European haplogroup L lineages might have arrived in more recent times.

According to the researchers, it still remains unknown why there was genetic flow between the Africa and Europe in prehistoric times.


Dr. Antonio Salas of the University of Santiago de Compostela and senior author of the study.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2120940/Early-humans-moved-Europe-Africa-long-recorded-history-claims-new-genetic-study.html#ixzz1qwfvv8U7

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