African Roots of China: A picture is worth a thousand words – Black Chinese

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Celestial King China 960 - 1279 AD
Celestial Guard China

This image can be found in the Asian Museum San Francisco; See also The book The African Presence In Early Asia or Black Jade

Chinese Laughing Buddah

chinese ming dynasty
chinese ming dynasty

Black Buddha

Black Buddha

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11 thoughts on “African Roots of China: A picture is worth a thousand words – Black Chinese”

  1. In American history there should be studies of the truth. I have read African Presence in Asia. Students need to read the true history instead of all the lies being told about the African people.

    1. well it is so true,that americans are so cloused to out side history.Yes many lies bin saed about any part of the world,They are so stupid with history that they believe that canadians still live in eglues,and canada is not a land,Also the texas people don`t know where montana is,they believe that montana is not a state of america.So don`t wait for this situation to change.They will die not knowing where montana state is hahahahaha.

      1. Learn how to write before you post any misleading statements about America, the best country in the world. The word is “closed” not cloused. s
        ‘said’ not saed. ‘been’ not bin. ‘igloo” not eglues. So who’s the stupid one now? hahahaha!

  2. watch kingdom of wars about a Siamese kings take over of all of Siam and you see the African Asians all over the place in the background and foreground of the movie. with no real explanations as to how that came about!

  3. you see african asians today they’re called the ainu peoples and negritos, there are black people in the adamese islands as black as black people get same as the indigenous population of Australia. Whats odd to me and should be to most people is the fact that africans migrated 2000 miles to australia crossing large amounts of water to do so but didn’t travel just a few hundred to europe? interesting enough is that the ancient greeks claim they were descended from pelasgians who were in turn descended from egyptians. The millions of blacks in europe today supposedly descendants of slaves? Really? blacks rose through the roman ranks and were in charge 6,000 man legion in a black man known as Saint Maurice in 286 ad. Really whites let a black man lead 6,000 white men to battle? Blacks rose to General in charge of over 11,000 men in Russia by Ibrahim Gannibal in the 1730’s the height of slavery. The U.S. wasn’t even a country yet, but blacks couldn’t even drink from the same water fountain as whites in the U.S. just sixty years ago? Ancient art showing blacks and whites co mingling for centuries if not 1000’s of years. Many times the black individual in the dominate position just go look up the Drake’s Jewel and find it funny as the explanation why the British monarch not only would put a slave on the front of royal jewelry but put him in the foreground over the white figure. Not only has the last 2000-5000 years of history caused some doubts. History the last 200-300 years is just as cloudy

  4. African history is world history,no doubt about that,at some stage in history the whole world was black,no white,chinnes or what ever race,they all came from black man the original man.

  5. This is very interesting.

      But if in the beginning all humans were Africans.

    How did they change? How came all phenotypes what’s currently in Europe?

    How did the current Chinese, European … etc. ..?

      Do not understand how they could change their phenotypes.

    How do you think they did?

    1. Genetic adaptations due to natural selections from the different environments of the world…over time their phenotypes and genotypes were altered for survival

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