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Q: Is there a membership for the blog?

Currently, there is no membership for Rasta Livewire.

Q: How do I place advertisement on the blog?

We are currently offering advertisement opportunities for individuals, business, and organizations. You can buy your ad space directly via the blog.  Please contact us directly with questions about advertising on Rasta Livewire.

Q: Do you offer professional research service?

Yes, we do offer a professional research service.  Whether you need assistance in research or need to supplement your research to an external source, you may contact us directly.

Q: Are we available for interview?

You can contact Rasta Livewire with your request for interview as well as media appearances.

Q: Do we assist with homework?


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24 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Yes I , I’m trying to find my response to a topic of whicn I cant recall the exact subject or date. How can I find it using screen name is it possible ?

      1. Why no memberships to this site its so informative. A lot of black peoples are so uneducated about who we really are as a people. I do not buy into the concept that we are worthless and dark skin tones are inferior. We need something like this to help enlighten us as a people. We need to learn the truth. this truth is in this site.

        1. I love this site. Yes, we are so accustomed to seeing “Join before posting”. Thanks Rasta for the easy post. Ty also for all the hard work in creating a cyber place where every color is welcome to learn what schools leave out! I cry easily when reading of the torture so many experienced. Truth can be a heartbreaker.

    1. Me too! I have spent 45 minutes scanning the site on this Android and saw your post under “Fact”. Almost gave up.

    1. I like not having to look up a password and/screen name! This is the best, most informative site. I wouldn’t ask for more. Thank you Rasta Man.

  2. We now have a2 pictures from Guyana the birth country of George G.M.James author of Stolen Legacy…I would like to share it with Rasta Livewire….Would the administration let me know where I can send it

  3. I would like to join a Rastafarian church in Gauteng South Africa, and need contact details of the churches or Rasta leaders mentioned on this website please.

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