The Ghost of Ghadafi haunts NATO and Britain Breaks It (brexit) – by Oguejiofo Annu

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Britain (brexit) breaks it.

Cameron quits. Ghadafi looks on from a place of glory.

Since David Cameron, Nicolas Sakorzy, Stephen Harper, Silvio Berluscuoni, and Obama jointly killed Ghadafi so unfairly, I have seen all of them disgraced out of politics except for Obama. Yet his term is not done yet so watch, karma is a bitch.

David Cameron lost a referendum and has resigned. Nicolas Sarkozy lost his reelection campaign and is gone. Silvio Berlusconi lost his reelection bid and is fighting to stay out of prison. Stephen Harper lost his reelection bid and is now lost in the woods of rural Canada. Karma is a bitch.

Hillary Clinton was deeply involved in that unjust killing. My gut feeling is that she will be trumped by Trump. Karma is an unforgiving bitch. I stand to be corrected.

Recently Obama publicly confessed that the killing of Ghadafi was the low point of his career and tried to pass the blame on Cameron and Sarkozy. We will see if karma accepts that offering or not.

No matter what you do, who you are, where you try to hide, you musts take the reward or punishment of every single action you take. What you plant you shall reap. Karma ain’t playing…

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