Rastas, Love and Marriage

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Rastafari Reasoning

On the meaning of Rastafari:

Rasta man just lives and loves. Rasta livity is rooted in natural philosophy. That is why it is said that Rastafari is a natural one.

That is to say that there is no one accepted way in Rastafari. As long as one is natural and pure in his conception and action…he is a Rasta man.

Rastafari is a vibration one attains from deep and long meditations. In Rastafari one comes to discover the gentle footpaths of nature for oneself. It is a philosophy which arises from the conviction of your own soul based on reason and intuition.

Rastafari is a rational methodology that is applied in the task of discovering eternal truths. It is a way to view life, rationalize events and react to the system. Although it emphasizes communal living, at the same time it is highly individualistic because each Ras and Empress must embark on this discovery journey for the truth alone.

Despite the teachings and advice of all the elders and brethren around, the decision of each Rasta man or woman on what is right or wrong, is a highly personal thing. Because one cannot decieve himself eventhough he deceives others by seeking to comport with Othordoxy. A Rastaman or woman is not afraid of the truth as he or she knows and truly understands it! Thus the Rasta experience is a journey to the house of truth.

When this journey is undertaken with sincerity, it is well possible that certain immutable truths of life may become obvious to one. Just like logic, geometry, astronomy, architecture, arts, music and mathematics are known to contain certain inexorable precepts that are constant and sacred in nature.

On the meaning of Love and Marriage:

When one views the institution of marriage, it is realized that its rites and other solemnities are inventions of society. But the love that endures between a man and a woman is prior and superior to any subsequent societal rites of “marital” endorsement.

One Ras may differ from another in this perspective but InI would say that developing a great loving relationship takes work. Love blossoms with care and dies with neglect. Thus building a solid relationship based on true love ought to be the preoccupation of true lovers marriage or no marriage.

Matrimony was created as a superstructure towering over natural love. It will always remain a man made rite, subject to the changing attitudes of an evolving society.

The ones that agree with and accept this super structure do so for various reasons chief of which include a need for social legitimacy and legal recognition. That may be all well and good for the long term strategy of those ones.

Yet, InI must not lose focus of the fact that, one social institution (called marriage) should not, and cannot over-ride the purity, the sheer importance of sincere love between a man and a woman.

Ah so me sight it, I.

One Love


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115 thoughts on “Rastas, Love and Marriage”

  1. I met a guy a few months ago that says he is s Rasta. I fell head over heels in love with him when I met him..He is reluctant to talk to me about being a rasta therefore I just do my own research. Is there a reason why he will not discuss this with me?

    1. If a man will not open his life to you and shares his beliefs with you he’s not your man. Why would you want to be with anyone who doesn’t want share with you one of the biggest apects of what makes him tick. Maybe he’s a pasta and not a rasta. There are many pastas masquerading as rasta.

    2. Rastafari is root of all things so is very difficult to explain but have it in mind DAT the main thing is nature Haile Selassie Africa and also our Race

  2. hello as to this web sight great as to all and to all races who love rasta men ok and white women with hair long and dread locks and straight who like black men this way one love peace health body and mind Lesley mccalla

  3. In my opinion, I would not trust someone that would not discuss his faith. Whatever you believe in, that’s a big part of who a person is, and how he will travel life’s journey. If he will not discuss it with you, that’s a big red flag.

  4. if a man does not share his Rastafari views then he is not Rastafari, just like if I did not share my morales and ethics I can not share my true belief
    to another. rastafri is not dreadlocks and raggae music, it is a way of life.

    1. It’s a great experience from a fake one I had before.the fake one always ask for money and works and always down grade me..And curse me out when he doesn’t have it’s way ..That’s a fake rasta.enjoy the love and spiritual in him it’s a natural high…

  5. i am with a rastafari he is open to talk about it but i perfer to study my own way so that i am not lacking in that area…. i have found it best to convert to his way of life for him to completely relate i have put dreaded my hair and changed my diet to that of no flesh…. i am a native american who loved meat over all and now it disgusts me to look at it…. converting to his way of live has not only gave him more love for me but it has shown me a new way of life pure happiness inside of my being….. and together we now have complete overstanding of each other….. all the island boy rastafaris i have met have been proud of being so and are willing to talk about this way of life…. and for a man to keep his woman in the dark then honey thats not your man or he really aint no rastafari just a man with dreads …..

  6. Peace & Blessings,
    Indeed, if I professed rastaman isn’t communicating on one of the most Important tings that emcomposses I life in which is Livity, then that is just peculiar. I would be left to feel suspicious of what rastamans darknes hides. Jah bless, Peace SelahJah

    1. Blessings Queens,
      I agree with SelahJah. Rastaman must be hiding something meaning maybe he isn’t a true rasta and uses rasta in making himself belong. Maybe he doesn’t know very much about rasta. I also thought maybe he feels that his Queen should be oppressed and left in the dark. Who knows but in any relationship and belief people communicate in order to get to know each other. I began dating a Kingmon who finally told me that he was Muslim. He is a beautiful man inside and out however our beliefs are much to different and sometimes differences can open up doors to division. So we parted and remain friends and we build a lot and it is amazing how you can learn so much from people of different faiths. Ironically his mother is Islamic and his dad is rasta, still don’t know how that worked but it works and I believe because he knows about both beliefs but chose islam it makes it so easy to build but that is it. I have learned so much. He always says we are all the Most Highs Children. I’d marry him if he asked. (LOL) Jah Bless

  7. Sorry but we cant help..pinkoide constant cheap talk is related to his insecurity feeling..which lead him to control terrorise and opress people.even if brother tries to explain you rasta religion you cant get it.nor are you interest in it all you want is he open more to him so that you perform your pink sorcery on him.your fake emotions are just way to better tied him

  8. I’m young I’m just 18 and I’m in love with a rasta man ?? I love him to bits and pieces he’s a true king – his loving is supreme #blessings

  9. I am in love with a Rasta man but I am wiccan ,in the beginning we talked a lot but,now it seems like all we hve a mad love making, and he tells me he loves me is he true?

  10. The father of my only child is a Rasta. We met when I was openly seeking Rastafari. I felt very comfortable with him and while we were dating he spoke some about Rastafari to me, but after I become pregnant and wouldn’t abort our child he close off to me. Is that normal cause that surprised me because he’s Rasta? We had on and off again relationship but I still seek Rastafari and he the only one I know who is Rasta, but he’s not open to talking to me about Rastafari at all. He even gets angry and thinks I’m trying to figure him out. Anytime I ask questions personal questions he is angry even though I am open with him. I asked if he has other women but again he cut me off. So I now no longer am with him but communicate about our child. He told me once that Rastafari is in his family so I don’t think he is pretending. He calls me Queen when we text but treats me like just a woman he sleeps with. Is it normal for Rasta men to have multiple partners? I just want to reach some overstanding.

    1. a rasta-man is a true king he can choose to have one queen or have one queen and many concubines.

    2. Bless Queen no rastafari men do not have multiple women it is not right and he might just be out to seek love from multiple women sorry that you have witness such dishonesty but don’t give up on the journey of rasta a true rastaman loves and teach wisdom to his Queen the ancestors will speak and show you the way peace and love to you. Jah Bless

  11. Well I feel like I’ve always been Rasta at heart but was forced into Christianity by my parents.When I met Rasta I was surprised to see that Rasta view life in a perspective that is like mine.In my life I have been emotionally abused by men and I was about to give up when I met my Kingman.He showed me love any Queen deserves.He loves me and my daughter even though she is not his biologically.We are his family.Love is so easy but system wants to make it seem difficult. Hope all Empresses find much Love.Give Tanks to Da Most High Sellasie I,First Emperor to be crowned as King of Kings and Lord of Lords,The conquering Lion from the Tribe of Judah.

    1. That is beautiful! I hope to find a King Rasman to be with very soon. I fell in love with a beautiful soul of a man King Rasta. But he had to go back to his ex as he is a loyal and good and faithful man. He’s still my angel but I must ask Jah to send me the right one for me. Hopefully soon I will find my King.

      1. Olivia is Me Ras Bobo from Ghana living in Spain and am young Rastaman Seeking for I princess I n I have been Ghana twice still never find Rastawoman yet So I would like to know the I still if we can to know each other, am hoping that u will see it to respond.Gvthanks Olivia Rastafari blessing hear from u soon Haile I

  12. Love is Jah and Jah are in weh…and in order to love is to uphold truth and rightousnous.Love is 1st spiritual connection before physical acceptance and that’s where time comes in, but spiritual and in ordr for two hearts to beat as 1 it has to be according to Jah ways Only.Man made law should not cause confusion.Sexual relationships today are seen as love makin and in I sight that is totally wrong,note queens abstain from sexual intercourse and ull find the way to ur soulmate in I view….who Jah bless no mahn curse Selassi I da 1st and foriver. Selah order.blessed sabath

  13. Am bongo Tawia from Ghana but live in Spain am rastaman I find it difficult to be with blackwoman because there no rastawoman so I write to tell the princesses n empress them to know there is Eastman who is looking for rastawoman seriously so if any one outside there dat need the same thing InI can communicate n see how can build relationship up bless n love

    1. I am also looking for a true rastafari man would teach me the true rastafari way of life and I am willing to live holy life of Rastafarian. I give tanks

  14. I’m truly in love with a Rastafari he is genuine in every way a true Rastafari ( I’m white ) he tells me his beliefs always and what is important to him ! That’s how it should be We are very tuned into each other !
    We have spoken everyday since I last saw him in Barbados ‘ I’m going back in a months time to make sure it really is real
    I can’t wait to see him … this time around I’m staying in his house in the country …

  15. Dear Queens & Kings,

    A real Rastafari King is faithful to his Queen and applies to love ONE single Queen. He is not cheap neither travels his body everywhere as He views his body as the TEMPLE of JAH. Once He finds His own soulmate and half, he attaches himself to her and stays focused on soul nurturing her and cherishing her as she is growing and is way too busy focused on seeking the truth to have time to play around with other females.

    #DoNotGetConfused #ThosePosersRuinTheRastafariReputation

    ~ Queen Vannah

    1. Yes I understand a true Rasta man respects his woman .
      I’ve just come back after spending a further 3 weeks living with my Rasta man who opened up more than before about his beliefs ect; We have a very strong connection on a spiritual level amongst other things . He has referred to me as his queen!
      I’ve now brought a car over in Barbados ‘ which he will drive and I will always have when I go back and forth .
      However he said he doesn’t want commitment ? I’m guessing it’s marriage which I don’t want either .. Or just a relationship ?
      What do you think ?
      Am putting it out there )
      Will be going back next year .

  16. Hello Everyone,

    I REALLY NEED SOME HELP!! so my husband has been lead to take his path as a rastaman..! He’s been on this path for a few years now. We’ve been married for 6yrs but before we married he wasn’t a rasta man so he converted a few years after we was married. Im a non rasta, and I stick by my husband through everything. I’m feeling like I’m almost not so good for him anymore because I havent commited and its not in my heart to ever convert! We have two different beliefs and Im starting to feel a little uncomfortable because I feel a married couple should be as one. He’s vegan and I’m not. He’s so conscious and black power about things and I am to an extent. He’s just so Super Conscious and I feel that I’m left behind. I just know I don’t have the same person I married…I know people change for the better but its just something that I haven’t really adjusted too and I don’t know how to approch this matter to him.

  17. In’I is 21 and is seeking I spiritual Rasta livity in America not as easy as it may sound . Growing up in America most of the love you see coming up around you isn’t natural and seems to be just sticking it through type of RELATIONSHIP .In’I is saying this because. In’I and a middle school friend who is also currently seeking his spiritual Rasta faith has rekindle a bond that seems to be never lost . Our birthdays are a 1 year and 1 day apart Aug 21 -Aug 22 and every year around the times of our birthday we have with or without knowing reached out to each other. The last 2 years we spent either mine or his birthdays together and since Aug 22,2016 we have been inseparable It has been 7 months of our journey . And i say Journey because that is what it has been since the beginning. A journey that In’I has felt moments where this man has song to me and it seems as if our souls escaped from flesh and connected in the spiritual realm . InI Rasta voice is of a voice of an angle he sings to my soul with every tone . Now this is where its interesting because my mother loves him in his face . But behind his back she is secretly in my ear talking Rasta doesn’t have a job and Rasta doesn’t like the fancy wearing. She wants me to reconsider our near future planes to go to Jamaica to seek In’I Rasta Livity and to pursue our creative careers of musicians and love In’I Husband and In’I Wife(through Jah ). Mainly so is she don’t see it fit and doesn’t think we can live for our selves in Jamaica …… So asking as In’I sister or daughter how do i look at this? Do I look at this in a Spiritual way where this is my life and do what i see is the best livity for In’I spiritual way to seek a higher love with Jah and with In’I Rasta man? Or do In’I see it in I mother way , where i am to young making rational decisions based off love and today’s feelings and need to really be focus on Rich man , Career that makes lots of money and marriage? ..

    Peace,Love and Unity to all my brothers and sisters ONE LOVE , RastaWomanLovesJahman

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