Ancient African Kings Of India – By Dr. Clyde Winters

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Ancient African Kings Of India


Dr. Clyde Winters

Ethiopians have had very intimate relations with Indians. In fact, in antiquity the Ethiopians ruled much of India. These Ethiopians were called the Naga. It was the Naga who created Sanskrit.

A reading of ancient Dravidian literature which dates back to 500 BC, gives us considerable information on the Naga. In Indian tradition the Naga won central India from the Villavar (bowmen) and Minavar (fishermen).

The Naga were great seamen who ruled much of India, Sri Lanka and Burma. To the Aryans they described as half man and snake. The Tamil knew them as warlike people who used the bow and noose.

The earliest mention of the Naga, appear in the Ramayana , they are also mentioned in the Mahabharata. In the Mahabharata we discover that the
Naga had the capital city in the Dekkan, and other cities spread between the Jumna and Ganges as early as 1300 BC. The Dravidian classic, the Chilappathikaran made it clear that the first great kingdom of India was

The Naga probably came from Kush-Punt/Ethiopia. The Puntites were the greatest sailors of the ancient world. In the Egyptian inscriptions there is mention of the Puntite ports of Outculit, Hamesu and Tekaru, which corresponds to Adulis, Hamasen and Tigre.

In Sumerian text, it is claimed that the Puntites traded with the people of the Indus Valley or Dilmun. According to S.N. Kramer in The Sumerians, part of Punt was probably called Meluhha, and Dilmun was probably the ancient name of the Indus Valley. (Today some scholars maintain that Oman, where we find no ancient cities was Dilmun and the Indus Valley may have been Meluhha).

Ancient Ethiopian traditions support the rule of Puntites or Ethiopians of India. In the Kebra Nagast, we find mention of the Arwe kings who ruled India. The founder of the dynasty was Za Besi Angabo. This dynasty according to the Kebra Nagast began around 1370 BC. These rulers of India and Ethiopia were called Nagas. The Kebra Nagast claims that ” Queen Makeda “had servants and merchants; they traded for her at sea and on land in the Indies and Aswan”.  It also says that her son Ebna Hakim or Menelik I, made a campaign in the Indian Sea; the king of India made gifts and donations and prostrated himself before him”. It is also said that Menalik ruled an empire that extended from the rivers of Egypt (Blue Nile) to the west and from the south Shoa to eastern India”, according to the Kebra
Nagast. The Kebra Nagast identification of an eastern Indian empre ruled by
the Naga, corresponds to the Naga colonies in the Dekkan, and on the East
coast between the Kaviri and Vaigai rivers.

The presence of Meluhhaites/ Puntites in India may expain the Greek tradition of Kusites ruling India up to the Ganges. It would also explain the Aryan traditions of Mlechchas ( Sanskrit name for some of the non-Aryan people) as one of the aboriginal groups of India. Many scholars associate the name Mlechchas with Meluhha.

The major Naga tribes were the Maravar, Eyinar, Oliyar, Oviyar, Aru-Valur and Parathavar. The Nagas resisted the invansion of the Cholas. In the Kalittokai IV,1-5, the Naga are described as being “of strong limbs and hardy frames and fierce looking tigers wearing long and curled locks of hair.” The Naga kings of Sri Lanka are mentioned in the: Mahawanso, and are said to have later become Dravidians, as testified to by the names of these people: Naganathan, Nagaratnam, Nagaraja and etc.

The major gift of the Naga to India was the writing system: Nagari.  Nagari is the name for the Sanskrit script. Over a hundred years ago Sir William Jones, pointed out that the ancient Ethiopic and Sanskrit writing are one and the same.

William Jones, explained that the Ethiopian origin of Sanskrit was supported by the fact that both writing systems the writing went from left to right and the vowels
were annexed to the consonants. Today Eurocentric scholars teach that Indians taught writing to the Ethiopians, yet the name Nagari for Sanskrit betrays the Ethiopia origin of this form of writing. Moreover, it is interesting to note that Sanskrit vowels: a,aa,’,I,u,e,o, virama etc., are in the same order as Geez.

The Ethiopian script has influenced many other writing systems. Y.M. Kobishnor, in the Unesco History of Africa, maintains that Ethiopic was used as the model for Armenian writing, as was many of the Transcaucasian scripts. Dravidian literature indicate that the Naga may have introduced worship of Kali, the Serpent, Murugan and the Sun or Krishna. It is interesting to note that a god called Murugan is worshipped by many people in East Africa.

It is interesting that Krishna, who was associated with the Sun, means Black, this is analogous to the meaning of Khons of the Kushites. Homer, described Hercules as follows: “Black he stood as night his bow uncased, his arrow string for flight”. This mention of arrows identifies the Kushites as warriors who
used the bow, a common weapon of the Kushites and the Naga.



The Naga or Ethiopians were defeated by Dravidian speaking people from Kumarinadu. Kamarinadu is suppose to have formerly existed as a large Island in the India ocean which connected India with East Africa. This landmass is mentioned in the Silappadikaram, which said that Kamarinadu was made up of seven nadus or regions. The Dravidian scholars Adiyarkunallar and Nachinaar wrote about the ancient principalities of Tamilaham, which existed on Kamarinadu.

Kumarinadu was ruled by the Pandyans/Pandians at Madurai before it
sunk beneath the sea. The greatest king of Kumarinadu was Sengoon.
According to Dravidian scholars the Pandyans worshipped the goddess Kumari Amman. This Amman, probably corresponds to the ancient god Amon of the Kushites.

The Kalittokai 104, makes it clear that after the Pandyans were forced to migrate off their Island home into South India, “to compensate for the area lost to the great waves of the sea, King Pandia without tiresome moved to the other countries and won them. Removing the emblems of tiger (Cholas) and bow (Cheras) he, in their place inscribed his reputed emblem fish (Pandia’s) and valiantly made his enemies bow to him”.


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  1. The most important part in this article is how people migrated. I think all of us need to take a second thought about who we are before we consider ourselves to be from one nation or ethnic group

  2. this is jahsoul , the ancient one and if any non melaninated being hates his or her parents hates their self and is cursed with a mental desease. yahdada mean , know yahdada know.
    we all came from a black womans womb and her name is mama(mami) and those who did’nt get the tittie milk don’t have a direct kunnection tu perfectshun, so continue on bathing in ignorance while intelligence stomps false hood brains out with out a doubt ,, yeah we know , were’s there smoke theres always a fire so burn up because your cup be currupt, so burn up!

  3. How could the ethiopians have invented sanskrit.It was the almighty Bhagwan Valmiki who invented sanskrit and writ the Ramayan ten tousand years before the birth of aryan rama.In the Ramayan it is a battle between aryans and (anaryas) as they are called.Lord Ravana was a raksish,He also had black skin and was A native Dravidian of India.However The baaner saina which means the army of ape like men were also and indian aboriginal tribe I believe that they could have a connection with the Africans.The Baaner saina were fighting on the side of aryan lord Rama.They also constructed a bridge conecting tamil nadu and lanka.That bridge still remains.It is called Ram Setu.This bridge can also be seen from outer space as Nasa has revealed pictures on the internet.
    Shivaism was one of the first religions in india because Shiva is the Hindu equivalent to Adam,Shiva was the first man on earth and parvati his wife was created by Valmiki from the flesh of Shiva’s thigh.Shiva ji did have dreadlocks and also black skin.It was from Shiva ji that consumption of ganja was included in religions.Shiva ji used to consume Ganja and meditate on the top of the kailash mountain for years.And also the muslim mecca was Shiva ji’s house which was built for him by The patron god of construction Vishwakarma,the lanka palace of Rakshish Ravana was also built by Lord Vishwakarma.
    That is why there is the black stone there which every pilgrim kisses.The black stone is from Shivaism which is called a linga.It represents the male genitals of shiva ji.The genitals of Shiva ji are held sacred because it is from those genitals that Shiva ji gave life to the world.That is the beginning of man.
    Hinduism has been there since the start there was no religion before hinduism becase It was from Shiva ji(Adam) that the whole of mankind was created.When there was nothing on this planet but water before anything existed Valmiki sat on the sacred lotus flower and created the world within 36 yuga.
    Valmiki was the almighty God he had the power to created a child out of straw when he created the second son of Aryan lord Rama who was named kush.

    I compiled this information from the Shri Ramayan Ad Dharm Granth which was written by Sant Satguru Gurdev Singh ji

    If Shiva Ji was the first man then Hinduism is the first religion.

  4. As a South African, Hindu, I recognise Clyde Winters as the sad, pathetic, low self esteem , Afrocentric university graduate that he is. Clyde has also found Negoid origins to just about every non-Germanic culture in the world…..give him and his Afrocentric colleagues some time and leeway, and they will also find Afro links to Scandinavia. India or Hindustan, was a migration destination for Aryan tribes and Y-chromosome DNA and mito-DNA links both Hindu men and woman to Northern Europe and the Russian steppes. Sanskrit, is the progenitor of the Indo-European languages and the closest relative to Sanskrit is modern Lithuanian (40%). Clyde Winters argument is based soley on the similarity of a few words from Ethiopic and old Tamil…….no relevance here, as Tamil has no real connection to Sanskrit……Sanskrit influenced Tamil, and the Tamils then influenced other cultures from Sri-Lanka to Bali (Indonesia) and possibly also Ethiopia…….To suggest Africans were involved in ancient Hindu wars is also a joke, because the warrior castes (Kshatriyas) would never have permitted this…… it was contradictory to Hindu philosophy at the time. Clyde and the Afrocentric lovers are really sad people…..rather focus on developing some African culture now (which is your Renaissance period) and dont insult the memory and history of other cultures.

  5. Khalsa

    Rootless garbage eating refugee, eating the fat of the land of South Africa yet hating on Africans. You are neither Indian nor African, neither Hindu nor nor atheist. Just a wounded and sodomize colonial.

    Yes, you are indeed one weak-minded wannabe “aryan” dirty Paki-centric illiterate. If you ever went to a proper school you would have been thought the origin of India. If you ever knew the basics of Y-DNA chromosome and MTdna chromosome in India you would not have had the guts to open your Nazi guts to the disgust of the entire world.

    In your Aryan fantasy you might wanna pretend you are a so-called white. But the entire world knows you as a schizophrenic, sodomize Paki forever begging for the crumbs off the table of your master controllers – the faggit-Brits.

    The key to African Indian historical connections lies in the Andamanese, the Tamils and the Dravidians. Those ones know their origins. They all carry African chromosomes, speak Afro-related language and practise African derived culture. Y-DNA is usually K2 (African-Arabs), J1 (Afro-Arabs), YAP (Nigerian), E (African) D (African-connected via YAP chromosome). The rest of the Asiatics are Y-DNA O lineages.

    Tamils are blacks, Dravidians are blacks, Andamanese are black with phenotypes very close to modern living Africans. There is more connection between the languages of India and Africa than one would realize. Your famous Aryan language has no foundation. Where was it originated? What people spoke it first? Do you realize that the Aryan language theory arose due to the observations of an untrained linguist (a British colonial Judge in India) who fantasized that there were similarities between Sanskrit and English. Nothing else, a baseless colonial theory of domination bought into by a few self-loathing rootless sodomized Pakis like you.

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  6. Jahdey………yet another pathetic, Afrocentric idiot who uses other cultures and an incorrect understanding of human genetics to make himself feel better.
    Although my family is of Panjabi descent , I am a born and bred South African……making me African. So I am not sure why u call me a refugee, Nazi and a Paki, as that has no relevance to my initial message. But since most Afrocentrists (confidence challenged negroids) live in a dream world, I will forgive u. Also, I have great respect for my fellow black and white South Africans. South Africa was developed by white South Africans and my ancestors, to uplift the locals and also for refugees from the rest of Africa to pour across our borders and live off tax payers money. Were it not for colonization, South Africa would be just another African shithole. As for African-Americans……apart from overpopulating US prisons and living off welfare, what else have they achieved……..Colonization and slavery is something that has happened to every country and continent in the world, so its time u Afrocentric morons accept this and get over it. U r not special.

    I am not sure what Paki-centric means, but to inform u…..Pakistan means land of the pure…..and this is anything but, as they are a mixture of all races that settled in India and Asia. Also, Dravidian is a term coined by the linguist Robert Caldwell, who took it from the Sanskrit word Dravda (which means water or sea)…..referring to people living on the coast. Dravidian as now become a popular ‘racial’ word for low class South Indian politicians, but in actual fact upper-caste South Indians and upper North Indians are genetically similar……the lower castes and aboriginals are not however…..but they are still not negroid……….that exists just in your limited brain unfortunately.
    BTW, Ashwarya Rai, is “Dravidian” speaking…..but would u say she is negroid…….Get real man.

    As for Ethiopia…….they have 84 languages and at best the extinct Ethiopic was an afro-asiatic language, related to the hebrews and arabs……Sanskrit is the possibly the purest language in the world, and IS well established as the root Indo-European language. To argue this is pointless.

    For other readers out there…..Clyde Winters also suggests that Black Africans were founders of ancient Greece and the Inca civilizations in America……..
    I really pity u Jahdey…… must be tough looking at your face in the mirror everyday and realising that u are descended from slaves and other useless shit. My advice…… something useful and novel so that the world can acknowledge your greatness…….stop stealing the greatness of other cultures……..

  7. LOL brother Jahdey

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